Cat broke all of his teeth trying to free his paw from hunter’s snare trap

A frightened black and white male cat broke all of his teeth trying desperately to free his paw from a snare trap after it unmercifully snapped down leaving the feline in excruciating pain. On Monday, the Doghouse Sanctuary in Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland received a call to rescue the cat dubbed Twinkles; he was rushed  for emergency veterinary treatment at Iveagh Veterinary Clinic.

It is not known if Twinkle will need to have his leg amputated. According to the Sun, the animal welfare organization is insisting that all traps be banned, even though ones like this are still legal.

“These kinds of traps, in all forms, are cruel, inhumane and ineffective,” the group stated. “They are often set illegally anyway, under the current regulations, and to expect the lowlifes who set them to abide by the new rules is pathetic. Eighty per cent of the animals caught in them are not the target animal and that is true in this case. It is as effective as putting the animal you want to hurting a crowd of other animals, closing your eyes and shooting.”

According to law, the traps are intended to capture wild animals that have become pests, however they are meant to be checked every 24 hours, and the captive animals released from the torturous pain and humanely destroyed.

Although Twinkle is not out of danger yet and veterinarians continue to take a “wait and see” how his paw heals as to whether it will have to be amputated, an update on the shelter’s Facebook page late Tuesday afternoon seemed more optimistic:

“Twinkle had a comfortable night with pain relief ,he is going to be sedated to have his bandages changed and wound cleaned .he is showing some interest in food but still on drip early days to see if all is ok with his leg x.”

Get well soon Twinkle.

Please help  pay for his Twinkle’s treatment by donating below:…/thedoghouse-sanctuary-twinkles

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Photos of cat broke all of his teeth trying to free his paw via Facebook.

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Authorities search for disgusting jerk who posted video of him peeing on stray kitten

If you think you have heard every disgusting, sicko act of outrageous stupidity and animal cruelty, this just beats them all!  A jerk from Seoul, Korea is currently under investigation by the Yeongdeungpo Police Station for urinating on a stray kitten and then beating the defenseless little one with a stick.

According to an online post, some gross male actually uploaded a video of himself abusing the stray kitten by urinating on it. After the despicable act of pure cruelty, the man stomps on the weak kitten with his feet. The shocking video was reported to the animal rights organization CARE, who quickly offered a reward of $2,616 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person abusing the kitten as seen in the video. Within an hour, the identity of a suspect had been spread throughout the Internet world of social media.

Executive director of CARE, Im Young Ki tried to explain the heartbreaking situation:

“Stray cats are abused often because they don’t have owners. It’s devastating. In order to prevent such animal cruelty, proper education, as well as more strict laws are required.”

A 28-year-old man with the surname of Lee is currently under investigation, however he has not been arrested.

Allkpop, a popular news site, has had many concerned readers asking about the kitten. Netizen Marie Music posted the kitten’s update:

“…The cat is a lot better now, but he had a surgery for a long time and his life was critical but he made it… he lost his one eye and his jaw was totally crushed. Also he had many other major injuries but he made it at least. Now he is  very much better. The police couldn’t find this monster. That man who the police investigated wasn’t the one … he is still outside free. Now that cat is looking for his new home … his previous family abandoned him cause of moving. What the hell? A rescuer payed a lot for the cat’s surgery and care, but she cannot keep him. ” (translated)

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Unlikely friendship: Blind dog and seeing eye cat need loving home

In Fulton County, Georgia an unlikely friendship reminds us all how our differences don’t necessarily matter in the much larger scheme of life when picking our friends, mentors and companions. And so true for Kim the cat and her friend Edward the Yorkshire terrier. When Kim moves too far away from Edward, the adorable pup will bark – as if reminding his friend – “Hey where are you going without me?”

And although Kim is partially blind, while Edward is completely blind, Kim doesn’t go anywhere without her favorite pooch. The two had been rescued from a high kill shelter after having been found abandoned and alone after Hurricane Irma.

Both Kim and Edward are currently guests of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, and besides being “besties” – they are each others’ lifeline explained Krysta Cannon for the rescue.

“I think by now, many of our followers have at least caught a glimpse of Edward and Kim – the blind senior Yorkie and his equally aged seeing eye cat. On the surface the story is so cute, their friendship heartwarming, but there is a dark side, too. From the looks of them, their lives haven’t been pretty. They ended up in a rural GA shelter. One that is extremely overcrowded and was without power for several days due to the storms. That is A LOT for any animal to go through.”

Kim has been fighting off both an eye and upper respiratory infection. Poor Edward has it even worse. The seniors are very old (14) and it takes extra coaxing to help Edward eat – which sadly has not being going well. He needs ongoing medical and care to help him feel better. These two deserved better than what they had, but now their lives are slowly being turned around.

Kim and Edward are in their twilight years; it is not known how long they have, but for now they love cuddling up to each other and feeling the love both have to offer between them. They both love to be touched and deserve any future days they have to be filled with love and happiness.

For more information how to volunteer, donate or provide a home for these two, please click here.

(Photos of blind dog and seeing eye cat via screenshot by WgclNews and Facebook Angels Among Us Rescue)

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Virginia Beach resident charters plane to rescue cats and dogs ahead of Hurricane Maria

Sali Gear, co-founder of the Island Dog Rescue in Virginia Beach, which specializes in saving dogs from the U.S. Virgin Islands, chartered a plane to save 300 animals on Tuesday – just ahead of Hurricane Maria – a Category 5 hurricane heading for the Caribbean islands again.

Over the weekend, Sali and her supporters chartered the plane stating she had to do it because “it had to be done.” According to the Pilotonline, Sali grew up in the islands and had been back to the Virgin Islands since Hurricane Irma had devastated the area just two weeks ago. Many of the animals had been left homeless and had been scrounging the deserted areas looking for food.

At 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the animals arrived in Norfolk, Virginia:

“Dawn Balcazar After much much planning stateside and much planning and work in St Thomas and St Croix, about 300 dogs and cats were shipped on a 727 out of the USVI to Norfolk VA. The plane landed today at around 2 am! A great feeling and so glad to have helped out with this. Island Dog Rescue is continuing to raise funds for this flight.”

On the organization’s fundraising page, the following updates have been posted:

“Over 300 animals were evacuated  from the Virgin Islands on Monday Sept 18 th. The animals are currently in Virginia on Sali Gear’s ranch. She needs supplies, donations and help walking dogs. Please send Island Dog Rescue a message on Facebook if you would like to donate your time or any supplies.

We need to all come together to support Sali’s epic evacuation in a time of dire urgency. She came thru for so many people and animals so let’s please help her and her organization recuperate the $122,000 mission.”

Once brought to Sali’s farm, the rescued dogs and pets somehow knew they had been saved and eagerly wagged their tails and licked the hands of volunteers. Local rescue groups had been picking up animals and taking them to new homes in places like Pittsburgh, North Carolina and Boston. More local residents have volunteered to help walk and care for the dogs.

“Thank you so much for all the donations! It has been overwhelming to see the generosity of our community. Please be patient and understanding with slower correspondence from us. Our volunteers are exhausted. Thank you for all you are doing to help! At this time, we have plenty of supplies and food, etc! Please consider a monetary donation if you are so inclined to help. We still have significant fundraising to meet the expenses of this effort.”

Our thoughts and prayers to everyone struggling to survive this devastating hurricane. Many thanks to the heroes who go beyond all of our expectations to help those who cannot speak nor can cry out for help. Read more about the Island Dog Rescue and how you can help here.

(Photos of pets rescued before Hurricane Maria hit via Facebook)

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Mother grieves for son electrocuted as he tried to rescue family cat in floodwaters

A mother is heartbroken after her son was electrocuted in  the Texas floodwaters trying to save his sister’s cat. Andrew Pasek, 25, had been with his friend on Tuesday afternoon in Bear Creek Village on their way to feed his sister’s cat. As the men waded through the knee-deep water, they came close to a light pole – they were not aware it was electrified.

According to Inside Edition, as Pasek felt the electrical current surge through his body, he told his friend not to touch him:

“He told Sean, ‘Don’t touch me, go away! I’m dying,'” stated his devastated mother, Jodell Pasek. “Sean ran across the street as much as he could to get out of that water.”

No one could rescue Andrew for more than an hour until the power had been switched off in the neighborhood.

“They could not save him or try and resuscitate him because of the electricity in the water,” Jodell explained.

Tragically Andrew wasn’t the only life lost due to live electric waters carrying their deadly powers. Five men and two journalists died during a rescue mission when their boat lost power. As they drifted towards downed wires sparking in the water, they jumped out thinking they could save themselves. Two of the men were electrocuted and two other men are still listed as missing. The survivor held on to a tree for hours until he was lucky enough to have been rescued.

Jodell hopes to warn others about the dangers – hoping to save other lives. Warning signs that there is a live current in the water include a buzzing noise or feeling a slight tingling while in the water. Experts warn everyone to get out of the water!

Rest in peace Andrew.

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Photo via Facebook

Elderly man wades through deep water to save stranded dog!

Moments before abandoned house is set to be demolished, cries from puppies are heard inside!

Snapchat video shows kids using Taser on kitten

In Nassau County, Florida, a video posted to Snapchat showing kids using a Taser on a kitten and sent in to the media is now being investigated as an animal cruelty case. On Thursday, the video was sent to Nassau County Animal Services and has authorities searching for the two children involved in the inhumane act.

According to WftvNews, the video shows the two children using the Taser on the kitten and laughing as the cat is zapped. Officials believe the video was recorded in the Timber Creek Plantation neighborhood in Yulee. Concerned citizens have been coming forward and allegedly have identified the kids shown in the video.

County Commissioner Justin Taylor, along with other community members are shocked to see any innocent pet being treated so cruelly.

“To see an animal who is harmless and has not done anything to be treated that way , it’s cruel,” stated Mr. Taylor.

“Who was standing  there videoing this? That’s the other question,” asked local resident Michele Higham.  “Who would allow children to do this and think it’s funny? The damage is done, not only physically, but mentally to that cat.”

Why do these children have a Taser? Where are their parents?

(Photo and video via CbsNews from Snapchat)

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Video: Warning … may not be suitable for all audiences

Tattoo artist under fire after inking pattern onto leg of tiny kitten

A tattoo artist is currently under fire from animal advocates throughout the world after inking a pattern onto the leg of a tiny kitten and posting the video to social media. The man has since apologized, and the four-month-old kitten has been sent to an animal rescue organization.

According to People’s Daily Online, the man who goes by the nickname of “Qiangzi,” has owned and operated a tattoo shop in Jining, China’s Shandong Province for the last seven years.  The video had photos of the tattoo including the Chinese character “endurance” tattooed to its right foreleg. Qiangzi stated he gave the kitten anesthesia after he shaved off the fur on her leg, and that he had used a semi-permanent ink on an eyebrow brush that was plant based and would not harm the kitten.

In the report from the Daily Mail, Qiangzi stated the tattoss will fade out as the kitten’s skin changes over time. He also alleged to using precise doses of anesthesia as per a veterinarian’s standard and was very careful as an overdose could have killed the animal.

After posting the video on Weibo (equivalent to Facebook in the US), the comments criticized the artist repeatedly asking if the kitten gave him permission to pen her with a tattoo? Qiangzi has since deleted his account and apologized, however screenshots of the tattoos on the kitten have continued to circulate throughout social media – few trying to protect the artist’s feelings and decisions.

The kitten is now in the care of the Zhangying Stray Animal Rescue and is receiving care until she is adopted. Her wounds are fading as her fur grows back. She is a lucky little kitten with everyone  knowing her life will be better from now on.

(Photos of tattoo artist inking kitten via Zhangying Stray Animal Rescue via Daily Mail)


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Staten Island man tortures neighbor’s cat and posted gruesome video on social media

A Staten Island man videoed himself torturing his neighbor’s cat in his Arthur Avenue apartment, and then posted the gruesome video on Facebook. Tyrike Richardson, 21, is shown on the June 29 recording dropping a chair on a cat and waving a knife in front of the cat’s face while the defenseless animal swipes at the weapon in order to save its own life. Richardson is then seen jamming a long stick into the motionless cat’s belly and face.

According to SI Live, Richardson was arrested on Thursday and charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal and torturing and not feeding an animal. The cat, a two-year-old male named Chester who belongs to Richardson’s neighbor suffered multiple injuries including blunt force trauma, rib fractures, live and kidney injuries and injuries to his lungs.

Chester is currently in the care of the ASPCA.

Richardson’s criminal record dates back to when he was 14-years-old.

(Photos of Staten Island man arrested for torturing cat screenshots via SILive)

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WARNING: Extremely graphic video of an innocent cat being abused:




Miami hotel clerk arrested for killing popular stray cat

Miami Beach detectives believe they have found the person responsible for fatally shooting a dart into the head of a popular stray cat adored by hotel employees as well as the former owner of the hotel. Arrested on Tuesday, was Georgios Lollias, 36, a night clerk at the Franklin Hotel, who allegedly killed the cat on April 26 because the current management believed stray cats were a nuisance.

The cat is one of four that lived behind the Franklin Hotel on Collins Avenue and had been taken care of  by the hotel’s former owner who  offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of  the responsible person(s).

After the cat was  found, he was rushed to Dr. Rachael Johnson, a veterinarian at VCA Alton Road Animal Hospital. Strushi suffered terribly as the arrow penetrated behind one of his eyes and came out his mouth. Rescue staff said the cat was non-responsive upon arrival. Sadly, Strushi had to be humanely euthanized.

Georgios was arrested after U.S. Secret Service helped the Miami Beach police review surveillance footage at the time of the incident. It is believed Georgios is in the United States illegally. A Facebook post by Mike Grieco for Miami Beach mayor issued the following statement:

“… Through a search warrant, detectives had previously obtained video evidence from the hotel’s security cameras. They suspected that images of the crime may have been deliberately deleted. They enlisted the assistance of computer forensic recovery specialists in the U.S. Secret Service’s Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force, and with their assistance, the perpetrator was identified.

Mr. Lollias is charged with Animal Cruelty, a 3rd Degree Felony, and Tampering with Physical Evidence, a 3rd Degree Felony. The investigation into this matter continues, and other arrests may be possible in the future… Needless to say, this arrest is a significant success for our criminal investigators. More needs to be done on the case, but we can all be proud of their effort and success to date.”

Rest in peace Strushie. We hope you find some justice.

Photos of cat impaled by arrow courtesy of Miami Beach Police

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Holiday surrender day for unwanted pets at North Carolina shelter

Most likely one of the saddest days for any pet is losing his home and the familu he has loved from the moment that special bond was formed. Wednesday was no different at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control near Monroe, North Carolina as animal advocate and shelter volunteer Teresa Tucker shares the heartbreaking influx of owner surrenders just days before one of the most celebrated summer holidays. As told to Teresa by a fellow rescuer, their story begins as shared on social media:

“THIS IS WHY ANIMAL RESCUERS HATE HOLIDAYS!  Today is a surrender day before a holiday. The line at the shelter has been steady all morning. The giant schnauzer you see  (pictured) is being surrendered for anal sac issues. I started talking to the lady after introducing myself and after the front desk explained how full they are:

Me: What’s going on, why are you surrendering?
Her: He has an anal sac issue
Me: Have you seen a vet?
Her: Once
Me: Have you tried putting him on an appropriate diet? High fiber?
Her: I tried switching him to Rachel Ray.
Me: That’s not going to fix it. Would you consider trying another diet?
Her: No. I had to buy a new couch when he shot out the nastiness during a seizure.
Me: Oh, he has seizures. How often?
Her: I don’t know because I’m not always home.
Me: Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?
Her: Quarterly. Are you going to take him or not?
Me: I don’t think I can find a foster very quickly with it being a holiday weekend.
Her: Well how much just to put him to sleep?
Me: Ma’am, that’s not necessary. These are fixable issues. Has he seen a vet?
Her: My sister works for the American Cancer Society
Me: I’m sure he’ll be okay here at the shelter
Her: Why? Can’t they just put him to sleep?
Me: Ma’am, I’m done here. ”

And the stories continued. Next came a woman who brought in two cats she told the shelter staff she “found” at the gym. Reluctant to show any identification and acting as if she had an important appointment she was missing, it only took a moment to spot both “stray” cats wore collars, and the woman happened to have a carrying crate at the gym. After doing some social media digging, a volunteer knew the cats were not strays.

Yet the morning continued with little compassion from other heartless owners. An owner surrendered his senior dog because his pet was “old and ill.” Although the shelter told the owner, the dog would most likely be euthanized, the man showed not a drop of emotion. And as the rescuer was preparing to leave after only an hour (two more hours left to surrender pets), a man holding a pit bull had grown tired of waiting in line, and as he walked out of the door of the shelter, he  stated he was just going to “let the dog go.” It was suggested the man return to the information desk and tell the staff what he planned to do, and maybe they would be able to assist him quicker.

Tragically, the majority of the pets surrendered were pit bull types, cats and senior dogs. Pet owners are urged to be responsible; spay and neuter. Commit to a life long relationship with your canine or feline friend, and don’t desert them in their most vulnerable time of their lives. Perhaps skip the lattes, skip a restaurant dinner or even one pair of shoes or a designer purse, and when it’s time to say goodbye, be there with your companion and reassure him that he is loved.

Finally, a personal message from this rescuer to all of the pet owners who treat their loyal four-legged companions as an inconvenience during the summer holidays. If not for the selfless volunteers who visit the shelters whenever they are able, the statistics of the Humane Society of the United States  citing about 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year would likely be much higher.  Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.

“I was only there for an hour today and there are still 2 more surrender hours to go,” the rescuer lamented. “Knowing we can’t help because we are also inundated with returns (aka surrenders) and those dogs are taking spots that could have allowed us to pull more, just plain sucks. Next time you pick up a foster or need to utilize animal control, please go out of your way to thank these folks, bring them cookies or snacks, etc. Most importantly, continue to educate your friends and family that animal control is not the enemy. They only exist because these people do, and we live in a disposable society where people get rid of pets because they have vacations coming up.”

Don’t shop for your next best friend, adopt from a shelter. Spay and neuter. Report suspicions of animal cruelty, and be kind; be the gentle hand that tells a frightened shelter dog it will be alright as they go gently into the night with a glimmer of hope and a wagging tail.  The rescue person at the shelter was there to try and save dogs and to offer possible solutions and alternatives.

The schnauzer has since been rescued and will be receiving appropriate medical help.

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(Photo via Teresa Tucker on Facebook)

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