84 cats living in one room with senior woman rescued in western Pa

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Shelters in Pennsylvania have been pitching in to help save 84 cats that lived in a single room with a 66-year-old woman. It had been a relative of the hoarder who reported the untenable situation in September.

According to Carol Molina, the founder of Feline Solutions, the owner of the cats has a mental health issue and thought she was saving the cats. Penn Live reports the small non profit cat rescue had been notified because the woman keeping the cats had been a long lost relative of the secretary from Feline Solutions.

The removal of the cats began in September as the first 11 cats and kittens were removed from the room.

Here are a few more photos of kitties who are not hiding still. They run under the bed when I enter the room, but they will calm down. They have been through a tremendous amount of change and some cats just take a little longer to decompress.

Some kitties are still hiding – they’ve experienced some traumatic experiences…they left the only person and home they’ve ever known, were put in a carrier for the first time, had their first car ride, met new people and a new environment and might even be missing their friends. That’s a LOT to have gone through just 3 days ago

Carol Molina Facebook

The woman began with taking in two or three cats in 2020, however they were neither spayed nor neutered. Within two years, the population increased to 84. Some of the cats rescued on October 27, were pregnant, some painfully thin, and it is also believed some of the kittens may have died.  

Today was a very long and difficult day. We went back to the hoarding house and got 30 more cats. Come to find out there are 42 or more we had to leave behind, for now. That makes the total of about 84 cats, more than the 70 we originally thought. This project has been a nightmare and so stressful, on top of the dozens of strays we save every week. If any rescue can take a few each of the hoarding cats, please let me know. The cats smell so bad and are so dirty. Thanks to Stephanie Baum for taking four, Herbie Cat Featuring Harvie for taking five (to foster for us) and a couple others are supposed to take some more. Other than that, Feline Solutions is on the hook for the remainder. No one will be left behind, it’s just taking longer than we would like. We removed the pregnant ones and some that are painfully thin. When they are fully vetted and cleared for adoption, we will be posting them. It’s going to be a long haul but we are dedicated to see them thru! EVERY ONE COUNTS.

Carol Molina

Other nearby rescues have graciously been answering the call to help. Included are Forever Love Rescue at the Kitty Corner, PAWS of Pa., Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter and Loving Care Cat Rescue. Other rescues are invited to contact Carol to help with the remaining cats.

Within the next few weeks, it is hoped the remaining 44 cats can be removed. For now, the woman has been given food and cleaning supplies. The woman was also given a pair of shoes, bedding, clothing and food.

And not only will the cats get new lives, the woman will get one too. She was very appreciative of the help and stated no one had ever been that nice to her.

Sometimes angels don’t wear wings. Many thanks to Carol for her huge heart and her endless work helping these cats and the woman.

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