First she was neglected and then Roxy was no longer wanted

At the Carson Shelter in California, Roxy is not doing well. The 10-year-old German shepherd appears to be overweight, and her nails are so long she now has difficulty walking.


A volunteer at the … Read More

Loyal senior dog trusted her owner – only to be left at shelter

When a picture is worth a thousand words, Nola’s heartbreaking story has already been told. On Thursday, the scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue. She arrived in a wire cage in the back … Read More

Family of dogs unfamiliar with human contact pulls on our heartstrings

At the Clayton County Animal Control in Ellenwood, Georgia, a family of dogs unfamiliar with human contact pulls on the heartstrings of staff and volunteers alike. The dogs arrived at the shelter on January 11, … Read More

Stray Lab retriever hides in the corner and shakes at busy Texas shelter

In a short heartbreaking video, a stray Labrador retriever is shown trying his best to make himself invisible. The barking, the clanking of bowls, the laughter of children and all the strange people have quickly … Read More

Cute and irresistible but no one wants Magpie

Magpie is cute and irresistible, but no one has come to rescue her. Barely one-year-old, her utterly adorable under bite makes everyone who meets her smile. And why not? This English bulldog needs a loving … Read More

Immediate help needed: 2-year-old ‘Church’ not doing well at shelter

Immediate help is needed. At the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Placement Network, volunteers are calling out to social media for help with two-year-old Church.

Sadly, Church is not doing well and has … Read More

Home needed: Jackie spends her 3rd birthday in Los Angeles shelter

At the West Los Angeles Shelter, no one seems to be interested in Jackie. Her shelter information states she is “rescue only” yet no details as to why the classification have ever been explained. How … Read More

‘Love’ is blind and overwhelmed at noisy crowded shelter

Her name is “Love” and the five-year-old terrier blend may be blind. She is overwhelmed at the noisy and crowded Lancaster Animal Shelter in Lancaster, California and barks – that is her only defense. Once … Read More

Little golden girl in critical need of rescue before it’s too late

At the Brooklyn division of New York Animal Care Centers, a little golden girl is in critical need of help. Carly is 13-years-old and weighs 13-pounds – therefore we are hoping “13” is her lucky … Read More

16-year-old surrendered senior ends 2019 crying in his shelter cage

A 16-year-old senior surrendered to the Orange County Animal Services cried in his shelter cage. He ended 2019 with a home and began 2020 homeless; and there he cries.

“Friends of Orlando Shelter Pets Per

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