Pets trapped in rubble of Surfside building collapse still missing

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In Surfside, Florida, pet owners who survived the Champlain Towers South Condo collapse are desperate to find their animal pets still missing in the rubble. Coco, the cat who belongs to an 89-year-old resident and her daughter who had been rescued from the fourth floor of the building, is still missing even though that part of the building remains standing. According to the fire department, food and water have been left for the cat on the balcony; the conditions are just too unstable to risk a person’s life to undertake a rescue.

According to the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, it is unknown  if Mia the cat in Unit 1006 is still alive. The fire department has not been able reach the balcony as the doors are closed.

“In unit 904. which is the building that fell, there is Daisy a dog and 2 cats in the kitchen area, all in crates. They belong to Angela Gonzalez, (with a broken pelvis) who was able to pull herself and her teenage daughter from the rubble after they plunged 4 floors in the tower that collapsed. Her husband Edgar is still missing. There are some parakeets and a guinea pig missing, yet this is unconfirmed.. However, the kitchen area in the corner unit 904 where the animals were crated, is still standing. No one knows if they are alive or not. They could have fallen just like their owners did. Drones were being sent in but that has not been confirmed.”

Authorities state the chances for survival of these pets are slim since they have most likely been the victims of fires, smoke inhalation, no food, no water and the emotional trauma of the experience and the disaster.

The City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell has created a process to help owners find their pets. Friends of Miami Animals hotline can be reached at 833-366-2642.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This is beyond tragic…… I feel very sad for those people who have lost everything: beloved family members, treasured furbabies, lifetime’s worth of personal items, all their furniture, artwork, clothing…,,, absolutely everything……. They must start over @ “square 1”…….

    I can’t understand why the condo board didn’t start the repairs earlier??? I would have insisted on it……

    I suspect that the condo presale inspection doesn’t include the overall status of the building.,,,,. Perhaps it should and that fact must be included in the report provided to the buyer.

    I have always told my husband that in an emergency I was saving our precious little treasures and that he was on his own because he doesn’t fit into the cat carrier!!!

  2. Wendy Oldham says:

    loosing everything and also their pets would be devastating. the not knowing alone would eat me alive. I am a huge dog lover, I have 6 of my own, just knowing I have pets trapped in crates and there is no way to get to them, would haunt me forever. The dog in question in this case belongs to two who survived the devastation and husband missing, I do hope someone tries to find out for sure if they are there and alive or not to bring some peace to the family who are already going through more than someone can bare.

  3. JenS says:

    Cat hide when afraid. They’re not going to bark and wag their tails at people like dogs. No effort was made to leave humane traps on the balconies in question to trap the cats with food. Just food was left on the balcony because they saw the cat(s) and knew they were still alive. Mia, Coco and the rest perished last night when the building was detonated.


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