Looking for your pet from Camp Fire? Here’s help

Are you looking for your pet left behind or lost from the Camp Fire in Chico, California?  Need some help?

Below is a list of resources now available. If you can locate your pet, it … Read More

Mountain lion euthanized after killing a dog in Colorado

On Wednesday, a mountain lion was euthanized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials, after having been captured on Monday in Evergreen after it had killed a dog. Officials state the mountain lion was killed … Read More

Lion cub discovered in Lamborghini at Paris’ tourist attraction

A French animal protection organization is caring for a lion cub found by police in a Lamborghini in Paris at the Champs-Elysees Boulevard. It is suspected someone wanted to sell the cub for profit.

When … Read More

New York state trooper discovers wandering elephant while on patrol

Imagine the surprise New York State Trooper Sgt. Dave Scott must have felt after a call came in on Sunday night referencing a wandering elephant in Westtown.

Public Information Officer for Trooper Steven Nevel told … Read More

Villagers in India tie leopard cub by legs as kids pose for photos

A two-month-old leopard cub was tied up by his legs by villagers in Maharashtra, India to let children play with the panicky little one and pose for photos. The cub had ropes tied around its … Read More

Advocates call out Malibu Wines for not evacuating Stanley the giraffe

In Malibu, California, Stanley the giraffe has been reported to be fine. As the Woolsey Fire quickly spread, residents, businesses and animals were forced to quickly evacuate. Animal advocates were very worried about Stanley’s safety.… Read More

Terrified bunny rabbits huddled against rock wall to escape forest fire

A terrified bunch of bunny rabbits huddled against a rock wall in Thousand Oaks, California trying to flee the fury of the forest fires in the Woolsey area. A news camera from CBS caught sight … Read More

Chinese tourists pelted crocodile with rocks to see if he was real

Chinese tourists pelted a crocodile at the China-Africa Wildlife Zoo in Xiamen over the weekend with rocks until it bled to determine if the animal was real. The saltwater reptile is believed to be Asia’s … Read More

Gray fox rescued from roof of Pittsburgh’s private Duquesne Club

On Thursday, in downtown Pittsburgh, a gray fox found his way to the roof of the Duquesne Club. As members and staff awaited a wildlife rescue to capture the beautiful animal, photos and social media … Read More

Thug who bludgeoned 6 baby penguins to death will not be jailed

A 20-year-old thug from Tasmania, who bludgeoned six baby penguins to death with a stick at Sulphur Creek in Tasmania two years ago, will not receive any jail time. Joshua Leigh Jeffrey was convicted in … Read More