Dying bear crushes skull of hunter who shot it in Russia

A 62-year-old Russian hunter was killed by the bear he shot from an elevated platform in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, According to Newsweek, the bear attacked the hunter as the man descended from the … Read More

Bear dies of heatstroke after entering car while searching for food

On June 22, a black bear died after getting stuck inside of a parked car in Sevierville, Tennessee. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency recounted what happened and shared a sad image of the bear who died:… Read More

Injured bear struck by car euthanized after state troopers tried to help

In Middleboro, Massachusetts, police helped to move an injured bear from the median of Interstate 495 on Thursday afternoon after the animal had been struck by a car. A medical evaluation by wildlife experts decided … Read More

Residents angry that deputies shot a young bear roaming in Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission seem to be having a different version of what led deputies to shoot and kill a young black bear after surrounding … Read More

Wildlife officals ‘euthanize’ bear who entered family’s tent

Tennessee – A 350-lb bear was “humanely euthanized” after entering a family’s tent in the Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park early Sunday morning. According to a news release from the park, … Read More

Escaped baby bear severely burned in Tamarack wildfire spotted playing with toy bear in creek

A bear cub, who touched the hearts of residents in Tahoe last year after having suffered severe burns in the Tamarack wildfire and then escaped into the wild with his bandaged legs has been seen … Read More

Mom in Seattle saves toddler who ran outside home to hug black bear in yard

Home video footage shows a quick thinking mom saving her toddler who ran excitedly out of the house towards a black bear for a hug she saw in the yard. Surveillance video of Samantha Martin … Read More

Couple killed bear after it charged through window of their home

A couple near Medford, Wisconsin, killed a bear on Friday night after it charged through a window, and into their home. According to the Taylor County Sheriff’s office, the couple said that the bear charged … Read More