Baby mountain lion cub that walked into bakery euth’ed by officials

A mountain lion cub that wandered into a small bakery in the Sierra Nevada Mountains town of Pollock Pines was euthanized by officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife on Wednesday.

According to the … Read More

Thug who bludgeoned 6 baby penguins to death will not be jailed

A 20-year-old thug from Tasmania, who bludgeoned six baby penguins to death with a stick at Sulphur Creek in Tasmania two years ago, will not receive any jail time. Joshua Leigh Jeffrey was convicted in … Read More

Disturbing video shows teens throwing rocks and kicking wildlife

In a disturbing video, Animal Care Services continues to investigate a case showing six teenagers throwing rocks and kicking wildlife around Elmendorf Lake Park.

According to MySanAntonioNews, the teens, ranging in ages from 13 … Read More

Copycat cruelty: Teens on motorcycles harass terrified emus through paddock

In a copycat animal cruelty stunt, more video footage of teenagers on motorcycles chasing and harassing emus through a paddock in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley of Australia has emerged. The viral video has caused more public … Read More

Just for kicks: 4 men charged with horrific cruelty in killing of kangaroos

Was it just for sadistic kicks that four men are alleged to have violently attacked and killed two kangaroos after police found harrowing video footage in two separate incidents? Four men were charged on Wednesday … Read More

Grizzly bear hunt canceled by federal judge in Montana

A federal judge in Montana decided grizzly bears roaming around the Yellowstone National Park area are to remain a protected species, and on Monday reversed the United States Fish and Wildlife service decision to lift … Read More

Two 13-year-old bears used for their bile freed from cage for first time

Two 13-year-old female bears used for their bile and who had been kept captive all their lives in dark steel barred cages in the Thai Nguyen province of Vietnam have been freed for the first … Read More

Thug laughed as he purposely mowed down helpless emus in 4-wheeler

A young thug laughed hysterically as he videoed himself purposely mowing down at least ten emus in a small town in South Australia on Thursday. Jacob Macdonald, 20, has been identified as the alleged driver … Read More

Property owner kills 3 bear cubs going after beehive for honey

A property owner in Tamworth, New Hampshire shot and killed three bear cubs on Wednesday for going after his beehive for honey.  It’s as if the mother of the bear and her cubs have knowledge … Read More

Neighbor slams woman’s pet duck to the ground for scaring him

In Miami-Dade County, a woman from Kendall said her neighbor killed her pet duck because he felt threatened by the animal.  The duck, named “Ma Pato”, had been Melina Ocampo’s pet for the last four … Read More