Yikes! Bighorn sheep gets stuck on roof of home in Colorado

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In Boulder, Colorado, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department surprised readers after they posted photos to their Twitter and Facebook accounts on December 7, 2023 accompanied by the caption:

this is not the type of caller you want to hear on your roof during december


It was originally hoped the ram would find his way off the roof without any intervention, and fortunately he made it partially down; that is until he landed on the upper deck of the home where he stayed for a day and a half. It was then the Parks Department helped him to escape by cutting off a section of the deck railing so he could run out safely.

Twas a day in December when not a creature was stirring besides this bighorn sheep that got stuck on top of a house…

A bighorn sheep got stuck on top of a house in Boulder earlier this week. Our wildlife officers watched him make it down to the deck, hoping he would be able to come down on his own. After about a day and a half, he needed a little nudge. Our Officers cut out a portion of the deck railing to give him an exit. The sheep was then able to leave but first stopped by our trail cam for one last goodbye.


So why was a bighorn sheep on the roof? The department offered the following explanation:

Sheep are weird, especially during mating season.


So for those of you who might be thinking you’re hearing Santa and his sleigh hooves clattering on top of your roof, be alert, the noise might all be coming from a bighorn sheep anxious to find a bride.

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