Florida man sets fire to trapped raccoon for eating his mangoes

In Palm Bay, Florida an 88-year-old man has been accused of setting fire to a trapped raccoon because the animal had eaten his mangoes.

According to the Miami Herald, Ezra James threw gasoline on the … Read More

Hunters killing mother bear and her ‘shrieking’ newborn cubs caught on video

Just when you think hunting can’t get any crueler, a father and son have been accused of illegally slaughtering a mother black bear in her den and then shooting her two “shrieking” newborn cubs while … Read More

Springfield police shot and killed cougar resident claims was no danger at all

In Springfield, Oregon a local resident claims a cougar shot and killed by police presented no danger at all to her children and posed no threat to her family and neighbors.

On July 25, a … Read More

Man taunts bison crossing road at Yellowstone National Park

A man appearing to taunt a bison crossing the road at Yellowstone National Park was caught on video Tuesday evening and later  posted on Facebook by Lindsey Jones.

Lindsey called the video #dontdrinkand buffalo, … Read More

Only in Boca: Two iguanas go ‘toe to toe’ in Starbucks parking lot

This time Starbucks wasn’t to blame for any social or legal improprieties. In Boca Raton, two iguanas entered into a raucous scuffle, and their power argument was all caught on video.

According to Shannon Moskoff’s … Read More

Video showing man punch possum in the face condemned as animal cruelty

In a short video posted on social media Saturday, a young man was shown approaching a possum sitting on top of a fence in the Canterbury, New Zealand town of Waimate. The man carefully approached … Read More

Orangutan faced off with bulldozer as machine destroyed one of last habitats

An orangutan faced off with a bulldozer in the Sungai Putri forest in Indonesia at one of the last habitats in the world for the animals. A video, captured by an observer, showed the heartbreaking … Read More

Teacher accused of drowning raccoons at school will not face criminal charges

In Ocala, Florida, the teacher accused of drowning raccoons and an opossum in the presence of students during an agricultural class, will not face criminal charges according to the state attorney’s office. In a memo … Read More

Deputy shooting groundhog crossing roadway video goes viral

A deputy from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office shot a groundhog on Sunday afternoon in Eldersburg, Maryland, but not before a woman driving home from work captured the disturbing incident on video and shared it … Read More

Young buck wanders into backyard to play with family dog

In Metamora, Michigan, a surprised resident captured on video a very unusual encounter with a young buck who wandered into their backyard to romp around with the family dog.

The person filming the precious moments … Read More