Authorities in Bolivia hire psychic to find ‘Tito’ a beloved cat that went missing on a domestic flight

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On December 8, 2022, a male gray and white domestic cat named Tito went missing. The cat’s owner, Andrea Iturre, had posted an account on social media about what happened after she was told her cat was not on the plane upon arrival. And that was after the airline had demanded her cat travel in the hold of the plane flying from Tarija to Santa Cruz.

When the plane landed, Tito was nowhere to be found, and four days later an investigation by the Public Works Minister Edgar Montano began.

The story of Tito has gone viral and has garnered interest, hopes and prayers from around the world.

The cat likes tuna, so we have left out tuna.

Official feed

It is suspected the cat may have escaped when the plane landed and has been roaming the airport ever since. And now, besides firefighters and the aviation staff, an animal psychic(interspecies communicator) has joined the Bolivian government to help find Tito. The psychic, working remotely from LaPaz, senses the cat is still alive, but there has been no trace of Tito yet.

Through her techniques, the psychic can communicate with Tito to find out where he is. We are exhausting all our resources to find Tito.

Official feed via radio interview

Andrea is urging everyone to keep their eyes out for Tito and claims she will not stop looking for him.

“I WON’T THROW IN THE TOWEL”: Andrea continues to look for her cat tito and asks for help to find him

Andrea Iturre hits streets and avenues for almost a month, especially around Capitán Oriel Lea Plaza Airport in the city of Tarija, Bolivia. She does so in hopes of finding her cat Tito, who has been missing since December 8, 2022.

“I’m not going to throw in the towel. I have faith and hope to find him,” says Andrea in contact with 24seetenoticias.


Tito’s plight has gone viral, but there has been some skepticism about the animal psychic.

We hope Tito is located soon and unharmed.

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