Puppies rescued from landfill by heroes from St. Louis rescue

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When a call came into the Stray Rescue of St. Louis from workers at a landfill, referencing puppies that were calling the dangerous property their “home,” rescuers hurried to the location.

The foreman pointed to the spot, amid the large trash haulers, dump trucks and a tipper where the puppies had been spotted. The area was dangerous; bulldozers and other heavy equipment went in and out. The puppies must have been terrified.

Originally, the workers had seen three puppies, but no one knew where they had all gone except for one. One rescuer crawled under the equipment through the trash and the mud, and there she was – a scared little pup whose natural instincts told her to run. Fortunately, the workers at the landfill were waiting at the other end, and before long she was safely in the rescuer’s arms. She was missing a lot of her hair, her ears were bleeding and raw from fly bites and giant ticks had been sucking her blood.

The puppy was brought back to the shelter, cleaned up and named Treasure.

But where were the other puppies? Who could think of leaving them in such a dangerous place? How long could they survive?

The next day the two other puppies were finally spotted at the landfill, and within ten minutes the two tan and black faces were looking up at their rescuers, but too scared to get close. And again, the workers at the landfill were there to help, and the two screaming puppies were finally safe. They were named Bootie and Gem.

Since then, all of the puppies have been bathed, vet checked and reunited. As with most litters, the puppies are able to climb atop each other and sleep peacefully now.

Check out the video:

What a wonderful story from the true heroes of Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

“Please sign up to give $5 a month today. It may not seem like much to you, but to Treasure, Bootie, and Gem, it’s a warm bed, clean air, nutritious food, and health. To them, it’s life.

A huge thank you to the workers who were so kind and compassionate! You are heroes!”

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(Photos and videos from Stray Rescue of St. Louis)

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