Sick puppies surrendered by backyard breeders because they couldn’t sell them

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Bart and Lisa were born to backyard breeders in McAllen, Texas. The puppies were lethargic and obviously sick; the breeders knew they would not be able to sell them and called Animal Control to pick them up.

When the officer arrived, the breeder surrendered the sickest puppy – Lisa, however the owners had changed their minds about giving up Bart and kept him. Lisa was taken to the shelter where she was in desperate need of emergency care. Multiple pleas were sent out.

“…It was nearing the end of the day and Lisa had been declining all day long. Nobody was stepping up for her and although we weren’t very hopeful for her, we had to try.”

ThisIsHouston, a non profit animal rescue, stepped forward to raise funds to help the puppy and rushed her to an emergency veterinarian in McAllen where she was hospitalized and received a blood transfusion. Lisa was heavily infected with hookworms.


And the concern about Bart became more worrisome at the same time. Rescuers went to the owners’ home and saw Bart lying in the yard under their trailer. They were able to convince the owners to surrender him; his health had also been declining that same day.

The puppies were then transferred to Sinton, Texas where they were rushed to Vergi24/7 on Saturday. Both puppies are battling hookworms, anemia and diarrhea. Both puppies have received plasma transfusions and will likely receive follow-ups today.

“Bart has declined a bit overnight and developed nasal discharge and a cough. They suspect possible kennel cough of bronchitis. He will be getting an NG tube placed today. They’re both pretty dumpy and lethargic, but their glucose and blood pressures are holding steady,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page as an update.

Both puppies have a long road to recovery, and their prognosis is unknown, but are being given every possible chance. They comfort each other and when one moves away a bit, the other one scoots over to get closer. The two definitely want to live.

Updates to follow.

To donate to their care:
Call Vergi at 713-932-9589
Venmo @ThisIsHouston


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Greg Abbott is probably REJOICING about this egregious TORTURE. EXCEPT for Texans, how many of you are surprised by this? THIS IS NOT NEW for this CORRUPT state with a sitting governor blatantly SHOWING his disregard of sentient being’s lives. A governor who believes it’s proper treatment to TORTURE a dog DAILY. A state FULL of men who ACTUALLY BELIEVE it’s THEIR RIGHT to beat, RAPE, sodomize, starve, and withhold water from ANY LIVING BEING they choose to and that God’s condones their SADISTIC behavior. Bible surmises that “pure madness will seem to overcome some states of being, while others will lift it up as something to worship”, and “God will NOT abide by such and His hand will bring down the most mighty of buildings erected to protect the very demons embracing this vile mind bending madness”. Yep.


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