Young dog rescued from streets of Tijuana by California rescue group

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 The Saving Huey Foundation is a non-profit organization in Winchester, California.  It earned its unique name from a Pit Bull named Huey who was found on the side of the road on Christmas Day, 2014.  He was lying near death in the icy rain with multiple injuries sustained from years of abuse as a bait dog. No one expected him to live, as he was only 33 pounds when they found him. But Huey, the miracle dog beat the odds and survived.

Since that fateful day, the Saving Huey Foundation has been instrumental in saving countless animals, not only in the U.S., but from as far away as El Salvador. They also raise awareness through Huey’s inspirational story to educate the public on the horrors of dog fighting. Their latest rescue effort is a dog named Rocky found sleeping on a street in Tijuana.  A passerby on her way to work saw him and posted his picture on a social media page. Tracy Lystra of the Saving Huey Foundation saw the post and offered to take him into the rescue.

The woman who spotted him went back to the same area where she had seen Rocky, but he wasn’t there. Finally, on Saturday he was found and captured.  After transport across the border was arranged, Rocky rode in three different cars and a taxi to where Tracy met the transporter. This was six hours after he was found. Tracy immediately took Rocky to the emergency vet. Rocky was diagnosed with tick disease, anemia and in the advanced stages of starvation. Sadly, these conditions are quite common for strays in Tijuana.  Rocky also had a horrible case of scabies, and his skin was decaying.

The vet hospitalized Rocky due to his dehydrated and anemic state.  Rocky has a long road to recovery ahead of him. One of the biggest health obstacles he faces is his stomach is literally full of bones. This is a direct result of having to feed off dead rodents to stay alive. Rocky was so hungry he did not bother to eat around the bones; just ingested them whole.  Unfortunately, Rocky is not healthy enough to undergo surgery to have the bones removed. The vet hopes that by eating a healthier diet the stomach acid will help dissolve the bones naturally.

Rocky was released from the hospital and is currently in quarantine at Tracy Lystra’s home for the next six weeks. Poor Rocky has never known love or affection in his two years of life. He pushes himself against the side of the kennel to get as far away from Tracy as possible and tries to make a run for it every time his kennel is open.  He clearly has no idea what is going on. Tracy is working very slowly and patiently with him.

Unfortunately, Rocky is just one of many strays living on the streets of Tijuana which is a very sad place for dogs. Rescuing dogs such as Rocky is very heroic, but it is also very costly. The Saving Huey Foundation relies on donations to continue their important work.

In the words of Tracy Lystra, a twenty year veteran of dog rescue;

“I don’t do what I do for attention, recognition or awards. I do it because in my heart, it just feels right. I want to save the innocent, hurt, and lost souls and give them a chance.”

To donate on behalf of Rocky please visit the website at



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  1. Catherine Staffy says:

    This is a particularly upsetting case. I am glad that Huey has been found and looked after. I can imagine how many other dogs are on the streets in that town. The poor animals need to be neutered and spayed….there are so many. I have made a small donation to the charity for Huey. I hope he will make a full recovery and be adopted by a loving person.

      • Sspl says:

        Rocky is this pups name. He was rescued by Saving Huey Foundation. Rocky is looking really good. He’s been to the vet and is being treated accordingly. Tracy, the founder of SHF is plying him with medicated bathes, medicine, a healthy diet and tones of love. She works miracles. Log on to to the for the latest update on Rocky, their other rescues and the Huey story who inspired the foundation.

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