Pastor Drake and church members carry soaked, abandoned pets to safety

When Pastor Matthew Drake and two church members were out in a boat on Friday afternoon trying to rescue people from flood conditions produced by Hurricane Florence, the men couldn’t turn their backs on the four-legged friends who needed help just as much.

In a now viral video, posted originally by CBS News on Twitter, the compassionate and compelling photo of Pastor Drake carrying a scared and soaked kitten to safety through the flooded road in Jacksonville, North Carolina reminded all of us how there are still so many heroes out there.

The Pastor found two cats and two dogs in dire need of help, and along with Leroy McGee and another church member rescued  the two dogs. They had been barking and were panicky after they had been abandoned on the porch of an empty house. The men gained the confidence and trust of the frightened dogs and carried them into their boat and brought them to safety.

After they brought the dogs to dry land, the men returned to the flood waters to rescue another cat that had been walking along a window edge. When the cat jumped into the water, the men went around back – each then returning with a cat in their arms.

The world is a better place with heroes like these men.

Everyday, leading up to the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the media has been putting out timely information, helpful hints and warnings not to abandon pets. How tragic that some people lack all responsibility to care for those who depend on humans to care for their welfare and safety.

(Photos via freezeshots from Twitter video by CBS Adriana Diaz)

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Teen arrested after posting video flushing cat down toilet

In Staten Island, New York a teen has been charged with animal cruelty after posting a video on Snapchat showing him flushing a cat down the toilet at his Amboy Road, Great Kills home on Sunday morning.

According to StatenIslandLive, the disturbing video sparked outrage, and authorities were called after social media sites including Twitter and Facebook garnered thousands of viewers expressing their utter disgust. The video identified Allan Barelyuk, allegedly carrying the black and white scared cat by the scruff of his neck, shoving the cat into the toilet, closing the lid and then flushing. The post under the video read:

“F*** cats, someone take him before he’s snake food.”

Barelyuk lives with his uncle and allegedly told police it was all just a prank to fool his friend telling officers his friend really loves cats and doesn’t allow Barelyuk to touch them; so he pranked him just to “get under his skin.”

Barelyuk was arrested and defended himself to the backlash on social media stating:

“Sheesh, y’all mad I’m sorry for getting a cat wet.”

On Monday, a judge ordered supervised release for Barelyuk and ordered him not to own or harbor any animals. The defendant has no previous record. Two dogs at the home have been removed and turned over to a rescue organization.

The cat was not seriously injured and has been removed from the home.

The video can be viewed here. (Graphic and disturbing)

(Photo of cat flushed in toilet freeze shot from video)

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Russian blue kitty weighing 25 pounds found his ‘purrfect’ home

Bruno is a Russian blue cat who happens to eat more than he should. The popular breed usually weighs around ten pounds, but this adorable fluff ball  at the Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois and knows how to beg for treats.  This boy can stand on his hind legs.

According to the rescue’s Facebook page, Bruno arrived at the shelter in April, and the polydactyl kitty (more toes than usual) could sniff out food like a champ. As cats go, Bruno seemed to have been extra finicky; most likely adding to the problem of finding the “purrfect home. For instance, Bruno won’t eat unless he’s being petted, doesn’t tolerate his water bowl next to his food bowl and don’t even think of touching his rotund belly. Applications flooded in from all over the United States and then some from overseas including Australia.

On Monday, however Bruno found his new home with Lauren Paris, a Chicago based singer and actress. Aside from the usual close scrutiny of her home, intentions and love for cats, Lauren topped the kitty adoption chart with a song she composed. Out of the hundreds of applicants, Lauren’s love for Bruno already shines.

Of course, Bruno the Russian blue will be missed, but tune into his own Instagram.

Many more happy adoptions for all the cats who need homes. Adopt a new best friend and fall in love like Lauren and Bruno.

Check out his video:

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Miami-Dade Police make purr-fect rescue to save kitten stuck under car

For the brave officers of the Miami-Dade Police Department, rescue comes in all sizes. On Saturday, in what was dubbed, “Operation Kitten Rescue,” two officers worked in “purr-fect” sync to grab a kitten that had become stuck under the hood of a hot parked car at the Hard Rock Stadium.



According to the department’s Facebook page and the ” oh so adorable” video, Officer Green and Lt. Gary can be seen over and under the vehicle. As the tools were being arranged to remove parts from the vehicle to get to the kitten, one officer reached underneath and moments later he had successfully rescued the smallest little feline victim this side of any parking lot.

Check out the video:

Officers named the kitten “Lucky.” Not only did they save her, but they also found her a new home.

So ladies … who is cuter in this video – the cop who saved the kitten or the kitten?

Many thanks to our police; they rock!

(Photos and video of purr-fect rescue via Facebook Miami-Dade Police Department





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Atlanta resident dreams of having her own animal sanctuary

Rachel Cohen has always been a risk taker. She went to school to become a pilot because she loved the adventure of high places. After many high paying jobs as a pilot and working as a recruiter in the corporate world, Rachel decided that although the money was good, none of these were her dream job.

Rachel has always loved animals, especially cats. This led her to volunteer at Lifeline Animal Shelter in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  She spends many days a week working with the cats, socializing them, cuddling the newborns and the kittens that are often frightened in their strange environment. Although Rachel loves volunteering at the shelter, she has her sites on something even bigger, running her own shelter; a shelter that would save cats and dogs from being euthanized.   She wants to rescue the animals that no one else wants; the feral cats that are deemed “unadoptable” and dogs that need extensive training or are deemed aggressive, an automatic death sentence in most shelters.

She has a soft spot for the animals considered “ugly”; those that may be maimed, missing a limb, deaf, blind, or suffer neurological problems.  All would be welcome at the sanctuary which will be appropriately named “A Home for All of Us.” The main mission of “A Home for All of Us” is to rescue over 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the United States and prevent them from going into the shelter system which has proven time after time to be a broken, faulty system.

If successful, the rescue could be responsible for saving 2.4 million shelter pets that would otherwise be euthanized just because no one wants them. The sanctuary will offer a safe environment where animals will be loved and given individual attention and socialized with other pets. Dogs and cats will be free to walk and play in a fenced in area.  They will be housed in kennels and facilities that will have heat and air-conditioning with a 24/7 staffed environment.

Until “A Home for All of Us” can acquire some land and an operating space, they are currently serving as a resource to support no kill animal rescues organizations throughout the Atlanta area. Many product donations have already started coming in from Chewie, Barkbox, and Nerf dog toys.

There are many ways you can help “A Home for All of Us” become a reality.  

Donating to their Facebook fundraiser

Through Paypal:

Visiting their website:;

Facebook page:

Or going to

And choosing “A Home for All of Us” as your charity.

Anyone interested in being a corporate sponsor can email Rachel Cohen at

“A Home for All of Us” has already been established as a 501(c ) 3 charity and has a federal tax ID number. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

This country needs more sanctuaries where the damaged, abused and forgotten can live out their lives in peace and not live with the fear of dying simply because no one sees their worthiness behind the scarred faces, lopsided ears, and the broken spirits.

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Veterinarian banned from practicing for life in horrific cruelty case

A 49-year-old veterinarian from Leeds, West Yorkshire has been banned from practicing medicine for life after 24 dogs and eight cats were left to starve in a dark and disgusting basement at his home.

According to the Express, Gary Samuel, DVM, and his assistant and partner Rochelle McEwan, 28, were found guilty during their trial in 2016 after police found 12 huskies in cages in a “secret dungeon” where the vet lived part time – the entrance hidden by a trap door under carpeting. One cat and one dog had to be euthanized because of their condition. During the investigation, a table had been set up with a dirty towel covering surgical instruments.

At the trial, officials testified to the egregious conditions.

“As they [investigators] moved onwards, they found cages, two of them occupied by husky-type puppies. They did not appear to have any water or bedding. An officer opened a chest freezer and discovered meat that appeared to be off.”

The animals had been kept in the basement with no natural life for nearly two months. The area reeked of urine and feces odors. Police found Dr. Samuel in his bedroom on his computer, and when they asked him about the animals, Samuel stated they belonged to McEwan who he contended collected the animals and never fed them.

Both Samuel and McEwan were found guilty of six animal cruelty offenses. Samuel was given a 12-week suspended sentence; McEwan was banned from keeping pets for life. On Thursday, the disciplinary committee for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons banned Samuel for life from ever practicing medicine on animals again.

Most of the animals have since been adopted.

(Photos of dogs found in banned vet’s home via screenshots Express)

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Pregnant dog put down at shelter

Man allegedly dragged dog behind truck to teach him a lesson. Read more here.

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Reward: Help find culprit who lit firecracker in kitten’s rectum

In Mansfield, Ohio, a young kitten is slowly recovering from injuries suffered when a culprit allegedly set off a firecracker in its rectum. The Richland County Humane Society posted the disturbing news on their Facebook page July 10:

“We are currently at the vet’s office with this cat that had a firecracker set off in her rectum. We have no words. We need all your good thoughts and vibes for her. We aren’t sure if she will make it, it depends on the extent of the damage. She lived in the PineBridge apartment complex at 135 E. Cook Rd. We believe it happened within the past 24 hours. We don’t know who did it, although we wish we did… (*Edited to add that she was a neighborhood cat for the past year or so*).”

Named Katy P., the kitten underwent surgery at the Phillips Animal Hospital and her condition remains guarded. The kitten’s latest update has been more positive.

“We stopped to see Katy P this morning. Her appetite has improved and she seems to be more alert and interactive. She still has not had a bowel movement so she still isn’t out of the woods.”

To donate to Katy P’s medical expenses, call 419.526.4212. Donations can also be accepted here or at the shelter located at 3025 Park Avenue West, Ontario, Ohio 44906.

The reward is now up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit responsible for injuring the kitten. Anyone with information is asked to contact 419.774.4795 or email

Get well soon Katy P. Everyone is rooting for you!

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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Dog died in hot SUV

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Drunken woman accused of tossing kittens into pond by their tails

A drunken woman in Phippsburg, Maine faces charges of animal cruelty after several people witnessed her tossing two kittens into Center Pond on July 4th. Justine Lovig, 41, has also been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and violating conditions of her release.

“She admitted to submerging the kittens. We walked back to her car and she fed the kittens a sandwich. They were eating the sandwich very quickly,” the officer wrote in his report.

The Coastal Humane Society is currently caring for the kittens who have been named “Piglet and Eeyore.”

“They have been thoroughly examined by Dr. Wehr and appear to be doing well. They are currently enjoying some R&R at home with one of our devoted fosters...and the kittens may have found their forever home already! Foster family reports they have lots of energy.

Lovig is banned from possessing any domestic animals, must stay away from Center Pond and is prohibited from consuming alcohol. She is scheduled to appear in court in September.

If you would like to help support their ongoing care, you can make a donation at or mail a contribution to Coastal Humane Society, 190 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, ME 04011. Anything extra that we receive will go to support the many other animals.

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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Dying man’s wish to find a home for his beloved dogs – read the story here.

Woman horrified by house infestation after walking in the park with her dog – read more here.



Three cats survived after left 22 days inside Edmonton animal shelter vehicle

Three cats survived 22 days inside of an Edmonton Humane Society shelter vehicle after they were forgotten during the transport of pets. According to the Facebook page of the organization, the cats were dehydrated, hungry and suffered urine burns to their paws, but miraculously survived with no major illnesses or injuries.

The incident reportedly occurred on March 27 when pets had been transported to another shelter and somehow were overlooked. It wasn’t until April 18 that the cats were discovered as staff had been preparing the vehicle for another animal transfer. The EHS stated they had been carefully monitoring the cats to ensure their health before they were transferred to another agency for placement. The cats have since been adopted.

In response to the situation and social media outrage, the Edmonton Humane Society posted a news release on Monday assuring the public that new procedures and processes have been instituted to make sure this never happens again:

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Police rescue 14 dogs and cats tied in sacks and abandoned in pickup truck

Police and rescuers found 12 living dogs and two cats tied up in fertilizer bags and abandoned in the back of a pickup truck Wednesday morning in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

According to the Bankok Post, police arrived at the entrance to a wastewater treatment area near a housing development and found ten sacks in the back of a truck. The Good Samaritan who heard intermittent cries and howls coming from the sacks originally thought the sounds were coming from beyond the wastewater facility and paid no attention. It wasn’t until he returned later in the night, after having visited a friend, did he realize the cries of cats and dogs were coming from the back of the truck.

When rescuers arrived, onlookers rushed to help and provided food, water and milk for the exhausted dogs and cats. Rescued were 12 poodles and two cats. At this time it is unknown who dumped the animals. They will be transferred to a shelter in Chon Buri where they will be examined and cared for until they are well enough to be adopted.

Rescuers think the animals may have been abandoned by a breeder. The person found responsible for this animal cruelty would be charged under the Prevention of Cruelty and Animal Welfare Act. Thailand introduced animal welfare laws in 2014. Offenses are punishable by fines up to $1,663 per offense or two years in prison. The cruelty laws were updated in 2016 which increased fines and better defines measures intended to protect pets, working animals and stock animals kept for food. Unfortunately the rate of prosecution still remains low.

(Photos of dogs and cats found tied in sacks via Facebook  photos by Sutthiwit Chayutworakan screenshots)

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Official diagnosis and exciting update provided for dumped puppy, Republic – read the news here.

Diagnosis and update for Republic, dumped puppy

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