Heartless thug arrested for throwing and kicking pillowcase of puppies into storm drain

A Florida man, videoed by his neighbor stuffing a litter of puppies into a pillowcase and then kicking and throwing them into a storm drain, was arrested this week by the Jacksonville Police.  Ernest Martin, 39, has been accused of six counts of animal cruelty for the abandonment of animals in public without providing for their welfare. According to News4Jax, Martin was caught on camera last September cramming the six puppies he stole from his stepfather into the pillowcase.

Martin is then seen tossing the puppies one by one over a fence and walking to the storm drain in the street. There he   tries to push all the puppies. into the drain. As they struggle to escape, Martin kicks them back into the hole.

The witness, who videoed the disturbing scene, couldn’t believe anyone could be so callous:

 “He throws them real high into the air and over the fence and they’re hitting the ground. He came back outside with some pillow cases, grabbed the puppies up one by one, came out here to the drain and started shoving them into the drain. When they started moving around, he was kicking them, trying to shove them back into the drain.”

Fortunately all six puppies were rescued and survived the attack; one of the puppies lives with Martin’s stepfather and family members have adopted the others.  According to Martin’s mother, her son suffers from schizophrenia and stated her son thought they were tiny demons.  Martin remains in jail in lieu of a $90,000 bond.

(Photos of suspect and pillowcase full of puppies via Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and freezshot of witness video)

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Wisconsin woman allowed her dogs to eat puppies

In a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Crandon, Wisconsin, a woman has been arrested for allegedly allowing her dogs to eat puppies and the dead body of a horse. According to authorities, Patty Kirker, 52, was charged on Wednesday with 156 counts of animal mistreatment for failing to provide the animals with food and water; six of the counts are felonies.

An investigation of Kirker’s “puppy mill situation” had been launched earlier in the year after more than 80 complaints were filed. In a report from WsauNews, Kirker’s home had two feet of dog feces on the floor. On March 17, authorities seized 40 wolf-hybrid dogs and horses from the woman’s property. In the criminal complaint, the Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono cited two unnamed witnesses who told police they had seen adult dogs eating young puppies on the properties as the animals had to resort to any means to stave off their starvation while Kirker did not feed them.

Also, in the complaint were details of the “deplorable conditions” with a description of three puppies being killed by other dogs, and of one puppy having been eaten. Then there were two horses kept in a trailer for more than three weeks with no food while dogs ate a horse’s carcass. Another dog terrorized an older neighbor and attacked the woman’s cat. Four horses and one pony died on the property.

And then there were more horrific details of two dogs walking around with embedded collars, Kirker kicking dogs and some of the animals biting her back, chained dogs that were never fed and a blind horse running into “trees and things.”


Kirker also faces charges in a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the county jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 3. Kirker’s attorney denies the allegations are not true and will fight the charges. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are caring for the rescued animals.

(Photo of suspect alleged to have allowed her dogs to eat puppies via Forest County Sheriff’s Office booking photo)

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Six years later, Molly the Beagle’s death goes unpunished

According to Florida State Statute 828.12, “a person who intentionally commits an act to any animal, or a person who owns or has the custody or control of any animal and fails to act, which results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering, or causes the same to be done, commits aggravated animal cruelty, a felony of the third degree.” Per Florida State Statute 775.082, the punishment for a felony of the third degree is imprisonment not to exceed five years.

Unfortunately, the statute and the sentencing were completely ignored when it came to deciding one of the cruelest and most disturbing acts of animal cruelty committed in the state of Florida. It all started on November 11th, 2011 when Mathew Milewski, a Miami Beach resident received a four-month-old Beagle puppy from Outback Beagles in Arkansas.  When little Molly arrived by plane, her paperwork included a note saying,

“I hope she brings as much joy to you and your family as our dogs have brought us. I wish her a long life of happiness and contentment.’’

There is a feeling of poignancy now when reading these words as Molly got none of this. She was dead within 24 hours of being with Milewski. No sooner had he picked her up from the Miami International Airport, when residents of The Crown Apartments witnessed Mileweski dragging the helpless seven-pound puppy across the parking lot until she bled; beating her with the leash and slamming her against a hard surface.  Per one resident who lived on the seventh floor, “This for me was a nightmare. For everybody in the building it was a nightmare.’’ She heard Molly screaming and witnessed from her balcony Milewski torturing the puppy. Another witness, a valet attendant Carlos Gregorio told police he was bringing a car from the garage when he “heard a loud scream from a dog.’’ Thinking he’d hit an animal, Gregorio got out of the car. That’s when he saw Milewski “striking his dog with the leash,’’ he told police.

Within 24 hours the dog was dead.   Milewski tried to cover up his abuse and killing of the puppy, by telling police that he dropped the puppy in the shower.

He was arrested on November 18th, 2011.  During a 20 minute, taped interview with investigators Tracy Sierra and Gus Sanchez, he (Milewski) consistently referred to the puppy as “it” and denied any wrongdoing.   He claimed the dog’s death was merely an accident. He described in detail how he took Molly back to his apartment after he noticed one of her paws bleeding and tried to clean her in the shower. At one point in the interview, he said he “pushed’’ the dog in the shower. At another, he said he’d told a veterinarian at Alton Road Animal Hospital: “The way I threw the dog was definitely bad.’’

Milewski said after the dog hit the shower floor, he tried to revive her; then he took her to the vet. Dr. Heidi Foster, at Alton Road Animal Hospital, told police she tried to stabilize Molly, and although she was unconscious, Molly’s heart was beating normally. Twenty minutes later she received a call from Milewski saying the dog’s heart stopped beating in the car. Dr. Foster found this to be impossible as Molly’s heart was perfectly fine when she left the office and her vitals were also good.

Milewski returned to the animal hospital with the dead dog and relinquished her remains to Dr. Foster. Animal Services investigators retrieved the body to do the necropsy. Dr. Rosandra Manduca, a veterinary pathologist, determined that Molly’s death was due to brain injury caused by head trauma. Injuries on the dog’s body suggested being shaken and slammed against a hard surface. Bruising around the dog’s mouth and nostrils indicated she may have been smothered.

Since his arrest in 2012, Milewski’s case has gone through many twists and delayed for years due to a legal disagreement over whether investigators violated Milewski’s rights in seizing the dog’s remains from the animal clinic. But the Third District Court of Appeals agreed with prosecutors that Milewski abandoned his expectation of privacy in the puppy’s remains when he left her remains at the clinic.

On February 10th, 2017, Judge Yvonne Colodny, a judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Criminal Division, despite testimony from eyewitnesses, investigators, a veterinarian, and a necropsy report, only sentenced Milewski to one year probation and ordered him to donate $1000.00 to the ASPCA. How can a person who commits such a calculated, intentional act of cruelty against a helpless puppy walk away with such a light sentence?

To express your concerns regarding Molly the Beagle and the light sentence received by Milewski contact Judge Yvonne Colodny via phone at 305-548-5182 or write letters to:

Judge Yvonne Colodny

Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building

1351 NW 12th Street


Miami, Florida 33125

A petition has been started asking the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission to force Judge Yvonne Colodny to step down from her position deeming her unfit to make ethical decisions.

















Pregnant pit bull left abandoned in hospital parking lot

Just before the 2016 Thanksgiving holidays,  a small black and white pregnant pit bull was abandoned in a hospital parking lot in Stockton, California. The poor dog was emaciated, and full of worms and fleas. The dog was picked up and placed in a boarding facility where she sat for three weeks, not knowing what her fate would be. Due to no interest from Northern California rescue organizations, the dog was going to be sent to a nearby animal shelter which may have resulted in her being put down due to the high intake of pit bulls.  A Good Samaritan, however intervened, and the dog was sent to Portland, Oregon into the care of Animal Coalition Unlimited.  There the dog was given the name “Pee Dee” in memory of Petey the pit bull who lit up the screen alongside of those famous “Little Rascals.”

When Pee Dee was taken to the Lake Grove Vet Clinic for her intake evaluation, it was discovered that she was five weeks pregnant.  Unfortunately, this put Animal Coalition Unlimited into an unexpected situation. They were prepared to take in and care for one dog, not multiple puppies. However, they refused to abort the unborn puppies for their own convenience. The first goal was to get Pee Dee healthy enough to give birth.  She had been totally neglected and emaciated, weighing in at a mere 36 pounds.   The veterinarian at Lake Grove Vet was extremely helpful and supportive in getting her the necessary nutrients to get her to a healthy weight to deliver her puppies.  An ultrasound detected seven puppies but on December 22, 2016 Pee Dee delivered 10 very healthy puppies.

Animal Coalition Unlimited, founded by and run by volunteers in 2014, takes a very unique approach to animal rescue and adoptions. For one, they do not charge any adoption fees.  However, they have certain stipulations for potential adopters under their Foster to Adopt Program. This method confirms the potential adopter can take care of the dogs and meet all of their future medical needs. Basically, the new owner gets to foster their pet for a period of time before officially adopting them. This ensures it is a good fit for both the person and the pet. This is in the best interest of the dog, because it gives the dog a better chance of being adopted by a good family without putting too much pressure on the adopters from the get go. They thoroughly interview and screen all applicants and follow this up with a home visit. With this program, Animal Coalition Unlimited can monitor the ongoing progress of the dogs, for approximately a six-month trial period. Their success rate with this program is very high.

Pee Dee’s puppies are the first in puppy adoptions for Animal Coalition Unlimited.  They will start accepting applications after the puppies have had their first series of puppy vaccines at eight-weeks old.   Although Animal Coalition Unlimited does not take any adoption fees for the puppies, the adopter will be required to deposit the spay/neuter surgery cost at the Lake Grove Vet Clinic prior to taking the puppies home when they reach 12 weeks old.

The rescue is seeking sponsorships from pet food manufacturers, vet clinics, and individual sponsors.  Pee Dee’s story recently caught the attention of a leading pet food company in Canada; PetCurean  has taken on Pee Dee and her puppies as their featured pets. The puppies have been getting the best nutrition possible to ensure they are healthy, playful and ready to become someone’s pet companion.

If you would like to give one of these puppies a new home or you would like more information on becoming a sponsor, please send requests to:

(Photo for article about pregnant pit bull courtesy of Animal Coalition Unlimited.)

If you cannot adopt but want to help this mama dog with her puppies, you can visit their wish list at:

For updates on Pee Dee and her pups visit the facebook page:









Eight critically ill puppies abandoned at busy car shop

In the Dallas area of Texas, a heartless owner placed eight critically ill puppies in a cardboard box, drove them to a busy automotive repair shop, placed them in a corner and drove away. There they were – on Valentine’s Day, left crying and whimpering, cold, hungry and thirsty and in terrible pain.puppies left in box 2

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called to help. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, immediately arranged for volunteers to transfer the puppies to their Dallas veterinary partner where the eight-week-old puppies are now under professional care. Their prognosis is still unclear.

“They have never had one day of peace, not one day of love, not one day of kindness, never to be touched gently, no food or water; abused and neglected for 8 weeks since the day they were born …,” Stacey explained to animal advocates on the organization’s Facebook page shortly after the details for transferring the dogs for emergency care had been finalized. “They are in very critical medical condition at this time.”Puppies left in box 3 cover

When discovered, the puppies were covered in fleas, and their skin was raw from scratching; their eyes half closed from raging ocular infections. And while the puppies clung to each other for any degree of comfort and warmth, their frightening cries and whimpers of pain have been enough to make even the most stoic shed tears.

To help these puppies, donations can be made to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC by clicking here or via  PayPal at left in box 4

Foster families are desperately needed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Interested in helping? Please click here.

Photos and video of the critically ill puppies courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.

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Video can be viewed here:


Sick puppies dumped on Detroit highway

Last week three puppies, sick with the deadly Parvo virus, were dumped in a blue bin along a highway in Detroit, Michigan. One of the puppies did not survive the illness. After the pups were discovered, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue penned an open letter to whoever was responsible for abandoning the puppies:

To the owner of the puppies that were dumped on the East Side of Detroit in a blue bin: All three of the puppies are sick with parvo and the female has now died from the disease. If you have more puppies in your home it’s likely that they too have parvo and will die without treatment so we are offering you the opportunity to do the right thing and bring in any other sick puppies to our vet’s office with no questions asked.


On Tuesday morning, the non-profit rescue agency indicated that the two surviving puppies (Pooh and Tigger) were showing signs of improvement:

Our sweet pups recovering from Parvo are continuing to improve! We are praying that they will continue to get better. Poor guys have been in quarantine in the hospital and will be ready to get out and play in a few days.

Click here to access the fundraiser for these puppies.

More about Parvo:

According to PetMD, Parvo is a highly contagious disease which more frequently impacts puppies who are between six weeks and six months old. Symptoms of the viral infection can include: Vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite (anorexia). Parvo can also impact a puppy’s heart and cause death.

The Parvo virus is unfortunately hearty and it can live in the ground soil for up to a year. Dogs can become infected by the deadly virus by sniffing stool from a dog who is sick – one of the only disinfectants which is known to kill the virus is household bleach.

It is important to keep your dog properly vaccinated against this highly contagious virus.

Puppy abandoned in a Texas mailbox – read more about this here.

Puppy locked in a mailbox

Humane Society challenges USDA for hiding animal welfare data

The Humane Society of the United States announced on Monday that it is taking legal action after the removal of years of records by the United States Department of Agriculture from their public website this past week.

According to the organization, the HSUS took the first step to initiate legal action  challenging the action claimed by multiple animal advocacy groups as the undermining of a longstanding consensus about public access to information concerning laws, in turn frustrating state, local, and industry efforts to help enforce them. Records removed included reports for thousands of facilities including zoos, laboratories and commercial breeders – especially worrisome are puppy mill businesses. These records had previously been accessible through the public database website of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection. In the Humane Society’s president’s blog,  Wayne Pacelle questioned why the USDA wouldn’t want their work to be part of the public’s database; stating the government agency’s  “action suggests a deliberate effort to bury its work and impede efforts to ensure the well-being of animals in numerous sectors.”

The HSUS does have a particular advantage in this fight however. In 2005, the HSUS sued the USDA, alleging the department violated the Freedom of Information Act by not providing records relating to animal experiments at research facilities. In 2009, a settlement was reached with the USDA who agreed to post records online including information referencing pain and distress in laboratory animals. And on Monday, the HSUS stated the USDA has violated their agreement:

“The agency’s precipitous decision to purge virtually all AWA and HPA enforcement documentation – just two weeks after President Trump assumed office — violates the plain terms of the settlement and a federal court order. It also runs contrary to Congressional provisions in 1996 and 2016 designed to increase transparency and electronic access to information,” Pacelle wrote in his blog .”Like every federal agency, the USDA operates thanks to the generosity of taxpayers, and it must be accountable to them. The USDA is changing the equation for the worse for animals and the public with this action.

The USDA has since cited privacy concerns for removing the records from its website, stating that anyone wanting information still has the right to receive information via a FOIA request. Those requests can take months to request and are often very costly. The public records have been used for animal shelters, rescues and advocacy groups as well as journalists covering animal welfare issues.

The following specific areas have been addressed:

  • Animal Research – The public will no longer have access to information about hundreds of animal research institutions, including universities, pharmaceutical companies, and federal laboratories using animals regulated under the AWA. This includes information on the number and type of animals (such as dogs, cats, primates, and other species) used as well as how many are subjected to unrelieved pain and distress.
  • Horse Soring – Advocates fighting the criminal behavior of the pain-based Big Lick segment of the walking horse industry has been canned. The new administration earlier froze a near-finalized USDA rule to crack down on the abusers (there’s a major movement in Congress to turn that around).
  • Exotic Animals and Roadside Zoos – The HSUS has tracked violations from inspections of roadside zoos, and has put that information in a form that gives state and federal lawmakers and regulators a broad picture of how this industry is complying with the AWA. On Monday, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, a zoo accrediting organization, stated the move only erodes the public trust in high quality facilities while hiding those who mistreat animals.
  • Puppy Mills – Last year, the USDA revoked the licenses of nine horrific puppy mills, most of which The HSUS had identified repeatedly in their annual Horrible Hundred reports. Without the availability of public inspection records, The HSUS will have great difficulty obtaining the information  needed to press the agency on the egregious puppy mills being investigated. The USDA’s decision now leaves regulated dog sellers in those states with no practical way to comply with those laws, and state and local law enforcement with almost no ability to enforce them. Without ready access to information, it will be nearly impossible for consumers, law enforcement agencies, policymakers, and pet stores to know which breeders had violations.

In response the U.S Department of Agriculture released a statement referencing the removal of animal welfare reports from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service stating the following:

“The review of APHIS’ website has been ongoing, and the agency is striving to balance the need for transparency with rules protecting individual privacy. In 2106, well before the change of Administration, APHIS decided to make adjustments to the posting of regulatory records. In addition, APHIS is currently involved in litigation concerning, among other issues, information posted on the agency’s website. While the agency is vigorously defending this litigation, in an abundance of caution, the agency is taking additional measures to protect individual privacy. These decisions are not final. Adjustments may be made regarding information appropriate for release and posting.”

(Photo of Humane Society of the United States puppy mill victim.)

Read previous article here:

Read more about the USDA removing all records from their website.

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Police nab man who threw 3 newborn chihuahuas into trash

Police in Pasco, Washington have identified the man who dumped three newborn chihuahuas in a dumpster at a car wash last week. According to the news report by KeprTv, the police, in conjunction with the animal shelter used surveillance video cameras to identify the suspect as  Vatentin Patricio from Kennewick.Newborn chihuahua 3

An employee at the Bulldog Car Wash found the puppies and called authorities. They had been wrapped in a towel and thrown in the dumpster as if their lives didn’t count.  Shelter staff at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter have been caring for the three puppies who still had their wet and bleeding umbilical cords attached when discovered. They have been named Olive, Petunia and Gin. Angela Zilar has been caring for the puppies and bottle feeding them.

“They were very cold, so they had been there for a little while,” Angela said. “You have to do what’s best for them, and best for them is not in a garbage can.”

Patricio was told to bring in the mother dog and the one puppy he kept. Mother dog, Estrella and the other tiny pup named Puma will remain with the shelter until the conclusion of the case. Patricio, 33, has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty. The shelter will be asking the prosecutor to upgrade charges to felony counts.Newborn chihuahua 2

The three puppies will be available for adoption in nine-weeks.  To help with the expenses of the puppies, information can be found here.

(Photos of newborn chihuahuas and mother dog courtesy of Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.)

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Cruel owner caught on video abusing his puppy avoids jail

Cruel owner Dariusz Jakimowicz has been banned from owning any animals for the next five years after he was caught on video brutally beating his German shepherd in the body and face. Jakimowicz, 36, appeared at Luton Magistrate’s Court late last week in Luton, United Kingdom and pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by physical abuse and blunt force trauma.Dariusz jakimowicz 2

The disturbing cruelty was captured on a video made by his neighbor from a next door bedroom window. According to the Mirror,  Jakimowicz, the father of two young daughters, admitted beating the pup named Zeus last summer. The video showed him punching the dog at least ten times in the body and face on just one occasion. At another time, he hit the puppy with a metal rod as the dog “yelped” in agony. Neighbors described hearing the dog “screaming” in pain almost daily.

In court, the investigating RSPCA inspector testified:

“He was punching Zeus so hard that he was shaking and rubbing his fist afterwards because it hurt his hand. He admitted in interview that he did this because he lost his temper. Thankfully Zeus wasn’t left with any long-lasting injuries from this incident.”

The neighbor who videoed the disturbing events then described to the court what she saw:

“I was in my bedroom, and I heard a dog crying. I went to the bedroom window and saw a man I know to be my neighbor… I could see the man holding the dog by the scruff of his neck, and I saw him hit the dog in the body area and punch him with clenched fists. The male punched the dog 10 to 15 times. The dog responded by crying out; he wasn’t fighting back. We could hear the dog crying out on an almost daily basis.”

It wasn’t until the neighbor could finally capture the abuse on video that charges were filed. Before that, Jakimowicz denied all allegations and stated his neighbors were all just jealous of him owning the puppy.  Jakimowicz  told authorities he would discipline the dog using folded up newspaper, but didn’t think that was animal cruelty. When shown the video however, his story changed, and he offered the explanation the dog had chewed the fence, and he became “very angry.” According to the Daily Mail,  Jakimowicz has since expressed remorse and said “if he could go back and change things, he would not have done it.”

Jakimowicz also made the six-month-old puppy wear a pinch collar while walking on a leash. The contraption, described as a “medieval-looking training device” pinches the dog’s skin if they pull on the leash and is not a recommended training method for any dog – especially a puppy. Zeus is now a year old and is described by the RSPCA, where he remains in their care, as the “Brad Pitt of the German shepherd world.”

A jail sentence for 12 weeks was suspended for a year. In addition to the ban on owning or caring for any pets,  Jakimowicz must also perform 100 hours of volunteer work and pay all court costs.

(Photos of cruel owner beating German shepherd puppy screenshots via the Mirror)

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Rescuers ask: Who could watch this puppy be so neglected?

In Fulton County, Georgia, the photo of  a neglected ten-pound puppy so emaciated and too weak to stand was emailed Tuesday morning to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Jackie was overwhelmed with sadness, but also with an intense anger as she relayed the heartbreaking story to Pet Rescue Report:Opie 4

“PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! The abuse, the neglect, the cruelty, it’s too much. We must work together to stop this from happening, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. These animals deserve to be loved, cared for, humanely treated, treated with compassion and most certainly fed. We are so angry over the condition of this poor helpless puppy, angry and disgusted.”

And so Opie, a five-month-old puppy who never did anything other than to have been born, has been neglected to nearly death. Weighing only ten pounds and with a body temperature not even registering on a thermometer, had it not been for the kind staff at the Fulton County Animal Shelter reaching out to Jackie and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Opie would have been another tragic victim of animal cruelty.Opie 5

On Wednesday, Opie’s update states he remains in critical condition and is on intravenous nutrients and pain medication. He has been administered a plasma transfusion, but veterinarians have expressed their concern that Opie may have a possible obstruction.  At this time, this puppy’s prognosis is unknown. Say a few words of hope for this sadly neglected victim of egregious animal cruelty  won’t you?

To help Opie, donations can be made by clicking here, PayPal or RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028.

Photos and video of puppy neglected courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.



Video here: