Man who taped Caitlyn the dog’s mouth shut sentenced for animal cruelty

On Friday, William Leonard Dodson was sentenced in one of the most disturbing animal cruelty cases ever presented in North Charleston. With Judge Markley Dennis, referring to Caitlyn’s torture as “hell on Earth” reported the Post and Courier, Dodson was given the maximum sentence for animal cruelty in South Carolina – five years.

“I’m not trying to be mean, but I wish I could give you more,” Judge Dennis told Dodson.

Although Dodson’s prison term will not be extended beyond the 15-year sentence on a federal gun and drug charges ordered on Thursday, advocates applauded the sentencing, stating the penalty sends a strong message to those who abuse and torture animals. The judge stated he would honor the prosecutor’s negotiations with Dodson’s public defender to serve the animal cruelty sentence at the same time as the federal punishment. During the hearing, Caitlyn’s story was told again as a crowd of animal advocates filled the courtroom.

The scar on Caitlyn’s snout is still very visible and few will forget when the dog was first rescued and brought to the Charleston Animal Society as Aldwin Roman, the director of anti-cruelty and outreach described how Caitlyn cried out in pain as veterinarians unraveled the electrical tape wrapped around her snout nine times. It is estimated the dog’s mouth had been taped shut for 36 hours. The dog’s veterinarian report described her muzzle as “markedly swollen with evidence of tape and her tongue as “significantly swollen, significantly bruised, discolored (dark purple) and oozing blood,” a court record stated. Dodson said he wrapped the tape around the dog’s mouth because she wouldn’t stop barking.

As to to the brightest part of the morning, was Caitlyn’s appearance as she happily ran around at the Animal Society chasing balls, appreciating the smiling faces of visitors and loving life.

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You can catch the entire video and reaction from the Charleston Animal Society below. Although there was disappointment that the five years Dodson was sentenced to prison on Friday morning wasn’t added on to sentence, but most are convinced that Caitlyn did find some justice:

Puppy’s leg amputated after suspected animal cruelty

An eight-month-old puppy had his leg amputated after the dog owner’s boyfriend became angry  after the pooch chewed up some of the couple’s belongings. According to the Moon Township Pennsylvania Police Department’s Chief Leo McCarthy told WpixNews, the puppy was just being a puppy and getting into mischief as puppies commonly do:

“The boyfriend was rather angry because the dog had torn the house up a little, like dogs do sometimes. Then he gave it an extremely powerful kick.”

The puppy, named Jinx, was removed from the home in Mooncrest last week. His rear right leg had been badly injured and was reported to have been broken even though the sweet puppy continued to wag his tail. Local animal rescuer, Jess Horvatin, was so angry about the apparent cruelty situation, she recorded a cellphone video of the abused puppy to make sure someone would be held accountable.

Sadly, veterinarians had to amputate the puppy’s leg, but he has already been re-homed and is reported to be recovering. Authorities state animal cruelty charges are pending although the suspect has not yet been named.

(Photo of puppy’s leg amputated via screenshot from WpixNews)

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Dog’s face and the desperate look in his eyes plead for help

Chester is the tragic face of dog fighting. The desperate look in his eyes pleaded for help; surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to hell never cared. Surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to this hell never loved a dog. Odds are he was used as a bait dog.

And on Thursday afternoon, a rescue volunteer walked into a rural Texas shelter and knew Chester deserved more than an untimely death. From the moment the rescuer entered the dog’s kennel, he slowly approached her as he left a trail of blood behind him. For once in a long, long time, Chester felt a soft human touch, and then he slowly retreated back into the corner of his cage and began to lick and tend to his wounds. When contacted, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up; co-founder Stacey Silverstein explained the situation on the organization’s Facebook page. She could not refuse to help:

  “He had lived through this before, injured with puncture wounds from dog fighting. Chester was covered in blood. He was covered in scars. His body told us his past and through his eyes showed us his pain.”

Chester has been rushed in for emergency medical treatment. Let’s hope this poor dog survives. To help with this latest case of extreme abuse and cruelty, donations for the dog’s care can be made by clicking here or PayPal at

(Photos of Chester’s face and desperate look courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas)



Short video can be viewed here:


Cops keep beaten and abused puppy safe at police department over the weekend

In Manhattan, Illinois, police officers have a special soft spot in their hearts for dogs; especially for the defenseless. Over the weekend, the cops cared for a nine-month-old abused puppy which included feeding and walking her until animal cruelty charges could be pressed against her owner on Monday.

According to the Manhattan Patch, the puppy named Raven was brought into protective custody on March 10 after a witness saw her owner beat, kick and throw the dog to the ground. Police Chief Joseph Wazny stated the injuries to the puppy had been consistent with what the concerned citizen described, as the dog’s owner, Richard Winchell, 26, was seen abusing her.

On Friday, officers seized Raven, but were unable to meet with prosecutors or a judge until Monday, so the dog was made comfortable in a kennel at the police station after she was treated by a local veterinarian. On Monday, Raven was transported to the Will County Animal Control where she will remain until the case is resolved. It is hoped the judge will order the dog be turned over to a rescue group where she will be evaluated and be made available for adoption.

Winchell faces three counts of animal cruelty and is scheduled to appear in court on April 12.

(Photos of beaten and abused puppy and Winchell via Manhattan Police Department)

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Puppy tossed in dumpster with shopping cart thrown on top of her

In a heartbreaking case of animal cruelty in Peachtree, Georgia, a puppy was left for dead in a dumpster on Sunday. Christie Salois, the companion animal manager of Petco, found the pup in the trash bin behind the store – a shopping cart intentionally tossed on top of the dog to keep her from escaping:

“…I saw her in an aisle, tears streaming down her face and anointing a brown pup she cuddled, ‘I just found her in our dumpster,'” Christie told BullyWag Inc., the rescue organization who was immediately called to help.

Christie had gone outside in the morning, and when she opened the door to the garbage receptacle saw two tiny  dark eyes looking up at her. The puppy’s left eye had a huge red wound. And immediately the woman scooped the pup up into her arms and called the Sharpsburg area rescue for help. At the time, however Steven Cartwright, a volunteer with BullyWag had been at Petco with a greyhound rescue:

“Let’s put the pup in a pen next to the greyhound group. Maybe someone will want her,” and from there the puppy had “an unceasing flow of folks playing with her, showing kindness only minutes after such evil was done to her,” the rescue group posted on their Facebook page.

BullyWag has named the adorable pooch Christy – after the person who rescued her. The pup appeared quite healthy, however her eye has a severe injury, and it is not known if she may lose that eye in the future. For now, the affectionate pup is headed to a foster home and if her health checks out, the one-year-old puppy will be available for adoption.

BullyWag, Inc. I’m sharing my post about Christy the Petco dumpster dog. Petco is a good friend of Bully Wags. And this act was vile; as an APD detective, I’ve investigated crimes done by sick minds & this particularly bothers me for a few reasons: the perp chose a pet store dumpster, but not in hopes of her being found alive because they threw a shopping cart on her, trapping & concealing her. We need to be vigilant if this SOB strikes again.”

Anyone with information about this act of animal cruelty is asked to notify authorities. To help with Christy’s eye surgery, donations can be made here. (Photos of puppy tossed in dumpster from BullyWag,Inc Facebook.)

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Family devastated after their dog was killed by neighbor with samurai sword

Police are investigating a disturbing animal cruelty situation in Gillingham, United Kingdom which left a family’s beloved pet dog hacked to death by a neighbor wielding a samurai sword. An English bulldog had wandered from the backyard where he lived to a nearby house where he was attacked.

According to the Sun, the property where the dog was hacked, looked “like a bloodbath” after the neighbor attacked the dog named Dave with the sword severing the dog’s spine, chopping off his back leg and tearing open his stomach. Veterinarians had to humanely euthanize Dave. Vicki Oram, the dog’s owner,  tearfully described what happened:

“My daughter Jade had just come home from work, and she was in the garden with the two dogs playing with them. She came inside but left the dogs out in the garden. The next thing she heard was screaming and our dog’s name being shouted.”

Shocked by the circumstances, Vicki continued:

“She couldn’t see Dave in our garden, and she went running around but they wouldn’t let her in. Dave had got under our fence; their door must have been open and he ran inside their house. Jade said when she got in there she called him and he recognized she was there, but he was lying in a pool of blood.”

The family rushed the dog to the vet, but the injuries he suffered were too severe to even hope for his recovery.

Four years prior, Dave had attacked a dog belonging to the neighbor, but since then the families had agreed not to let their dogs out at the same time. Vicki described her dog that she adopted in 2012 as a sweet dog who loved people. The police arrested a 29-year-old man on suspicion of causing criminal damage. He is currently free on bond.

“This is a shocking incident and we are very distressed to hear about the death of this dog,” stated RSPCA spokesperson Katya Mira. “At this stage the police are investigating into what happened, but we have given them animal welfare advice and are offering any support they may need from us.”

Rest in peace Dave. Vicki also has another dog named Lily. The family fosters dogs for the Absolute Bull Terrier Trust.

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Long Island man sentenced to jail for throwing dog from third story window

A Long Island man has been sentenced to jail after throwing a Chihuahua out of a third story window in August 2016. Dorian Quezada, 21, pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty in front of Queens Criminal Court Judge Toni M. Cimino last month.

On Wednesday, Acting Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Melendez sentenced Quezada to one year in jail, and subsequently banned him from owning any animal for five years following his incarceration. According to QNS, an eyewitness saw Quezada walking away from the window moments after the dog fell and landed on the ground. The shocked witness ran over to the dog who was whimpering in pain; the was bleeding from his mouth, suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle from the fall.

“It’s hard to imagine that someone would do something so cruel to their pet,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement.

In a positive advancement towards the protection of animals that advocates  actively continue to demand, Quezada will be required to register with the Department of Health as a convicted animal abuser and will be barred from adopting any pets from city shelters, rescue groups or pet stores.

Since the arrest and conviction of Quezada, the Chihuahua has recovered and has been adopted by a loving family.

(Photo of Chihuahua thrown from third story window  via Facebook and not of dog in story)

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Louisiana man accused of shooting five puppies in the head

Authorities in Washington Parish, Louisiana have accused a man of shooting five puppies in the head with a .22 rifle. On Wednesday, Shawn Glen Jones, 25, Dogwood Valley Road, Angie, was arrested and charged with five counts of cruelty to animals.

According to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a concerned citizen contacted the Humane Society of Louisiana and reported five abandoned puppies left on the side of the road. The rescuer had left a blanket and food for the pups and had planned on returning for the puppies later in the day. When the rescuer arrived at the scene later in the day, the puppies were dead and had all been shot with a small caliber gun. The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into the heartless killing of the innocent puppies.

Through a series of tips, Jones was found to have a female dog the same breed as the dead puppies, although when questioned, he stated he had given all of the puppies away, but was unable to identify that person. Later during more questioning, Jones admitted to abandoning the puppies, but denied shooting them. It was later discovered Jones had returned to his home after abandoning the puppies, picked up the rifle and returned to the location to kill the puppies.

“Our detective did an outstanding job in this matter. She worked diligently until she had sufficient evidence to arrest Shawn Jones,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “Once again, tips from concerned Washington Parish citizens helped us solve a crime. If any person has additional information about this crime, I encourage you to contact Detective Demi Rice at the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office,” posted Sheriff Randy Seal. 

Rest in peace innocent little ones. (Photo of Louisiana man accused of shooting five puppies courtesy of WPSO). Jones remains in jail in lieu of a $15,000 bond.

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Disturbing images of dog hit by train after owners dumped her alone outside of shelter

In perhaps the cruelest deed any human could do to their dog; without doubt one of man’s most loyal companions, is to abandon them in an unknown area, and then walk away. And so it happened to a dog who was left alone outside of a Dogs Trust Center in Baillieston, Scotland (a suburb of Glasgow) this week who was hit by a train. Tragically, the dog was so frightened, she ran away as the staff tried to chase her, and for the next 30 hours searched and searched trying to coax her to safety – that is until an unimaginable tragedy occurred. 

According to the Scottish SPCA, the staff at the Dogs Trust followed the trail of the terrier mix, but the dog ended up on the railroad tracks at the Baillieston Train Station less than one mile away. It was at that spot, she was struck by a train, near fatally injuring her body and her legs. Rescuers from the Scottish SPCA were called in to care for her later that evening, but the dog’s injuries were so severe and so painful, veterinarians decided to humanely euthanize her to end her suffering.

“Dogs Trust did a very commendable job at trying to catch the dog and were working round the clock for over 30 hours. Sadly she was hit by a train before she would let anyone near her. The Network Rail team were very helpful as they closed the lines and assisted me along the tracks to the do,” stated Animal Rescue Officer Jan Toraman.

“We’d like to remind the public that abandoning a dog is an offence, and there is no ‘sensible’ place to dump an animal. As evident, they can run off and put themselves in danger.”

The staff at the Dogs Trust are devastated over the news that the dog had been hit by a train and described how hard they tried trying to capture the truly frightened pup who just didn’t understand where she was or why she had been abandoned. In Scotland, according to the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006, it is illegal to dump a dog. Anyone found guilty of doing so can expect to be banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or life. Authorities are now reviewing closed circuit television footage at the center for information leading to the identification and arrest of the person(s) who abandoned the dog.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline at 03000 999 999.

Rest in peace sweet dog. We are so sorry your humans were so cruel.

(Photos of the dog hit by train via the Scottish SPCA and the Scottish Sun)

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Bomb detection puppy escaped from handler – shot and killed after disrupting air traffic at New Zealand airport. Read the sad story here.

Bomb detection puppy shot dead at airport

Authorities investigate burned alive body of family’s Shih Tzu

Authorities have launched an investigation into the suspected burned alive body of a Shih Tzu in the wooded area of Mead Walk in Walker located in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Firefighters found the charred remains of the dog’s body on Wednesday afternoon after having been called to extinguish a fence on fire late in the afternoon.

According to the Chronicle, the dog’s body was taken for an examination at a local veterinarian, who found a microchip identifying the poor pooch as three-year-old Charlie. It is suspected the dog had been alive when he was  wrapped and stuffed inside of a shopping bag and then ignited.

“This is really shocking and upsetting discovery,” stated RSPCA Inspector Cathy Maddison. “The fire service was called; they had no idea the horror they would discover once the fire was put out. At this stage we don’t know whether the dog was alive or not when the body was set on fire, which is horrific.”

The necropsy revealed the unaltered Shih Tzu mix was approximately three-years-old and had a cream and tan coat. His microchip identified his name, but did not contain any information as to his owner(s). Police released the posted image of the site where Charlie’s body was found hoping that someone can identify anything familiar with the area and if someone from the neighborhood saw anyone acting suspiciously on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone with information is asked to get in touch with police by calling 101.

“This incident took place in the middle of the day and we believe members of the public in the area would have seen those responsible,” stated Northumbria Police Inspector Paul Duncan. “It is a very distressing incident and we need to understand what has happened to this young dog.”

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