Injured bear struck by car euthanized after state troopers tried to help

In Middleboro, Massachusetts, police helped to move an injured bear from the median of Interstate 495 on Thursday afternoon after the animal had been struck by a car. A medical evaluation by wildlife experts decided … Read More

Owner of Lab heartbroken after alligator exploded out of water and snatched dog

A Florida man is heartbroken after his 40-pound black Labrador retriever had been wading in some shallow water near J.R. Alford Greenway Trail off of Buck Lake Road in Tallahassee for a game of fetch … Read More

Sarasota man bitten by alligator he mistook for dog on long leash

A Sarasota, Florida resident was bitten by a seven-foot alligator on Tuesday night after the man said it was dark outside and he mistook the gator for a dog on a long leash. The painful … Read More

Texas zoo captures image of unidentified creature

In Amarillo, Texas, the zoo closed circuit surveillance camera showed an unidentified image or creature standing outside of a barbed wire fence in the early hours of May 21. The public has been trying to … Read More

143 sheep died after being chased by two wolves

In mid-May, 143 sheep died after two wolves chased them into a ravine in southwestern Idaho. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, the panicked … Read More

Tourist at Yellowstone gored and tossed 10 feet after getting too close to bison

A woman from Ohio was gored, tossed into the air and injured while visiting Yellowstone National Park and getting too close to a bison.

According to the National Park Service, the 25-year-old woman from … Read More

‘Dangerous’ dolphin separating parents from children prompts Texas beachgoers to avoid ‘at all costs’

Reports of a “dangerous” dolphin off North Padre Island, Texas, has prompted the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration to warn parents and pet owners to avoid the dolphin “at all costs.”

According to the organization’s … Read More

Lion at Guangzhou Zoo intrigues social media with blunt cut bangs

In South China’s Guangdong Province, at the Guangzhou Zoo, a white lion has intrigued social media with his recent mane which oddly sports blunt cut bangs. A good majority of the internet crowd insist someone … Read More

Missoula firefighters rescue ‘Cinder’ the elk calf from New Mexico forest fire ashes

A newborn elk calf affectionately named “Cinder” was discovered in a remote, fire-ash area of the Sangria de Cristo Mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico last weekend by Missoula firefighter, Nate Sink. The calf had … Read More

Couple cited after taking a baby deer to Walmart

A couple in Georgia was cited after being spotted in the dog food aisle of a Grovetown, Walmart with a baby deer. As reported by the Ledger-Enquirer, Walmart employees, concerned for the baby deer’s … Read More