Dog rescued with grotesque 20-pound tumor on his leg

There are few words to express the anger and disgust at such egregious animal cruelty and neglect. In southeast Dallas, Texas, Shadow was brought into a high-kill shelter by Animal Control with a monstrous sized tumor on his leg which weighs more than 20 pounds. At first glance, one would have thought there had been a black garbage bag tied around the dog’s lower leg – not so!  And this poor dog, whose growth weighs more than half of the emaciated senior’s body weight, was left to live like this for an unspecified amount of time. This condition didn’t happen overnight.

Rescued on Sunday by Dallas Dog RRR Rescue.Rehab. Reform, volunteers have expressed their anger directed towards anyone who may have seen Shadow and looked the other way. The words on the organization’s Facebook page addresses the appalling apathy and indifference to the needs of a  gentle and kind dog.

“… and no one to help. People staring at him in disgust and leaving him there to die, letting this tumor consume him. Shame on all of you who looked away. This senior should have been spending his golden years in front of the fireplace warm and loved. Instead, he was brought in by animal control to a kill shelter. No humanity of passion…”

Shadow’s tumor is bleeding and he will needs immediate medical care. Dallas Dog RRR have partnered with Second Chance Rescue NYC and Tall Tails Rescue to help with Shadow. According to the rescue organization, criminal charges are expected to be pressed against the dog’s owner.

To help with Shadow’s expenses, donations can be made by clicking here.

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Video of guard at Delhi university beating dog to death goes viral

A disturbing video went viral on social media Friday afternoon, showing a guard at Delhi Technical University brutally beating a dog to death with a stick. According to DNAIndia, the dog had harmed “10 to 12 students” when a guard for the school located in Rohini repeatedly hit the dog over the head.Guard beats dog cover

“We have registered a case in this connection under relevant provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and IPC on complaint of an NGO. The accused guard of Delhi Technical University(DTU) is absconding,” said MN Tiwari, DCP Rohini.

Ayesha Christina of NGO Neighbourhood Woof , a non profit helping stray dogs, reported the egregious incident to the police and posted the video on her Facebook page which showed the guard hitting the dog’s head with a stick. Students at the university set up a protest stating  “right now, we will not compromise and are united on two points: the guard be handed over to police custody and that the person/ authority who instructed the guard be caught and booked as well.”

According to the Daily Pioneer,  the accused guard identified as Satish Kuman and other guards had killed many stray dogs at the order of the school’s administrators and security in charge. It is suspected the body of the dog had been buried somewhere on campus. Although school officials contend the dog may have had rabies and had bitten several students, advocates stated that in no way forgives the act of animal cruelty.

 “I explained to the administration that all dog and dog bite related issues can be discussed. As the organization responsible for this side of town, I will personally handle the issue. Neighbourhood Woof will get the dogs on the campus sterilized and vaccinated.”

Since then. the DTU administration has  conceded the crime is unpardonable.

(Photos and video of dog beaten to death at Delhi Technical University screenshots via Facebook)

(Warning: The video is extremely disturbing and may not be appropriate for all viewing audiences.)


Rhode Island man sentenced to prison for beating Yorkie to death with cane

A Cranston man was sentenced on Wednesday to spend the next four months in prison followed by eight months home confinement after he was found guilty of beating his neighbor’s Yorkshire terrier to death with his cane. In November, a jury  found Nicola Patalano, 60, guilty of felony malicious injury to Missy, a ten-pound Yorkie.

Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter also ordered Patalano not to have any contact with the dog’s owner, to take anger management classes, contribute $500 to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and perform community service. According to the Providence Journal, the total sentence was for two years with one year suspended.

On November 21, 2014, Dolores Antonelli, 80, had been walking her Yorkie when she spotted Patalano walking his larger  terrier. As the Yorkie ran toward the other dog, the leash slipped out of Dolores’ hand. The dogs barked at each other, but never made physical contact. Patalano  hit the tiny dog multiple times over the head and body with his wooden cane until the dog was unconscious. A witness helped Dolores pick up Missy and rush her to an emergency veterinarian’s office where she died. According to the Cranston police, Patalano stated he hit Missy to kill her.

Patalano, however denies that, and according to Turnto10News, stated Missy ran into the cane.

“The small dog accidentally ran into the cane. And the cane hit the dog also. And it died,” Patalano stated insisting he had been swiping his cane to keep Missy away from biting his own dog.

Judge Taft-Carter didn’t buy into his story before passing down her sentence, stating:

“This was a malicious beating that no creature should ever endure.”

In a statement to the court, written by Mrs. Antonelli and read by Rhode Island Attorney General Special Assistant Jonathan Burke, came the questions:

“’Why didn’t he stop? Why didn’t he just pick up his dog? Why did he have to kill my dog?’”

Rest in peace Missy. Photo of Patalano and Yorkie screenshot via Turn To 10 News.

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Video update: 3-day-old puppy scalped from ear to ear

In an extremely disturbing case of animal cruelty, a three-day-old puppy scalped from ear to ear, was dropped off at an animal rescue in Pittsburg, California. The puppy, dubbed Hoka by the Umbrella of Hope, was brought into the organization’s veterinary clinic on Wednesday after someone “saw him walking down the street.” Of course, that was a lie since a three-day old puppy, barely weighing one pound would be incapable of walking down on a busy street; much less a puppy that had just been scalped.newborn puppy scalped

The puppy has no ears, and because of his age his ear canals are still closed; they are covered with skin. His pinna (ear flaps) were torn away during the event that injured him.  According to the organization’s Facebook page, the puppy will need surgery in the future to be able to hear.

“Our vet was able to sedate him and close his wounds. He has antibiotics and pain meds. And a 24 hour round-the-clock RVT nurse (thanks Beth!) for the next few weeks at the very least. He is suckling on a bottle and is being kept warm and comfortable. He is being given immune support, and we just have to hope he is strong enough to ward off shock,” the puppy’s update stated.newborn puppy scalped 1

No one knows what or who caused Hoka’s injuries. Contra Costa Animal Services are asking for the public’s help with any legitimate leads and have agreed to investigate. Anyone with information about Hoka, his litter mates or parents are asked to email A $500 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this puppy’s abuse.newborn puppy scalped 2

At this time, the rescue needs help with the mounting veterinarian costs. If he survives, he will need surgery on his ear canals so that he can hear, and he will be transferred to a teaching hospital specializing in that kind of surgery. Since yesterday, his medical bill has topped $1,000 in 24/7 care which is anticipated for the next few weeks and several thousand more in medical care if he survives.

Donations towards his extensive medical care can be made online at  An Amazon Wish List for his specific needs can be viewed here:

Photos of puppy scalped courtesy of Umbrella of Hope.

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Check out his update on video:

Panda birth

Mama panda in labor for three days, but look at the precious bundle. Adorable story… read it here.


Albuquerque man accused of feeding puppy to neighbor’s dogs

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a local resident has been accused of feeding his neighbor’s puppy to pit bulls as part of a mission to terrorize residents of a South Valley cul-de-sac. According to Nbc4, Marvin Riley, 30, had been on a crime spree and assaulted a man and then stole and killed a dog.

On Tuesday,  Bernadette Salazar, the owner of a tiny Shih Tzu named Charlie Brown, said Riley broke into her yard and unknown to her for a few minutes, stole her dog. Before that, Salazar had allegedly walked next door to his neighbor’s home, who owned two pit bulls, and kicked in the back door beating the owner in the face with a pair of pliers. What he did next left neighbors horrified. Salazar threw the tiny lap dog, Charlie Brown into the yard with the pit bulls. The owners of the large dogs tried to pull the small dog away, but Charlie Brown never stood a chance; by the time Bernadette arrived it was too later.

“The dog was laying right there in the plastic bag already,” Bernadette explained. “You can’t trust people, you know what I mean.”

Police arrested Riley, who is facing several charges including felony animal cruelty. The neighbor assaulted in the face has been treated and is expected to make a full recovery. The owners of the pit bulls will not be charged.

Rest in peace Charlie Brown. (Photo of Charlie Brown for Albuquerque man charged with death of dog submitted by family  via  NBC4News)

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Rottweiler found with severed nose, ears and tail gets reconstructive surgery

On Wednesday, the stray Rottweiler dubbed Baron discovered last month wandering in southwest Detroit, underwent reconstructive surgery. Earlier in the afternoon, the Michigan Humane Society posted an update on the friendly dog, whose nose and ears had been severed and his tail docked off by an unknown culprit.Michigan HS Baron

“The Michigan Humane Society would like to share that Baron had his reconstructive surgery today and is doing great. The surgery lasted around 2 hours and 30 minutes. His nasal passage is now covered and protected and his tail was shortened and sutured. Our veterinary team reports that he came through with flying colors, and is resting quietly while he recovers. Baron thanks everyone for their love and support!”

Dr. Bryden Stanley from the Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center performed the reconstructive operation and was assisted by the staff at MHS. According to the Detroit News, more than $40,000 in donations poured in to help the dog. And while Baron’s wounds are slowly healing and people from all over the world have come to his aid, the dog’s plight has become a symbol of the many animals abused and neglected as well as the push for animal cruelty investigators to find these criminals.Baron the dog with missing nose 3

On January 17, a concerned citizen who spotted the dog with his serious injuries, contacted the MHS. A rescue team raced to the site, found the Rottweiler mix and rushed him back to MHS’ Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit. Once there, the shelter’s veterinarian staff immediately began assessing the dog’s injuries and working to make him comfortable.  Mark Ramos, a lead investigator for the organization, stated an unknown culprit purposely maimed the dog. It is suspected more than one person was responsible for the abuse to the eight-year-old pup, suggesting that one person had to have held Baron while another person cut off his ears, his tail, injured his back legs and sliced off his nose with such clean cuts.

“This is a public safety issue,” stated Matthew Pepper, president and CEO of the Michigan Humane Society. “It’s not just an animal welfare issue. Just by looking at Baron, you can see he has gone through incredible suffering. Anyone who is capable of doing something like this is capable of doing something like this to a person. This is a dangerous person. We have an obligation to do everything we can to find out who’s responsible.”

A reward offering $32,000 still stands for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Baron’s torture. Anyone with information is asked to call the MHS hotline now at (313) 872-3401. Donations can be made here. 

(Photos and video courtesy of MHS and Detroit News.)

Read the previous story here.

The original story can be found here.


Poodle who endured endless suffering dumped at Texas shelter

Hibiscus is barely six-years-old, but the miniature poodle who can fit so comfortably in someone’s arms has only known a lifetime of endless suffering and neglect. What veterinarians believe may have been months of agonizing pain, the ten-pound dog silently endured the misery of her severely infected jaw which had never been treated. And then came an even worse nightmare for the sweet little dog, who despite her pain, still longed to be cuddled and loved, had been abandoned in a high-kill San Antonio shelter. There her days were numbered. Too expensive for a county facility to treat her injuries, the shelter’s simple solution was to humanely euthanize her.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called, co-founder Stacey Silverstein immediately responded and agreed to help Hibiscus. How could she refuse?

“She was writhing in pain for days if not months alone and abandoned,” Stacey posted on the organization’s Facebook page as the dog was being prepared to be transferred to their partner emergency veterinarian. “Honestly we just looked into her eyes and cried, knowing how she has suffered. We of course saw her and immediately agreed to help her.”

Hibiscus is now at the veterinary hospital and can barely open her mouth more than an inch. She is slowly being fed wet food, and is being administered high doses of antibiotics and pain medication. You can only imagine what kind of pain this dog has endured after viewing the short video below. This little, defenseless pup will need an MRI to determine the damage in her mouth and how to properly treat the infection and her lack of oral mobility.

An MRI is estimated to cost $2,000 in addition to the emergency care she is now receiving. To donate towards the care of Hibiscus, please click here, or PayPal:

Photo and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.




Cruel thugs sentenced to prison for feeding pet hamster LSD drugs

Two exceptionally cruel men living in a home in Kingsway, Heysham, United Kingdom, fed their pet hamster a hallucinogenic laced soda to see how it would react and videoed the entire sick deed. Corey Lee Destrow, 22, and Nchinmunya Ntembe, 22, were charged with animal cruelty offences after the video emerged online. The men could be heard laughing as the hamster named Mr. Chow reacted to the drugs. Later, the men gave Mr. Chow a cannabis leaf to eat.

“We are going to kill it ….. it is gong nuts,”  the men could be heard in the video. “This could be the end for Mr. Chow.”

Ntembe, was given a four-month concurrent prison sentence for causing unnecessary suffering and starving his two Mastiff dogs named Faith and Zeus and giving cannabis and LSD to a hamster. He has been banned from keeping animals for the next eight years. Both of his dogs suffered fractured skulls believed to have been caused by blunt force trauma.  Destrow was sentenced to 12 months of community service, ordered to serve 80 hours of unpaid work and has been banned from keeping animals for two years. The animals owned by Ntembe have all been placed in new homes.Hamster abuse 2

Tragically, that wasn’t all of the animal abuse occurring at that home in May 2016 according to the RSPCA investigating officer who stated the home was a complete mess when she arrived. The inspector described the home as having dog feces everywhere, the dogs slept on a bare plastic bed, another dog had been tied to a radiator, and the hamster was kept in a kitchen cabinet. Co-defendant Luke Gabriel Horn was also charged with causing unnecessary suffering to another Mastiff in the home. His dog named Troy was discovered in the home emaciated.

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Video is graphic and disturbing. Viewing this may not be suitable for all audiences. Use caution:



Starving and dead dogs discovered on Llano property

Authorities have launched an animal cruelty investigation after reports of starving dogs in a Llano, California neighborhood were brought to the attention of animal control and sheriff deputies on Tuesday morning. Elizabeth Brown, who lives near the subject property told police two dogs arrived at her property on Monday ravenously hungry.Llano dogs 2

According to Brown, the Labrador retriever and a German shepherd then returned on Tuesday looking for food again. She took both dogs to the Palmdale Animal Control. Officers located the ten acre property where the dogs had been living and disclosed an unknown number of  caged dogs that were undernourished and living in horrible conditions. At least four dogs were found dead on the property.

The surviving dogs are being treated at a nearby veterinarian. No information has been released if the owner of the dogs have been found.

This is a developing story; more news as it is released.

Photos of starving dogs found on Llano property screenshot NbcLANews

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Houston can do better: Grace’s struggle after extreme cruelty

Grace was a stray that arrived at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston on February 4, 2017. Her harness and collar were deeply embedded into her neck and chest; bloody wounds, abrasions and skin conditions bled causing excruciating pain. Grace’s struggle was the result of extreme cruelty.  Tragically, volunteers report that dogs enter the shelter in similar condition in Houston and Harris County much too often.Grace Scouts honor cover 1

“Dogs come into the shelter in absolutely despicable shape all the time. This is a community problem we have dumped on the shelter and expect them to be able to fix with no resources. A community problem requires a community solution. We must do better. There is no excuse for this,” a Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers posted on Facebook advocating help for these defenseless pets who have been abandoned and left to pick through the garbage, roam the streets and barely survive to see another day.

Click here for Grace’s Pet Harbor listing when she arrived at the shelter.”My name is GRACE. I am a female, brown and white Labrador Retriever. The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old. I have been at the shelter since Feb 04, 2017.” For more information about this animal, callGrace Scouts honor2
Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191. Ask for information about animal ID number A477083.

On February 5, Grace was rescued by Scout’s Honor Rescue; extraordinary advocates had donated $8,511 towards her care. Volunteers were overcome with gratitude:

“Grace is out of the building and already at the vet! Thank you Scout’s Honor Rescue, Inc. for rescuing this sweet girl!!! And a BIG THANK YOU to ALL who donated; you guys donated $8,511! We are speechless! There are no words to express how incredibly grateful we are and how much we love you all.”Grace Scouts honor 3

Grace’s health is slowly improving. Her harness had to be surgically removed at the organization’s partner veterinarian. Her lacerations and infections are being treated. Best of all, Grace is hungry and is being fed commensurate with veterinarian supervision as she had previously been starved. The extremely friendly dog will continue to be on antibiotic and pain medications. Although she has a long road to recovery, her prognosis is promising for a complete recovery.

“She is cleaned up and hydrated. She is a total love bug and would love to just sit with her head on your chest or in your lap,” Scout’s Honor Rescue posted on their Facebook.

To donate to Grace’s care, please click here.

Photos and video of Grace’s struggle courtesy of Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers and Scout’s Honor Rescue, Inc

To understand the abuse and neglect Grace encountered in her short life, the following video explains it all. Parts of the video are extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences: