Rescuers who found Scrappy but couldn’t afford vet care left donation and tearful note

Late Thursday afternoon, the KC Pet Project  reached out for the community’s help locating the owners of an adorable kitten named Scrappy. Earlier in the day, he was found in a box outside of the … Read More

Abandoned dogs and cats left in deplorable conditions filled with trash and feces

On Wednesday, the Animal Charity of Ohio in cooperation with the Mahoning County Dog Warden, entered a vacant home filled with trash, feces and abandoned dogs and cats living in the deplorable conditions.

Humane officers … Read More

Woman tossed kittens out of car ‘because they tried to steal food while owner was eating’

At the Medina County SPCA, it would be pretty difficult not to fall in love with Cinnamon and Sugar – two kittens who were tossed out of a vehicle because “they were bad cats and … Read More

Home security camera catches man dragging cat on its back down sidewalk

In Sacramento, California, area residents are outraged after a man was caught on a security camera dragging a cat on its back down a sidewalk on Sunday morning.

According to Fox News, neighbors are … Read More

Dog alerts neighbor about cat stuck in well 10 days after hearing her pleading meows

A cat named Flea was rescued by firefighters in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom after a neighbor’s dog helped to sound the alarm when he heard the cat’s cries.

According to the Rothwell Northants Community and CrimewatchRead More

‘Katie’ the shepherd loves his kitty ‘Sammy’ and these two in desperate need of home

In Queens, New York a bonded pair are in immediate need of a new home. What makes them a bit more unusual? Katie is a five-year-old German shepherd and Sammy is a 16-year-old Siamese, and … Read More

Three newborn kittens lost their mama after she was run over by a car

In the Rio Grand Valley of Texas, three newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached, became orphans on Tuesday after their mother was run over and killed by a car.

As resources in South … Read More

Ozark veterinarian charged with animal cruelty

In Ozark, Alabama, a veterinarian was charged with two counts of animal cruelty on Thursday. Dr. Richard Timothy Logan, 65, is alleged to have abused a cat he was treating.

According to the Sacramento BeeRead More

Firefighters rescue ‘Pecan’ from evacuated burning home when they heard him meow for help

On Tuesday evening, a fire broke out in a home on Gold Avenue in Baltimore City. Everyone evacuated the burning building, but Pecan, the cat was stuck inside. As firemen entered the burning home, they … Read More

Five conjoined kittens born at Arizona rescue as veterinarians work to separate them

In Maricopa, Arizona, five kittens were born at Little Whiskers Animal Rescue on April 1, 2021, and it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. The stray mother cat was more than 29 cats and kittens … Read More