Kansas family devastated after their dog shot in own front yard

A family is devastated in Nickerson, Kansas after someone trespassed into their front yard and shot and killed their dog on Sunday morning.

“No worse feeling than holding your pet as they die in your

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Ruby and Benji starved to death died in heartbreaking embrace

A 21-year-old woman from South Wales left her two dogs, Ruby and Benji in a feces covered room; the bonded pair starved to death and died in a heartbreaking embrace. Two-year-old Benji was found facing … Read More

Owner ‘didn’t have no time for the vet’ so he shot his dog in the head

The teenage owner of a young dog told a Missouri deputy he “didn’t have no time for the vet” so he shot his dog in the head and left her lying in the dirt to … Read More

Neighbor accused of breaking into home and beating dog with baseball bat

In Springfield, Ohio, a local man has been accused of breaking into his neighbor’s home last Thursday and beating a dog to death with a baseball bat. Jeffrey Sagraves, 55, has been charged with felony … Read More

Teen charged with shooting and killing Jacksonville K9 officer

In Jacksonville, Florida, a 17-year-old teenager was arrested after he shot and killed Fang, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office K-9 while on a chase after a carjacking on Sunday. Jhamel Paskel has been charged with killing … Read More

Growing fear of serial dog attacker using pellet gun and hammer

Shocking cruelty in Ballinunty, Co Tipperary, Ireland have animal lovers and their rescuers fearing a serial dog attacker in two nearby violent incidents of cruelty and torture. Two attacks against dogs happened within a few … Read More

Colombian Veterinarian pleads guilty to sewing heroin into bellies of puppies

In a most disturbing case of animal cruelty and drug trafficking, Andres Lopez Elorez, a Colombian veterinarian pleaded guilty to sewing liquid heroin bags into the bellies of purebred puppies. Elorez appeared in federal court … Read More

Ex-boyfriend accused of killing woman’s 2 dogs and setting them on fire

In Hazleton, Indiana, the ex-boyfriend of a woman has been accused of killing two dogs and setting them on fire. Jordan Hunt, 28, was arrested on Wednesday and faces charges of animal cruelty, intimidation and … Read More

Teens pull family cat Sully from under car and watch their dog rip her apart

Two teens in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales coaxed a family cat named Sully from under a car to come out and watched as their dog ripped the defenseless animal apart in a heartbreaking intentional act of … Read More

Two men surrender to police in Maine in connection to brutal death of dog

Two men from Winter Harbor, Maine surrendered to police on Tuesday in connection with the brutal death of a family’s dog. Nathan Burke, 37, and Justin Chipman, 22, have been arrested and charged with burglary, … Read More