Little Lola left at shelter because owners had ‘too many’

Little Lola isn’t to blame for her owners having “too many” dogs, yet she’s being punished after having been surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter.

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Because he’s old: Owner asked shelter to euth’ 15-year-old Rusty

In a heartbreaking situation, a sweet 15-year-old golden retriever mix  named Rusty was surrendered to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center on Tuesday. The notes about his surrender included the following:

17-sep-19 – note

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Meet ‘Manny’: Life in danger at crowded California shelter

Meet Manny; his life is in danger at the City of San Bernardino County Animal Control because he’s the dog with the longest stay at the shelter. Manny has been available for adoption since August … Read More

White boxer Aubrey was found this way – rescue needed now

What must Aubrey’s life have been like before she was found last week? Nearly bald and with a discharge from her eyes, yet no one seemed to have cared. And now the two-year-old waits at … Read More

Bonded brothers Harvey and Homer cried in shelter until reunited

A 10-year-old male named Harvey and his eight-year-old brother Homer are bonded brothers and probably are lost away from their home. The pair are very cute, but seem to be very sad and confused. Both … Read More

Stray pup defeated and scared hides in the corner and needs help

Just one-year-old, a German shepherd mix appears defeated and scared. With no hope in sight and with no understanding about what has happened to him, the young stray pup hides in the corner hoping to … Read More

Six day old puppies have ‘rescue hold’ while mom left behind

Friday update as per Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need:

“5400459 Mom (hold) and Puppies 541164 (hold) 541165 (hold) 54166 (died in kennel) 9/13 shelter staff confirmed that this puppy died in the kennel

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Help Banjo: Beagle holds shelter’s title of longest resident

In Gloucester, Virginia, the longest resident at the Gloucester-Matthews Humane Society is Banjo. As a puppy, Banjo had been captured in the woods while a feral puppy of only a few months – that was … Read More

‘Socko’ on list to be euth’ed when he tried to play with his leash

At the Miami-Dade Animal Care Center in Florida, Socko is on the list to be euthanized in the morning. A volunteer from Rescue Me – Miami tells Socko’s sad story through his eyes:

“Can anyone

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Tiny puppies surrendered to shelter in a plastic bag

Barely able to open their eyes on a high temperature and humidity day, three-week-old puppies were surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter wrapped in a plastic garbage bag and placed in a cardboard box.… Read More