Owner alleged to have abused dog in lobby of shelter: Turned away to adopt new pet

An owner surrendering a young German shepherd to the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA) and alleged to have been hitting the dog in the lobby, was denied the opportunity to adopt a smaller dog on … Read More

Teddy bear pup voted out by homeowners association because he was too big

Meet Grizzly; the one-year-old 160-pound teddy bear pup who was surrendered by his owner to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter over the weekend. According to volunteers, the owner cried as he turned Grizzly in, telling … Read More

Update: Owner of abandoned dog left with note at Delaware shelter comes forward

A Delaware shelter caring for an abandoned dog who was found with a note explaining that her owner became homeless and could no longer care for her announced on Wednesday that the skinny dog’s owner … Read More

Their end is near: Time is running out for St. Landry dogs -HELP

St. Landry Parish Animal Control needs help finding homes for shelter dogs. Their end is near, and time is running out. Sadly, the dogs know their days are limited. They sleep more than they play. … Read More

California bans sale of puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores

In a landmark California bill, starting January 1, pet stores will be prohibited from selling puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition to the ban, sponsored by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell and supported by the an … Read More

Two dogs scheduled for ‘convenience euthanasia’ find new home

In Valparaiso, Indiana, two healthy dogs that had been taken to a veterinarian’s office by their owner for  “convenience euthanasia” have found their forever homes.

The story of Sam, a pointer and Cosmo, a Labrador … Read More

Video captures dog pawing the car door after man throws him out

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in the United Kingdom are searching for the man caught on video, whose dog was seen pawing on the car door after the man … Read More

Dumped by his owner at shelter because pooch rummaged through trash

Coby was dumped at the shelter by his owner because the two-year-old mixed breed wouldn’t stop rummaging through the trash. Maybe his family had no time for Coby and never trained him? Maybe Coby was … Read More

Puppy has been suffering in silence: Injuries to Noelle are heartbreaking

Emergencies don’t stop because it is nearly Christmas Day. On Friday evening, the plight of Noelle broke hearts after she was found suffering in silence at an overcrowded animal shelter in Texas. Just a puppy, … Read More

Kimbo: ‘You think I don’t know? Will I see tomorrow?’

While everyone is celebrating, wrapping gifts and looking forward to seeing our families, Kimbo waits at Brooklyn’s Animal Care Center. Along with all the other orphans, three-year-old Kimbo waits,

“Why doesn’t anyone want me? You

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