Seven Chincoteague ponies have died from ‘swamp cancer’

Within the last few months, three female Chincoteague ponies have died plus four other ponies have been euthanized after what has become referred to as “swamp cancer.” The fungus-like disease produces painful lesions and other … Read More

Seals forced to perform in black, feces filled water at China mall

Two seals were forced to perform in black, feces filled water at a mall in eastern China as part of a New Year’s celebration. The spotted seals were brought to the Yongsheng Plaza in the … Read More

Three men ride motor bikes over dirt road to harass pride of lions

In Rajkot, India, a disturbing video released on Tuesday, of three men harassing a pride of lions by chasing them on motor bikes, has gone viral as hundreds of comments from viewers continue to condemn … Read More

Lion kills intern at North Carolina nature conservatory

On Sunday, a 22-year-old woman was mauled to death by a lion at a nature conservatory near Burlington, North Carolina. Alexandra Black, from Indiana, died at the Conservators Centre.

According to CbsNews, the Caswell County … Read More

Family found fox napping on their microwave oven

A family from London called animal control officials last week after they found a fox napping on their microwave oven. The family stated their daughter had come down for breakfast in the kitchen of their … Read More

‘Horrific’ abuse: Nine arrested for baiting bears and using dogs to maul them

In Volusia, Flagler and three other counties in Florida, nine people have been arrested for illegally baiting black bears with pastries and peanut butter and using hunting dogs to attack and maul the animals as … Read More

Poacher who killed hundreds of deer ordered to watch movie ‘Bambi’ in jail

A Springfield, Missouri judge ordered a poacher who illegally killed hundreds of deer to watch the movie “Bambi” repeatedly while in jail. David Berry Jr. was sentenced to spend a year in jail and watch … Read More

Emaciated elephant forced to perform circus tricks in Thai arena

A severely emaciated elephant was forced to perform circus tricks to an almost empty arena at a crocodile farm in Samut Prakan, Thailand on Friday. The female, Asian elephant performed to just a handful of … Read More

Congress approves bill to allow killing sea lions to help salmon

In Portland, Oregon, Congress has approved a bill making it legal to kill sea lions that are allegedly threatening the salmon runs in the Northwest. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved changes to the … Read More

Mountain lion famous for navigating LA freeway died in Woolsey fire

The mountain lion who gained fame for his ability to safely navigate at least two of the busy Los Angeles freeways was found dead on Monday. Dubbed the “Culvert Cat” because of the culverts he … Read More