Bear broke into Montana home and took a nap in closet

In Missoula, Montana, a black bear broke into a home on Friday through the mudroom and decided to take a nap in the top shelf of a closet. Deputies from the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office … Read More

Man charged with shooting 2 federally protected trumpeter swans

In Minneapolis, a man has been accused of shooting two federally protected trumpeter swans while kayaking in Anoka County. Conner Benjamin Walsh was charged with seven misdemeanors earlier in this week for allegedly killing the … Read More

Colorado wildlife officials urge people to leave fawns alone

In Colorado Springs, despite repeated pleadings for people to leave fawns alone in the forests, several new cases of fawns believed to have been orphaned by their mothers, have been reported. Most healthy fawns, however … Read More

Visibly weak starving polar bear wandered into major Russian city

A visibly weak, starving polar bear strayed hundreds of miles from her home in the Arctic on Tuesday and wandered into the major Russian city of Norilsk in northern Siberia. The female was the first … Read More

Alabama college athlete accused of beating duck with baseball bat

A former Alabama college athlete has been accused of beating a duck with a baseball bat. Thomas “Landon” Grant, 19, faces aggravated animal cruelty charges; additional arrests  are expected.

According to, a warrant … Read More

Tourist charged with poking marine turtle eggs on beach

A tourist from Michigan was charged and arrested on Saturday for harassment and egg molestation of marine turtles on a Miami beach. Yaqun Lo, 41, had removed one of the wooden stakes in a closed … Read More

Teen caught on viral video plucking, riding and dragging emu

In Dubbo, Australia, a 19-year-old teen faces animal cruelty charges after a viral video showed him plucking the feathers, riding and dragging an emu as bystanders laughed. On Wednesday, the yet to be publicly identified … Read More

Mama deer killed while protecting her fawns for attacking woman

In Craig, Colorado, a mama deer was killed on Wednesday protecting her two fawns after attacking a woman who had been out walking her dog. Officers believed the 85-year-old woman surprised the doe.

According to … Read More

Two giraffes killed by lightning at Lion Country Safari

Two giraffes were killed by lightning at Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida during a “severe, fast moving storm.” According to the park spokesperson, Haley Passeser, the giraffes were found dead by staff members.

The … Read More

Monkeys dying from heatstroke as India’s temperatures soar

In New Delhi, a group of monkeys died from heatstroke as India’s temperatures have soared to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The scorching temperatures have taken their toll on animals as well as people, media reports stated … Read More