Van carrying rescue dogs involved in deadly crash

In Pueblo, Colorado, a van carrying rescue dogs from Houston to several Colorado shelters was involved in a deadly crash early Friday morning. The driver of the van, Charles Roberts, 59, was killed; his son Jared who had been sharing the driving survived the crash. The van had been transporting dogs from Houston’s BARC – a trip volunteers made once a week to save countless lives of stray and unwanted dogs.

According to Channel 9 News, Jeff Richey, the owner of Farfel’s Farm and Rescue in Boulder, the dogs are transported and cared for by Rescue Pets Movement. Five vans bring 150 dogs to Colorado every Friday. A nine-pound Schnauzer Yorkie, heading to Richey’s rescue is still missing.

The Pikes Peak Humane Society is currently caring for 23 of the 26 dogs believed to have been in the van when the deadly crash occurred. A few of the dogs have been treated for minor injuries. Three dogs are still missing. Colorado State Patrol tweeted out a picture of the missing dogs. If found, please call 719-544-3005.

According to the Facebook page of Rescued Pets Movement, a GoFundMe page has been set up for Charles Roberts. The group also updated their supporters as to the terrible tragedy:

“… At this time, we do not know how the accident occurred. To say we are grief stricken is an understatement. We are doing our best to determine what happened and how we can help the family. We hope to set up a gofundme page for the family to help them with their terrible loss. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Concerning the dogs, three got loose during the accident, and we have contacted the fosters of those dogs. The rest of the dogs are all safe and unharmed. Our friends in Colorado jumped when they got the call and are helping us search for the dogs. Pike’s Peak Humane Society has been instrumental in caring for the dogs and helping us in this time of crisis.”

(Photo of rescue dogs involved in deadly crash via Twitter)

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Good Samaritan finds neglected poodle stuffed inside of gym bag

Whoever Ethel may have loved just days ago surely betrayed her. The senior, neglected and terribly matted miniature poodle had been stuffed into an old gym bag and abandoned on a Queens street in New York City. Had it not been for a Good Samaritan, who spotted the bag moving out of the corner of his eye on Thursday, it’s doubtful this suffering dog would even have survived one more day.

In the dog’s notes at the Animal Care Centers of New York City, Ethel’s tragic story was told:

“Finder came into QAC (Queens Animal Care) with a stray dog that was found inside a gym bag. Finder expressed that he got out of work and noticed a black and blue gym bag was moving. Finder looked in the gym and noticed a small dog. Finder stated he initially attempted to look for help, but he came right into QAC.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up on Friday morning to help the 12-year-old senior who barely weighed nine pounds. Emaciated and not able to stand, Ethel has been rushed to the organization’s partner veterinarian. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan, posted her thoughts on Facebook:

“Ethel is already showing signs of   Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex. No way were we leaving Ethel to rot any longer like a piece of trash. Ethel is a living being. She feels. She hurts. We are happy to report, Ethel is already on her way to our NY Vet partner for life saving medical care.”

To help with Ethel’s care, donations can be made by clicking here or directly to our PayPal

(Photo of Ethel the senior found in gym bag Animal Care Centers of New York City.)

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Stray Havanese guides bonded, blind mini pinscher along city street

An abandoned pair were rescued from the streets of Los Angeles on Friday and brought to the Downey Animal Care Center in California. Rescuers describe the very friendly ten-year-old Havanese pooch leading her blind friend, a miniature pinscher along the lonely streets; the dogs are extremely bonded. Both dogs appear to have been neglected, but their loyalty to each other keeps them hanging on. If only a home can be found for the pair so that they may live together for the rest of their lives.millie-on-thursday

Click here for the miniature pinscher’s adoption listing. “My name is Millie and I’m an approximately 10 year old female min pinscher.  I am not yet spayed.  I have been at the Downey Animal Care Center since January 6, 2017.  I am available on January 10, 2017.  You can visit me at my temporary home at D715. Animal ID: A5023670.

Click here for the Havanese adoption listing. “My name is Larry and I’m an approximately 6 year old male terrier.  I am already neutered.  I have been at the Downey Animal Care Center since January 6, 2017.  I am available on January 10, 2017.  You can visit me at my temporary home at D403. Animal ID: A5023668.

A Facebook page to follow the plight of these two bonded companions can be followed here. Advocates continue to pledge funds to help an approved rescue organization help these two very gentle and sweet little dogs. Share their stories with friends, family and social media contacts. We are all they have, and sharing saves lives.

(Photos of Havanese and mini pinscher via Animal Care of Los Angeles County. Video courtesy of Uyen Nguyen)

Watch their short video here:

Shelter owner sentenced to prison for killing 2,000 dogs and cats for profit

The president of an animal protection shelter in Torremolinos, Spain has been sentenced to prison for three years and nine months after running a shelter that euthanized over 2,000 animals in a slow and horrific manner to increase her personal profits. Carmen Marin Aguilar administered low dosages of a euthanasia drug into the muscle tissue instead of intravenously so that she could save on costs resulting in the dogs and cats suffering long, excruciating deaths.

The animals were reported to have writhed and howled in pain for hours. Investigators claimed the woman disconnected security cameras and played loud music to mask the sound of the suffering animals. In addition. Marin also operated a veterinary clinic with no certifications. People trusted her with the lives of their pets.

According to the Lawyer Herald, the Malaga court fined Carmen $20,800 for falsifying documents and animal cruelty. A janitor, Felipe Barco Gamez, at the Parque Animal Shelter in Torremolinos where the egregious deaths were ordered, was sentenced to prison for one year and ordered to pay a fine of $3,785. The pair were accused of killing 2,183 dogs and cats between January 2009 and October 2010 to reduce costs and increase their personal profits. During her trial, Auilar denied “exterminating” the animals the court described as the “massive and indiscriminate” killings of healthy pets at the shelter.
In addition to her prison sentence, Aquilar is banned from working with animals for the next three years.
(Photo of shelter owner sentenced to prison screenshot Spanish News Today)

Heartbreaking: No new home means Frankie dies today

Update: Rescued!

Ten-year-old Frankie spent Christmas, and now the first nine days of 2017 in a kennel cage at the Miami-Dade County Animal Services. The very sad terrier has waited and waited for someone to save him, and no one has stepped forward. He shakes and shivers and has no idea why he is being kept behind bars as a prisoner; the sweet gently dog didn’t do anything wrong.

The shelter has sent out numerous please for help, and this dog urgently needs a rescue to save his life. His deadline is Monday afternoon at 6:00 p.m. when it has been reported the dog will be euthanized for space. Described as incredibly sweet, friendly and calm, this dog would make a wonderful companion. Surely there must be someone out there to give him a loving home and a warm bed – instead of the cold floor of a kennel and a fate even worse than that. The dog’s initial evaluation described him as friendly, non aggressive, but stiff. Advocates have been pledging funds to help a qualified rescue organization with his medical expenses.

Share Frank’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. We are his future, and sharing saves lives.

A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here.  For more information about this dog, contact Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center located at 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166. Be sure to reference A1840190. According to Urgent Dogs of Miami, there has been interest in rescuing Frank. Pet Harbor listing here.

Photos and video of Frankie courtesy of Urgent Dogs of Miami.

Check out Frankie’s short video here:


Senior Labrador retriever found abandoned and depressed

By the look in Ray’s eyes, this senior Labrador retriever knows he has been abandoned and his family will never try to find him. Found wandering alone and scavenging for food scraps in Torrance, California, eight-year-old Ray isn’t feeling that well. He’s much too thin, his eyes are crusty, and he’s missing parts of his coat, but none of that has diminished his love for humans – no hard feelings with Ray. All he wants is a family to love.

Click here for Ray’s adoption listing.  “I don’t have a name yet and I’m an approximately 8 year old male Labrador retriever  I am already neutered.  I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since January 7, 2017.  I will be available on January 22, 2017.”

Ray’s Facebook page can be followed here. Additional information can be found here. Share Ray’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Advocates have been pledging funds to help an approved rescue with veterinarian and support expenses.

For additional information on fostering or adoptions, please contact:

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California
Phone: 310.523.9566 Make sure to reference A5023753.

Photos of Ray the senior Labrador courtesy of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

A short video can be viewed here:


232 pound obese Mastiff ‘Otto’ needs rescue help

Meet Otto – and there sure is a lot of Otto to meet! The obese Mastiff mix was impounded on December 30 from a home in the city of Pico Rivera and is currently calling the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority located in Downey, California his temporary home.otto-the-obese-dog-2

Otto’s adoption listing can be followed here. ” ABOUT 17-12644  is a tan/black/white, male adult dog, that weighs approximately 239 lbs. He was impounded on 12/30/2016 from the City of Pico Rivera. Availability: Available for adoption holds on 12/30/2016. Adoption holds must be placed in person. Adoption availability date 1/10/2017. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here. An additional Facebook page can be found here as advocates continue to pledge funds for an approved rescue organization to help this boy.

Share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Additional information can be found:otto-the-obese-dog-3

SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority) – Rescue Coordinator – Shelter Director – Shelter Manager
9777 Seaaca Street, Downey, CA 90241

Photos and video via  Theresa Brabander. Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.


The dog’s short video can be viewed here:


Rescue at a loss for words over monstrous acts of cruelty

A street dog had been tortured and abused. The Association for Abandoned Animals, a government organization dedicated to helping animals in the island-state of Malta, (located in the Mediterranean Sea – south of Sicily), were at a loss for words over the monstrous acts of cruelty inflicted upon the defenseless dog.horace-2

Dubbed Horace, the stray, white Boxer had been roaming the streets on Friday and was so scared he wouldn’t let anyone near him. His face was covered with blood, his ears had been hacked off with a knife or maybe a pair of scissors, his eye had ruptured and even his tail bled. After four hours of eluding his rescuers, Horace was finally captured and rushed to the Happy Paws Clinic. His wounds were cleansed, and his ears and tail were repaired to avoid any further infection.

And as Horace was about to undergo surgery to remove his ruptured eye, an even worse discovery was made. Again volunteers were at a loss for words as the monstrous acts of cruelty must have continued for hours or even days. Radiographs revealed the dog had been repeatedly shot on his face and head with pellets.horace-xrays

“The vet tried to remove as much lead as possible but some are going to be impossible to remove even in any future surgeries,” the organization’s Facebook page posted on Saturday morning to help advocates and supporters be kept aware of the dog’s critical situation. “The extent of animal cruelty happening daily on this Island is simply disgusting.”

No one knows who Horace belonged to nor where he came from. If anyone recognizes this dog, please contact the rescue. To help with Horace’s veterinary expenses and his recuperation, more information on donations can be found here. Get well soon Horace.

(Photos of Horace and monstrous act of cruelty – courtesy of the Association for Abandoned Animals in  Il-Hamrun, Malta.

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Surrendered trio including blind dog find love together

When Lola, Tiny and Teddy were surrendered to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control  because their family was no longer able to care for the dogs, Pet Rescue Report  immediately shared their story through social media. In an effort to procure a home for the dogs, including blind dog, Lola with her  special needs, the shelter asked supporters to concentrate on finding the friendly dogs a home – and not to dwell on why the family had to leave the dogs behind:

“This was a very difficult decision for the family, and we ask that rather than making negative or unkind comments, we focus instead on trying to find the dogs a home where they can stay together. They are all about five years of age. Tiny and Teddy are male Chihuahua mixes who are protective of their friend Lola. Lola is a very sweet pitbull/beagle mix who is blind.”15823170_10154140157402374_7864534497114744490_n

The three dogs were closely bonded, and Chihuahuas Tiny and Teddy protected and guided blind dog, Lola every step of the way. The shelter waived all adoption fees for the dogs and performed the spay and neuter procedures for no charge. It was their primary wish to find the perfect home for the trio.

And for advocates who thought the kind folks at the shelter could have done more to keep Lola, Tiny and Teddy with their family, volunteers even offered to find temporary housing, although that option was not exercised.  Many thanks to all of the readers and advocates who anxiously shared the plight of the dogs. Thanks to so many people, and the compassionate staff at the Maricopa  County Animal Care and Control, the dogs have been adopted – and yes – they are all together. Have a happy life blind Lola, Tiny and Teddy.

(Photo of blind dog Lola, Tiny and Teddy courtesy of MCACC)

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Heartbreaking plea to help German shepherd ‘Raquel’ with arthritis

In an urgent message on social media, a plea to help  Raquel, an eight-year-old  German shepherd find her way into the arms of an approved rescue organization in Miami, Florida, is quickly garnering attention from animal advocates. According to notes posted by Facebook advocacy group, Urgent Dogs of Miami,  Raquel has severe arthritis, yet despite the pain veterinarians state she must be feeling, anyone who has met her sings her praises as to her sweet disposition with no signs of aggression.jani-bradford

Carried in on a sling, after having been found as a stray, Raquel is reported to have been adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center years ago. And now, at a time where she needs her family the most, the heartbreaking situation begs for a call to action:jani-bradford-3

 “This precious senior girl named RAQUEL, A1069118 arrived at the shelter yesterday and had to be carried in a blanket hammock because she is unable to walk due to arthritis. We don’t have any information on where or how this baby was found, but judging from her low ID number, she was adopted from the shelter as a pup and now finds herself back here again. There is nothing more heart- wrenching than a senior who ends up at a kill shelter when he or she needs their family the most. This poor girl should be curled up in a comfy bed being loved by her family, not fighting for her life in a crowded shelter.”

Follow Raquel’s Pet Harbor listing here. (A1069118) I am a spayed female black brindle German Shepherd Dog. The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old and I weigh 54 pounds. I was found as a stray and I may be available for adoption on 01/07/2017. A Facebook page to follow this dog’s plight can be found by clicking here. Initial veterinary reports indicate Raquel’s heart, eyes, ears and general health are within normal range. If her owner does not show up, she will need immediate rescue.

Share Raquel’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video of Raquel by Urgent Dogs of Miami and Jani Bradford)

Check out her intake video.