Irresponsible owner dumps mom and 8 puppies putting all their lives at risk

As if there aren’t enough unwanted dogs and puppies at overcrowded county shelters who don’t deserve to die because of man’s irresponsible actions, another beautiful mother and her eight cattle dog puppies are now in … Read More

Sick puppies surrendered by backyard breeders because they couldn’t sell them

Bart and Lisa were born to backyard breeders in McAllen, Texas. The puppies were lethargic and obviously sick; the breeders knew they would not be able to sell them and called Animal Control to pick … Read More

Mother dog and her 5 newborn puppies dumped in deserted field to die slow deaths

Another heartless owner in Texas decided having their dog spayed would be too expensive and time consuming; having to take her to a veterinarian, and instead couldn’t be bothered by the consequences of their inaction. … Read More

Dog cried near beach for attention hoping someone would help her with her newborn puppies

In a beach area near Los Angeles, a dog waiting near a bush cried for help trying to get the attention of beachgoers. Sadly, no one came to her aid, and everyone just ignored her … Read More

20 defenseless puppies dumped along side of road in Tyler Texas

On Friday night, 20 defenseless puppies were dumped along the side of a road in Tyler, Texas. It was  Nicholas Pet Haven that came to their rescue. A plea for help went out.

“Last night
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Puppies rescued from landfill by heroes from St. Louis rescue

When a call came into the Stray Rescue of St. Louis from workers at a landfill, referencing puppies that were calling the dangerous property their “home,” rescuers hurried to the location.

The foreman pointed to … Read More

Five-month-old homeless puppy in Texas shot for being a nuisance

A five-month-old puppy from Mission, Texas is on his way to a rescue organization in Illinois because people care. The homeless puppy had been living in the area and would accept food from random Good … Read More

Scared puppies surrendered by their owner keep each other safe

Two scared puppies huddle together in a shelter cage at the Apple Valley Shelter in California. The two puppies are only six-months-old and were surrendered by their owner.

The following information has been provided to … Read More

Texas puppies thrown away with trash: Thrown into bucket and tossed in dumpster

In Donna, Texas, a litter of puppies had been thrown away like trash. The local fire department was called in to help animal control officers rescue the near newborns. No one knows how long the … Read More

Rescue angel crawls 30 feet into storm drain to rescue mother dog and her 4 puppies

In Houston, a group of rescuers came to the rescue of a stray dog and her four newborn puppies over the weekend. The women who had connected on the Next Door app had unsuccessfully been … Read More