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Just Zeus and his teddy bear in Texas shelter after landlord said ‘they had to go’

At the Harris County Pets Resource Center in Houston, Texas, Zeus and his teddy bear were surrendered to the shelter when his owner’s landlord decided the friendly dog was no longer welcome. Sadly, Zeus is
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Precious ‘Lily’ needs someone to rush in and save her before Texas shelter puts her to sleep today

Lily is on the euthanasia list at Harris County Pets. It’s not that the shelter wants to put this young pup to sleep; tragically there has been an overflow of stray dogs entering the shelter, … Read More

Marley and Stella lost when their owner died and no one wanted to help them

When Marley and Stella’s owner passed away recently, the family no longer wanted them. Tragically, the two are now homeless and were surrendered to Harris County Pets Shelter in Texas.
“Marely and Stella were brought
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Senior shepherd dumped at shelter for having accidents in the house during thunderstorms

Meet the beautiful Sasha; this gorgeous German shepherd is 11-years-old and will make the perfect addition to a lucky family. Her owners surrendered her to the Harris County Resource Center today for what volunteers call
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Social media outraged at photo showing dog with heavy chain at shelter, but there is more to the story

In Houston, Texas, animal advocates on social media became outraged as a shelter photo of a black and white bulldog revealed a heavy black chain around the dog’s neck. The question repeatedly asked was why … Read More

Owner told shelter Rocky was ‘aggressive’ and today dog will pay with his life

At the Harris County Pets Resource Center in Houston, Texas, Rocky is scheduled to be humanely euthanized on Tuesday after his previous owner likely lied about his dog’s behavior.

“Rocky got the short end of

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This is what happens when dogs left to fend for themselves on Houston streets

Sadly, this is what happens when dogs are left to fend for themselves on the streets of Houston. Sugar and Spice were surrendered to Harris County Pets by their (0wner) finder. Both dogs are estimated … Read More

Owner said ‘dog was after the cat’ and the solution was to dump the pup at shelter

At the Harris County Shelter, a brown brindle and white female bull terrier cowers in the corner and waits for someone to adopt her. Her family left her behind saying she was after the cat, … Read More

14-year-old husky surrendered to shelter because she was too old

Madonna is a 14-year-old Siberian husky who was left at the Harris County Pets Animal Shelter in July. She was left behind because “she was old” and that last car trip for Madonna must have … Read More

Young dogs surrendered by irresponsible owner for being ‘big’ facing euthanasia

Two young dogs surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter because they were “too big,” may suffer the consequences of an irresponsible owner. On Thursday, Baby Girl and Rocky were ushered into separate kennels because … Read More