Youths forced hedgehog to inhale marijuana smoke and then threw her into river

A gang of nasty teens forced a hedgehog, just out of hibernation, to inhale the smoke from marijuana and then threw the defenseless animal into the nearby river in Leicestershire, England.

According to the Leicestershire Read More

Three rescued fox babies have important story to share

At the Saco River Wildlife Center in Limington, Maine, three rescued fox babies have an important story to share, and can only hope we can all learn from this and avoid situations like this in … Read More

Fisherman captures rare blue lobster: One-in-two million

Along the coast of Cornwall, a fisherman caught an extremely rare blue lobster while fishing off the coastal town of Penzance.

According to the National Lobster Hatchery, Tom Lambourn, 25, caught the rare one-foot … Read More

Kind-hearted Arctic gold miners rescued orphaned polar bear cub

An orphaned polar bear cub was rescued by a group of kind-hearted gold miners in the Arctic. The tiny, female cub was discovered alone on the remote island of Bolshevik – a remote northernmost territory … Read More

Dog trapped in bathroom with leopard for 7 hours miraculously escaped

In the small village of Bilinele in Dakshina Kannada, India, a stray dog miraculously escaped unharmed after getting trapped in a bathroom with a leopard for hours. Videos and photos of the bizarre event have … Read More

Cruel men tie pigeon’s legs with cable to tree upside down as dogs try to catch it

In Birmingham, United Kingdom,  two cruel men were spotted tying a pigeon upside down by its legs to a tree branch and then encouraging their dogs to jump up and catch the panicky bird. The … Read More

Toledo Zoo’s youngest elephant Lucas has died

In Toledo, Ohio, the zoo’s youngest elephant – nine-year-old Lucas has died. President and CEO Jeff Sailer posted a video on the Toledo Zoo’s Facebook on Wednesday afternoon explaining the death of the much loved … Read More

Disturbing TikTok video causes outrage as person shown punching a possum off a fence

In a disturbing video taken at night with a New Zealander punching a possum quietly sitting on a fence, has outraged animal advocates brandishing the actions of the two people involved as “despicable and blatant … Read More

Florida woman’s hilarious video as she attempts to get baby alligator out of her kitchen

A baby alligator made its way into a Wesley Chapel home on Sunday and decided to hide and hang out until the strong thunderstorms passed. Homeowner Erika Venza was amused, concerned and a bit frightened … Read More

Adorable baby rhino captures hearts of visitors as it runs towards their safari vehicle

At the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a very curious baby rhino decided to test its tiny little legs and ran towards a safari vehicle capturing the hearts of the visitors at their unique … Read More