Kitten tied to a tree with jumper cable clip rescued by Orange Beach resident

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In Orange Beach, Alabama, a six-month-old kitten had been tied to a tree with a jumper cable clip. If anyone has ever used jumper cables and attached the tight clip to the battery of the vehicle, can barely imagine the pain of the clamp attached to the kitten’s back leg.

Jumper cable clips

According to WkrgNews, local resident Tommy Leonard had received a call from a friend describing the disturbing situation. The friend said he had heard “horrible screaming” coming from the woods. It turned out to be the kitten, now named Lucky.

He was tied up to a tree with a jumper cable clamped to his back leg, and anyone who has jumped a car knows how tight those are.

Tommy Leonard as told to WKrg News

Tommy immediately released the kitten from its torturous hold and rushed him to an area veterinarian who told him Lucky needed to have his leg amputated. That didn’t deter Tommy from wanting to adopt the kitten. After a few days in the vet hospital recovering and having his staples removed, this adorable kitten will have no fewer than eight more lives to love Tommy and for Tommy to love him.

(Screenshot via video)

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Together again with some help from friends.
Maybe kitty needs a “do not disturb” sign?

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  1. How could anyone be so cruel to a helpless baby???

    Glad help came in time to save this precious little treasure’s life.

    Whoever did this has a reserved spot in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty.


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