Owner surrendered 9 dogs to Nueces County shelter already full with too many pets amidst fear of being euth’ed

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Just days before the New Year in Nueces County, Texas where the shelter is already brimming with too many dogs hoping against time for a chance to live their lives in loving homes, an animal hoarder suddenly realizes he has too many dogs at his home and brings nine of his dogs into the shelter.

Tragically, surrendered pets are not required to be held at the shelter for any required amount of time, and even though some of these pups are young and healthy, unless they can find foster homes or be adopted soon, their fates are sealed.

According to shelter notes, 14-year-old Toto is not good with other dogs:

“… hey would you be good with other dogs if you had to fight for your food bowl? Let’s give Toto a chance – owner claims he’s 14-years-old? Weight at 34 pounds.

Nueces County, Tx Dogs in Need of Rescue

Then there is an Anatolian shepherd, named Duke who he says also is not good with other dogs.

A cattle dog mix called Tough Guy is also labeled not good with other dogs.

These dogs are all facing euthanasia now through no fault of their own; nine dogs possibly deprived of their futures because an irresponsible owner never cared enough. Please share their plights with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Follow the dogs’ stories here.

Adoptions are by appointment only, in person and in state only. Contact the coordinator at 410.608.2195 to place a tag and arrange a pickup. Refer to Kennel 29, Kennel 28 – Rural Nueces County South Texas.

For more information, please call 410.608.2195.

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