Congress approves bill to allow killing sea lions to help salmon

In Portland, Oregon, Congress has approved a bill making it legal to kill sea lions that are allegedly threatening the salmon runs in the Northwest. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved changes to the … Read More

Mountain lion famous for navigating LA freeway died in Woolsey fire

The mountain lion who gained fame for his ability to safely navigate at least two of the busy Los Angeles freeways was found dead on Monday. Dubbed the “Culvert Cat” because of the culverts he … Read More

Florida Highway Patrol discover playful ‘leaping’ lemur during traffic stop

In Seminole County, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) discovered a playful “leaping” lemur crawling out of a trailer during a traffic stop over the weekend. The pickup truck towing a dragging trailer was stopped on … Read More

Trophy hunter lured famous Yellowstone wolf and shot her dead

Just outside of Yellowstone, the Lamar Canyon wolf alpha female named “Spitfire” was shot dead by a trophy hunter last weekend outside of the park in Helena, Montana

Though it was a legal shooting because … Read More

Endangered grey wolf caught in foothold trap and shot in the head

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an investigation into the death  of an endangered grey wolf, after it was caught in a foothold trap and shot in the head, has been launched.

According to the Metro TimesRead More

Bear standing up on two legs opens door of CHP facility

A bear standing on two legs opened the door of a California Highway Patrol (CHP) facility in the Donner Pass division and walked in last weekend, as if he knew his way around and was … Read More

Media and social backlash as cop shoots injured kangaroo 7 times

A South Australian Police officer has received media and social backlash after he shot an injured kangaroo seven times to put the animal down.

According to AbcNet Au News, the police officer was called … Read More

Mystery donor to save rare white lion from becoming hunting trophy

In a tense situation as South African courts battle over the fate of a rare white lion in danger of becoming a wall trophy for some wealthy hunter, a “mystery donor” has stepped forward to … Read More

U.S. House passes bill to remove legal protections for gray wolves

On Friday, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill to remove the legal protections for gray wolves. There used to be hundreds of thousands of gray wolves roaming across North America until the … Read More

Mountain lion euthanized after killing a dog in Colorado

On Wednesday, a mountain lion was euthanized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials, after having been captured on Monday in Evergreen after it had killed a dog. Officials state the mountain lion was killed … Read More