Man stops his car to shoot a deer crossing the road on Cape Breton highway

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The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables have launched an investigation after a video went viral that had been posted last week by the Facebook group, Meanwhile in Cape Breton.

The video appears to show a man standing by the door of his vehicle parked alongside the road shooting at a deer. The Nova Scotia RCMP is assisting in the disturbing investigation, but it has not been revealed when or exactly where the video was taken, although it is believed to have been at the intersection of Cabot Trail and Highway 105 in Nyanza. The video was recorded by a motorist pulling up behind this “hunter” and being shocked at such a disturbing stunt.

The video captures the deer peacefully crossing the road and the man pulling over in his vehicle, aiming his rifle and shooting at the deer. The panicked animal ran off into the woods. It is not known if this man went after the deer or how seriously the wild animal had been wounded.

Hunters are NOT allowed to shoot deer near homes, school or businesses. They must also be a certain distance from any public road. One can only imagine if another vehicle was coming the other way as this person was shooting. Of course, there are exceptions as in self-defense, but it can clearly be seen the deer was not threatening to anyone.

This hunter just did it for fun?

Let’s hope the hunter has been identified, charged with illegal hunting and endangering lives. Let’s hope this person loses all rights to ever own or carry a gun.

Check out the video:

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