Dog’s eye surgically removed after neighbor beat pup with a log

In Valparaiso, Indiana, a family’s pet dog had to have his eye surgically removed after a neighbor allegedly beat the dog with a log for barking in the yard. Ronald Johnson was arrested on Friday … Read More

‘Dead cats over dead cats’ detectives said about convicted ‘rescuer’

A Miami-Dade detective recalled seeing “dead cats over dead cats over dead cats” during an animal cruelty investigation involving dozens of cats discovered inside of a Northeast Miami-Dade efficiency apartment where they were left to … Read More

Boyfriend slashed dog’s throat for barking in backyard

In Fayetteville, a man from Lincoln was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly slashed the throat of a border collie for barking in the backyard.

According to the Democrat Gazette, Christopher Greene, 44, has … Read More

Boyfriend stabbed small dog and pulled out teeth with pliers

A San Antonio man was arrested on Friday after authorities alleged he stabbed his girlfriend’s small dog and then used a pliers to pull and break off his teeth. Vernon Ortiz has been charged with … Read More

Round Rock man dragged dog and ran over him with pickup truck

In Round Rock, Texas, the owner of a dog allegedly dragged his dog for nearly a mile and ran over him with his truck. Zager Yuseth Zelaya-Rubio has been accused of “knowingly and recklessly” torturing … Read More

Albuquerque woman jailed for throwing puppy off third story balcony

An Albuquerque, New Mexico a woman was jailed for throwing a husky puppy off a third story balcony and kicking a police officer who arrived at her apartment to arrest her. Ashley Scott, 28, faces … Read More

Man arrested for beating his mom’s 16-year-old border collie to death

A Greenwood, Indiana man was arrested for killing his mother’s 16-year-old border collie earlier this week. Michael Lukas, 35, had been videoed on the family’s home security system showing him picking the dog up, kicking … Read More

Dog killed in unprovoked attack after trespasser chased her around yard

In Pamona, California, a transient trespassed into the front yard of a home on East Second Street on Tuesday and stabbed a dog to death in an unprovoked attack. The disturbing deed was caught on … Read More

Florida man accused of suffocating dog after losing his temper

In the city of Oviedo, an ex-boyfriend “to be” was arrested on Tuesday evening by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly suffocating and punching a woman’s dog after losing his temper.

According to WftvNewsRead More

‘Heart-rendering’ case of dead dog trapped in cage left deep in forest

In a “heart-rendering” case of animal cruelty, authorities discovered a dead dog trapped in a cage and left deep in the remote area of the woods in Woodbridge, Connecticut on Monday.


According to the … Read More