Deputy rescues crying kitten and falls in love at first ‘meow’

Deputy Sheriff C. Bowling from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida had stopped at a local store to buy a beverage when he heard a faint crying in the dark. Grabbing his flashlight, the … Read More

Despicable woman tapes kitten to makeshift wall

A despicable woman, believed to be from Memphis, posted a short video of her kitten taped to a makeshift plastic wall on Tuesday, intended to be a divider for a hallway. As the kitten, desperate … Read More

Animal abuser who used blowtorch on girlfriend’s cat jailed

A Calgary man, who sadistically abused a kitten and then used a blowtorch on his girlfriend’s cat, has been sentenced to two years in prison and will never again be allowed to own any pets.… Read More

‘Cat-fox’ found on island of Corsica may be new species

Wildlife experts on the French island of Corsica believe they have discovered a new species labeled as a “cat-fox.” Translated from the Corsican language as “chat-renard” [French] and “Ghjattu volpe” in Corsican, the 16 striped, … Read More

Beloved ‘Larry the Cat’ delayed Trump’s limo at 10 Downing Street

Larry the Cat has an official title at 10 Downing Street, and obviously the “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office” decided to delay President Trump’s entourage while leaving Theresa May’s official residence om Tuesday afternoon.… Read More

Kitten encased in spray foam and left in garbage can rescued

In a disturbing case of animal abuse and neglect, an eight-week-old kitten encased in spray foam and left in a garbage can, was rescued in Hillsboro, Oregon. A garbage collector heard the weak sounds of … Read More

Kitten abandoned in parking lot of shelter hit by car

In Manatee County, Florida, a six-week-old kitten was abandoned in  the parking lot of Manatee County Animal Services was hit by a car and remains in critical condition.

According to the Manatee County Animal ServicesRead More

Injured and traumatized kitten ‘didn’t jump out of boyfriend’s arms’

Injured and traumatized, an abused kitten remains in the care of an emergency veterinarian. The kitten, named Freya suffered three broken legs; each with multiple fractures. A new foster home, where Freya had been staying, … Read More

Heartless person abandoned soaking wet cat under bench in freezing cold

In Boston, a heartless person abandoned a cat in the  freezing weather in Sullivan Square on Monday . The soaking wet cat was discovered huddled inside of a carrier that had been “shoved” under a … Read More

Bill proposed in New Jersey to provide attorneys for cats and dogs in court

A new bill has been proposed by New Jersey State Assemblywoman Annette Quijano that would provide attorney representation for dogs and cats in court. Law students and attorneys could volunteer to represent the pets pro … Read More