Rescued cat weighs in at portly 24-pounds

At the Cats Protection’s Bredhurst Adoption Center in Kent, a six-year-old cat named Dixie weighed in at a portly 24-pounds this week. The animal charity organization is featuring Dixie to warn owners of overfeeding their … Read More

Man sealed kitten in a jar and watched it gasp for air in Instagram prank

In the town of Sokal, located in the western Ukraine, a 20-year-old man has been arrested after he sealed a kitten in a jar to film a “funny” video on his Instagram account. Yuri Soroka, … Read More

Kitten stuck in pipe for days and her tiny meows grew louder and louder

A tiny kitten was stuck in a pipe since Friday. Witnesses from the St. Louis area were heartbroken as her tiny meows grew louder and louder. She was desperate; her rescuers were on their way … Read More

Heartbreaking update on one of the kittens left to burn in cardboard box

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa,  rescued a box of nine tiny kittens believed to be from four to six weeks of age were late last week while authorities had … Read More

Topeka police investigate video of cat thrown and hitting car windshield

In Topeka, Kansas, police were asked to investigate a disturbing video of a juvenile throwing a cat into the air and laughing as the defenseless animal landed on the windshield of a car with a … Read More

Hopeful faces wishing you will fall in love and adopt them from shelter

At Roswell Animal Services in New Mexico, there is an open house on Sunday – and could it be your forever friend is just waiting with hope in his eyes? The shelter is open and … Read More

Rescuers didn’t know what animal it was under pounds of matted hair

At the Arizona Humane Society, a neglected animal was rescued, but when staff first responded to the call on Friday, they could barely tell what type of animal was under the pounds of matted … Read More

Reward offered for person who burned kittens in a box

In Des Moines, Iowa, a $1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person involved in the case of abandoning nine tiny kittens in a box and then … Read More

Woman stabbed cat and tried to drown it in bathtub in ‘self defense’

In Des Moines, Iowa, a woman tried to kill her cat because the cat was “aggressive” and in self defense stabbed the pet with a kitchen knife and then tried to drown her in a … Read More

Kids accused of throwing cat off third floor balcony to be charged

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, a small group of kids have been accused of throwing a cat off the third floor balcony at an apartment building.

According to the Cheyenne Animal Control, officers were called to the … Read More