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Florida animal services rescued 30 puppies kept in the dark from house of squalor in Miami

In Doral, Florida, 30 puppies and one adult dog were rescued and brought to Miami-Dade Animal Services after they were discovered hidden in a garage and kept in the dark.

According to WsvnNews, the puppies … Read More

‘Bonnie’ is very stressed and in urgent need of rescue from Miami shelter

Bonnie needs a village of rescuers to help her. Earlier this month, she was found as a stray and has been at Miami-Dade Animal Services available for adoption since November 11.

Her latest video appears … Read More

Urgent plea sent from Miami shelter to help five-year-old ‘Gipsy’

A heartbreaking photo of Gipsy has been bringing rescuers together; hoping to support an approved rescue organization who will save her before her time is up. Sadly, the Miami-Dade Animal Services are nearly full and … Read More

Senior pup has been dumped at Miami shelter four times: This is his last chance

Rocky surely must be familiar with the Miami-Dade Animal Services, because he has been surrendered to the shelter four times. Yes, four times, and it’s not fair. Just look at his picture – he is … Read More

Ultimate act of betrayal: Dog’s owner died from Covid and her family promised to care for her dog, but they didn’t

On Monday, Tiny is scheduled to be ‘put to sleep’ at Miami-Dade Animal Services. His destiny with death is only hours away, but it is hoped if his story is told, someone will step forward … Read More

Australian shepherd pup with ‘whale eyes and ears back’ not aggressive but just scared

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, a young Australian shepherd mix little more than a year-old is terrified in her shelter cage.

The tricolor dog, named Martha (ID#A2255637) was found as a stray and has been … Read More

Miami shelter contends ‘Victor’ doesn’t deserve second chance because he’s so scared

At Miami-Dade Animal Services, a four-year-old terrier remains on the schedule to be euthanized on Friday. Animal advocates are fighting for his life and are hoping a rescue organization will step up in the nick … Read More

Shelter sends out urgent plea to rescue ambulatory French bulldog

It’s hard to imagine a black French bulldog had been found in the Miami-Dade area of Florida as a stray, especially since the AKC ranked Frenchies as the sixth most popular dog in the United … Read More

Long time companions separated and heartbroken alone in their kennels

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, Schawabo and Rocky have been separated into different kennels. The bonded pair have been long time companions and were surrendered by their owner. Now their lives are in danger of … Read More

Heartbroken 12-year-old ‘Macho’ has no rescue interest at all

Since July 12, “Macho” has been waiting for someone to love him again; after all he is 12-years-old and has been described as very sweet and docile. He was brought to Miami-Dade Animal Services as … Read More