Authorities and tour guides worked together to rescue wild horse and foal stuck on narrow boardwalk

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On North Carolina’s Outer Banks, tour guides noticed a wild horse and her foal literally frozen in place on a narrow part of the boardwalk. The mother and her baby felt trapped on the narrow bridge, according to a July 14, Facebook post for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Once they’re on it they basically feel fenced in because it’s narrow and they’re facing away from the only way back off.

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According to Meg Puckett, the herd manager, usually the horses figure out these situations by themselves, but every once in awhile they need some help to get turned around and head for the familiar dunes.

We’d like to give a huge shout out to drivers from Back Country Safari Tours, Wild Horse Adventure Tours, and Corolla Wild Horse Tours for coming to the rescue! They spotted the horses, reached out to us, and then got the horses safely moved back to the dunes. It takes a village


North Star and her foal were soon headed in the right direction; neither one suffered any injuries. There are about 100 wild horses in Corolla, and every horse is very special.

Learn more about these horses You can learn more about them on the website and by scrolling through

Check out the video by clicking here.

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