Trump administration reauthorizes ‘cyanide bombs’ after public outrage

The Trump Administration has reauthorized the use of “cyanide bombs” to poison foxes, coyotes and wild dogs that  threaten livestock. The announcement came on Thursday, which included additional safety requirements to protect humans and pets. … Read More

Endangered Sumatran orangutan found shot 24 times rescued

Only a few Sumatran orangutans remain alive on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. A large male was found late last week with 24 air-pellets in his body – including 16 lodged in his head.

According … Read More

Spunky bald eagle survives despite poacher shooting him two times

A spunky bald eagle in Paris, Missouri is recovering at the Raptor Rehabilitation Project after a poacher shot him with two shotgun pellets embedded in his wing. The property owner saw the magnificent bird and … Read More

Video of Alec Baldwin ‘rescuing’ a possum in NYC smile worthy

Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland has set the internet on fire with a video showing her dad rescuing a possum. On Instagram, she was able to capture the moment and shared it on Instagram.

The rescue … Read More

Hunter kills rare albino deer near residential neighborhood

Residents of House Springs, Missouri said they loved watching the rare albino deer quietly roaming in their neighborhood. Sadly that all came to an end on Tuesday when a hunter shot and killed the deer … Read More

Woman saves burning koala bear from fire with the shirt off her back

In the state of New South Wales, Australians are overwhelmed with the purely unselfish actions of a woman who rushed into the burning forest to rescue a koala bear.

The local woman, named Toni spotted … Read More

Tragedy in Australia as hundreds of koalas burned to death in bush fires

In eastern Australia, unprecedented bush fires have killed hundreds of koalas as unrelenting flames burn through their colonies. In New South Wales and Queensland, humans are suffering also; more than 300 homes have been destroyed … Read More

‘Humanized’ deer may have been provoked before attacking woman

In Maryville, Tennessee, a woman was seriously injured on Monday after having been attacked by a “humanized” white-tailed deer. Neighbors in the area defended the deer affectionately named Louie stating he never harmed anyone and … Read More

Hunter gored to death by deer he thought he shot and killed

In Yellville, Arkansas a hunter was critically gored and died from antler punctures on Tuesday night. Thomas Alexander, 66, believed he had successfully shot a deer and had made plans with his nephew to field-dress … Read More

Two cougars in Santa Monica Mountains dead – at least one ate rat poison

In a sad announcement posted on the Facebook page for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on Tuesday, two cougars have been found dead; a six-year-old male known at P-30 ate rat poison, according … Read More