Burned, beaten Coachella puppy defying all odds against her

In Coachella, California, a heartless culprit discarded a three-week-old puppy in a plastic Walmart bag, and then threw her into the trash. She had been burned, badly beaten and left for dead. And now, just … Read More

Too adorable: Litter of newborn pups saved from trash in Coachella

Their tiny faces are too adorable. And yes, this is the litter of three-day-old puppies that were rescued after their owner threw them into a trash bin in Coachella.

Riverside County Animal Services posted the … Read More

Arrested: Woman alleged to have thrown newborn puppies in dumpster

In Coachella, California, a woman alleged to have thrown a bag of seven newborn puppies into a dumpster last week has been arrested. Deborah Culwell, 54, was arrested at her home on Monday.

According to … Read More

Cruel owners sliced off puppies ears after watching ‘how to’ videos

In San Antonio, Texas, officials are investigating recent incidents where suspects sliced off puppies ears themselves after watching “how to” videos on the internet.

According to FoxNews Antonio, the City of San Antonio Animal … Read More

Good Samaritans rescue box of puppies dumped in the trash

How cruel to think any person could be so heartless as to dump a box of puppies in the trash. Two Good Samaritans rescued four little ones from the trash on Sunday night in Madera, … Read More

Two puppies found alive in trash dumpster behind Texas grocery store

On Friday afternoon, two puppies were found in a trash dumpster behind a Texas grocery store. They were alive and just dumped and left to die. The staff at the rescue organization, San Antonio Pets … Read More

Family dressed puppy in her pink sweater to leave her at Miami shelter

Chanel is a five-month-old puppy, but somehow she lost the love of her family very quickly. On Wednesday, they dressed her up in her pink sweater, invited her into the car for a ride, and … Read More

10 puppies left in filthy bin in below freezing temperatures

In a heartless act of animal cruelty and neglect on Sunday night, an unknown person left 10 puppies – no more than two-weeks-of-age, in a filthy bin outside of an animal control facility in Del … Read More

Shivering puppy left outside of school in cardboard box with note

It’s cold in Michigan, and for a 7-and-a-half week old puppy, it must have been a scary experience – especially for one so young. The Detroit Pit Crew, a nonprofit animal rescue organization had … Read More

Three puppies stuck in hardened tar for hours

Three puppies had been stuck in hardened tar for hours in Udaipur, India; their hours left to live were limited until a Good Samaritan alerted the rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited for a last ditch … Read More