Florida cop’s surprise when woodpecker needs helping hand

On Saturday morning, a Fort Walton Beach police officer had an encounter of a different kind. Sometimes even the smallest residents need help from our brave men.

“So I’m driving down the road windows down

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Bear bites hunter’s companion in self defense after shot by woman

A bear tried to defend himself after a woman shot him with a rifle late last week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The gun shot only wounded the animal, and as is alleged “hunting manners”, the … Read More

California man charged for fatal shooting of protected mountain lion

A California man has been charged for the fatal shooting of a protected mountain lion. Alfredo Gonzalez, 60, is alleged to have shot a collared mountain lion known as P-38 in July.

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Woman accused of kicking mother duck protecting her babies from dogs

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a woman accused of kicking a mother duck who had been protecting her babies from a dog attack, was arrested on Friday. Bonnie Sue Nave, 59, faces charges of animal cruelty.… Read More

Baby sea turtles burned to death on Florida beach

On Satellite Beach, a woman walking along the coastline stumbled across several baby sea turtles that appeared to have been burned to death.

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Taiji’s dolphin culling begins as ‘drive hunting’ turns the cove red

In Japan, hunting season for dolphins using a controversial “drive-hunting” method, began on Sunday in the whaling town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture.  Fishermen herd dolphins and small whales into a cove, surrounded with a net … Read More

Park officials found peanut butter laced razor blades to kill wildlife

In Massachusetts, the Falmouth Marine and Environmental Services and the Massachusetts Environmental Police conducted a joint investigation on Friday in the vicinity of Goodwill Park in Falmouth. Officers discovered evidence of an individual regularly baiting … Read More

Angry rhino attacked zookeeper’s jeep rolling it over

A rhinoceros at a German safari park attacked a zookeeper’s jeep rolling it over multiple times with the attendant in the vehicle. Fortunately, the zookeeper only suffered minor injuries.

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Woman not sure if ‘adorable’ animal crying in her yard is dog or fox

A woman located northeast of Melbourne, uncertain of the “adorable” animal’s species crying in her backyard, asked Facebook readers to help her identify whether he was a fox or a dog. On Sunday, the woman … Read More

Several three-legged bears limping around in North Carolina

Several cases of three-legged bears limping have been documented in a city near Arden, North Carolina. So far there have been nine cases of three-legged bears; five of the cases coming from the same area.… Read More