Stowaway roadrunner hitched ride from Las Vegas to Maine in moving van

In Freedom, Maine, a roadrunner left the driving to a moving van where it hitched a ride across the country. The Greater Roadrunner – a species native to the Southwestern states, traveled from Las Vegas … Read More

Fire department frees deer with plastic pumpkin stuck on her head

In Cascade, Michigan, a deer is finally free of the Halloween plastic pumpkin days after getting her head stuck. She was first spotted with the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket earlier in the week, and despite multiple … Read More

With heavy hearts, Florida aquarium announces death of ‘Dolphin Tale’ star Winter

In Clearwater, Florida a beloved dolphin with a prosthetic tail named Winter died at a Florida aquarium on Thursday evening despite life-saving efforts to treat her gastrointestinal abnormality.

According to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, … Read More

Bear climbed tree hunter was in and bit him in the back

In Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, it would seem the bears have decided to go hunting for man instead of the other way around. One particular black bear climbed the tree a hunter was in and started … Read More

Officials in Spain rescued a 4,000-pound sunfish and freed it back into the ocean

Officials in Spain report rescuing a sunfish weighing 4,000 pounds and returning it to the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Ceuta – a Spanish city in northern Africa earlier this month.

According to ReutersRead More

World’s oldest white rhino dies at the age of 54 at Italy’s zoo

The world’s oldest white rhino, Grandpa Tony, died at the age of 54 after collapsing on his way to his sleeping area in a northern Italy zoo. ‘Nonno Toby’ fell to the ground on October … Read More

Wildlife officials remove tire that was around elk’s neck for 2 years

Wildlife officials in Colorado have successfully freed a bull elk from a heavy tire that had been on his neck for two years. As reported by CNN News, wildlife officials were aware of the burdened … Read More

Woman who approached grizzly bears at Yellowstone National Park sentenced to fines and 4 days in federal custody

A woman who wasn’t practicing social distancing with a bison at Yellowstone National Park injured on May 20, 2020 after illegally approaching a mother grizzly bear and her three cubs, pleaded guilty to willfully remaining, … Read More

Oil covered wildlife coming ashore after California oil spill

The overall impact of wildlife continues to be unknown, but the first victim of the California oil spill was a brown pelican that had to be humanely euthanized. The bird died on Sunday after it … Read More

Police kill rare white deer after chasing it for 9 hours through town

A white stag was spotted on Sunday in the town of Bootle, Merseyside in England. Animal welfare workers urged local citizens and the police to leave the animal alone, assuring the public it would find … Read More