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Tiny coyote pup is euthanized after humans fed and tried to domesticate him

In a story about a wild animal humans tried to domesticate, turned into a tragic ending when authorities in eastern Colorado euthanized a tiny coyote pup after it bit a woman.

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Swan dad raises baby cygnets after mother died

At the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts, swans have been a frequent sight. When a swan couple decided to raise their family there in early April, they made a nest along the pillars by … Read More

Huge, annoyed swan chases Georgia golfer around 9th hole in hilarious video

A Georgia golfer felt the wrath of a huge, annoyed swan while trying to sink a putt in the ninth-hole this week. No sooner had the man sunk his putt, a huge swan appeared and … Read More

Coyotes attack man on scooter after he crashed into one of them at park

At the 1,000 acre Stanley Park in British Columbia, a man riding his electric scooter on Sunday evening apparently didn’t see a coyote along the trail and accidentally crashed into it. The impact caused the … Read More

Huge grizzly bear mom towers over truck of hunters

Two men about to hunt deer were stopped on a road by a grizzly bear mom who approached the truck the men were in and just towered over them.

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Mountain lion killed horse grazing in Idaho pasture

In Hailey, Idaho, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game officers confirmed a mountain lion attacked and killed a horse on Sunday while the mare grazed in the pasture.

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Hungry seal taps on man’s foot for food in video but sadly ignored

In a heartbreaking video shared on social media by Indian Forest Services Official Susanta Nanda, a hungry seal tapped on the leg of the man distributing food to other animals yet was sadly ignored. The … Read More

Disturbing viral video shows two teen hunters torturing helpless buck

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a disturbing viral video allegedly shows two teen hunters torturing a helpless buck in the most egregious manner. The Pennsylvania Game Commission responded amid the shock and disgust from social media.

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Coyote enters home through doggy door and attacked pets

In Buena Park, a coyote entered a family’s home through a doggy door and attacked two dogs – killing a 10-year-old Maltipoo and severely injuring the other dog.

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Tagged bear returned to Boulder and killed by wildlife officers

In Boulder, Colorado, a bear that had been previously relocated out of the area in 2015 was killed by wildlife officers on Tuesday after it returned to the area and was deemed aggressive.

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