Teen finds 14-week-old kitten with her feet bound: Three of her paws fell off

In Spring, Texas a young teenage boy made a disturbing discovery near the mailboxes in an apartment complex at FM 2920 and T.C. Jester of a kitten after three of her paws fell off. In an interview with AbcNews, the youngster named Brady and his friend were shocked when they spotted the defenseless kitten huddled near a wall on Friday.

“We walked into a room that had mailboxes and we saw the cat laying down by a wall. We picked it up; called my mom. We sent her a picture and then she said she’d be there in two minutes,” stated 14-year-old Brady.

And when the teen’s mother arrived, Leith Gottula said she was just heartbroken and didn’t think the kitten even stood a chance at surviving, and rushed the kitten to Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Max Heimlich was shocked at the abuse and called it the worst case of animal cruelty he had ever seen in his 40 years as a veterinarian as he described what probably happened. Someone had wrapped elastic hair ties repeatedly around the kitten’s paws.

“These are the bones that are sticking out. It would probably take anywhere from three to four maybe five weeks for this to occur to strangulate it and actually have the feet fall off,” Dr. Heimlich explained on the hospital’s Facebook page. “The kitten was able to get one of the ties off the left front leg. The other 3 feet fell off. We will have to amputate the back legs from the knee down and the front from the elbow down. We pray that this kitten will be able to compensate and have an incredible life with us.
The doctors are concerned that someone who could do this to a kitten could also do this or worse to a child. This is in the vicinity around the hospital and the Spring area.”

After the kitten’s feet heal, her legs must be amputated.

Dr. Heimlich will be taking the kitten home, and his staff will be caring for the kitten, now named Pogo. Check out her video, and see for yourself how sweet and gentle this little kitten seems to be. How anyone can be so cruel is beyond anyone’s comprehension, Get well soon Pogo; we hope you can live a full life despite the cruelty you have had to endure in the first months of your life.

Photos of kitten after three paws fell off via the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the HCSO at 713-755-6044.

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500 cats destined to be eaten at Chinese restaurants rescued

In Beijing, China, 500 cats jammed mercilessly into tiny cages and intended to be part of the menu at Chinese restaurants were rescued this week. The man, identified only as Sun, was arrested on Sunday morning in the eastern Jiangsu province capturing stray cats and pets to sell to restaurants for 30 yuan ($4.40 each) reports the Strait Times.

Sun had been using sparrows and caged birds as bait to lure the cats. It was a journalist who supplied police with the information about a truck full of cats being sold. Many of the animals found were near death and faintly mewing in the heat. More cats and kittens were discovered in a makeshift hut near the highway. In the hut, different colored cats had been crowded into metal cages with a fan turned on to keep them from dying in the heat.

When a villager named Yang complained to police someone had been stealing his pets including his cat who had been nursing her five kittens, the authorities had launched an investigation and were led to where the cats were being held. It is not known if Yang ever found his cat and the kittens. Police stated if no one came forward to claim their pets, all of the cats would be treated and freed.

China statistics for killing dogs and cats for food are still extremely high; thousands and thousands are bludgeoned to death for the annual dog meat and lychee festival in Yulin. Claims that the cruel  practice has been stopped is still debatable. Every year more than ten million dogs and four-million cats are killed for their meat. Taiwan recently became the first Asian country to outlaw eating dogs and cats. Read more of that story here.

(Photo of 500 cats rescued via screenshot from Strait Times)

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Animal advocates allege animal abuse in ‘cat vs scorpion’ video

Animal advocates have taken exception to a YouTube video showing cats being attacked by a large scorpion; calling the potential deadly encounter animal abuse. A police complaint was filed in Bankok on Friday against Nate Bartling, who goes under the title of “My Mate Nate.” Bartling is a former Mormon missionary who rose in fame in Thailand for his tasteless “prank videos.” His online presence had been scarce after a video showing the cruel torture of a fish which made him one of the most disliked characters on social media. And then he’s back!

According to SinarOnline,  Nutch Prasopsin, the administrator of “Toon Hua Khong Bao,” a popular website (Kingdom of Tigers) with animal lovers, (especially cats) filed the complaint alleging animal abuse for exposing the cats to a venomous scorpion. Police official, Lt-Colonel Kampol Ratanaprateep agrees the video was an act of animal cruelty, even though Bartling has argued the scorpion was not poisonous; a medical specialist stated the venom could kill a cat.

On her website and Facebook page, Nutch called on animal lovers to show their force against acts of cruelty against animals. The controversial YouTube video “Cat vs scorpion: Who will win?”, was posted three days ago and has garnered over a million views. Most of the comments condemned his actions with Nutch posting an open letter to him stating:

“As a person who loves cats, I cannot tolerate or accept uncouth acts involving animals in these clips. I want you to take full responsibility as the owner of guardian of the cat(s) that you have used or may use in your clips.”

Bartling has lived in Thailand for three years, claiming he “never went to university. I only finished high school. It’s hard to believe his fame of “prank videos” that make fun and humiliate other people are so famous. If found guilty of animal cruelty, Bartling faces a maximum fine of $1,100 or up to two years in prison.

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(Photo via screenshot Thai PBS)


WARNING: The following video is disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.



Outrage over live kittens put inside claw machine

Instead of pulling stuffed toys out from a claw machine, a Chinese shop has caused outrage throughout social media which lets players scoop up a real live kitten inside of the machine. In China, the claw machine games are very popular, and in this particular “amusement park” five kittens just a few weeks old were the prizes.

One of the videos showed three black and white kittens inside the machine as a man dropped a coin and used his skill to grab one of the kittens. An attached sticker near the funnel stated, “Master, bring me home.” The one kitten looked scared as the “claw” moved near her, but when it hit her neck, the claw missed and failed to pick here up. According to the Daily Mail, the video was originally posted on April 9 and went viral on Chinese social media. It is suggested that the filming took place in one of the Chinese cities, according to Chung Tien TV. Another video showed even younger kittens inside the machine as a woman tried to snag one – she missed and complained the machine was rigged!

When the video initially circulated, a few social media comments thought the action was “cute.” Not long after that however, people became more and more irate stating the machine “claws” were never intended to pick up live animals – much less defenseless kittens. One person commenting may have summed up the entire disturbing debacle with the following words:

“Omg I have never seen such a pathetic thing in my whole life, like who the hell thought that would be a good idea? I would slap that person and put him in that freaking machine.”

Photos of kittens in claw machine via shots captured from You Tube.

Wouldn’t we all? Watch the video here:



Heartbreaking cruelty: Cat found impaled by arrow

Police are searching for the person who impaled a cat with a sharp object and an arrow early on Wednesday morning. The heartbreaking cruelty was discovered by a hotel employee on the 800 block of Collins Court in Miami Beach, who found the yellow cat with an arrow through his head and another sharp object sticking out of his neck. According to Channel 7News, the frightened and fatally injured cat had been hiding under a dumpster.

The cat is one of four that live behind the Franklin Hotel on Collins Avenue and have been taken care of  by the hotel’s former owner who is now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of  the responsible person(s). It was Georgio, a hotel employee who found the cat named Strush hiding.

“I hear, ‘meow, meow,’ so, over here, right here,” Giorgio said. “You see – look, look – you see the blood right here, right there. He had an arrow in the head.”

The cat was rushed to Dr. Rachael Johnson, a veterinarian at VCA Alton Road Animal Hospital. Strush suffered terribly as the arrow penetrated behind one of his eyes and came out his mouth. Rescue staff said the cat was non-responsive upon arrival. Sadly, Strush had to be humanely euthanized.

Miami Beach detectives are looking for the person or people behind the animal cruelty. Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Help Strush find justice.

Photos of cat impaled by arrow courtesy of Miami Beach Police

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‘Suitcase kittens’: 15 kittens dumped on side of country road

Why would anyone cram 15 tiny kittens into a suitcase and then abandon them? Perhaps it’s a question someone might answer one day, but the 15 tiny kittens, dubbed the “suitcase kittens,” believed to be from several litters – no more than three to five weeks old, were found by a veterinary  nurse walking to work in Dagenham, England on Saturday. The suitcase had been dumped on the roadside and upon closer inspection, the nurse spotted air holes, and just knew she had to open it up to see what was hidden inside.

According to Yahoo News, the kittens are now being cared for by volunteers from Cats Protection’s Hornchurch and District Branch. They will be fostered until they are old enough to be adopted. Alison Gambles, the Welfare and Homing officer described their condition:

 “Although they were all alive and in fairly good condition, they were clearly far too young to be away from their mothers. Six of them had obvious cases of eye infection and although the others seem okay for now, we will need to closely monitor them. Someone must have felt in a very desperate situation to do this. They seem to have intended the kittens to be found as the suitcase had been left near the home of the veterinary nurse, who is well known locally. But with kittens this young and vulnerable, the outcome could have been awful.”

Since their discovery, the Cats Protection organization has received an outpouring of support. Animal advocates have been lining up to adopt the adorable little fluffy loved ones. If only all cats and kittens could be adopted….

(Photo of Suitcase kittens via Cats Protection’s Hornchuch and District Branch)

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Hung by his neck and left to die cat breaks his own leg to escape

In what veterinarians have labeled a deliberate and horrible act of animal cruelty to a young, friendly cat in Bundaberg, Australia, the rescuer involved stated she was brought to tears just trying to understand how anyone could do such a heinous act. The cat had been hung by his neck and left to die; somehow he was able to free himself, but not before breaking his leg.

According to the rescue organization, Best Friends Feline, owner Nikki Chapple stated the 18-month-old cat’s story began when he was a stray – just living on the streets barely able to scrounge for food while he tried desperately to survive. And as bad as that life was, it soon became even worse:

“One day someone gets hold of you and you’re unsure what’s going on as you don’t overly fear humans usually you adore pats and are friendly with them, but this human was not so friendly. He used some rope or string to hang you by your neck and left you to die. You struggle gasping for air, frightened at what was happening to you, scared and betrayed. Your survival depended on you getting free, so you give it all you have and break your leg so severely it now drags around under your body as you get about but you were free. Injured, alone and in pain, someone discovers you and takes you to the local pound where they figure out your back story and put a call out for someone to help you.”

Chapple had been notified by Red Collar Rescue after the cat’s story that he had been hung by his neck and left to die had been posted on social media. Although the rescuer knew the cat’s recovery would be expensive, her plight just broke Chapple’s heart. On Wednesday night, when she finally met the cat she named Odyssey (after the ordeal he had been through), Chapple cried.

“The skin was gone from around his neck. It looked like your typical collar injury, but thinner so it must have been a tiny piece of rope,” she wrote on social media. “He had worn away the hair around his paws; it was bloody and underneath his leg was an ulcerated sore. Someone had deliberately done this or another suggestion was a dog fighting ring used him as bait.”

Poor Odyssey had been dragging his front left leg behind him, and sadly his leg could not be saved. Odyssey successfully survived the amputation and is already reported to be doing quite well as a tripod. Nikki updated the cat’s followers on Facebook – now presenting the story of a rescued kitty; hopefully with a new life ahead of him:

“I brought him home yesterday afternoon, and all he wanted to do was smooch me endlessly while purring non stop . He is on heavy pain meds so likes laying down with his head in your palm while you hold his paw with your other hand.”

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Odyssey is available for adoption. Donations to help cover his veterinarian expenses are appreciated in order for more cats in bad situations can also be rescued. Donations can also be sent to:

Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Best Friends Felines
BSB : 064171
ACC: 1045 6758

ABN: 55 433 833 458

Photos of Odyssey hung by his neck and left to die courtesy of Best Friends Feline.

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Handicapped kitten can’t find a home: Can you help?

In Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a ten-month-old tuxedo kitten named Ivan, continues to get passed over whenever potential pet parents arrive at the MSPCA’s Boston shelter. For weeks, the adorable and extremely affectionate handicapped kitten, born with deformed legs, purrs and rubs – yet no one wants to take him home.Ivan the deformed cat cover

Ivan was born without radial bones in his front legs and is missing two toes on each of his front paws. In addition, his hind leg is deformed which makes it impossible for him to walk normally. So how does he get around? Shelter staff call Ivan’s method of moving as the “army crawl,” but have no fear – all of this doesn’t bother Ivan. The cat’s only problem is his difficulty when using his litter box which has discouraged would-be adopters.

“His physical limitations will always be there – so we’re looking for the adopter who can see through that and give him the second chance he deserves,” stated MSPCA-Angell adoption center manager Alyssa Krieger.Ivan the deformed cat 2

Sadly, Ivan’s handicap is the reason his former human surrendered him, but the green-eyed purr machine just wants to be loved. Hey – nobody’s perfect, and what Ivan might not have in kitty coordination, he certainly makes up for it with his awesome personality. If interested in meeting Ivan, email for more information.

Photos of handicapped kitten Ivan courtesy of MSPCA Boston.

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Anne Arundel police officer adopts abandoned cat he rescued

In Baltimore, Maryland, an Anne Arundel Police officer has a new best friend. According to the Facebook page of the Anne Arundel Police Department, Corporal Hollis had been in a home where an elderly man recently died, and the cat had been left alone. When officers arrived, the frightened cat, dubbed Julia cried pitifully, and had no one to care for her.

It was determined the man who had just died had recently also lost his wife and the couple had no known next of kin. Officer Hollis picked the scared cat up, cuddling her in his arms and  transferred Julia to the Anne Arundel County Animal Control where she stayed for the required amount of time until it was confirmed she would be eligible for adoption. And now here is the adorable part of this story for both a beautiful cat and a handsome police officer. As soon as Officer Hollis found out Julia was available to be adopted, he was right there at the shelter ready to give her a life-long home.

In the words of the “Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control” Facebook,

“He’d already been thinking about adopting a pet before meeting Julia and just couldn’t get her out of his mind, he said. Have a great life, Julia!”

Thank you for your service Officer Hollis, and thank you for being a hero to those who cannot speak.

Photo of Anne Arundel police officer holding Julia courtesy of AACAC.

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She couldn’t refuse: Rescuer heard a cat cry for help over the phone

On Saturday afternoon, animal activist and talented photographer John Hwang, captured a heartbreaking moment in time of a cat in desperate need at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. So moved by the helpless cat’s plight, John asked for help on his Facebook page:Valentine the cat 2

“… She barely lacked the strength to meow. Parts of her fur were hard, caked with mud and feces. Her eyes were shut with mucus and other fluids. Her past story is not known, but her very difficult life was evident. She placed her head on Elaine’s shoulder. Her paw resting on her arm. A staff worker wrote on her kennel card ‘nice cat.’ That despite everything she has endured she longs most to love…and be loved,” John wrote.

Immediately, advocates began to share the cat’s plight, and so it came to be that Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, was called to help. The organization provides hospice care, comfort, love and a safe haven for the terminally ill and the hard core cases; at the time of rescue all animals are immediately transferred to their partner veterinarian.Valentine the cat 2a

“This is heartbreaking. We are going to name him Valentino,” stated Toby. “I just received an SOS from Elaine Seamans asking if we could help this sweet old soul. ( He is being passed by more then likely because he is testing positive for eggs and mites. I heard his little cries for help over the phone and my decision was made!..”

Within an hour, Valentino was safe and had already arrived at the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks. His eyes are so badly infected he can’t open them, and his head feels like a helmet because he is so crusty from dirt, dried up feces and urine, yet he is described as sweet and grateful. Already Valentino knows he has been saved. He will need a foster care in the Los Angeles area. Please email if you can help.

Updates on Valentino’s condition will follow.

Donations to help Valentino can be made by clicking here.

Check out Valentino’s short video: