Neighbor rescues puppy left to die in Utica dumpster

In Utica, New York, a five-month-old puppy was stuffed in two plastic bags and thrown into a dumpster and left to die last Saturday. Had it not been for a man and his daughter, who heard the cries of the puppy from their apartment, the tiny Dachshund might not be alive today. The family immediately called 911 to report the puppy’s loud whines, but when no one arrived to help, the man and his daughter went outside to investigate for themselves. As reported by WktvNews, the two found the puppy wrapped in a quilt inside of two sealed trash bags shivering.

According to Christopher Thornton, who found the puppy now dubbed Oscar, the black and brown pooch’s tongue was already purple, and he was nearly lifeless when he first found him.

“When I opened the bag and saw him he was barely moving. He was yelping at a lower tone than what we heard earlier,” Christopher stated.

On the same day Oscar was rescued, Animal Cruelty Officer Bill Pulaski stated a call came in from a woman very early in the morning, who wanted someone to come to her home to pick up a puppy she stated she could no longer care for – just hours later Christopher Thornton found Oscar. A man and a woman have since been arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for abandoning the puppy. During the interview, however the couple stated that the dog was already dead when they put him in the dumpster.

Oscar was named after Oscar the Grouch character from Sesame Street who lived out of a trash can. The puppy is currently in the custody of the SPCA in Central New York. Oscar is now very happy and healthy, and it might be that Christopher Thornton may want to adopt Oscar!

(Photo of Oscar the puppy found in Utica dumpster screenshot via TwcNews.)

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Injured dogs just meet and find solace in each other at vet office

Two injured dogs became immediate friends and found comfort in each other at a veterinarian’s office in New York City at their very first meeting. Rescuers had never seen two dogs who had endured such neglect and agony respond to one another with such apparent love and comfort.

“They ran into each other at the vet and they would not leave one another’s side. The purity and innocence that live in these two is commendable. They made it…and now they have each other. Little Valentine’s body is still sore and raw but he is coming along; the pain medication is working and he is in way better spirits,” Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs posted on their Facebook page Wednesday morning updating advocates about the condition of two dogs dubbed Valentine and Moose.  Valentine and Moose

It started with the rescue of  five-year-old Moose late last week who was saved from a high-kill rural shelter that does not allow photos or videos enabling advocates to help these dogs find homes. With Moose’s tragic plight, volunteers were notified that his kennel mate attacked him while eating. Moose did not bite back or even growl; he sat there and took it. As he was being led through the shelter, a pregnant dog lunged and growled at him, and he only offered her his belly.

“He may look rough but he is as gentle and kind as they get, therapy dog type. Clearly a loser once cropped his ears so badly and as a result he has a raging skin ear infection, imagine someone taking scissors to your velvety floppy ears. He has really bad sores, an infection on his bum, he is covered in fleas, has an eye and skin infection.”Valentine and Moose 2

Once he arrived at the vet, he was diagnosed with a severe skin condition, an out of control ear infection and  polyps all over his body, especially on his back end. His toe nails are infected, and he was covered in flea residue. Most disturbing was that most of his teeth were totally rotted out which is uncommon for his young age; he will require surgery for this.  Described as a “low rider pit,” Moose who has a solid disposition despite all he has endured. He is described as an “absolute joy and honor to be around, truly an easy going guy.” Moose will be moving to a foster home for care and will be back and forth at the vet for treatment. Please note three more dogs were rescued that day from that same shelter.

And then came the  rescue of a 10-week-old puppy on Monday. When the organization posted his heartbreaking photo, it appeared as if the defenseless little pup’s face had been shredding away. He had been found wandering the streets in horrific condition, and for days he sat at a high-kill shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. The rescue organization immediately put out a plea for help:Valentine the puppy

“It sounds like he has some kind of respiratory condition (unfortunately most dogs in the shelter end up with these respiratory infections). He has something that looks like a burn on his face, but may be some kind of severe mange or severe skin infection. His stomach is also raw and has the same bloodied scabs all over it. It looks like the skin was peeled away from his belly. He cries out in pain when anyone tries to touch him. We won’t know exactly what is going on until we are able get him to a vet. We cannot imagine the pain and discomfort he must be in. Please help us pull Sweet Valentine. We would like to save Valentine today and offer his the medical support he needs to get through this.”

And now the two injured dogs have met and their compassion to each other gives all of us a moment to pause and reflect how absolutely perfect is the description that dogs are our best friends – and not only to humans, but to each other in the most crucial times of their lives. If you would like to donate to Moose and Valentine, please click here. If you would like to get them a little gift for their temporary stay in foster care, you may do so at…

(Photos of injured dogs find comfort in each other courtesy of Second Chance Rescue NYC.)

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Little stray found wearing his sweater but where is his family?

The curly white stray dog came from somewhere, but no one has arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center to claim little Billy. The unkempt poodle showed up in his tartan sweater, and everyone hoped his family would be searching for him by calling all the local shelters and visiting animal rescue websites anxious to be reunited. Since February 9, 12-year-old Billy had been waiting at the front of his cage. The moment he heard noise or movement – he quickly rushed to the front hoping; wishing his family had finally arrived. Sadly all of that recently changed; too many disappointments, and now Billy barely looks up when someone approaches his kennel cage. The sadness and utter despair shows in his tiny face and in those deep brown eyes.

Click here for Billy’s Pet Harbor listing.  “My name is Billy and I am described as a male, white Poodle – Miniature. The shelter thinks I am about 12 years old. I have been at the shelter since Feb 09, 2017.” For more information about this dog, call the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A5032277.  It is unknown if Billy’s owner died, and he was just dropped off at the shelter or even if his owner may be elderly and doesn’t know how to make use of the Internet to find her lost dog.

A Facebook page for Billy can be followed here.  Sadly, there hasn’t been much attention or interest for Billy, and senior dogs rarely have a line at the door to adopt them. Please share Billy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Won’t you help?

For further information, contact the Carson Shelter located at 216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California. Phone: 310.523.9566.

(Photo of stray Billy at Carson Shelter courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs)

Check out Billy’s video here:

A distant memory: Tortured Doberman with severed spine recovers

On January 4, an Isabella fawn and rust purebred Doberman was brought into the county shelter in Kershaw City, South Carolina. He was severely injured, emaciated and scarred. Someone had cropped off his ears in an egregious home botched job, but that wasn’t the worst of it for this one-year-old dog. His back was completely bent over and contorted as he hobbled in pain. The shelter staff believed the clearly starved and abused puppy had escaped from the hell where he had been existing, and as he tried to eat a dead animal lying on the road to stave off his intense hunger, he had been struck by a car.Spencer after

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, and co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan came to Spencer’s rescue that day; the dog with a severed spine, and even though the costs to help him had been estimated to be extremely expensive, there was no hesitation to help:

“We took him because he was suffering, and he deserved to live,” Jackie posted to their followers on the rescue’s Facebook page. “It was the right thing to do, but we need your help. We put down a $3,000 deposit just to bring him in the front door. It is no wonder so many dogs can not be helped. In addition to the operation for his spine, his stomach is full of bones – which is another problem we will have to address.”Spencer after 2

And so the long road to recovery began that day for the tortured Doberman. Transferred to the  VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina, tests revealed Spencer was so young and could still feel his legs, he was an excellent candidate for surgery to repair his severed spine. His stomach, however was filled with bird bones which threatened to perforate his stomach lining, but that was a chance rescuers decided to risk.

“I’m proud, strong, determined and a fighter,” Spencer seemed to have been telling everyone at the surgery center.” I am overcoming all odds and I will succeed! I will take my life back and find my own happiness! I will win!”Spencer after 4

In the days following Spencer’s successful surgery, the determined puppy was eager to get to work at his physical therapy as the staff helped him build muscle and support his own weight. Even the splintered bones threatening to pierce his gut had safely passed through his intestines, thus eliminating the need for a second surgery. And then came the toys- Spencer just couldn’t get enough of playing with them. Obviously, he had never before known the pleasure.

“Spencer has taught us a lot and has much more to teach,” wrote Jackie as the puppy continued his recovery with never a complaint. “It’s hard for us to put his rescue into words because it’s been such a whirlwind. He literally took us by storm crashing our website in his first 24 hours! It’s been an emotional roller coaster with just the type of ending we’d hoped for! Our goal all along was to make Spencer whole again; happy healthy and forever loved…”


And on Saturday Spencer went home. He has a special nonslip floor to help with his continued therapy. Everyday is an adventure, and now Spencer – who just six weeks ago barely existed in this world, has been truly rescued. Spencer is scheduled to commence hydrotherapy as everyone looks forward to his complete recovery.

“Spencer thanks everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and support! It’s been a very long day, driving home, checking out his new house, yard and room and he’s finally settling in and relaxed! Could very well be the best sleep he’s ever had! What an amazing feeling for him! He did it,” stated his new family. Spencer joins two other dogs – all of whom seem to be settling in fine.

Many thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who so often step up and offer the abused, tortured and seemingly hopeless cases a second chance at life. Many thanks to all of the volunteers and advocates who donate their time and funds to make all of this possible. To help more dogs like Spencer, donations can be made,  please click here,  or here.

(Photos of Spencer the Doberman and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Read the Doberman’s original story here.

Check out his video: (Spencer wants that toy hedgehog out of his bed)

Homeless tripod pup cuddled on a shoe box for weeks

A homeless tripod pup had been homeless for at least five months and struggled to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. The residents in the area had no idea where Princess came from, nor how she lost her leg, but there was no doubt her life had been a struggle for a long time.Princess 3 legged dog 2

When one day, Los Angeles rescue organization Hope for Paws received a text asking if they could help the three-legged female dog that had been living in front of a home for the past few weeks and didn’t belong to anyone, rescuers immediately replied. As they arrived at the address, they found the shivering dog asleep on a cardboard shoe box as the rain lightly fell down upon her fragile body.Princess 3 legged dog 3

As Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, slowly approached and carefully placed his signature “lucky” leash around her neck, Princess just stared – she didn’t bark, she didn’t growl nor did she try to escape. It’s as if she knew, these humans were really there to help. Instinct told her she was sick, and maybe this was the answer to her silent pleas for help. According to the homeowner, Princess had shown up one day; he had been feeding her, and she seemed to have adopted the shoe box as her bed.

And so Princess was cuddled in a blanket and rushed off to see the organization’s veterinarian where her rescue happened in the nick of time. From inadequate food and adverse conditions, Princess was extremely anemic, and had Hope for Paws not come around at the right time, it is doubtful the dog ever could have survived much longer. For months, Princess remained in treatment – but now she’s genuinely a princess just patiently waiting for a kingdom to call her own.Princess 3 legged dog 4

(Photos and video of homeless tripod pup Princess courtesy of Hope for Paws.)


Watch her incredible video, and if interested in giving Princess a forever home contact Smooch Pooch Rescue.


Everyone overlooks Ruin Creek dogs: Yes, their lives count

Listed at the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals, eight dogs have little chance to live much longer. They all have names however, and their lives all matter. Sadly, everyone overlooks them, but not today!  Meet Dino, Ski-Bo, Mr. Sir, King, Bella, Rocki, Waldo, and of course Chief. Is it because some of the dogs are pit bull mixes, have some medical needs or need specific homes that they may be condemned to death? All life is precious, and each and every one of these dogs just want to be loved.ruin creek 1

Ski-Bo, King and Chief have been at the shelter the longest, and tragically the dogs are showing dog aggression – much of their behavioral issues stemming from being kept in kennels for too long. The dogs are listed as “rescue only” which makes their plight even more urgent, but advocates have answered the call many times before helping what others have labeled “death row” or not adoptable pets.

An advocate for these special dogs sets out her plea on Facebook hoping approved rescue organizations will step forward, supporters will pledge funds to help the dogs and animal advocates will share their stories:ruin creek 2

“These are sweet and loving animals that because of medical needs and their selective behavior, or because they are pit/or mixed they are continually over looked for literally months now. Time is not on their side, and we may start losing them soon. We believe in these animals, we know they are good natured, attentive and deserving dogs. If everyone could help us reach out to the rescue community hoping to find room for just one more deserving dog that may need a little extra guidance. Please note that these animals are in a chaotic shelter environment and are not spayed/neutered. If anyone is interested we may have some funding to help with training. Please don’t be shy.”

For more information about these dogs, please contact if you can help: The Facebook page for the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson North Carolina can be followed here. (Please note this is not the shelter)ruin creek 3

(Photos of the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson NC courtesy of Facebook volunteers.)

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Rescued dog refused to leave his friend an abandoned bunny behind

A special truck driver we all want to hug for his kindness and intuition rescued a clever dog and his abandoned buddy – a bunny, someone obviously left behind. When Akron, Ohio resident Dan O’Grady spotted the stray dog on his route to Florida, he stopped his truck and called out to the lost pooch.Humane Society of Summit county

According to the Humane Society of Summit County, when Dan approached the little Jack Russell terrier, the dog began to bark frantically, but as Dan moved closer to the dog, the pooch would run away and flee back into the woods. And that’s when Dan followed the dog, and as he looked around, he spotted a white rabbit hiding under the bushes. Scooping the friendly bunny up into his arms, the dog was satisfied his pal was safe and followed Dan back into his truck.

O’Grady named the pair “Highway” and “Interstate” and fed them before taking the dog to a nearby shelter.  The local shelter wouldn’t take the rabbit, however the Humane Society of Summit took in the emaciated bunny, and of course staff members at the rescue had a gracious shout out to a kind human being. On the organization’s Facebook page, came the happy update:

“Interstate, the bunny that we featured the other day, has been adopted!

Thank you everyone for the kind, positive comments. We are so grateful that Dan O’Grady took time out of his long truck route to make sure BOTH of these animals were taken to safety!”Humane Society of summit county bunny

Highway has also been adopted. It’s not known if the dog and bunny were bonded, and of course, the perfect story would have been even happier if they found a home together, but nevertheless, it’s still an awesome rescue and two more deserving animal companions have found loving homes.

Photos of dog and abandoned bunny courtesy of Dan O’Grady and the Humane Society of Summit County.

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Owner tied weights around dog’s neck to keep her from jumping the fence

If you’re gasping  for breath in disbelief at the photos of a young female dog surrendered to the Nelspruit Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Lydenburg, South Africa, you are not alone. According to the animal welfare organization, the owner said the dog had jumped the fence, and so they decided to tie multiple weights around her neck to keep her home and less active.Nelspruit SPCA

“I didn’t expect the dog to come in with the actual weights still around her neck, lock, chain and all. I had to leave the office as I was unable to hold my tongue,” the shelter staff member posted on Facebook. “Needless to say, we were told about the love that they had for her with tears in their eyes.”

And the story continued awakening an intense anger in even the most stoic animal advocate, who may have said in the past they thought they had seen it all. Rather no one could imagine this dog eating, sleeping and playing with those weights around her neck.

“I always ask and explain to people especially in areas where dogs are ‘just a dog’ if they would do something like that to a child?,” the shelter staff member continued. “Usually I get the same shocked look and they will say, no never. So can you imagine a three year old child’s energy being kept low due to weights like this around the neck? There would be a public outcry.”

Tragically, this is the fate of too many dogs trained for competitions, dogs that owners are too lazy to train and teach, or dogs who should never been turned over to the negligent humans claiming they “love their dog.”

This dog is now safe. Under South Africa’s Animal Protection Act 71 passed as law in 1962, it is illegal to attach any equipment, appliance or vehicle to an animal that can cause suffering. Veterinarians will be examining this dog and will continue from there. The photos posted by the Nelspruit Society SPCA on their Facebook page Monday has garnered nearly 3,000 “shares” and more than 2,000 “comments” condemning the owner of this dog who appears to have recently given birth to a litter of puppies. Our hearts cry out for justice.

Photos of the dog with weights tied around her neck courtesy of Nelspruit SPCA.

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Read what happens when a brown Labrador retriever gives birth to five puppies. Click here.

Puppy Fiona, with her mother, two year old Labrador Millie, owned by Elaine Cooper, who runs a motorhome business in Chorley, Lancs. Fiona was born with a rare but harmless condition that gives he temporary green tinge; it has faded significantly from birth. February 06, 2017. Dog owners in Chorley were astonished when their two-year-old chocolate Labrador gave birth to an actual green puppy. See Ross Parry story RPYGREEN; Elaine and Mark Cooper were by Milly’s side all night as she went into labour at midnight on Thursday, January 26. Nicknamed Fifi after Princess Fiona from Shrek, the little bright green ball of fur was born the next day at around 7.30am. “She came out in the sack so we thought that it was the placenta that made her look very dark. We thought she was a black Labrador. “But when Milly started to lick the placenta off she actually had a green tinge. We were laughing and saying no, this can’t be green. All the others are golden and this one’s green.


Yankee Poodle: A little boy brings love to a dog who had given up

In Los Angeles, a little stray, dirty poodle seemed to have given up on life. For days, the Internet had been abuzz with kind people asking Eldad Hagar, founder of the rescue organization, Hope for Paws, if he could help. Neighbors had noticed the curly little rascal dubbed Yankee Poodle they had been feeding and trying to care for, was barely moving. They feared he may have been injured.Yankee Poodle

On their return trip from rescuing two other dogs that day, Eldad and Lisa Arturo found little Yankee lying on the sidewalk with his head sticking out from the alley where he commonly slept. Both scared and defensive, Yankee growled as the rescuers approached, but Eldad waited until the dog calmed down and gently placed the leash over his head. Moments later, Yankee allowed Eldad to pet him and pick him up.

The neighbors were ecstatic that Yankee had been rescued; they peeked out from windows and bid the sweet dog goodbye knowing that he had finally been rescued. Given a bath, a haircut, a veterinarian examination and plenty of love and affection, slowly the fear left Yankee, but his story isn’t over yet. The pooch was transferred to Rescue From the Hart, where he quickly bonded with a young boy. They ran and played together in the backyard; Yankee overcame his fears and is now ready for his forever home.Yankee poodle and little boy

Make sure to sit back for a few minutes and watch Yankee Poodle’s story. Many thanks to Eldad for his love and devotion to all of those who cannot speak. Photos and video courtesy of Hope for Paws.





‘Are you here to save me?’ Shelter pup Creassy looked to photographer for help

All of his life, Creassy spent with his family. On January 14, however came the biggest betrayal the German shepherd never saw coming. It was the day his family surrendered the 11-year-old to the Miami-Dade Animal Services. And as the days slowly passed away – one by one, the shelter pup looked to a photographer for help – “Are you here to save me?,” he seemed to have been asking.Creassy 2

Click here for this boy’s Pet Harbor listing: CREASSY “(A0807127) I am a neutered male brown German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter staff think I am about 11 years old and I weigh 47 pounds. I was turned in by my owner and I am available for adoption.” His Facebook page can be followed here.  A volunteer on the Urgent Dogs of Miami offered this heartbreaking description:

“Imagine spending 11 years with a family, and then waking up one day behind bars, where they left you without saying goodbye. It is never okay to dump your dog at a shelter, but even worse, to dump a senior dog who has given you all of their love & loyalty for so many years…and now they’re sleeping in a cold metal cage without any comfort or love. Heartbroken Creassy was mid-scratch when we photographed him, and he looked up like “Hey are you going to save my life? Pretty please?” 

This senior is just waiting for a second chance. His adoption fees have been waived. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. His medical records are as follows:


Heartworm prevention given today.
If dog is HW negative; the adopter/rescuer/foster has 30 days to contact their own veterinarian for consecutive heartworm prevention treatment.
NORMAL 0.00LBS DHPP boosters # 2 administered today.

Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave in Doral, Florida and is open Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

(Photos are you here to save me via Urgent Dogs of Miami)

Check out this boy’s video and help him find a loving home: