Blind senior Border Collie rescued from storm drain during heavy rain

In San Bernardino, California, a Good Samaritan reported seeing a dog in a storm drain during a downpour on Sunday. A diligent rescue crew helped the Animal Control Officer find the dog despite the heavy … Read More

Puppy with spina bifida adoption offers go viral after he was stood up by adopter

In West Chester Township, Ohio, a nine-month-old puppy with spina bifida has had more than 200 adoption offers after his photo went viral on Monday. The Peaches Bully Rescue had transported the American bulldog puppy … Read More

Senior German shepherd has no adoption offers and now part of the unwanted

At the Downey Animal Shelter in California, Arthur has had no offers for adoption. After years of loyalty, Arthur doesn’t understand what happened and why he is in a shelter cage with so many other … Read More

‘Dee Dee’ has spent 10 or her nearly 11 years at shelter: New year new home?

In Canoga Park, California, Dee Dee has spent most of her life at the Pet Adoption Fund. When she was eight-months-old, she was found rummaging through the trash. For the last 10-years, Dee Dee
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Frozen with fear and unsocialized at shelter likely to cost young Lab her life

At the West Valley Animal Care Center in Arizona, a very scared and unsocialized young Labrador retriever dubbed Ritta needs a near miracle to save her life. The staff at the shelter have continued to … Read More

The forgotten one: Longest pup in shelter sleeps to take away the loneliness

Meet Pepsi – he’s a five-year-old mixed breed who spends most of his time lying in his kennel because no one comes to meet and greet him anymore. The Babylon Animal Shelter is hoping social … Read More

Pup went for a ride in the middle of the night only to be chained to a pole

In San Bernardino County, a brown and white dog waits at the shelter hoping his family will come back and take him home. On Sunday night, his owners ushered into the car and told him … Read More

Blind Corgi at Miami shelter ‘Please carry me and keep my water close’ sign on kennel

At Miami-Dade Animal Services a blind Welsh Corgi named Jimmy is so afraid of the kennel environment, he refuses to move. A staff member posted the following heartbreaking message on his kennel window:

“Please carry

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‘Who wouldn’t want to pet this belly?’ Help Phantom find a home

The Toledo Humane Society is asking for help. They admit they are stumped and are hoping to find “who wouldn’t want to pet this belly?”

This adorable boy arrived at the shelter at the end … Read More

Louis the blind dog whose owners had his eyes removed adopted by blind father

In San Diego, California, Louis, the blind three-year-old Labrador shepherd and retriever mix, whose owners had the dog’s eyes surgically removed because of an infection and found they could no longer care for him has … Read More