Mother dog and her 5 newborn puppies dumped in deserted field to die slow deaths

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Another heartless owner in Texas decided having their dog spayed would be too expensive and time consuming; having to take her to a veterinarian, and instead couldn’t be bothered by the consequences of their inaction. The mother dog and her five newborn puppies were then taken to a deserted field – no food or water, and left to die a slow death.

Fortunately a Good Samaritan spotted them, and rescue volunteers from the area were able to secure this family of six. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help and without hesitation agreed to help.

The mother dog and her puppies are all covered in fleas and ticks. The puppies have pale gums indicating anemia. The entire family is in need of urgent care, and that is what they are receiving today. The photos tell their story.

The emergencies keep flooding in, and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are in need of qualified foster homes, supplies and donations. Sadly, all these emergencies come with a huge price; vet bills and medical boarding for starters.

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Way to go demon spawned Texans! Yet another MISERABLE FAILURE of a so-called “human”. Next time a MAJOR storm obliterates portions of your truly EVIL citizens, think God. Think about how He looks down upon YOU shaking His head wondering WHY YOU destroy ALL things He brings to you. YOU allow repeat rapists out in 24 hours, YOU try to STEAL the legal votes of citizens from OTHER STATES, YOU try to DESTROY state governments in states that REFUSE YOUR NAZI TACTICS, YOU put an African American women in prison for 5 years for voting BEFORE being off parole, YET YOU allow a WHITE COP to MURDER as many people of color as THEY WANT with impunity. A reckoning IS coming and YOU ALL WILL NOT FAIR WELL at ALL! SMH!

    • Carol Green says:

      Diana Rowell, it would be nice if you would stop spouting all your hateful rhetoric about your political views and focus on saying something more constructive regarding the problem of animal abuse. A simple, “If I saw someone hurting an animal, I would kick their ass into next Tuesday.” While that statement is rather childish and entirely impossible, you would at least vent your anger and not sound so absolutely psychotic.


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