Owner surrendered 9 dogs to Nueces County shelter already full with too many pets amidst fear of being euth’ed

Just days before the New Year in Nueces County, Texas where the shelter is already brimming with too many dogs hoping against time for a chance to live their lives in loving homes, an animal … Read More

Contra Costa Animal Services respond to 75 dogs and 25 cats hoarding situation

As if shelters aren’t crowded enough, on Saturday, Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez, California, officers responded to hoarding activity in the Town of Danville identifying approximately 75 dogs and 25 cats on the property.… Read More

KC Pet Project rescues nearly 500 animals in last 10 days

The KC Pet Project in Missouri has rescued 469 dogs and cats in the last ten days. According to their Facebook page, Animal Services Officers have been also involved in a case saving a large … Read More

More than 200 dogs rescued from unlicensed breeder in Carmarthenshire

After a seven-month investigation by authorities, at least 15 dogs were seized because of their horrible condition and injuries, and 200 more male, female and puppies were surrendered by the breeder in Carmarthenshire in west … Read More

Woman accused of keeping nearly 50 animals in ‘horrendous’ conditions

A 76-year-old woman in Erie, Pennsylvania, is accused of keeping nearly 50 dogs and cats in conditions described as “horrendous.” The woman behind the cruel situation, at a residence on Lighthouse Street, is identified as … Read More

Fake rescue groups are a danger to animals and society

Fake rescue groups are a danger to the welfare of many abandoned animals. Sadly, there has been an upsurge in investigations of “self-proclaimed rescues.” These rescues are often charged with hoarding, unacceptable living conditions, neglect … Read More

Deadly cruelty case in Western Tennessee involves rescue of 19 dogs and a cat

The Animal Rescue Corps rushed in on Saturday afternoon to a property in Guys, Tennessee to rescue 20 animals after a gruesome discovery earlier in the week where a dead horse was found and another … Read More

9 dogs living in awful conditions about to be carted off to kill shelter rescued in nick of time

On Monday evening, nine small dogs hit the “lucky” jackpot. In South Texas, the dogs lived tethered to chains, under cars, under the house and in the dirt. When their owner called Animal Control, the … Read More

Neglected victim of hoarding case had been left in a crate to suffer

Tabitha is a victim; she was rescued from a hoarding case in Louisiana this week by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Her photo has made everyone sad, angry, depressed and at times hopeless. Who would … Read More

More than 100 Shih Tzu dogs rescued from hoarding situation

In Copiah County, Mississippi, more than 100 Shih Tzu dogs were rescued from inhumane conditions from a home in Crystal Springs.

The Mississippi Animal Rescue League and the Copiah Animal Shelter, in cooperation with … Read More