Frightened and unsocialized puppies will need patient and devoted homes

At the Nassau County Animal Services, two eight-pound puppies about two-months of age were found by animal control officers. Their owner has never come to the shelter for them, and these two frightened and likely … Read More

Nassau SPCA seizes 11 puppies from unattended pet store alleged to be selling sick pets

In Baldwin, Long Island, staff members with the Nassau SPCA seized 11 puppies on Monday from a locked and unattended pet store. As of Monday afternoon, officials were unable to make contact with the store … Read More

Five puppies froze to death after woman abandoned them outside animal rescue

In Franklin County, Kentucky, police have launched an investigation for a woman seen on surveillance video abandoning nine puppies outside of an animal rescue organization on Saturday night in frigid conditions. The puppies spent about … Read More

Pair of Texas puppies thrown in dumpster found with ‘icicles in their whiskers’

In Bellmead, Texas, a pair of puppies were found in a dumpster on Monday night as temperatures dropped into single digits. Two women found the puppies while taking out their trash at the Eagle Crest … Read More

Police in Texas investigating six puppies found frozen to death

In Tyler, Texas the Longview Police and animal services are investigating the deaths of six puppies found frozen in a wire crate at a home on Oakdale Avenue on Friday morning.

According to the press Read More

Oklahoma Humane Society caring for 7 orphaned puppies after mom froze to death

Seven four-week-old puppies were recently rescued by the Oklahoma Humane Society after an animal welfare officer found their mother frozen to death in Oklahoma City.

Because of the age of the puppies, the OHS has … Read More

Heartbreaking discovery when truck driver saw 3 puppies dumped on side of road

Just days after Christmas, another cruel human slithered out from their dark abyss and decided the lives of three innocent puppies were not important.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis, a non profit animal protection … Read More

Stray puppies ‘Hansel and Gretel’ barely survived by huddling together in cold

On Monday evening, rescuers discovered two puppies huddled together in the cold in Atlanta, Georgia. The puppies, dubbed Hansel and Gretel, are only eight-months-old and described as little more than 25 pounds of “skin and … Read More

Puppies locked in kennel abandoned in filthy Dallas drug house

An abandoned family of puppies left in a kennel with no food or water at a filthy drug house are being rescued. For days, a volunteer from Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform has been searching for … Read More

Six newborn puppies about to be left at shelter door rescued

In Southern California, the owner of a dog who had just given birth to six puppies on Monday evening was preparing to leave the newborns in a cardboard box in front of a local animal … Read More