Black bear in Colorado struck poses in hundreds of selfies in front of wildlife camera

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A black bear in Colorado struck hundreds of poses, and we mean 400 images of him or herself, in front of a wildlife camera. The photos were taken in November, so the bear just might be hibernating now, but it certainly had an eye on the camera.

According to the City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks Facebook page, nine motion detecting cameras had been set up by Boulder officials in order to keep track of wildlife that live and travel through the 46,000 acres of land. The cameras show the rangers deer, beavers, bald eagles and lynx.

Of the 580 photos captured, about 400 were bear selfies.


The bear seemed to have purposely posed in different positions including showing its profile, straight on shots and even lifting its head as if to strike a regal pose. Of course, the comments from viewers followed, and one of the most amusing, at least to this writer, was the speculation had the bear been a female, her name would have been Kimbearly Kardashian!

The motion detecting cameras provide us a unique opportunity to learn more about how local species use the landscape around us while miniimizing out presence in sensitive habitats.

Will Keeley, Wildlife Ecologist

In this particular selfie photo shoot, the camera used infrared light at night. Pretty amazing – don’t you think?

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