Hiker with Heart: Man Rescues Lost Dog on Oahu’s Mountainside

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In Oahu, Hawaii, a scenic hike on Oahu took an unexpected turn for marathon runner, Sergio Florian when he stumbled upon a lost and frightened dog high atop a 1,000 foot mountain cliff.

According to the Washington Post, Florian had been training by climbing up and down one of the mountains when he spotted a small figure huddled near a rocky ledge. “At first, I thought it was a lost backpack,” stated Florian, “but as I got closer, I realized it was a dog, whimpering.” The dog was terrified, and she wasn’t moving. One eye was shut and she was just shivering in fright.

The dog, a scruffy terrier mix, appeared weak and dehydrated. With no collar or identification tags, it was clear the dog was lost and in distress. The precarious location near a steep drop-off presented a further complication.

Without hesitation, Florian knew he had to act. “There was no way I could leave her up there,” he says. Assessing the situation, he fashioned a makeshift sling from his jacket and carefully secured the dog. The descent was slow and deliberate, with Florian navigating the rocky terrain with his furry companion safely tucked under his arm.

it took about an hour to get back down, but it felt like forever. the dog was scared at first, but she eventually calmed down and even licked my hand a couple of times.

Florian to Inside Edition

Once safely off the mountain, Florian rushed the 45 pound dog to the nearest veterinarian. A thorough examination revealed the dog was malnourished but otherwise unharmed. Social media posts and flyers circulated around the island quickly, hoping to reunite the lost pup with her worried family.

Thankfully, their efforts paid off. Within 24 hours, a distraught owner claiming ownership of the dog named Stevie, was then reunited with her owner.

Many thanks to our heroes.

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