Giant panda Bei Bei leaving the United States and moving to China

Giant panda Bei Bei will leave the Smithsonian National Zoo for China on Tuesday. As part of the cooperative breeding agreement with the United States and China Wildlife Conservation Association, all cubs born at the … Read More

Tragedy in Australia as hundreds of koalas burned to death in bush fires

In eastern Australia, unprecedented bush fires have killed hundreds of koalas as unrelenting flames burn through their colonies. In New South Wales and Queensland, humans are suffering also; more than 300 homes have been destroyed … Read More

Woman who jumped into lion enclosure at Bronx Zoo arrested

The woman who climbed into the the Bronx Zoo’s African lion exhibit last month was taken into custody on Wednesday. Myah Autry, 30, has been charged with two counts of criminal trespassing.

The entire bizarre … Read More

‘Humanized’ deer may have been provoked before attacking woman

In Maryville, Tennessee, a woman was seriously injured on Monday after having been attacked by a “humanized” white-tailed deer. Neighbors in the area defended the deer affectionately named Louie stating he never harmed anyone and … Read More

Circus bear attacks trainer after being forced to push wheelbarrow

In a disturbing display of animal cruelty and the dire consequences using wild animals, a viral video captured the moment a 600-pound bear attacked its trainer in the middle of a circus performance in Karelia, … Read More

Two cougars in Santa Monica Mountains dead – at least one ate rat poison

In a sad announcement posted on the Facebook page for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on Tuesday, two cougars have been found dead; a six-year-old male known at P-30 ate rat poison, according … Read More

Teens trap rabbits for their hunting dogs to chase and kill

In the Eastbourne area of East Sussex, two teens lured rabbits with carrots into cages and then placed the innocent victims in front of their hunting dogs to brutally kill tear them apart. Liam Smith … Read More

Cheetah cub and rescue dog have become best friends

Who would have thought a cheetah cub and a rescue dog could be best friends? In Cincinnati, Ohio, Kris, a three-month-old cheetah cub bonded with a rescue pooch named Remus.

According to the Cincinnati Zoo, … Read More

Australian teen accused of running over and killing 20 kangaroos

A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Tuesday for allegedly running over up to 20 kangaroos with his truck in Baga Valley, New South Wales on Sunday.

According to WIRES – Read More

Woman climbed into lion exhibit at Bronx Zoo to tease lion

A woman climbed into the the Bronx Zoo’s African lion exhibit on Saturday, and the entire bizarre situation was caught on video and posted online.

The video posted to Instagram showed a woman standing not … Read More