Woman captured on video abusing dog arrested

The Shasta County District Attorney Bureau of Investigations arrested Xaviero Kayli Ferguson on Thursday morning for her actions towards a puppy one week ago. According to the Shasta County District Attorney’s office, Ferguson has been … Read More

North Carolina woman sentenced to 2 years in prison for animal cruelty

In Charleston, South Carolina, a woman has been sentenced to two years in prison after found guilty of animal cruelty. A jury took two hours to decide Nakida Gathers was guilty of one count of … Read More

Video shows man pull small dog in doggy bag out of car and shoot it

In a security video, a man was shown stopping his vehicle in the industrial area of LaMirada, taking a small dog out of the back seat in a doggy bag, placing it in the gutter … Read More

Bradenton woman drowned her chocolate Lab to stop him from barking

In Manatee, Florida, a woman faces aggravated animal cruelty after allegedly admitting she drowned her chocolate Labrador retriever in her bathtub to stop him from barking.

According to MySunCoast, on November 4, Margaret Kinsella, … Read More

Former mayoral candidate killed his dog over ‘lack of love’ off to jail

In Ocean City, Maryland, a local resident and former mayoral candidate pleaded guilty to the September killing of his dog in September and has been sentenced to jail. According to The Dispatch, Joseph Cryer, … Read More

Three men accused of abusing pit bulls for fighting freed without bail

At the Manhattan Criminal Court, three men accused of abusing pit bulls, training them to fight and pushing them into illegal dog fights were free without bail on Friday. The men were ordered to stay … Read More

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pushes back to honor Vick at Pro Bowl

In Philadelphia, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to push back on the controversy to honor Michael Vick at the Pro Bowl.

According to AbcNews, in a news conference on Wednesday, Goodell stated he … Read More

Teen accused of killing grandmother’s Shih Tzu

An 18-year-old Tennessee woman is alleged to have killed and dismembered her grandmother’s ShihTzu and put its head in her dresser and its heart in the freezer. Kyoko Smith faces up to six years in … Read More

Reward offered in case of dog found in garbage heap with fighting wounds

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a terribly injured dog suspected of having suffered traumatic injuries from dog fighting, was discovered in a garbage heap on the side of the road late last week. Sadly, the dog died … Read More

Three-month-old puppy recovering after being lit on fire with blowtorch

In Paterson, New Jersey, a three-month-old puppy is recovering after reportedly having been lit on fire with a blowtorch. A witness stated he discovered the tiny pit bull puppy and another dog lit on fire … Read More