Man confronts mother bear protecting her cubs and she charged

In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a man confronted a mother bear protecting her three cubs at Cades Cove. After the park visitor approached the mother bear several times, she charged at the man.

According to an onlooker, … Read More

Video surfaces of Indonesian locals riding endangered sea turtle

A disturbing video has gone viral, showing local residents in Indonesian riding a distressed and endangered leatherback turtle.

According to Unilad, the four-minute video, taken on July 5, shows the turtle trying to get … Read More

Moose in Alaska chills out next to sprinkler in record breaking heatwave

A moose in Alaska was captured on video as he chilled out next to a sprinkler during a record breaking heatwave.  The Anchorage moose moved in next to an oscillating sprinkler to soak in an … Read More

Injured baby bird arrives at wildlife center by UBER

In Ogden, Utah an injured baby bird arrived at a wildlife center alone – via UBER. The human friends of the orphaned Lesser Goldfinch had been drinking at a house when they found the little … Read More

Mean driver baited sea gulls before running them down with car

In Taunton, England, authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying the driver who reportedly baited sea gulls before “deliberately running them down on Tuesday.” The RSPCA states the driver placed chips in the roadway … Read More

Denver culls Canada geese and kills them to feed hungry families

In the city of Denver, the Canada geese better fly away if they can. The United States Department of Agriculture has been rounding them up and killing them for food.

According to CPRNews, there … Read More

Baby bear cubs rescued after mother struck by vehicle

In British Columbia, along the Sunshine Coast two baby bear cubs were rescued after their mother was struck by a vehicle and killed. The cubs are being cared for by a wildlife organization in Langley.… Read More

Illinois mom and child attacked by exotic cat after it escaped from home

An Illinois mother and child were injured on Sunday after they were attacked by an exotic cat that had escaped from its home. The cat, identified as a Caracal, had been living in a nearby … Read More

Bear broke into Montana home and took a nap in closet

In Missoula, Montana, a black bear broke into a home on Friday through the mudroom and decided to take a nap in the top shelf of a closet. Deputies from the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office … Read More

Man charged with shooting 2 federally protected trumpeter swans

In Minneapolis, a man has been accused of shooting two federally protected trumpeter swans while kayaking in Anoka County. Conner Benjamin Walsh was charged with seven misdemeanors earlier in this week for allegedly killing the … Read More