Why you should adopt from animal shelters

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Bringing home a new pet is one of the greatest joys in life. They are endlessly loving, non-judgmental, and will make each day more interesting than the last. If you are considering adding an animal friend to your family, you should consider adopting from your local animal shelter. Keep reading to find out five important reasons why!

  1. Adoption Saves Animals

The most direct obvious reason to adopt from a local animal shelter is because it betters the life of the cat, dog, or other pet you are adopting. In some cases, adoption literally saves the life of the animal. Sadly, 1.5 million animals die in shelters every year from euthanasia. When you adopt a pet from a rescue or shelter, you can save their life and show them love and care they have never experienced before!

On the other hand, when you adopt from a kill shelter, you do more than just save and change the life of the cat, dog, household bird, horse, or any other animal that you bring home. You also free up much needed space within a shelter to give another pet a shot at a second chance at having a loving life – saving more lives than you might even realize.

  1. Adoption Costs Less

If the previous reason was not enough, another to consider is that adopting from a local shelter is significantly less expensive than most breeders. In fact, pet adoption is about 90% less expensive than breeders! This is because breeders charge as much as they can for their litters. They also never take the puppies to the vet, so there could be a plethora of things wrong with them. Not to mention, the adoption fees help cover essential costs the facilities endure, so they can continue to take care of animals in need.

If saving money is a big draw for you to adopt, another important thing to consider is getting pet insurance. When bringing home a new furry friend, you will have to bring them to the vet for a check up, vaccinations, and for any ailments they have. These can really add up. Looking into pet insurance and how it works will ensure that your animal is healthy and that you have enough money to get other essential supplies like toys, food, bowls, and bedding. Not to mention, pet insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is protected in the years to come!

  1. More Access to Behavioral Tendencies and Character

One of the biggest reasons animals are surrendered to shelters in the first place is because they were not the right fit with their previous owner and their lifestyle. Most animals placed in shelters are very friendly, healthy, loving, and simply need a second chance. Likewise, most rescue organizations keep notes on the behavior and characteristics of the animals in their care. When someone comes in looking for a new furry addition to their family, they can be pointed to which specific animals would best suit their home and lifestyle.

For instance, some animals need more care and attention than others. If you are always out of town and working then you would not be able to handle certain pets that have pre-existing medical conditions and need extra attention. However, shelter staff will know which animals need less care and maintenance, and those that can handle being alone for hours or even a day or two on end.

  1. Adopting Helps Fight Overpopulation

There is currently a stray overpopulation crisis going on in the United States and around the world. About 6.3 million pets enter shelters every year because they can no longer be cared for by their owners. This, along with breeders producing as many cats and dogs as they can for a profit, contribute to a severe overpopulation problem for cats and dogs.

Adopting a pet instead of going through a breeder can help lower this very high number of strays. Other ways to decrease the overpopulation of pets include spaying or neutering, microchipping your cat or dog, and speaking out against puppy mills.

If you are seriously considering bringing home a new furry friend, please think about going through your local animal shelter. There are so many healthy animals waiting for their forever home and to enjoy the bond they deserve. After all, you do not need to wear a cape to be a hero!

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