Wisconsin woman allowed her dogs to eat puppies

In a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Crandon, Wisconsin, a woman has been arrested for allegedly allowing her dogs to eat puppies and the dead body of a horse. According to authorities, Patty Kirker, 52, was charged on Wednesday with 156 counts of animal mistreatment for failing to provide the animals with food and water; six of the counts are felonies.

An investigation of Kirker’s “puppy mill situation” had been launched earlier in the year after more than 80 complaints were filed. In a report from WsauNews, Kirker’s home had two feet of dog feces on the floor. On March 17, authorities seized 40 wolf-hybrid dogs and horses from the woman’s property. In the criminal complaint, the Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono cited two unnamed witnesses who told police they had seen adult dogs eating young puppies on the properties as the animals had to resort to any means to stave off their starvation while Kirker did not feed them.

Also, in the complaint were details of the “deplorable conditions” with a description of three puppies being killed by other dogs, and of one puppy having been eaten. Then there were two horses kept in a trailer for more than three weeks with no food while dogs ate a horse’s carcass. Another dog terrorized an older neighbor and attacked the woman’s cat. Four horses and one pony died on the property.

And then there were more horrific details of two dogs walking around with embedded collars, Kirker kicking dogs and some of the animals biting her back, chained dogs that were never fed and a blind horse running into “trees and things.”


Kirker also faces charges in a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the county jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 3. Kirker’s attorney denies the allegations are not true and will fight the charges. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are caring for the rescued animals.

(Photo of suspect alleged to have allowed her dogs to eat puppies via Forest County Sheriff’s Office booking photo)

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Dozens of animals found living in squalor at illegal breeding operation

A couple in Dothan, Alabama, is facing multiple animal cruelty charges after dozens of animals were found living in squalor at their home. According to the Dothan Police Department, 34-year-old Le Ngoc Pham and 47-year-old Hoan Cong Nguyen were operating an illegal breeding operation at a house on Peachtree Drive.

According to the authorities, patrol units were dispatched, along with Animal Services Officers, to the couple’s home on Friday afternoon. The responding officers discovered an illegal breeding site and reached out to investigators, who worked with animal services officers, to remove 65 dogs and 16 exotic birds from the residence.

Photos taken at the scene reveal the deplorable conditions investigators encountered – rows of small cages, filled with urine and feces, dirty food and water dishes, and dogs existing in cramped and filthy conditions.

The disturbing discovery has resulted in 24 counts of Aggravated Animal Cruelty and 57 counts of Animal Cruelty.

The Dothan Police Department stated:

We have received numerous requests from people with a passion for the welfare of animals wanting to know what they can do to support the animals and ensure they are cared for. We are provided some funds for support, so we will take care of our little friends regardless.
If anyone wishes to make a donation (PayPal) , it needs to be to the Dothan Police Foundation. Make sure to designate in the comments “Pro-Life Animal Services Program”. Donations are tax deductible. For more information, visit

At approximately 4:00 p.m. Friday afternoon Patrol Units were dispatched along with Animal Services Officers to the 2900 block of Peachtree Drive. The call was in reference to an animal cruelty complaint. Officers discovered an illegal animal breeding site and contacted Investigators.

Investigators worked with Animal Services Officers throughout the night rescuing 65 dogs and 16 exotic birds. These animals were found living in deplorable conditions and were not being properly taken care of.

Per the Dothan Police Department: All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Images via Dothan Police Department Facebook page

Daughter charged with neglect of her elderly mother in filthy home with 28 pets

In Franklin County, Kentucky an adult daughter has been accused of leaving her 75-year-old mother lying on the floor covered with animal feces and urine as 19 cats and nine dogs lived in various stages of disturbing neglect in their filthy home.

According to Sheriff Pat Melton from Franklin County, after entering the home on Stable Lane last month, first responders had to rush outdoors when unable to cope with the acrid smells in the house and the filth. According to Lex18News, Heather Rash has been charged with the neglect of an elderly adult and animal abuse.

“To let a woman, your mother, lay in the floor in a pile of feces for several hours and you wouldn’t pick her up because you were afraid of losing your animals,” said Sheriff Melton. “That’s inexcusable.”

The State Journal reports  Franklin County indicted Rash, 41, Tuesday on charges of neglect and abuse to her mother, Dixie Rash, along with cruelty to the 28 animals found in the residence. She was indicted on charges of  knowingly abuse/neglect of adult by person, a Class C felony, and three counts of cruelty to animals, second degree, a Class A misdemeanor. The Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland stated:

“The 75-year-old woman is found in the house —with cat and dog feces several inches thick — she’s on the floor and can’t get up. A lot of these dogs came from the animal shelter, and they wound up going back after this. Four of the animals had to be euthanized because they were in such bad shape.”

Authorities stated the neglect of the woman’s mother and the pets had been going on for an extended period of time – even possibly over a year according to the sheriff. The elderly woman has been taken into state custody and is receiving proper care. The Franklin County Humane Society are caring for the surviving animals.

(Photo of elderly woman living in filthy home via Lex18 screenshot and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

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Images of dog with dead chicken taped to neck posted online

Images of a dog, with a dead chicken duct taped to his neck, were posted online on Tuesday, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The woman who allegedly put the dead bird on the dog’s neck explained that she was “teaching” the dog a lesson for killing the animal.

The incident, which was reported to have taken place in Columbus, Georgia, resulted in a great deal of commentary on Facebook, and the 74-year-old woman responsible is now facing an animal cruelty citation. Facebook user Hannah Gillespie started the conversation with her post, along with the images of the dog:

This dog had a dead chicken DUCT TAPED around its neck for over 9 hours. Instead of pressing animal cruelty charges (completely warranted), Columbus PD called CACC (animal control) to handle it. No words. Getting duct tape off of the hair…. poor dog. Oh wait. No. Oh no, it gets worse. The police left the dog with the owner and the tape was cut/ripped off. Animal control can only do so much without the police’s assistance. At least animal control cared enough to fine the owners with the stiffest citations they’re allowed.

The elderly woman behind the taping situation has explained that this is how “people in the country” train dogs not to kill chickens.

(Photo screenshot via Facebook)

92 Yorkies rescued by San Diego Humane Society from hoarding situation

The San Diego Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement rescued 92 Yorkies and Yorkie mixed breed dogs on Friday that had been living in unsanitary conditions at a residence in the North Country. According to the organization’s social media release, the Special Response Team rushed to the location, removed the dogs and transported them to the San Diego campus where veterinarians are examining the dogs and providing necessary medical attention.Yorkie rescue SD3

“We always dread seeing a situation like this. It’s tragic for the animals and often for the people involved. But when this happens, our first response is always for the animals. In this case nearly 80 of them. We want to get them away from a dangerous situation as quickly and compassionately as possible-both for the animals and the people involved,” said Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO for San Diego Humane Society.

According to Stephen MacKinnon, Chief of Humane Law Enforcement for the San Diego Humane Society, the dogs were owned by an elderly couple who reached out for help – obviously the situation had become completely out of control. The dogs are all receiving care at this time. Follow their progress on the organization’s Facebook page. After receiving medical treatment, vaccinations and behavior assessments, many of the dogs are hoped to be placed for adoption.

To help with this rescue effort, donations can be made by clicking here.Yorkie rescue SD5

(Photos of Yorkies rescued courtesy of SDHS)








Video of the rescue effort can be viewed here:

Over 50 dogs rescued from house where fire broke out

Over 50 dogs were rescued from a Clarksville, Tennessee, house where a fire broke out on Saturday night. According to the Leaf Chronicle, the residence may have been a puppy mill operation, or a hoarding situation.

Around 7:45 p.m., Clarksville Fire Rescue responded to the residence on East Bel Air Boulevard – according to WKRN News, the blaze claimed the lives of two adult dogs, two puppies, and six birds. Clarksville Fire Rescue Fire Marshall, Ray Williams, commented on how the deadly fire broke out, “The fire was electrical in nature. It was near and electrical outlet. I don’t know what was actually plugged up at that time, but we did determine that.”

The surviving animals were rounded up and taken to the Montgomery County Animal Care and Control facility. The agency requested help after the huge influx of animals:

Volunteers desperately needed for Sunday, November 27th! Animal Control responded to a house fire this evening and placed 56 animals into protective custody. Unfortunately 10 animals perished in the fire. We need volunteers to assist in cleaning and feeding the shelter animals tomorrow, while the shelter staff takes care of all the protective custody animals. As always, we appreciate your support!

The owner of the dogs has denied that a breeding operation was taking place in the home – no charges have been filed but the situation remains under investigation.

(Photo via WKRN News)

Abandoned starving cats had to eat each other

A woman who walked away and left 14 cats in her home with no food or water has been found guilty of  animal cruelty. The abandoned starving cats had to eat each other; only one of the cats survived the horrific ordeal. The owner of the cats appeared in Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday and was banned from owning animals, with the court taking mental health issues under advisement.trooper-rspca

According to AbcNews,  when Animal Control and local police raided the  Woodville West home in Adelaide, Australia last  September,  only one of the 14 cats was still alive. Andrea Lewis, chief inspector of the RSPCA described the heartbreaking situation as rescuers entered the home:

“When RSPCA inspectors arrived at the property, the one surviving cat, completely emaciated, was crying out for us to hurry up and open the door. Is that a dead cat that’s been eaten by the other cats?” one inspector asked. “Yeah, there’s a couple,” another responded.trooper-rspca-2

The surviving cat, which staff named Trooper, has since been rehabilitated and was adopted earlier this year. RSPCA staff members took a special interest in Trooper and were thankful that he survived the horrific ordeal. Fortunately the kitty seems to embrace his nine-lives; he has maintained his friendly nature and has been adopted by a loving family. According to Andrea, Trooper only survived because he ate the remains of other cats in the house.

Inspectors state they will routinely visit the woman’s home to ensure she isn’t keeping any pets.

Live a long and loving life Trooper.

(Photos of abandoned starving cats courtesy of the RSPCA)

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Watch the video:


Heartless puppy mill owners dumped dead dogs in wheelbarrow

The heartless owners of a puppy mill operation dumped dead dogs in a wheelbarrow after advertising their puppies as having been raised in a family home  on Tyersal Lane in Bradford, United Kingdom. According to The Sun, Bernadethette Nunney, 25, and John Wilcock, 36, left the dogs to starve and never treated them for illnesses.bradford-puppy-mill

On Friday, Nunney and Wilcock appeared at Leeds Magistrates’ Court and were given a 20-week suspended prison sentence for 18 months and banned from keeping dogs for the rest of their lives. Nunney was also handed a 12-week curfew order, a 15-day rehabilitation activity and £500 in costs. Wilcock was ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and a 20-day rehabilitation activity. He was also ordered to pay £100 in costs. Both were found guilty of multiple animal cruelty charges in a court trial that lasted four days.

bradford-puppy-mill2And when the six neglected collie puppies died, after having suffered in their own filth last September, the couple left their ravaged bodies in a wheelbarrow. One of the dogs in the pile was still alive, but died shortly from complications of Parvovirus.

RSPCA Inspector Emma Ellis said she would never be able to forget the horrible sight.

 “The sight of the live puppy buried within the pile of dead puppies was heartbreaking. There was nothing we could do to save her. The way those puppies were left to die highlights how these people simply see them as commodities which I find totally unacceptable.”

Dogs from the puppy mill were found living in concrete block kennels and stables; many with no food, water or bedding. All had to lie in their own feces and urine. All together, inspectors found 43 dogs – including collies, spaniels, Bichon Frises, Labradors, Beagles, Chihuahuas, and some terrier-cross types – in the raid. All are being cared for the RSPCA – some have already found loving homes.

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(Photos of puppy mill via the RSPCA)

Hyderabad abandoned dead dog reduced to ‘heap of fur’

A Hyderabad dog breeder who abandoned  his breeding dogs in a kennel has not been seen for at least a month- leaving ten dogs to starve a slow torturous death with no food or water. An abandoned dog’s dead body had been reduced to a “heap of fur.’

According to NDTV, of the ten reported dogs to have been discovered on Sunday, six had died and the other four are stated to be fighting for their lives. The owner of the kennel had not been on the premises for over a month; his caretaker absent for over two weeks. Area residents reported a terrible stench emanating from the property thus prompting them to call the police. A neighbor who went over to the property to investigate described the disturbing scene:

“There were insects all over the dogs that were alive. The pug’s face had insects too. Another dog was chained in one enclosure; the dog had been reduced to a heap of fur.”

By night time some of the bodies of the dogs had been removed, however local heartbroken and angry residents say the smell of the dead dogs still remains. The Blue Cross of Hyderabad, an animal welfare organization, is investigating. Police are assisting in the case.

As for the surviving dogs, rescue workers state there is only a slight chance the dogs will survive. It is unknown if the dogs were being bred or if they were stolen and being resold. Rest in peace poor pooches. We are sorry you had to suffer by the hands of horrible culprits.

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(Photo “heap of fur” via NDTV screenshot)


18 dogs and cats rescued from horrendous conditions by Texas SPCA

On Friday, the Texas SPCA, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the Dallas Police Department took custody of 18 cruelly confined animals from a property in the Pleasant Grove area of Southeast Dallas County. Thirteen dogs and five cats were discovered living in unimaginable conditions.spca-of-texas-2

According to the press release by the SPCA of Texas, the animals have all been transported to the emergency care center in Dallas where they are all being examined and receiving necessary treatment.

An investigation began in September when the SPCA received complaints regarding animal cruelty. Officers visited the property four times; during the first three visits the owner refused to allow investigators entry into the home. During the final visit, Tuesday, October 25, the animal owner told authorities she had moved out of the residence due to the conditions inside and had been sleeping on patio furniture under a covered structure behind the residence for over a year. On October 28, a search warrant was issued.

spca-of-texas-3As animal cruelty officers and rescuers entered  the urine and feces filled home,  the dogs and cats were discovered  to have varying health issues including flea infestation, hair loss, extremely long nails, skin sores and growths and feces-encrusted feet.

“One dog was found shut in a tiny closet, forced to live in approximately three feet of what appeared to be insulation of some type mixed with urine and feces. The cats were kept in a bathroom in the house. That bathroom floor was barely visible through a mix of trash, feces, litter and household items. A few dogs were found outside the house.”spca-of-texas-4

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, November 3 at 10:30 a.m. at the Dallas County Government Center Precinct 1, Place 2 courthouse located at 107 Texas Street, Lancaster, TX 75146, the Honorable Valencia Nash presiding.
To help support the SPCA of Texas and its efforts to help abused, neglected and homeless animals and to support the SPCA of Texas’ other programs and services, please visit www.spca.org/helptheanimals.

(Photos of the seized pet via Texas SPCA)spca-of-texas-5

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