Kitten’s video wearing tiny splints goes viral as ‘people love underdog’

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In Salt Lake City, Utah, a tiny kitten named “Tater Tot” has taken over social media with oohs and aahs from thousands of people who find him irresistible and oh so adorable.

According to the rescue group Kitty CrusAIDe, a volunteer brought the kitten into the rescue because he needed special help. He was only a few days old when he arrived and whose littermate had not survived. He had been born with all four of his legs malformed; the two front legs bent at 90 degree angles, and his back legs curled up.

Veterinarians quickly decided to put splints on his limbs hoping to straighten them out without the need for surgery. He also has a cleft palate, which mean he has to be fed by a tube to prevent aspiration. The tiny kitten is currently being fostered by volunteer, Ash Houghton.

At this time, it is hoped that Tater Tot can survive and get stronger with the expert care and love he is receiving. And so let the adventures begin:

Here’s Tater Tot getting ready to go for a ride on a Harley:
His videos are garnering millions of views. Who doesn’t want to root for the underdog, and isn’t Tater Tot’s life worth all the attention?

Here’s how Tater Tot came to the rescue:

And as to why Tater Tot has become so popular, it’s just that people want this tiny guy to overcome his challenges and inspire others to overcome their disabilities. Animals with disabilities have the same desire to live full lives as we humans.

If it’s in your heart to rescue and adopt a pet with physical challenges, please reach out to a shelter or rescue organization near you.

Before we check out for the day for Tater Tot, check this out. Yesterday he had his tiny casts (bonkers)removed from his front legs. The boy is breaking free!

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Doggy pool party.
Mommy’s tail is so fun to swat back and forth.

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