Woman’s boyfriend accused of slamming 8-week-old puppy to ground

In Xenia, Ohio, a felony arrest warrant was issued on Saturday for the man accused of slamming an 8-week-old puppy to the ground after swinging the defenseless animal around on its leash. According to the Dayton Daily News, Matthew Bolen faces “causing serious harm to a companion animal” charges.

The puppy, named Willow was found last weekend after a neighbor called 911:

“One of my neighbors is throwing a dog around, and he’s like swinging him around and banging him on the ground,” the 911 caller told dispatch. “The dog is crying like crazy.”

Officers responded to the residence on Colorado Drive and arrested Bolen on an outstanding warrant. Bolen’s girlfriend  had been the original owner of Willow; she has since relinquished ownership of the puppy to Leah Lind, a victim’s advocate with the city of Xenia.

The puppy suffered serious injuries. A GoFundMe account described the puppy as having a broken knee, dislocated hip and fragmented bone in her hip socket. Willow is recovering from surgery and more procedures will be needed in the future. There is still a chance the dog may need to have her let amputated. And through it all, the puppy wags her tail, loves everyone and hops and plays as if nothing was wrong.

You can follow this adorable pooch’s recovery here. 

(Photos of suspect and 8-week-old puppy via Xenia Police and Saving Willow)

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Neighbor ran over dog with lawnmower for mating with his female dog

A friendly, three-year-old German shepherd mix was the victim of extreme animal cruelty recently after a neighbor pinned the dog to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower for mating with the man’s female dog. Both dogs were just reacting to their natural instincts – shame on all owners who do not take the time to get their pets spayed and neutered.

It had been a fine summer day when the shepherd, named Mommam, ran and played in the residential neighborhood of Thanlang, Phuket, Thailand. Running over to mount the female dog, tragically the dog’s life changed for the worse in just a few minutes; the female dog’s owner became so furious that he grabbed Mommam, restrained him to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower. Despite the dog’s intense pain and agony, he was able to pull away from his torturer and dragged himself over to the spot where he loved to take naps; he writhed in agony. Later that day when his owner found his dog – he was shocked.

Mommam’s injuries were severe and life threatening. Because his owner was not able to afford the emergency care for his dog, Soi Dog Foundation stepped up to help. The dog was rushed to a local veterinary hospital for treatment. His front leg had been completely severed, and it has since been amputated. His back right leg is currently being treated by Soi Dog vets, who hope they can save it.

As can be seen in the video below, once Mommam’s injuries were treated and his pain was brought under control,  his joyful spirit has returned. His tail is wagging, and he is able to walk – or jump – using his left legs alone.

An investigation by Thailand’s animal cruelty officials is currently underway. The person who attacked the dog is facing criminal charges.

Mommam desperately needs donations to cover his medical care. Please give today:

 Mommam’s recovery would not be possible without you. Thank you for helping him.

(Photos and videos of dog run over with lawnmower courtesy of Soi Dog Foundation Facebook)

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Video: (Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences)

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Reward: $10,000 offered for info on puppy burned with acid and sodomized

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the egregious abuse of a six-month-old Labrador/pit bull mix puppy. The puppy, now named Riley, was found by a woman on August 9 in the parking lot of Monterey Elementary School in San Bernardino.

“This puppy is only 6 months old. He was beat, sodomized, jaw shattered. As he was left to die, they poured acid on his face.

Currently he is being fostered at my home by my family, and will be going in for reconstructive surgery, where we will attempt to rebuild his jaw. He is only still a baby, and while he will live the rest of his life permanently disfigured, he is still beautiful too me,” the organization posted on their Facebook page Monday afternoon.

Riley was originally rushed to Loma Linda Animal Hospital for treatment and was reported to have been suffering from a trauma to his head. In addition he was beaten, sodomized, left to die and just before his torturer left the defenseless pup, – poured acid on his face.

Riley is now being fostered and will be undergoing surgery to repair his face and jaw.

Anyone with information is asked to call 714.955.3610. Help this puppy find justice and get a sicko off the streets; next the violence could involve a child.

(Photo of $10,000 offered via Facebook)

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Bulldog strangled with chain so badly her eyes popped out

When a 911 call came into the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization early Monday morning from Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Center, Jackie O’Sullivan was shocked and in tears. A friendly stray had been nearly strangled to death by her chain collar.

“Yes… What you are seeing in these photos and video is real and happening right now,” the organization’s co-founder posted on the top of the group’s Facebook page to bring awareness to the horrendous situation and to ask for help. “Yes, that is blood dripping and oozing out of Roxie’s eyes. (previously named Salem) The shelter paperwork stated that Roxie was being strangled by a chain which was so tight around her neck that pliers were needed to cut off the chain.”

Roxie was transported by Jackie from the shelter to the organization’s New York City veterinarian partner where the dog has been examined, assessed and treated. It was assumed the blood coming out of the dog’s eyes was a result of the trauma she endured while the pressure built up in her neck and face area because of the near strangulation. At this time, it is unknown if Roxie has suffered brain damage or hemorrhaging.


“Who would do such a horrific act against an innocent life like this… intentionally strangling poor Roxie to near death?,” Jackie asked – not expecting an answer, but expressing the horror of such an egregious deed inflicted upon a defenseless animal.

Notes from the shelter estimate Roxie to be four years old and weighing 43 pounds. Brought in as a stray, the following information was included on her intake card:

“Chain collar too tight to be removed. Had to be cut off with pliers.

Suspect cruelty– strangulation


– severe trauma with cervical swelling r/o possible brain damage

– periocular hemorrhage (suspect due to cervical trauma)

– OU cherry eye

– otitis external”

Roxie is currently listed in critical condition and is being administered pain medication to make her as comfortable as possible. We can only hope they are not too late and Roxie’s life can be saved. To help with Roxie’s medical care:

PO BOX 101
NY NY 10028

(Photos and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Bail for Navy veteran accused of gouging dog’s eye out set at $1million

In Vista, California, an Oceanside man accused of torturing and poisoning his neighbors’ dogs for months was ordered held on $1 million bail on Friday, according to the District Attorney’s Office. David Christopher, 36, pleaded not guilty to felony animal neglect, animal cruelty and misdemeanor vandalism.

The disturbing details of Christopher’s alleged torture to neighborhood dogs included mutilating their pets – one of who still remains missing and is presumed dead. Fox 5 San Diego reports Herbert has been alleged as going to his next door neighbor’s home in April and torturing the family’s two Huskies; one dog lost his eye after it was gouged out. The other dog  suffered acid burns both inside and outside of its body. The owners believed an intruder tried to force them out of their home. The family moved to another home, however the two dogs of the new tenants went missing one month later. One of their dog’s was found roaming the neighborhood. Police believe Herbert had injured or killed their other dog. Lala, the family’s golden retriever has never been found. That family also moved away.

In addition the neighbors also reported repeated vandalism to their vehicles as well as trespassing into their homes.

Herbert was arrested on Wednesday after a motor vehicle stop. He had been honorably discharged from the Navy after serving six years. There has not been any motive cited for the abuse of the dogs. If found guilty of all the charges, Herbert faces up to 16 years in prison.

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(Photos of Navy veteran accused of torturing dogs via screenshot Fox News)

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More charges for Illinois juvenile accused of slashing puppy with box cutter

In Cambridge, Illinois, the 17-year-old accused of intentionally torturing a puppy by tying it up in a bag and slashing it several times with a box cutter, appeared in court on Thursday morning and now faces additional charges. He’s charged with animal torture as well as aggravated animal cruelty. The Henry County State’s Attorney wants him to be tried as an adult.

According to KwqcNews, the youth appeared in juvenile court, which is closed to the public, accompanied by a court appointed lawyer. Outside of the courtroom, a crowd of animal advocates, along with the puppy now named Thor, gathered in support of justice and more stringent punishments for animal abusers. A petition titled Justice for Thor started by Stephanie Ince, has garnered more than 51,000 signatures.

On July 25, the Henry County Humane Society reported the discovery of a two-month-old puppy at the Lakeland Terrace Housing Project. When found, the puppy was lying helplessly on the grass with four deep lacerations to his throat as well as a cut on his back. The pup was transported to Dr. Chris Ryan; the  puppy dubbed Thor, appeared to have wounds intentionally inflicted:

“We don’t typically see wounds like that from accidents, and it kind of looks like it’s on purpose, stated Dr. Ryan to NewsKwQC. “It seems like he’s doing just fine and I think he’ll make a full recovery, but it just could have been a lot worse.

Thor is thought to be a Labrador retriever and pit bull mix. When found, his wounds, believed to have been inflicted within the last 24 hours  were inundated with maggots. The good news is Thor is recovering from his injuries and already wants to play – just like any puppy. 

The juvenile’s next court date is set for August 23rd. At that time the judge may rule on whether the teenager will be tried as an adult. If found guilty as a juvenile, the teen could face the maximum punishment of five years in custody or until he turns 21.

(Photos Henry County Humane Society and screenshot via KwqcNews)

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A woman’s door was left ajar during a storm – look who she found inside!


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Navy veteran accused of gouging out dog’s eye and torturing others

In Oceanside, California a Navy veteran has been accused by police of poisoning and torturing his neighbors’ dogs including gouging one of a dog’s eye out and dousing others with acid. On Wednesday, authorities arrested David Herbert, 36, and charged him with burglary, vandalism, animal cruelty and using a deadly weapon.

According to News10, authorities allege Herbert went to his next door neighbor’s home in April and tortured the family’s two Huskies; one dog lost his eye. The other dog  suffered acid burns both inside and outside of its body. The owners believe an intruder tried to force them out of their home. The family moved to another home, however the two dogs of the new tenants went missing one month later. One of their dog’s was found roaming the neighborhood. Police believe Herbert had injured or killed their other dog. Lala, the family’s golden retriever has never been found. That family also moved away.

Fox5San Diego described the owners of the dogs had reported at least four vandalism and animal cruelty incidents at the home on Carino Way.

DNA from one of the dogs hasbeen found in Herbert’s car along with items of value recovered in Herbert’s home. A baseball bat also revealed DNA evidence from one of the dogs.

Herbert was honorably discharged from the Navy after six years of service.

Herbert is currently being held at Vista Detention Facility on $1 million bail.

(Photo of Navy veteran and dogs via screenshot of booking photo and GoFundMe)

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A woman’s door was left ajar during a storm – look who she found inside!


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Update: ‘Puppy Doe’ trial scheduled to begin on Tuesday

A Norfolk Superior Court judge on Monday rescheduled the trial for Oct. 24.

In Dedham, Massachusetts and around the world, animal lovers have been waiting for more than four years for justice for a two-year-old dog, dubbed “Puppy Doe” who had been so severely abused he had to be euthanized shortly after he was found clinging onto life at a nearby playground.

Radoslaw Czerkawski’s trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday, August 8. Czerjawski has pleaded not guilty, and suggests youngsters drinking in the park where the pup was found, were responsible for the abuse. The case, however  is scheduled Monday for trial assignment, meaning a judge may pick a new trial date reports NecnNews.

Nearly two weeks ago, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey’s office stated that jury selection in the trial of Czerkawski, has been postponed; Morrissey’s office posted a statement explaining that Assistant District Attorney Tracey Cusick’s retina had become detached as she had been experiencing “a loss of vision in one eye.” The district attorney’s office said Cusick, a prosecutor specializing in animal cruelty cases, went to the emergency room after losing her sight in one eye and underwent surgery.

Czerkawski’s trial will commence at the Norfolk County Superior Court  where the suspect faces 12 counts of animal cruelty, including the infliction of heinous injuries on the dog who was found in a Quincy park, close to where Czerkawski had been caring for an elderly woman. Prosecutors stated Czerkawski had found the dog free of charge on Craigslist and spent weeks torturing the two-year-old pooch by stabbing her in the eye, burning her, pulling her limbs from the joints and slicing her tongue in half like a serpent. The despicable treatment was described as “medieval torture.”

Czerkawski was sentenced to three to five years in prison for stealing $130,000 and to another three to five years for taking $4,500 from St. Lawrence Martyr Parish in New Bedford, where he had lived temporarily in 2012.




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Bengaluru woman who bashed the heads of 8 puppies to teach ‘mother dog lesson’ fined

It was a heartbreaking story of a two-year-old stray dog named Ammu in Bengaluru, India, digging up her 15-day-old puppies from their graves and trying to nurse them after a woman killed the puppies by bashing the little ones in front of their mother to “teach her a lesson.” On Friday the culprit was fined for animal cruelty. According to the Times of India, however, the woman named Ponnamma, the wife of an honorary flight lieutenant, didn’t even bother to hire an attorney.

In the disturbing crime, which occurred in March 2016, according to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, her cumulative fine was Rs1000; in U.S. currency the fine equaled $15. Following the verdict, the Humane Society International India stated they will appeal the sentence, and even though they are relieved she was found guilty of animal cruelty, the small fine was not an acceptable punishment.

“There are so many studies that show animal abuse is linked to human violence. Based on these studies, the US has made cruelty to animals a heinous crime. Unfortunately we have not recognized it yet,” stated Shreya Paropkari, (HSII)

Ponnamma said she wanted to teach Ammu a lesson for having her puppies in a drain pipe under her gate. After the death of her 15 day old puppies and trying to nurse them, residents could hear Ammu wailing for them at night. The neighborhood is dog friendly and a lot of local people would help the strays by feeding them. Although one of the villagers took Ammu in and gave her a home, the dog never recovered from the mental anguish she endured while helplessly watching Ponnamma bash her babies heads against a rock.  Ammu later died from distemper.

Rest in peace Ammu; we hope you were reunited with your puppies.

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See the heartbreaking video here:

Unconventional sentence handed down by judge for woman who neglected her dog

When justice is served in an unconventional manner, one Ohio woman will likely think twice before she neglects her dog again. As judges have become more resolute when handing out fines and prison sentences for animal cruelty and neglect cases, perhaps when the punishment actually fits the crime, there is more of an impact on a society where slaps on the wrists have become too commonplace.

Take for instance Painesville, Ohio Judge Michael Cicconetti, who decided the fate of admitted animal abuser, Alyssa Morrow. The woman had abandoned her seven-year-old pit bull, Moose and left him alone in the house with no food or water. When animal control officers arrived, they found the dog living in abominable filth and squalor crammed with junk and filled with feces and urine. According to AbcNews, Moose was emaciated, and lucky for the pooch, authorities were able to remove him from the egregious conditions and slowly bring him back to health.

Morrow could have been fined or sent to jail, but Judge Cicconetti, known for his unique method of sentencing, decided to give the woman a taste of what it must have been like for Moose.

“You know, I can’t interpret the feelings of a dog. But, boy, if dogs could tell you how they felt – scared, frightened and sick, maybe you should get a little taste of that? I’m going to let you have a choice here, and the choice is I want you to live like Moose,” stated the judge as Morrow and her attorney stood for sentencing.

And so Judge Cicconetti ordered Morrow to go to the county dump and find the worse, stinkiest place in the landfill and sit there for eight hours.

“Just think what you did to that dog while you smell the odor,” the judge told her.

If Morrow refused to go to the dump, she would have been sentenced to 90 days in jail, and so the next day she arrived at the city dump dressed in rubber boots and a fluorescent jacket as movie cameras from AbcNews followed her for the day; with Morrow admitting she rather would have been at the dump picking up garbage than having been locked up in jail for the next three months.

Cicconetti said he doesn’t believe the law as it is written can really be the only way to serve justice.

“A judge can simply follow the law and if somebody committed the crime, here are the possible penalties. How much of that do I impose? Sure, you can do that and you go home and you can rest easy. Or you can take each case a little more personal and still apply that same law.”

Other sentences that have gone viral, include Judge Cicconetti telling defendant Victoria Bascom she could choose between a 30 day jail sentence or a 30 mile walk after she left a cab driver high and dry by not paying him. Once the judge ordered an 18-year-old to wear a chicken suit in public to shame him after he stole pornography. And the unique way the judge dispenses justice must be working, because his recidivism rate is only 10% as compared to the national average of 50%.

What we do know about animal cruelty is making punishments more severe is the only way to send the message this will not be tolerated.

And yes, Moose has since recovered and adopted to a wonderful family.

(Photos of unconventional sentence handed down to animal abuser)

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