Dog found hanging from a chain-link fence in El Paso under investigation

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A small, gray poodle was found hanging from a chain-link fence at Yucca Park located on Williamette Ave., El Paso on June 15. The El Paso Police Department called it a “heinous case of cruelty to animals.”

According to the El Paso Times, the evidence at the scene indicates the dog was alive when hanged from the fence. Police are investigating the crime and are asking for the public’s help identifying the person(s) involved.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit hotline at 915.212.0800.

Help this little dog find some justice. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I don’t understand WHY someone would do this??? A small poodle is adorable and couldn’t possibly do anything so terrible as to “justify the death penalty”…….

    If one doesn’t want a companion animal, there are rescue groups and animal shelters for rehoming companion animals……

    Precious little treasure, I absolutely know that you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.

    Precious little treasure, I hope you get justice for having your life stolen from you.

    Whoever did this horrible, cruel act has earned themselves a reserved spot in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty……

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    Animal torture happens DAILY in Texas because: #1 Their own elected officials, sheriffs, etc. explicitly state they don’t care about managing how people treat animals there. #2 the VERY SCANT laws they do have are RARELY used to prosecute any of their “good ole boys”. How anyone can expect these precious sentient beings to be afforded humane treatment in a place from hell where they ALLOW their OWN law enforcement THUGS to: gun down, beat down and yes, even RAPE while on duty EVERY DAY is astounding to most other states. Exceptions are those states that operate the SAME WAY. We ALL KNOW who they are too. Mark my words: one day the law abiding citizens will awaken to the startling FACT that they’re fiercely outnumbered by thugs from both general society and from the very people in law enforcement paid to serve and protect. Building shall start collapsing soon in their big cities…..wait for it.


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