UPDATE: Dog that survived months with Australian sailor at sea has new home with captain

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A 51-year-old Australian sailor and his dog were rescued off the coast of Mexico after three months adrift at sea and traveling 1200 nautical miles. Tim Shaddock and his dogs Bella, both from Sydney, survived by eating raw fish and drinking rain water.

According to News9Australia, the doctors who examined Shaddock, said he had “normal vital signs” and that Bella was “stable and very well.” Shaddock and Bella had been sailing on their catamaran from La Paz in Mexico to French Polynesia when their boat had been severely damaged from a storm they encountered, leaving them unable to move and having no choice other than to wait for a rescue. It had been three months at sea when a helicopter accompanying a tuna trawler on Wednesday, spotted the two on the boat in the middle of the ocean.

Shaddock explained to news media that he is a quiet person who likes to keep to himself, and when he decided to start his journey had just met Bella – a stray dog who he found while traveling in Mexico. When he couldn’t find anyone to adopt the dog before he left on his trip, and she kept following him, he decided to take Bella with him. And Shaddock never stops thanking Bella for her companionship.

And now, Shaddock has decided to leave Bella with the captain of the ship that saved the two.

The dog was given by Timothy to the captain of the ship that saved his life.

She’s amazing. That dog is something else. I’m just grateful she’s alive. She is a lot braver than I am.

Grupomar’s director Antonio Guerra to local media for Shaddock

Live a long and wonderful life Bella. You are a hero.

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  1. Before people start harshing on this guy, Australian rules for importing animals are very strict and complex. Likely this precious treasure would have been in quarantine longer than the boat journey plus a vet health certificate, vet checkup with lots of vaccinations and microchipped amongst other things…….. I hope Bella has a wonderful life with the boat crew.

  2. Personally I would have done whatever was necessary to bring Bella to my home but not everyone is in my personal situation with an animal loving spouse (my husband knows that if there is ever an emergency I am rescuing the cat because he doesn’t fit into the cat carrier) 🤣🤣🤣


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