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Baby giraffe fitted with specialized braces to correct her front leg from bending the wrong way

A baby giraffe born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park had been born with hyperextended carpi; a condition which made her front leg bend the wrong way. Msituni was born on February 1 at … Read More

Litter of mountain lion kittens abandoned by their mom and found under picnic table

A litter of mountain lion kittens were found under a picnic table near foothills in the Los Angeles suburb of Thousand Oaks. The four tiny kittens, estimated to be about six-weeks-old, were spotted at the … Read More

Fire department frees deer with plastic pumpkin stuck on her head

In Cascade, Michigan, a deer is finally free of the Halloween plastic pumpkin days after getting her head stuck. She was first spotted with the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket earlier in the week, and despite multiple … Read More

Two juvenile ospreys taken from their nest and killed by Calvert County to replace ball park lights

On Monday, two juvenile ospreys were taken from their nest by maintenance workers at Calvert County’s Cove Point Park in Lusby. They were later killed as workers were replacing lights at the ball park and … Read More

Incredibly rare white raven discovered seriously injured and unable to fly

In Errington, British Columbia, a Good Samaritan came across an incredibly rare white raven in May; the bird was unable to fly and had  deep, open wounds on its feet. The kind person contacted the … Read More

Idaho woman fined $5.8K for leaving trash out that attracted grizzly to her campsite

In Moose, Wyoming, a woman from Idaho was fined $5,800. for leaving trash out at her campsite which attracted a grizzly bear in the Grand Teton National Park.

Other campers had videos and photos of … Read More

Bear with chicken feeder stuck on head for a week rescued by wildlife officials

A female bear with a chicken feeder stuck over her head for at least one week  in the foothills of Boulder has been rescued and freed back into the wild.

According to the Colorado Parks … Read More

Owl and turtle stuck together untangled by Virginia rescue group

“This was a first,” the Animal Welfare League of Arlington wrote on their social media page, referring to an owl and a turtle that got stuck together.

On Friday, the organization received a call about … Read More

Anticipated death sentence for ‘aggressive swan’ ends with the unexpected

In Brick Township, New Jersey, neighbors in Seawood Harbor were fighting to save the life of a male swan after he had been deemed “too aggressive.” Residents defending the swan stated he had been protecting … Read More

Area residents fight to save life of swan deemed ‘too aggressive’

In Brick Township, New Jersey, neighbors in Seawood Harbor are fighting to save the life of a male swan after he has been deemed “too aggressive.” Residents defending the swan say he is protecting the … Read More