Stray mother dog feeding her puppies stabbed in random act of cruelty

In the town of Jinjang, located in Malaysia, authorities are investigating a disturbing act of animal cruelty. The Malaysia Animal Association reported a stray mother dog nursing her newborn puppies had been stabbed to death … Read More

Man shot German shepherd twice ‘to shut him up now’

In Spalding County, Georgia, a man drove to a neighbor’s home and shot at a German shepherd three times – hitting the dog twice and saying “maybe that will shut him up now.” The two … Read More

Authorities fear dog tied with heavy chain thrown into lake alive

A dog discovered with a “large, heavy chain” was found dead in a lake in Basildon, Essex, England. The deceased dog was found by a worker for the city at Northlands Park one week ago.… Read More

Man accused of setting house on fire and forcing dogs into burning room

An East Ridge, Tennessee man faces animal cruelty charges after authorities suspect he set a house on fire and forced two dogs into a burning bedroom. Dustin Matthew Sneed was arrested on Thursday and has … Read More

Ohio man sentenced to jail after starving his dog to death

In Oxford, Ohio, the man accused of starving his dog to death was sentenced on Thursday to more than one year in jail. David Neanover was ordered to serve 180 days for each of two … Read More

Illinois couple charged with ‘horrible’ starvation and poisoning deaths of dogs

Two residents living in the Hoffman Estates area of Naperville, Illinois have been charged with the “horrible” starvation and neglect in the death of two dogs. Sarah Gorski and Andre Norris face charges for aggravated … Read More

Woman alleged to have tied up, dragged and shot neighbor’s pet pig

A Johnston County family is mourning the death of their Juliana pet pig after their neighbor allegedly tied a rope around the pig’s legs, dragged him by a golf cart to the back of her … Read More

Florida man beats and stabs dog and bakes it in oven

On Friday, a 24-year-old man was arrested and charged with torturing and killing a dog. Vicasso Lara brutally beat and stabbed the dog before baking it in the oven.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s … Read More

Puppy with multiple skull fractures found suffering in a dumpster

On Sunday, a Good Samaritan heard a dog whimpering from a dumpster in a back alley. When he went over to investigate where the crying had been, the man was shocked and heartbroken. A 25-pound … Read More

Young dog died after Tennessee man posted dog fight on social media

In Cleveland, Tennessee, a young dog died on Monday and a man has been arrested after a video posted on social media showed two dogs fighting. Matthew Garman, 21, faces dog fighting or baiting animals … Read More