Bear with chicken feeder stuck on head for a week rescued by wildlife officials

A female bear with a chicken feeder stuck over her head for at least one week  in the foothills of Boulder has been rescued and freed back into the wild.

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Colorado wildlife officials urge people to leave fawns alone

In Colorado Springs, despite repeated pleadings for people to leave fawns alone in the forests, several new cases of fawns believed to have been orphaned by their mothers, have been reported. Most healthy fawns, however … Read More

Mama deer killed while protecting her fawns for attacking woman

In Craig, Colorado, a mama deer was killed on Wednesday protecting her two fawns after attacking a woman who had been out walking her dog. Officers believed the 85-year-old woman surprised the doe.

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Colorado teen fined $20k for killing moose while illegally hunting

In Denver, Colorado, a 19-year-old teen has been fined $20,000 for killing and abandoning a moose while illegally hunting late last year. Callan Hyatt pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of wildlife hunting.

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