Heartbreaking discovery of ‘beat up’ puppy on discarded mattress wearing a cone

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It was on Wednesday morning that a call came into Stray Rescue of St. Louis concerning a “beat up” puppy needing help. The person calling had been too frightened to get close to the dog; rescuers were dispatched to the location, and there she was – a shaking puppy obviously in pain, wearing a cone, lying on a discarded mattress at the curb.

When rescuers approached the trembling puppy, they saw blood and knew she needed emergency help. She was rushed to the organization’s clinic where her she was sedated, her injuries cleaned and her condition stabilized. The puppy had likely been attacked by a bigger dog, but she was lucky – her vital organs had not been compromised.

Meet Laelynn – which means “Flower of Hope.”

Check out her video. She has quite a story to share:

We will continue updating Laelynn’s plight and her hopeful recovery. An encouraging update was posted last evening.

Laelynn is settled with her heater to keep her temperature up and is ready for bed. What a huge day for this angel puppy! We are beyond thankful she’s here with us instead of shivering on that mattress, scared, in shock, alone, and in pain. We love her so much already that it hurts. Thank you for loving her, rooting for her, and donating for her! We’ll update you again in the morning. For now, this puppy needs some serious sleep

(Her blanket is multi-colored, that is not blood or anything!)

Stray Rescue of St Louis (Apologies to the vet for the terrible photo of her; she really is beautiful)

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Guess where the ball is hidden.

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