Update on emaciated Willow found starving at vacant house

On Sunday, an emaciated pit bull now named Willow was discovered under a New Orleans house by the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. Willow was dying.

Moments after Willow was rescued, the … Read More

Tragic turn in case of Dexter, the pardoned pit bull

Dexter, a four-year-old pit bull, whose family fought hard to save him from being euthanized by the court has died. Although he was pardoned by the Berrien County, Michigan court, he died because of poor … Read More

City council sends letter to ‘menacing’ dog owners to muzzle pets inside own homes

Christchurch is a city found in Canturbury, New Zealand, and dog owners are enraged after a letter was sent to pet owners stating that dogs that are classified as “menacing” must be muzzled inside of Read More

Defendant in Puppy Doe trial claims dog was abused by someone else

As the Puppy Doe trial in Dedham, Massachusetts continued on Thursday, the defendant Radoslaw Czerkawski’s defense attorney, maintained his client’s innocence against torturing the two-year-old pup in his Quincy home during the summer of 2013. … Read More

Frightened pup crawls in shelter play yard: What happened to Daisy?

In the play yard of the City of San Bernardino Animal Control, a very frightened pup literally crawled along the fenced lawn. When in her kennel cage, the nine-month-old Daisy tries to hide behind her … Read More

Two-month-old puppy crushed by iron fence receiving emergency care

A two-month-old puppy is currently fighting for his life at an emergency south Texas veterinary hospital after having been crushed under an iron fence. On Tuesday, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC intervened, after having been told … Read More

Washington family fights to overturn ruling deeming their dog dangerous

A 3-year-old male pit bull has been wrongfully deemed dangerous and is sentenced to be euthanized in Lewis County, Chehalis Washington. It all started in April 2016, when the dog, then named Tank, was accused, … Read More

Guggeheim Museum removes ‘cruel’ art displays after animal rights protests

A video expected to be aired on October 6 in New York City’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in the planned exhibition “Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World” has been removed along with … Read More

Crixus and Ashur: Forgotten souls who just need a break and a home

Crixus and Ashur have not had the best of luck; both are available for adoption, and in the perfect world the two dogs could stay together, but Border Buddies Rescue just want the dogs safe, … Read More

Holiday surrender day for unwanted pets at North Carolina shelter

Most likely one of the saddest days for any pet is losing his home and the familu he has loved from the moment that special bond was formed. Wednesday was no different at the Charlotte … Read More