Three newborn kittens lost their mama after she was run over by a car

In the Rio Grand Valley of Texas, three newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached, became orphans on Tuesday after their mother was run over and killed by a car.

As resources in South … Read More

Ozark veterinarian charged with animal cruelty

In Ozark, Alabama, a veterinarian was charged with two counts of animal cruelty on Thursday. Dr. Richard Timothy Logan, 65, is alleged to have abused a cat he was treating.

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Firefighters rescue ‘Pecan’ from evacuated burning home when they heard him meow for help

On Tuesday evening, a fire broke out in a home on Gold Avenue in Baltimore City. Everyone evacuated the burning building, but Pecan, the cat was stuck inside. As firemen entered the burning home, they … Read More

Five conjoined kittens born at Arizona rescue as veterinarians work to separate them

In Maricopa, Arizona, five kittens were born at Little Whiskers Animal Rescue on April 1, 2021, and it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. The stray mother cat was more than 29 cats and kittens … Read More

Unusual looking kitty called ‘ugly’ and couldn’t get a break until a woman fell in love with her photo

Francisca Franken had been browsing the website of a shelter when she came across the photo of an unusual looking cat who had been repeatedly ignored by everyone. “Bean” had been on the website for … Read More

Stray cat in Turkey carried her kittens into vet office for help

A mother cat in Turkey recently carried her kittens into a veterinary clinic to seek help. The staff at the clinic said they had been familiar with the stray cat, as they often fed her … Read More

Missing for a month, 19-pound cat found trapped in neighbor’s chimney

A 19-pound portly kitty had been missing for a month from her home in Union Gap, Washington, and despite lots of flyers and knocking on the doors of all her neighbors, Caitlyn Wertenberger couldn’t find … Read More

Shocking story of cat in Azerbaijan glued to rat board and left on busy highway makes it to United States

A cat in Azerbaijan ( former Soviet Republic) arrived in Chicago on Friday and was finally able to meet her new human. Melisa Tanksley picked up Katherine from the airport cargo area. The adorable kitty … Read More

Cheshire cat missing for 20 years spent her final two days of her life with her long-lost human

A Cheshire cat who had been missing for the last 20 years spent her final two days of her life reunited with her long lost owner. Phoebe was found just seven miles from her home … Read More

Thai navy sailor rescued 4 cats from abandoned sinking ship in ‘purrfect’ style

A Thai navy sailor has been credited with rescuing four cats from an abandoned sinking ship that had caught fire off an island in a dramatic mission. The video has gone viral; a heartwarming example … Read More