Privacy after Hong Kong panda zoo closed out natural mating occurred

After ten years, who would have thought the coronavirus pandemic would have given a pair of pandas in Hong Kong the privacy they needed to mate naturally? At Ocean Park Hong Kong, pandas Ying Ying … Read More

San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrates her 60th birthday

On Sunday, San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrated her 60th birthday; reaching an age more than ten years older than the average elephant.

And to celebrate the happy event, the zoo gave her a birthday … Read More

Orangutans and otters are friends and their story is charming

At a Belgium zoo, caretakers shared some heartwarming photos of a growing friendship between a family of orangutans and their neighbors – the otters. All the animals live together at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in … Read More

Animal rights group calls for investigation of man repeatedly shooting coyote

At the Sierra Lakes Golf Club in Fontana, California, an animal activist group has called upon authorities to investigate the repeated shooting of a trapped coyote. A man was videoed last week shooting the coyote … Read More

Dolphins return to Venice canals amid Italy self-quarantine for coronavirus

Although Italy is currently under lockdown to help fight the spread of COVID-19, the wildlife didn’t get the message nor do they obviously care. Photos on social media have suggested the waterways and the air … Read More

Idiotic boater caught on video in Florida using pole to harass manatee

In Pinellas County, Florida, a video posted to a social media page quickly went viral and has drawn the ire of residents across the state. The drone video, shared on the Facebook page of See Read More

Rescued from circus lion playing in the grass for first time goes viral

A ten-year-old video showing a lion who had been rescued from a circus playing in the grass for the first time, has gone viral again. The joy the lion shows as he carefully pads along … Read More

Dog fighting allowed in Pennsylvania? Hounds attack coyotes in contest

In Frenchville, Pennsylvania, the annual coyote killing contest begins today. For the next three days every coyote killed using guns, traps or dogs are rewarded with cash prizes. The Mosquito Creek Sportsman Club is hosting … Read More

20k Reward: Dolphin found shot in the face with a gun in Florida

Who would shoot a dolphin in the face with a gun or a spear in the Gulf of Mexico, yet some cruel person did! The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found a dead dolphin … Read More

‘Puppies’ abandoned in box turned out to be bear cubs

In Camden County, North Carolina, a box had been left on a resident’s front lawn. When the man came home one day late last month, he called Camden County Sheriff’s Office to report a box … Read More