Family deserts ‘traumatized’ blind senior and strips his collar off

On Friday morning, a blind senior was traumatized after his family left him at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. Indigo, a 10-year-old male Pomeranian, shook uncontrollably not knowing what happened to him. A … Read More

Update on two heavily pregnant dogs dragged into shelter

At the Greenville Animal Shelter in Texas, a disturbing video went viral late last week. Two dogs, found as strays, were shown being dragged into the shelter – the dogs heavily pregnant and both scared … Read More

It’s Monday and this dog was abandoned in Antioch

In Antioch, California, a sad mother dog was abandoned in the play yard of Antioch Animal Services. Sadly, Mondays seems to be a popular day for being dumped. No microchip nor any identification; one sweet … Read More

Tragic tale of dog falling off 70 ft cliff breaking his legs has happy ending

On July 4, two Good Samaritans came across a heartbreaking sight as they were walking their dogs along Santa Barbara’s Thousand Steps to Hendry’s Beach; a dog – lying motionless and face down brought tears … Read More

Shelter pup Clyde is sick and needs help to see tomorrow

Clyde is a nine-year-old pittie mix who needs help to see tomorrow. He is not taking his pills for an upper respiratory infection, and therefore has been placed on the list of dogs slated to … Read More

Low on shelter space: Bonded senior brothers need miracle

Incredibly bonded Taz and Shadow need immediate help. BARCS Animal Shelter is low on shelter space and a miracle is needed to save the two seniors. In a heartbreaking situation, their elderly human owner had … Read More

One of last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s cruelty dies

One of the last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring of egregious cruelty has died. The American Staffordshire terrier named Lyla was 15 1/2 years old – a great age to achieve for … Read More

Disturbing video shows Texas shelter dragging heavily pregnant dog

At the Greenville Animal Shelter in Texas, a disturbing video went viral on Wednesday. Two dogs, reportedly found as strays, were shown being dragged into the shelter – one dog heavily pregnant and both dogs … Read More

Terrified puppy surrendered in crate with ‘CAUTION’ on card

At Chicago Animal Care and Control, a terrified young dog was brought into the shelter inside of a portable airline crate with the word “CAUTION” on his card. Apparently, the pup named Mochi tried to … Read More

Family dumps dog scared of fireworks that ‘might’ jump fence

In Van Nuys, California, a family dog was dumped at the East Valley Animal Shelter. Her entire human family lightheartedly explained to the shelter staff that their nine-year-old dog, Junebug, was scared of fireworks and … Read More