Outrage as teen repeatedly punched injured kangaroo in viral video

Social media users are outraged after a video went viral showing a teenager repeatedly punching an injured kangaroo in the face in the Australia NSW town of Culcairn. The video appeared on Snapchat Monday and … Read More

Coyote in Chicago that bit child will not be euthanized

A coyote bit a six-year-old child last week on Chicago’s North Side at Lincoln Park. The little boy had been walking with his babysitter when the coyote, who had been hiding in the tall grassy … Read More

Hawk stuck to glue trap for mice at risk of dying

In Santa Cruz, California a hawk has been spotted with a glue trap stuck to its body. According to Wildlife  Emergency Services, the bird is at risk of becoming entangled or not being able … Read More

Frank the kangaroo shot with arrow ‘for fun’ in protected animal area

Amidst the worst bush fires in history and with a billion wild animals dying in Australia, a particularly evil act occurred on Saturday at Lysterfield Park in Melbourne – a protected area space for animals … Read More

Bobcat kitten found with blow dart lodged in her eye

In Frisco, Texas a bobcat kitten was found with a blow dart lodged in her eye. And now one surgical procedure later, it is hoped the adorable kitten will be able to be released back … Read More

Golfers in Hilton Head beat 2-pound baby opossum with clubs

On Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, the Wildlife Rehab of Greenville believes a helpless baby opossum was beaten by golfers with their clubs on a golf course. The cruel act left the baby blind … Read More

Teens rescue carload of koalas from Australia’s bush fires

A group of teenagers were videoed rescuing a carload of injured koalas from Flinders Chase National Park on Monday. It is feared that more than 25,000 koalas have been killed in the devastating fires on … Read More

Devastating photos arise as Australia’s bush fires threaten animal extinction

Devastating photos of injured and dead animals have emerged on social media as catastrophic fires continue to ravage 12.35 million acres of Australian bush. Several threatened species are expected to face extinction. The flames have … Read More

Bald eagle vs octopus: Fishermen save eagle trapped by octopus

In Canada, fisherman for Mahatta West Farm rescued a bald eagle trapped in the tentacles of a huge red octopus.  What could have ended up in a deadly match between the two, because of human … Read More

Donald Trump Jr reported to have killed endangered argali sheep in Mongolia

In the remote area of Central Asia, in Western Mongolia, the endangered argali sheep live. Best known for the curving horns which easily can span more than six-feet, the population of the rare animals continues … Read More