Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk defends ‘deep-throating’ baby kangaroo

Pig hunter Natalie Cepeniuk, who became a reality internet personality in Australia after becoming one of the girlfriends of Farmer Wants A Wife Lachlan McAleer, has created a social media uproar after posting a photo of her swallowing a beheaded, baby kangaroo.

The disturbing photo showed Cepeniuk wearing a bloody shirt swallowing the decapitated “joey” and including the following message along with the picture:

“I may have deep-throated a joey’s neck.”

With that Cepeniuk posted laughing and beer emojis.

According to the West Australian News, the photo was forwarded to authorities and wildlife supporters who have openely expressed disgust and condemnation on Cepeniuk’s Facebook page. An investigation by the RSPCA NSW  began, however it didn’t take long before Cepeniuk defiantly responded:

“…hit a few nerves with a few greenies and haters.”

She later explained the mother kangaroo had jumped in front of her vehicle, and that she “humanely put it out of its misery.” Claiming she did not shoot the mother, she claims to love animals but considers herself a “realist” and stated the baby joey had been mangled, and it would have been cruel to keep it alive. She says she has “guts of steel” and the photo had been part of a dare which was not worth “the carry on.”

“How is it animal cruelty if the joey was dead?” Cepeniuk asked. “Unlike all you sour c*** I like to make light of bad situations which is exactly what I did. Go and have a cry to someone else, cause I really couldn’t give a s***.”

The Department of Environment and Energy for the Australian government states injured female kangaroos must be examined for a joey, and the pouch young should be killed:

“Decapitation with a sharp instrument in very small hairless young or a properly executed heavy blow to destroy the brain in larger young are effective means of causing sudden and painless death,” the law states.

Some people just have bad taste.

(Photos of pig hunter swallowing joey via Facebook.)

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Man stops to rescue wild bunny from Ventura fire caught on camera

In Ventura County, California, a Good Samaritan saved a wild bunny from the quick spreading wildfires; the rescue was caught on camera.

A man, dressed only in shorts and a hoodie, is seen running over to chase down a wild rabbit on the side of Highway 1, but the man isn’t quick enough, and the frightened bunny runs into the thick brush. The man can be seen clutching his head and jumping up and down, trying to figure out how to save the defenseless little bunny. The animal lover, however had no intentions of giving up, and he moves closer and is finally able to scoop up his floppy eared friend – cuddling the furry little one in his arms and carrying it to safety.

The entire rescue, as the unidentified man risked his own life to save the rabbit, was caught on video by a news reporter. He declined to be interviewed.

It was a Twitter user who said the video restored her  “faith in humanity.”

“We don’t know who this man is, but it doesn’t matter,” stated another Twitter user. “Whoever he is, he has been added to the ranks of heroes who have risen from tragedy with their small acts of compassion.”

So far the fire has destroyed more than 90,000 acres with more than 50,000 homes having been evacuated.  The fires have been burning since Monday night and continues to be fueled by prevailing winds.

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Check out the video: (You tube video and freezeshot from video for wild bunny rescue)

Hikers poke injured wild boar with sticks pushing it to its death off a cliff

A group of hikers came across an injured wild boar and taunted the animal with sticks before pushing it off a cliff on the side of a mountain in Spain this week. The disturbing incident had been videoed along a popular hiking path on “Cares Trail” located in the Picos de Europa mountain range.

According to the Daily Mail,  the seven men surrounded the injured animal and continued to poke it with sticks until they forced it off the cliff to its death. One of the hiker’s could be heard encouraging his friends to prod it more as the terrified animal inched closer to the ledge of the mountain. And as the animal fell to its cruel death, that same voice could be heard shouting “that’s it” as if congratulating each other for an evil deed well done.

The Civil Guard’s Nature Protection Services has asked the public for help identifying these men. In a recent tweet, they posted:

“Do you know the people who pushed a wild board off a mountain in the Picos de Europa National Park. Made sure it doesn’t go unpunished.”

It will be difficult to determine who the men are, but the public is so disturbed by the apparent cruelty, an all out attempt to bring these men to justice continues to gain interest. Animal welfare organizations have come out against the hikers, but stated the men would most likely only face a fine if arrested. Sadly, the Spanish Penal Code has no animal cruelty protections for wild animals.

Fernando Nava, a local Cabrales town hall official said:

‘The images are really cruel. What they did was barbaric. We will try to find those responsible so they pay for what they did, because this is a crime and savage and killer behavior.”

Reactions to the video on social media were strong with readers condemning the cruelty as the footage was shared by hundreds of thousands of people:

“I’m more certain every day that we have to disappear so the world can become a better place. Us human beings are a scourge.”

And one more comment by a reader named Marta reflected the thoughts of many:

“I would put these men on the edge and let them fall, but I would hit them on the head before they went over to make sure they didn’t get us again.”

Rest in peace poor animal. “Oh what fools these mortals be.”

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Video: Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

Bald eagle spotted eating a black cat on busy city sidewalk

In Norfolk, Virginia a bald eagle was spotted on Tuesday  eating a black cat on a busy sidewalk along Monticello Avenue. Joshua Phelps posted several photos and two videos on his Facebook page of the seemingly made for a scary movie Halloween scene.

“Pull over on the side of Granby Street couldn’t believe what I was seeing bald eagle eating a cat,” Joshua wrote.

According to Joshua’s timeline, the eagle was spotted at 2:33 in front of Advance Auto Parts. The eagle seemed unfazed by pedestrians in the area, although everyone kept their distance and were equally sure he was keeping a close eye on the pedestrian traffic. No one interrupted him while he picked the skin and bones apart of the dead cat for the next 45 minutes. According to the PilotOnline, the store manager Bobby Rafalski did say the first call to his store on Wednesday morning was a crying woman who had been looking for her missing black cat.

“There’s a lot of cats around here. I just tried to reassure her that it probably wasn’t hers,” he said.


The eagle was described as more than two feet long from head to tail and stood around a foot and a half tall. No one shared any information as to the cat’s death. Was he hit be a car and the eagle dragged his body off for lunch or had the eagle swooped down and killed it? Cat owners are urged to keep their pets indoors.

The photos and videos have been shared more than 17,000 times. Photos and videos of bald eagle via Facebook and Joshua Phelps.

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Alaska man wakes up to family of eight Lynx playing on his porch

In Anchorage, Alaska, photographer Tim Newton woke up to a noisy party on his front porch last week. And there they were; a family of eight Lynx playing on the deck – momma kitty with her seven little ones. On Newton’s Facebook, he posted many of the delightful photos and described his experience:

“Tim was awakened by noises on our deck last week – and looked outside. In astonishment, he grabbed his camera.. and can you believe it? Mama Lynx and her SEVEN kits!! She called to them and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing (he was inside the screen door!) Amazing ALASKA WILD LIFE!!! (They proceeded to run and play on our deck, and then in our yard!)”

It had been on September 19 when the family gathered on Tim’s neck. They had been running back and forth in playful kitty antics when Tim heard the strange noises. Pulling back the curtains, Tim originally thought the visitor he first spotted had been a domestic cat, but as the youngsters played, he noticed the long tufts on their ears and their huge paws.

What could be cuter than the litter of kits frolicking in the early morning hours – mom watching over her babies very carefully, but enjoying their carefree antics? In a few minutes the family disappeared towards the northern side of the home. It was then Tim heard the mother’s distinctive Lynx meow. Apparently she had been calling the kittens, and as  the tall grass moved, tiny camouflaged little ones ran towards their mom.

Clicking away with his camera, Tim could hardly believe his luck. One click did alert the mom, who momentarily checked the photographer out from behind the screen door, but no worries there, and the kittens turned the deck back into their playground. It had been an incredible 40 minutes of having a close encounter with one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creatures just enjoying being free.


” You can now view Tim’s photos and buy prints of your favorites at: – thank you for your interest and following me. I am so happy you all are enjoying them so much!”

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Majestic white giraffes spotted and captured on video

In Kenya, a pair of rare white giraffes were spotted and their majestic movements have been captured on video. The giraffes, a mom and her baby, have white skin because of a genetic condition known as lueucism which prevents pigmentation in the skin cells – causing the skin to turn pale and white.

According to the Wild Nature Institute, another rare and beautiful calf lives in Tarangire National Park and recent reports have confirmed she is doing well. The latest report states these two were seen walking around the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservatory, and the mother giraffe appears to recognize she is being filmed and looks directly into the camera.

The Hirola Conservancy, said this was the first time the white giraffes had been spotted by rangers and villagers alike.

“The mother kept pacing back and forth a few yards in front of us while signalling the baby giraffe to hide behind the bushes,” the blog read.

This is the first time the beautiful animals are believed to have ever been caught on video. 

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(Photos and video screenshots of white giraffes courtesy of Hirola Conservancy)


Mystery of Bengal tiger roaming near Atlanta shot and killed solved

Authorities have solved the mystery of a Bengal tiger found roaming in metro Atlanta on Wednesday. The animal had quietly slipped out of her enclosure while he was being transported – sadly police shot her dead after she attacked a dog.

According to Nola, area residents had made multiple 911 calls to police after spotting the wild animal. Captain Joey Smith of the Henry County police, wondered how the tiger wandered onto Interstate 75 in the metro area. Field Entertainment, which had been contracted to move the tiger, stated it had no idea how Suzy escaped as she was being transported from Tampa, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee.

Six-year-old Suzy had been in transport when the driver made a stop in Georgia overnight. The company didn’t realize the tiger was missing until the truck arrived in Tennessee and Suzy was not in her enclosure. Personnel notified the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The cat was to be flown to Germany to be part of another circus.

As Suzy jumped over a fence and attacked a dog, authorities shot her:

“When the tiger became aggressive toward pets in the area, it was deemed necessary for public safety to put it down, and it was done quickly and humanely,” Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mark McKinnon stated.

The dog attacked by Suzy is fine except for a few minor scratches. Tragically, the tiger had been raised from by her owner since a cub; the owner from Feld Entertainment was devastated. Surely someone could have considered tranquilizing her instead of killing this magnificent animal.

(Photo of Bengal tiger via Henry County Police Department)

Rest in peace Suzy.

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Man ‘filmed slitting a kangaroo’s throat’ sparks social media outrage

A video of a 43-year-old man in Melbourne, Australia slitting a kangaroo’s throat, while his friend looked on and laughed, went viral on Chinese social media. The man allegedly filmed, has been charged with killing protected wildlife and could face up to two years in Australian prison if found guilty.


According to the Daily Mail, the horrifying footage shows the man brandishing a large knife walking up to a kangaroo with an injured leg. As the man approaches, the kangaroo snarls at him and tries to get up on his feet to escape. In an “abhorrent” act, the man grabbed the animal by its tail, pressed his foot on its rear quarters and slashed the kangaroo in the neck 18 times as the wounded animal cried out in agony.

His friend could be heard laughing as he filmed the disturbing situation on his Iphone. In Mandarin, the man could be heard saying:

“Just face it, that’s your fate. Let me finish this as quickly as I can.”

The video, believed to have been filmed in the Australian brush, ends with the man sitting down to rest – his bloodstained knife showing the helpless kangaroo’s blood as its life painfully and slowly drained away. The government only allows the killing of kangaroos when they become deemed as pests, too near crops or a danger to humans, however there are special conditions and permits needed to euthanize any of the animals.

The kangaroo killed is believed to have been an Eastern Grey kangaroo; the species is protected under the Wildlife Act of 1975 and in the state of Victoria.

The video has been viewed more than four million times, and Chinese internet users strongly condemned the cruelty. Officers from the Australian state of Victoria’s Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) arrested the suspected culprit on Wednesday evening. He is reported to live in northeast China from the city of Shenyang. He faces one count of destroying protected wildlife.

The suspect is currently out on bail and will appear in court at a later date.

Many thanks to all the people of the public who came forward with the information about the alleged offense and helped authorities to act quickly.

(Photos of man slashing kangaroo’s throat via Facebook)

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Extremely graphic and disturbing video. (May not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

‘Appalling and immoral’ act of cruelty after kangaroo shot and posed on side of road in chair

Authorities have called the disturbing discovery of a kangaroo shot dead on the side of a road and posed in a chair in Melbourne an “appalling and immoral” act of animal cruelty. The marsupial was discovered by a woman who spotted the animal on her way to work while driving on Plenty Road, Mernda in May.

According to the EsperanceExpressAustralia, the kangaroo had been posed tied to the chair, dressed in a leopard print outfit and holding a bottle of ouzo. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning released the photo on Tuesday morning, calling on the public for help finding the person(s) responsible for such an egregious deed.

“This is appalling and immoral behavior,” stated DELWP Senior Investigator Mike Sverns. “The kangaroo had been shot at least three times prior to it being arranged in the chair. It would have taken some times to stage the kangaroo in that position on the side of the road. We are certain that someone would have seen something, given the public area and traffic flow of this main road.”

Investigators stated the animal had been shot three times in the chest with a small caliber gun. It is believed the kangaroo had been killed somewhere else and then brought to this scene – no one knows why. Duct tape was found at the location; all evidence will be thoroughly tested via forensic examination.  Unfortunately the killing of wildlife has increased.


Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on (1800) 333 000.

(Photo of kangaroo shot and posed via DEPWP)

Penalties for killing wildlife can call for up to two years in prison and fines from $7,500 to $36,500.

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Oregon man could have faced charges and fine for saving dying bear cub

The U.S. Senate recently voted to make it legal for hunters to kill bear cubs inside of a den, but an Oregon hiker who rescued an abandoned and dying bear cub could have faced charges, jail time and a hefty fine for his act of compassion, which likely saved an ailing bear cub’s life. According to ABC News, Oregon officials have decided to simply give Corey Hancock, the Salem man who saved the three-month-old bear cub on Monday evening, a warning.

Sgt. James Halsey explained why Hancock has been given a pass this time around, “Oregon State Police contacted the male subject who picked up the bear cub. Due to the totality of circumstances, to include that the adult male subject thought he was helping the bear cub without knowledge that the mother bear may have been nearby, a criminal citation was not issued to the male subject.”

Hancock found the bear cub while he was hiking the Santiam River Trail. When Hancock first found the cub, he explained that the bear was “barely breathing” and motionless. After moving away from the sickly cub, and watching for the mother bear to arrive, Hancock decided to remove the baby because he was not moving, and “twitching.” He stated, “He did kind of twitch a couple times so I knew he was dying or going through the motions of death when I found him.”

Hancock bundled the cub into a cozy shirt and rushed him to a wildlife rehabilitation center for care. On March 28, the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center updated Facebook followers about the bear cub:

Update! Yesterday evening we received a malnourished, lethargic black bear cub. The cub, nicknamed “Elkhorn,” received several rounds of sub cutaneous fluids. His hydration and body temperature finally normalized around 2a.m. Nearly 12 hours later, he is showing significant signs of improvement!

Elkhorn was transferred to a wildlife veterinarian with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife where he will have a full health exam, and pending the results, will be placed in the care of an out-of-state center to continue his rehabilitation.

The organization commented on this particular situation, and Hancock’s decision to lend aid:

It’s recommended to call ODFW or us here at Turtle Ridge if you encounter wildlife you think may need help. This was an uncommon situation and we appreciate Corey for trusting us with the distressed cub’s care. We are also grateful to our amazing community of supporters whose generosity ensures Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center is here to help in emergency situations such as this.

(Images via Facebook and Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center FB page)

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