Florida man caught on video kicking and dragging 5-month-old puppy

A man from New Smyrna Beach was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony animal cruelty after cell phone video showed the man kicking and dragging a malamute-mix puppy.

According to Click Orlando, Danny Brandner, … Read More

Southwest Florida man accused of repeatedly ‘torturous abuse’ in dogfighting operation

In Collier County, Florida, a man has been charged with multiple felonies of animal cruelty and fighting after authorities say he operated a dog and rooster fighting operation out of his home.

According to the … Read More

Dog found hanging from a chain-link fence in El Paso under investigation

A small, gray poodle was found hanging from a chain-link fence at Yucca Park located on Williamette Ave., El Paso on June 15. The El Paso Police Department called it a “heinous case of cruelty … Read More

Woman arrested on felony charges for trying to decapitate her dog with a sword

In Cairo, New York, a woman has been arrested by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office after having been accused of stabbing and trying to decapitate her dog with a sword.

According to a press release … Read More

Oroville man who killed girlfriend’s dog sentenced to 10 years in prison

In Oroville, California, a man who pleaded no contest to killing his girlfriend’s dog was sentenced on Wednesday to 10-years and four-months in prison.

According to the Chico-Enterprise Record, Brandon Samdara Chin, 23, past … Read More

Scottdale man faces felony cruelty charges after allegedly beating, kicking and running over stray dog

In Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania, an 18-year-old Scottdale man faces felony animal cruelty charges after allegedly beating, kicking and then running over a stray dog.

Devin Rugg  was  arraigned via video late last week, and the … Read More

Two men arrested after video revealed horrific cruelty against family dog in Rajasthan

A video of horrific cruelty against a family’s dog in Rajasthan’s Alwar went viral on Friday, leading to the arrest of two men. Police have charged Mindya Meena and his brother Babula Meena for using … Read More

El Paso man charged with animal cruelty after his dog starved to death in his backyard

An El Paso man was arrested on Wednesday after his dog died in his backyard. Daniel Travon Reddick, 24, has been accused of starving his three-year-old female husky named Duchess who died on June 7.… Read More

Pittsburgh animal control officer charged with felony cruelty after ‘mopping the floor’ with a dog

A Pittsburgh animal control officer dragged a dog so violently on a catch pole through a parking garage on Thursday that one witness stated it appeared the officer had been “mopping the floor” with the … Read More

Ohio man arrested for drowning and freezing 10-month-old puppy to death

In Highland Heights, Ohio, the owner of a 10-month-old Yorkshire terrier contacted authorities to report two hours of security footage in her home showing her boyfriend submerging her puppy in water in the sink and … Read More