Frozen in fear and devastated dog once had a family

Sasha no longer picks up her head. At the Miami Dade Animal Services, the five-year-old American bulldog had been surrendered to the shelter by her owner on January 6, 2020. It’s not hard to see … Read More

When a dog is so defeated, her face shows her desperation

Candy’s heartbreaking photo has been making the rounds on social media. The eight-year-old brown and white American bulldog appears as if she has never had much love. Her coat is filthy, her eyes look down … Read More

Owner wanted puppy euth’ed after she bit his finger in provoked act

Gracie just doesn’t seem to have much luck, and she’s barely 10-months of age. On Thursday, Gracie was surrendered to the Miami-Dade Animal Services because she bit her owner on the finger when the puppy … Read More

Dog in Miami set on fire

Police in Mimai-Dade have initiated an investigation after a dog’s body was discovered in a burning box left on the side of a road Tuesday morning in the West Little River neighborhood. A passerby spotted … Read More

Bonded dogs sleep together at night dreaming of a home

At the Miami-Dade Pet Adoption and Protection Center, two bonded brothers don’t understand why they are not home, however they have each other and at night dream about a place where they can run, play … Read More

16-year-old Lab adopted from shelter last year found roaming street in pain

An urgent plea from Miami-Dade Animal Services went out on Saturday urging animal advocates to help find a home for a 16-year-old Labrador retriever found roaming the streets in excruciating pain from arthritis. Papo had … Read More

Shelter dog’s photo of pure rejection breaks our collective hearts

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, a shelter dog’s photo of pure rejection breaks our hearts. Everyday, in every shelter across America, lost, unwanted, tortured and neglected dogs feel the same as reflected by this young … Read More

Huddled together in a cage, two fragile puppies at high kill shelter

UPDATE: Rescued by  Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue .

In a heartbreaking video, two fragile puppies huddled together in a cage providing comfort to each other at the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter. Both puppies appear exhausted and … Read More

Stunning Mastiff surrendered to shelter because boyfriend didn’t like dog

A stunning Italian Mastiff Corso was surrendered to Miami-Dade Animal Services on Wednesday because the woman’s boyfriend didn’t like the dog.

PetHarbor Adoption link A2064215

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Urgent help for dog covered in scars and wounds in Miami shelter

A four-year-old male terrier, covered in scars and open puncture wounds, has captured the hearts of animal advocates. Von has had a terribly tough life, but his gentle demeanor continues to shine through his pain … Read More