Disturbing images of starving lions prompts online campaign to save them

An online campaign to rescue five starving African lions at a park in the Sudan capital at the Khartoum’s Al-Qureshi Park escalated after a report that one of the lions died on Monday.

According to … Read More

Outrage as teen repeatedly punched injured kangaroo in viral video

Social media users are outraged after a video went viral showing a teenager repeatedly punching an injured kangaroo in the face in the Australia NSW town of Culcairn. The video appeared on Snapchat Monday and … Read More

Coyote in Chicago that bit child will not be euthanized

A coyote bit a six-year-old child last week on Chicago’s North Side at Lincoln Park. The little boy had been walking with his babysitter when the coyote, who had been hiding in the tall grassy … Read More

Most adorable koala baby found next to her dead mom rescued

An adorable koala baby was rescued on Friday after found cuddled next to its dead mom in the smoldering bushland on Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

According to Pro_air_vision on Instagram, cinematographer Bill Blair had been filming … Read More

Brookfied Zoo lioness dies from tragic fall just 2 weeks after mate died

At the Chicago Zoological Society, a female African lion had to be euthanized on Tuesday after she suffered life threatening injuries from an accidental fall just two weeks after the zoo euthanized her mate due … Read More

Pigeon with cowboy hat glued to her head has died

In Las Vegas, a rescued pigeon with a cowboy hat glued to his head has died. According to Lofty Hopes Pigeon Rescue, “Billie the Pidge” died.

The pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats  that went viral … Read More

Galapagos tortoise ‘Diego’ retires after his high sex drive saved his species

A Galapagos tortoise, believed to be 130-years-old is returning home after his high sex drive and abilities helped to save his species.

According to the Galapagos Org. Ecuador’s Environmental Ministry concluded the 40-year captive … Read More

Operation Rock Wallaby is Australia’s effort to save endangered species

Australia is dropping thousands of pounds of vegetables from helicopters for hungry animals escaping the bush fires in an effort called Operation Rock Wallaby.

According to the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, … Read More

Frank the kangaroo shot with arrow ‘for fun’ in protected animal area

Amidst the worst bush fires in history and with a billion wild animals dying in Australia, a particularly evil act occurred on Saturday at Lysterfield Park in Melbourne – a protected area space for animals … Read More

Bobcat kitten found with blow dart lodged in her eye

In Frisco, Texas a bobcat kitten was found with a blow dart lodged in her eye. And now one surgical procedure later, it is hoped the adorable kitten will be able to be released back … Read More