Puppies locked in kennel abandoned in filthy Dallas drug house

An abandoned family of puppies left in a kennel with no food or water at a filthy drug house are being rescued. For days, a volunteer from Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform has been searching for … Read More

Six newborn puppies about to be left at shelter door rescued

In Southern California, the owner of a dog who had just given birth to six puppies on Monday evening was preparing to leave the newborns in a cardboard box in front of a local animal … Read More

Dumpster puppies: Itchy, scared, wild and left to die in trash pile

In Union Parish, Louisiana, four very scared puppies were rescued on Saturday after a Good Samaritan spotted them the previous evening near the county dump. The kindhearted woman was able to capture the smallest male, … Read More

Two stray German shepherd puppies never have had a touch of love

On Saturday, two stray German shepherd puppies were captured by Animal Control in Garland, Texas. Both female pups were scared and visibly trembled, but allowed shelter volunteer Roxi to pet them.

“They are both at

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Terrified puppies desperately need foster care intervention

Three terrified puppies in the Dallas area; the look on their tiny faces tell their story. They barely started their lives when an owner decided on Monday morning to surrender them to a shelter.


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Burned, beaten Coachella puppy defying all odds against her

In Coachella, California, a heartless culprit discarded a three-week-old puppy in a plastic Walmart bag, and then threw her into the trash. She had been burned, badly beaten and left for dead. And now, just … Read More

Too adorable: Litter of newborn pups saved from trash in Coachella

Their tiny faces are too adorable. And yes, this is the litter of three-day-old puppies that were rescued after their owner threw them into a trash bin in Coachella.

Riverside County Animal Services posted the … Read More

Arrested: Woman alleged to have thrown newborn puppies in dumpster

In Coachella, California, a woman alleged to have thrown a bag of seven newborn puppies into a dumpster last week has been arrested. Deborah Culwell, 54, was arrested at her home on Monday.

According to … Read More

Cruel owners sliced off puppies ears after watching ‘how to’ videos

In San Antonio, Texas, officials are investigating recent incidents where suspects sliced off puppies ears themselves after watching “how to” videos on the internet.

According to FoxNews Antonio, the City of San Antonio Animal … Read More

Good Samaritans rescue box of puppies dumped in the trash

How cruel to think any person could be so heartless as to dump a box of puppies in the trash. Two Good Samaritans rescued four little ones from the trash on Sunday night in Madera, … Read More