North Carolina man sentenced to jail for starving his dog to death

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a dog owner was sentenced to 60 days in jail for starving his dog to death. Hiram Renard Goins Jr.  will also serve three years of supervised probation at which time … Read More

Man who beat his puppy for defecating in the house sentenced to jail

In Alameda County, California, the man who beat his puppy for defecating in the house will spend time in jail. Joshua Tadduc, 24, plead guilty to felony animal cruelty for brutally beating nine-month-old Aaliyah back … Read More

‘Horrific’ abuse: Nine arrested for baiting bears and using dogs to maul them

In Volusia, Flagler and three other counties in Florida, nine people have been arrested for illegally baiting black bears with pastries and peanut butter and using hunting dogs to attack and maul the animals as … Read More

Dogs thrown from vehicle in Ithaca: Beagle will lose his leg

In a very disturbing animal cruelty report, two dogs were thrown from a dark blue vehicle on Interstate 81 near Ithaca. One of the beagles will lose his leg – he suffered the worst injuries.… Read More

Illinois man said he was ‘clueless’ that killing two dogs was illegal

A man from Normal, Illinois who told a judge on Tuesday that he was “clueless” that killing two dogs was illegal was sentenced to 24 months on a conditional discharge for aggravated animal cruelty in … Read More

Intoxicated owner beat small dog to death with newspaper

In Rexburg, Idaho, an alleged intoxicated owner beat his small dog to death on Tuesday with a rolled up newspaper when the dog refused to come out of its kennel cage.

According to the Idaho Read More

Kansas family devastated after their dog shot in own front yard

A family is devastated in Nickerson, Kansas after someone trespassed into their front yard and shot and killed their dog on Sunday morning.

“No worse feeling than holding your pet as they die in your

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Ruby and Benji starved to death died in heartbreaking embrace

A 21-year-old woman from South Wales left her two dogs, Ruby and Benji in a feces covered room; the bonded pair starved to death and died in a heartbreaking embrace. Two-year-old Benji was found facing … Read More

Owner ‘didn’t have no time for the vet’ so he shot his dog in the head

The teenage owner of a young dog told a Missouri deputy he “didn’t have no time for the vet” so he shot his dog in the head and left her lying in the dirt to … Read More

Neighbor accused of breaking into home and beating dog with baseball bat

In Springfield, Ohio, a local man has been accused of breaking into his neighbor’s home last Thursday and beating a dog to death with a baseball bat. Jeffrey Sagraves, 55, has been charged with felony … Read More