Man used warm coffee to rescue 3 kittens frozen to ground

In Alberta, Canada, an oil worker used warm coffee to free three abandoned kittens stuck to the frozen ground on Wednesday.

Kendall Disisch had been out inspecting oil wells when he heard the kittens meowing. … Read More

Bobcat kitten found with blow dart lodged in her eye

In Frisco, Texas a bobcat kitten was found with a blow dart lodged in her eye. And now one surgical procedure later, it is hoped the adorable kitten will be able to be released back … Read More

Grandmother dangles 7-year-old child from balcony to rescue cat

In the Sichuan city of Nanchong in China, a grandmother tied a rope around her seven-year-old grandchild and dangled him from her balcony on the fifth floor to the ledge below where her cat was … Read More

Family cat survives Australia bush fire and returns home after a week

As the Australian fires spread to the NSW Bega Valley, a beloved family cat belonging to Ben Symonds ran away into the scorching bush fire area. The fire damaged the family home, but fortunately they … Read More

Baby Yoda kitty missing ‘released without consent’

At the Humane Society of Rowan County North Carolina, an injured kitty bearing a striking resemblance to Baby Yoda from Star Wars, is missing and “released without our knowledge or consent to a person claiming … Read More

Cat found frozen and stuck in shipping container recovering at ARL

In Dedham, Massachusetts, a stray cat was discovered frozen and stuck in a shipping container outside of TGI Friday’s along Providence Highway on Wednesday.

According to the press release from the Animal Rescue League of Read More

Outrageous:Teens stuff kitten in microwave and post photos online

Cruel teenagers in Dunkirk, France stuffed a kitten in the microwave, turned it on and posted the horrible footage online on social media SnapChat. In the published video, the teens can be seen closing the … Read More

19-year-old cat abandoned by owner needs a new home for the holidays

In Boston, Massachusetts, the Animal Rescue League is looking to find a new home for the holidays. Meet senior city kitty Tangee – a friendly feline who was abandoned by her owner.

A man recently … Read More

What a ‘paw trait’: Woman gets her 17 dogs and cats to pose together

A 30-year-old woman managed to get her 17 dogs and cats to pose for one incredible “paw trait.” It took her two weeks to get the perfect shot, but when one works with animals, one … Read More

Kitten recovering after child placed it in oven

At the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Michigan, a kitten is recovering after a juvenile is alleged to have placed the 10-month-old feline in a hot oven earlier in the month. The mother of the … Read More