Fox entangled in fencing net had glove wedged in its mouth

An RSPCA Frontline rescuer in Swindon saved a fox’s life on Saturday. It seems the little rascal entangled himself in a net, and a red glove had become wedged in his mouth.

According to the … Read More

American dentist who killed Cecil the lion slaughters rare sheep in Mongolia

The American dentist from Minnesota is believed to be back to slaughtering animals for his trophy collection. Walter Palmer, 60, returned from another hunting trip in Mongolia  after killing an Altai argali – the largest … Read More

Grizzly bears to remain protected from trophy hunters appeals court agrees

The North Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous opinion on Wednesday upholding a 2018 court act affirming that grizzly bears will remain under the Endangered Species Act and are therefore protected from hunting that … Read More

Woman ‘kicks’ out at swans mating while witness pushed into canal

In Limehouse, East London, a woman allegedly kicked out at a pair of mating swans and then a witness was pushed into the canal. The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating Friday’s incident and have asked … Read More

Alligator enjoys afternoon chillin’ on pool float at Miami Airbnb

A family from Georgia faced quite the unusual experience this week when they spotted an alligator lounging on a pool float at their South Miami Airbnb.

According to the Miami New Times, David Jacobs … Read More

Zookeeper faces backlash after flaunting video riding a beluga whale

Chinese social media users of Weebo slammed a zookeeper at an aquarium after the worker shared a video on social media of himself riding a beluga whale. Animal lovers called him a “show off” and … Read More

Wildlife too often suffers from the cruelty of man

In a heartbreaking report hearts were broken yesterday in Holbrook, Massachusetts when an innocent animal was captured in the steel jaws of an illegal, barbaric leg hold trap. Monday’s morning tragedy involved wildlife – just … Read More

Alcohol addicted monkey who bit 250 people imprisoned for life in zoo

In New Delhi, an alcohol addicted monkey has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the Kanpur Zoo. The monkey had been going through alcohol withdrawal when it went on a mad spree – killing one … Read More

Baby bear that wandered into Maryland neighborhood shot and killed

In a disturbing situation on Saturday afternoon in Hartford County, Maryland, a baby bear that had wandered into a residential neighborhood was shot and killed by police.

Witnesses were shocked and questioned why police did … Read More

Rare silverback mountain gorilla killed by hunters

In Uganda, a 25-year-old rare silverback mountain gorilla referred to as Rafiki, was killed this week by hunters in Uganda. It is believed there are less than 1,000 mountain gorillas in existence, and the Uganda Read More