Maryland woman sentenced to 33 years in prison for animal cruelty

In Westminister, Maryland, a woman who operated an unlicensed dog breeding operation where dozens of dogs were found dead and dozens more were in poor condition was sentenced to 33 years in prison on Tuesday.… Read More

Woman who stole truck and left dog to die from heat sentenced to 12 years in prison

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana a woman who stole a man’s truck and left his dog in the vehicle to die of the heat, was sentenced on Thursday to 12 years in prison.

According to The Read More

Houston man who choked and beat dog sentenced to prison

In Houston, Texas a man with a history of violence was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday for choking and hitting a dog. Michael Wayne Johnson, 48, was arrested in October after witnesses … Read More

Owner of dog training company sentenced to state prison for animal cruelty

In Contra Costa County, California, the owner of a dog training company was sentenced to two years in state prison. On Friday, Judge Patricia Scanlon sentenced NorCal K9 owner, Garry Reynolds, 39, after a jury … Read More

‘Soldier’ injured dog covered in puncture wounds ready for foster home

In Abbeville, South Carolina, a couple had been walking their dog on Sunday when they found a critically injured dog lying in the bushes. He couldn’t stand and barely moved; the Abbeville County Animal Services … Read More

Toddler found in dog kennel during animal rescue in Henry County

In Henry County, Tennessee, authorities discovered a toddler living in a dog kennel during an animal rescue mission. Henry County Sheriff’s deputies raided a single-wide mobile home on Thursday and found the one-and-a-half-year-old boy in … Read More

Arkansas man shoots blind dog 5 times for having accident in house

In Texarkana, Arkansas, a man is alleged to have shot a blind dog five times because it had an accident in the house earlier in the day. Charles Shuttleworth, 35, was arrested on June 10 … Read More

Punjab man kills 6-month-old puppy after spreading fake rumor it had rabies

A cruel man who allegedly killed an innocent six-month-old stray puppy in Punjab, India has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

According to the IndiaTimes, Gurpteet Singh, was a trash collector in the … Read More

Rare silverback mountain gorilla killed by hunters

In Uganda, a 25-year-old rare silverback mountain gorilla referred to as Rafiki, was killed this week by hunters in Uganda. It is believed there are less than 1,000 mountain gorillas in existence, and the Uganda Read More

Small poodle intentionally burned alive found in fairgrounds’ bathroom

In Henderson, Kentucky, a small poodle was found on Sunday in a bathroom at the county fairgrounds. Henderson Police report the dog was intentionally set on fire while alive 12 hours prior to having been … Read More