Dehydrated turtle with its shell painted with glitter and pink polish rescued

In Canton, Ohio, a dehydrated Woodland Box Turtle was found wandering around a neighborhood; its shell painted with glitter and pink nail polish.

According to Stark Parks, where the turtle is being treated at … Read More

Disturbing images of rhino in captivity in circus causes social media outrage

In the oldest city in France, Marseilles may soon ban circuses that use animals as part of their acts. Benoit Payan, the first deputy mayor of Marseille, posted the disturbing images and video of a … Read More

Discarded face mask traps baby bird

A baby bird caught its legs in a disposable face mask, but luckily was discovered and rescued on Sunday in South End after the RSPCA rushed him to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

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New Jersey lifeguards rescue deer stranded in the ocean

Local lifeguards in Long Branch helped to rescue a deer stuck off the coast on Thursday morning. The frightened animal was spotted in the water off Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant.

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Fox entangled in fencing net had glove wedged in its mouth

An RSPCA Frontline rescuer in Swindon saved a fox’s life on Saturday. It seems the little rascal entangled himself in a net, and a red glove had become wedged in his mouth.

According to the … Read More

Grizzly bears to remain protected from trophy hunters appeals court agrees

The North Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous opinion on Wednesday upholding a 2018 court act affirming that grizzly bears will remain under the Endangered Species Act and are therefore protected from hunting that … Read More

Fisherman in India who caught dolphin in net carries it back out to sea

In Purina, India, a fisherman who accidentally caught an endangered dolphin in his net, picked it up and gently carried the dolphin away from the nets before releasing it back into the sea.

According to … Read More

Man charged for riding wild Assateague pony

In Assateague, a frequent visitor to the 37 miles of beautiful beaches located near Chincoteague Island, Virginia and Ocean City, Maryland, spotted a group of young men petting two stallions which had approached their vehicle. … Read More

Woman ‘kicks’ out at swans mating while witness pushed into canal

In Limehouse, East London, a woman allegedly kicked out at a pair of mating swans and then a witness was pushed into the canal. The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating Friday’s incident and have asked … Read More

Baby elephant attacked by hyena losing his trunk rescued

In northern Kenya, a baby elephant who fell into an underground tank and tried to use his trunk to investigate the ground above, was attacked by a hyena who chewed it off.

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