Dog killed in unprovoked attack after trespasser chased her around yard

In Pamona, California, a transient trespassed into the front yard of a home on East Second Street on Tuesday and stabbed a dog to death in an unprovoked attack. The disturbing deed was caught on … Read More

Florida man accused of suffocating dog after losing his temper

In the city of Oviedo, an ex-boyfriend “to be” was arrested on Tuesday evening by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly suffocating and punching a woman’s dog after losing his temper.

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‘Heart-rendering’ case of dead dog trapped in cage left deep in forest

In a “heart-rendering” case of animal cruelty, authorities discovered a dead dog trapped in a cage and left deep in the remote area of the woods in Woodbridge, Connecticut on Monday.


According to the … Read More

Six dogs found dead and nine others starving in Phoenix home

In Phoenix, Arizona, authorities made a grizzly discovery late Sunday night when they discovered six dead dogs and nine others suffering from malnutrition.

According to AzFamilyNews, police had been patrolling a residential area near Van … Read More

Yulin dog meat festival brutal reminder of China’s crime and cruelty

More than 15,000 dogs and cats are slaughtered in the most inhumane methods for China’s annual Yulin dog festival; a grim reminder of the crime and cruelty still existing in China.

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Reward: Information about mutilated puppy dropped out of car

In St. Louis, Missouri, the Humane Society of Missouri is seeking information about a three-month-old mutilated puppy dropped out of a car on Monday afternoon. A $2,500 reward has been offered for information leading to … Read More

Heartbreaking cruelty as police investigate small dog set on fire

In Newark, New Jersey, police are investigating a heartbreaking cruelty act against a small dog beaten and set on fire. The despicable situation occurred on Friday night in the vicinity of Columbia Avenue and Plymouth … Read More

Disturbing video shows man using live opossum as fishing bait

In Friendswood, Texas, a disturbing video appeared online showing a live opossum being used as bait by a man fishing. The video was sent to police on Saturday, and on Wednesday, Blake Morecraft, 28, was … Read More

Heartbreaking: Stray pup found with rear legs hogtied with retractable leash

At the Putnam County Dog Shelter, a heartbreaking discovery on Wednesday concerned a two-year-old brindle pup who was found as a stray and his rear legs hogtied with a retractable leash. According to the shelter, … Read More

Viral video shows smiling man stomping turtle to death

In Greenville, North Carolina, a viral video showing a man stomping a turtle to death, has led to the 20-year-old man’s arrest on Monday. According to the Greenville NC, Police Department, Devin Antonie Simpson … Read More