Yellow Lab rescued from hot car who suffered a stroke has miraculous story to tell

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In the Des Moines, Washington area, the story of a dog found in a hot car with the temperature registering 104 degrees outside has a miraculous story to tell. Of course, the yellow Labrador retriever named Kaia can’t speak for herself, but a police sergeant and the animal rescue group Yellow Labrador Retrievers, detail her amazing tale of survival and finding love.

Just one month ago,  Sergeant Cathy Millett had been dispatched to a dog in a hot car. The windows had been rolled up; no water or food had been left for the dog. The owner had been sitting inside a fast food restaurant with air conditioning eating a burger.

Authorities learned the five-month-old puppy, named Kaia had been living with the owner out of his car. The owner surrendered the dog at the scene, and she was immediately transported to a local veterinarian who told the officer, Kaia had to be humanely euthanized because she had suffered brain damage due to heat stroke.

“I have seen a lot of bad things at my job,” the officer wrote on her social media page, “but this killed me. I cried on my way home from work which has only happened once in 23 years of service.”

And here’s the miracle shaping up, so please don’t stop reading yet. The next day the officer received a call from the veterinarian saying Kaia had made a miraculous recovery; just suffering only minor brain damage and would be able to be adopted.

And who do you think adopted her? If you guessed the police sergeant, you are absolutely correct.

“The vet didn’t even charge for her service and the bill would have been over $1,000. Kaia found her forever home with me and my two other dogs. If she has brain damage, it doesn’t show. She is thriving and fitting in very well with the other dogs. Miracle do happen and she is my miracle.”

Thank you for your service Sergeant and hoping Kaia lives a long and happy life.

The owner has been cited for animal cruelty and is awaiting his court appearance.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s always so good to read a happy ending. I hope the former owner of this precious pup receives the right amount of punishment. I don’t care if you do live in your car, there is NEVER and excuse to leave a dog in a hot car!


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