Update on Hank: Dog holding his toy facing death at NYC shelter

It was a photo of a happy pooch named Hank, wagging his tail and carrying a favorite stuffed toy in his mouth, at the Brooklyn Care Center for New York Animal Care that attracted the attention of thousands and thousands of animal advocates. Following the dog’s viral photo came the question – “Could life be anymore innocent?” Sadly, the answer was sobering; Hank had been facing humane euthanasia on Wednesday afternoon.

After two days of nail biting pleas and thousands of “shares” on social media, Friday evening, however was one for celebration. Hank safely left the building. Not long after the pup happily padded out the front door of the shelter, Animal Care Centers of New York City posted the smiling pup’s photo with his new mom:

“Check out Hank! He’s spending his first night with his new family. Many thanks to Sav-a-Bull for making this wonderful connection!”

It wasn’t long before volunteer Julie Carner posted the good news on the dog’s Facebook page. Many thanks to all of the advocates who shared his story. Many thanks to everyone for caring about a dog, who because of his misunderstood breed and prejudice, always deserved a chance to be loved and cherished. And many thanks to the staff at Animal Care Centers of New York City who worked very quietly behind the scenes to help a dog in need. 




Check out Hank’s freedom video courtesy of Animal Care Centers of New York City:

Puppy’s leg amputated after suspected animal cruelty

An eight-month-old puppy had his leg amputated after the dog owner’s boyfriend became angry  after the pooch chewed up some of the couple’s belongings. According to the Moon Township Pennsylvania Police Department’s Chief Leo McCarthy told WpixNews, the puppy was just being a puppy and getting into mischief as puppies commonly do:

“The boyfriend was rather angry because the dog had torn the house up a little, like dogs do sometimes. Then he gave it an extremely powerful kick.”

The puppy, named Jinx, was removed from the home in Mooncrest last week. His rear right leg had been badly injured and was reported to have been broken even though the sweet puppy continued to wag his tail. Local animal rescuer, Jess Horvatin, was so angry about the apparent cruelty situation, she recorded a cellphone video of the abused puppy to make sure someone would be held accountable.

Sadly, veterinarians had to amputate the puppy’s leg, but he has already been re-homed and is reported to be recovering. Authorities state animal cruelty charges are pending although the suspect has not yet been named.

(Photo of puppy’s leg amputated via screenshot from WpixNews)

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Philly cop accused of dumping emaciated dog into trash

In a very disturbing incident, a Philadelphia police officer has been arrested for allegedly dumping an emaciated dog stuffed in a trash bag at a local park last November. According to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Philly cop Michael Long, 33, was arrested on Thursday; the officer has been with the police force in the 18th District for 11 years. Long has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss

According to CbsLocalNews, Long dumped the three-year-old pit bull in Wissahickon Valley Park. He has been charged with one count of possession of an instrument of crime and one summary charge of animal cruelty.

On November 23, a woman had been walking with her own dog when she spotted an emaciated dog wrapped in a sheet and in a garbage bag with her head sticking out. The Good Samaritan contacted the SPCA. The dog dubbed Cranberry (because she was found near Thanksgiving) was brought to the shelter to receive veterinarian care.

“The dog had been micro-chipped, which led us to Mr. Long,” stated Pennsylvania SPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement Nicole Wilson. “We found what we believe is the matching sheet in Mr. Long’s possession.”

When rescued, Cranberry was nothing but skin and bones and barely alive. She was administered life saving intravenous fluids and nutrients to save her life. Cranberry has since made a full recovery and has been adopted; she is living a great new life:

“She is currently living in a home in Malvern soaking up life as a couch potato very happy and most of her updated pictures come back exhausted by how happy she is,” stated Nicole.

Long’s arrest culminates an intensive investigation conducted by the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Unit. Hopefully Cranberry will get some justice. Sometimes, investigators just have to follow the evidence – no matter who might be involved.

Photos of Philly cop

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Dog’s face and the desperate look in his eyes plead for help

Chester is the tragic face of dog fighting. The desperate look in his eyes pleaded for help; surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to hell never cared. Surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to this hell never loved a dog. Odds are he was used as a bait dog.

And on Thursday afternoon, a rescue volunteer walked into a rural Texas shelter and knew Chester deserved more than an untimely death. From the moment the rescuer entered the dog’s kennel, he slowly approached her as he left a trail of blood behind him. For once in a long, long time, Chester felt a soft human touch, and then he slowly retreated back into the corner of his cage and began to lick and tend to his wounds. When contacted, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up; co-founder Stacey Silverstein explained the situation on the organization’s Facebook page. She could not refuse to help:

  “He had lived through this before, injured with puncture wounds from dog fighting. Chester was covered in blood. He was covered in scars. His body told us his past and through his eyes showed us his pain.”

Chester has been rushed in for emergency medical treatment. Let’s hope this poor dog survives. To help with this latest case of extreme abuse and cruelty, donations for the dog’s care can be made by clicking here or PayPal at

(Photos of Chester’s face and desperate look courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas)



Short video can be viewed here:


Annie, abandoned by owner and stuck in boarding since December

Seaside Bully Rescue, located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is a smaller rescue group but has had much success rescuing and adopting out many dogs over the past few years. According to their website they were founded on the belief that “our community and our animals are our number one priority.”

Their success rate is amazing as they make un-adoptable dogs their specialty. While some rescues will only help dogs or puppies they know they can easily re-home, Seaside Bully Rescue takes the time to evaluate each dog and try to find them the best forever home possible no matter how long it takes. They are not quick to accept labels of aggression etc. that are often placed on certain breeds and shelter dogs.  Unfortunately, since they are a small organization, their rescue dogs may take a little longer to place, so they are constantly filled to capacity.

In December 2016, Seaside Bully Rescue assisted with a seven-year-old black pit bull named Annie.  Although Annie was in Panama City, Florida, three hours away from Seaside Bully Rescue, they still intervened to help her. Annie’s hard luck story is like so many other dogs.  Her owner was homeless, so she was placed in boarding in Panama City.  Her owner has since disappeared leaving her abandoned and stuck in boarding for four months. Meanwhile funding for her boarding has run out.  Basically, she was surviving in boarding thanks to the help of Facebook friends who helped to pay.

According to Annie’s original owner, she’s an aggressive pit bull that cannot be around kids or cats. However, Seaside Bully Rescue strongly believes that since Annie has been away from her owner for four months, she may have mellowed some or changed her personality.   The rescue believes these behaviors were possibly brought about by jealousy, protectiveness and possibly some prey drive. Annie has never had a professional assessment done by a trainer or dog behaviorist; just by her owner.  What Annie desperately needs is a rescue that has the resources and the funding to hire a trainer to meet and work with her; not only to give her a professional, educated assessment but to also curb some of these negative behaviors to make her more adoptable.  Annie would do best in a home where she is the only dog.

Currently Annie is in boarding at Critter Care in Panama City, Florida.  Her boarding costs are $20 a day.  If you can contribute to Annie’s boarding, donations can be called in to 850-726-0838. If you are a rescue and can take Annie or are willing to adopt her, please contact Patti Florida on Facebook or Ann Winicki McClemore.

Or post on Annie’s Facebook thread

Annie is just one of many dogs saved by Seaside Bully Rescue. As mentioned prior, they are a small rescue and rely solely on donations. In addition to helping Annie please also consider donating to their fundraising site at:

Or via Paypal to







Actor Patrick Stewart melts hearts as he showers rescued pit bull with kisses

The “X-Men” star Patrick Stewart has melted hearts making his fans smile from ear to ear after posting on Facebook that he and his wife Sunny Ozell are fostering a lucky pit bull named Ginger. It’s all about those kisses and the gentle strokes as Ginger contently sleeps on the couch; or the fun just hanging out at the pool.Patrick Stewart and dog

Ginger is a sweet gal rescued from a pit bull fighting ring. Found at a Los Angeles shelter, Lesley Brog, the founder of the rescue group Wags and Walks just couldn’t resist the dog’s positive outlook on life despite what she had been through in the past. An immediate bonding experience began the moment Stewart and the dog met. Ginger knew – as she lathered her new foster parent’s face with those slobbery, wet kisses.

“Thank you for that, that was a nice greeting,” Stewart said in his video. “Thanks to @ASPCA and @WagsandWalks, @madameozell and I are finally fostering our 1st pitbull! Meet Ginger. I’m in LOVE. #AdoptDontShop #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls,” states the caption accompanying the video.

The way Stewart just melts as he watches Ginger walk up the driveway and opens the door of his home to this sweet dog is beyond sweet. While stopping by to be interviewed by television host Conan O’Brien, Stewart admitted he hadn’t had a dog in 50 years. On the show he said:

“I’ve longed for this day. We are looking for a permanent home for her.”

If interested in giving Ginger a permanent home, check out the nonprofit Wags and Walks to fill out an adoption application. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Stewart and his wife will become what is affectionately referred to as “foster failures,” (adopting Ginger) however his press comments seem to indicate no at this point.

“They’re just doing a really, really beautiful thing,” said Lesley Brog, founder of the rescue organization. “Hopefully this will help so many more.”

(Photos via Instagram)

Check out the video:

Man arrested for allegedly stabbing dog multiple times and leaving animal to die

In Irving, Texas, police arrested the man allegedly seen stabbing a dog to death on surveillance video. The disturbing footage showed the man  repeatedly stabbing the dog after he tied his pet to a dumpster behind a local business last month. On Friday, Joseph Ray Schell, 60 was charged with Cruelty to Non-livestock Animals.Joseph Schell 2

According to the Star Telegram,  Schell, 60, has been identified as the man seen in a surveillance video. The video had been widely distributed, and according to Irving police, helped to identify the suspect. The disturbing incident occurred on February 26 near West Irving Boulevard. Irving police spokesman James McLellan stated the footage clearly showed Schell and the three-year-old pit bull walking together as if they were both going for a walk – the dog did not appear to have done anything that may have provoked the man  to repeatedly and brutally stab him.

“He seems fairly calculated and almost like some forethought went into this and some planning,” McLellan said.

A reward of $5,000 had been offered by the DFW Humane Society for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. Schell is being held in the Irving City Jail.

Read the previous story here.

Photo of man accused of stabbing dog courtesy of Irving Police Department.

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Couch dog: Starving bait dog languished in rain and cold and no one stopped to help

Near the Mexico border in Texas, Duke was abandoned, and while he quietly padded around the neighborhood the critically injured dog found an old couch thrown out at the curb awaiting trash pickup. The two-year-old pit bull’s teeth had been filed down to nubs – some had been mercilessly removed. He had scars, open wounds and a raging infection, and he jumped onto the old soft couch, and there he curled up into a tight ball and wished for a better day.duke the couch dog

Duke was a surviving bait dog – the area well-known for dog fighting. His  advocate, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, told his story:

“His home, a dirty couch thrown out onto the curb – just like him. He was covered in infections, parasites and his teeth had been pulled and filed down. For a week the survivor stayed there. People in the area called him ‘couch dog.’ They watched him each day and night sitting on the old couch – only to move if someone tossed him a morsel of food.” duke the couch dog2

Perhaps adding to the tragic plight of Duke is that no one stopped. How many people drove by and felt pity, yet refused to help? Just by his appearance, it was obvious the dog’s medical needs were urgent.  Still Duke slept on the old couch; in the rain and in the cold. The couch became his home. On Friday, with Leslie’s help, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  saved Duke, and he is officially off the couch. He has been rushed to a veterinarian in Dallas where the dog is now receiving the help he deserves.

“Duke is now receiving intensive medical treatment,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote in an update on the organization’s Facebook page about Duke on Friday afternoon. “The dog is completely hairless, his skin is severely infected – red and raw. He is anemic, dehydrated, weak and covered in ticks and fleas. This two-year-old was used as a bait dog as his teeth have been filed down and pulled. When we were alerted to Duke and heard his story, and how this dog so desperately wanted to live, we could not turn our backs on him.”duke the couch dog 3

No one knows who owned Duke before he escaped from the hell where he lived for his short life, but his future looks brighter. To help with this dog’s medical expenses, please click here or Paypal

Photos courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.
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Advocates helping homeless woman’s dog with grotesquely swollen face

On Wednesday afternoon, in Riverside, California, an animal advocate and frequent volunteer at local animal shelters met Bobo – a nine-year-old pit bull. Although it’s not unusual for Sol Figueiredo, more popularly known as Pit A Boo to be helping dogs at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, Bobo’s situation was much different and one that Pit A Boo had never before encountered The dog has a grotesquely swollen face, and it is unknown what is causing the condition.Bobo the pitbull2

Meet Bobo; he is a 9 year old Pit Bull I met today outside the Goodwill in Riverside. My heart stopped when I saw his sweet face. His mommy is homeless and has been doing her best to keep him comfortable, but she needs our help. An organization that helps pets of homeless helped with a vet visit, but the vet just gave him antibiotics and steroids. No other diagnostic testing. The steroids actually made his lymph nodes swell up into golf balls. Right now his mom is giving him Motrin for the pain and a supplement called Sovereign Silver,” Pit A Boo posted on her Facebook page.

Bobo’s homeless owner doesn’t want to euthanize her dog and claims he doesn’t cry out in pain, is active, eats and is happy despite his condition. Immediately animal advocates came together to help. The primary goal is to get Bobo to a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis. Discussions on busy social media pages about the dog’s condition ranged from the possibilities of a cancerous tumor, infected teeth, snake bite and acute sinus infections. Bobo the pitbull 3

A fund to raise donations starting at the goal of $3,000 was met in only a few hours.

“We need donations to get him to a vet as soon as possible to get him diagnosed. If this is a case of hospice, we can at least get him prescribed something stronger than Motrin to keep him comfortable. He will need to be hospitalized for a couple days for testing, possibly need surgery, the possibilities are endless for what he may need. We are starting the goal at $3000, we may need more. If you are financially blessed please consider donating. Please share Bobo so we can get him the help he desperately needs.”

Pit A Boo returned to the area looking for Bobo and his owner to give her the good news that funds had been raised to immediately transfer Bobo to an emergency veterinarian facility; neither could be located.

“…Motrin is extremely poisonous for dogs. She (another animal advocate) said it can cause internal bleeding. The owner told me that when he is too active that he begins to sneeze and then blood comes pouring out of his nose. He has got to get to the emergency vet tonight!”

Let’s hope Bobo and his owner can be located and this poor dog can get the needed help as soon as possible. Updates will follow.

(Photos of Bobo with a swollen face courtesy of Pit A Boo Facebook page and You Caring)


Video here:

False report of ‘dog bite’ leads to the death of 2 beloved family dogs

In Baltimore, a report of two aggressive, loose dogs and the subsequent false report of a dog bite ended with the shooting death of what authorities described as “two unconfined, aggressive pit bulls.”  On Saturday afternoon, police were called to an alley located behind Edgecombe Circle where investigators found two dogs that had escaped from their backyard.

According to AbcNews, the two four-year-old pit bulls named Major and Savage have never been a problem in the neighborhood. One of the dogs was said to have jumped the fence, and the other squeezed out where three young children – aged 6,7, and 9 had been playing. The dogs were reported to have “scratched and cut” the one little girl. None of the children went to the hospital, and the child at the location was “treated for small scrapes and lacerations” according to the child’s mother who assured reporters her children are fine.

Officers contend they tried to contain the dogs, but shot both of them after they charged. One dog died at the scene, and the other dog ran home and died later that day.

“I ran home to my dog bleeding out on my kitchen floor,” the owner of the dogs stated. “I’m hurt, I’m very numb, and I’m hurt. I can’t even put it into words. I can’t stop crying. We’ve been living around here for almost nine-years or so, and I’ve never had no issues with my dogs. My neighbors never have an issue with dogs, my dogs never got out this gate.”

And yes, the owner of Major and Savage is thankful the children were not hurt, but cannot understand why the police labeled her dogs as aggressive and shot them; insisting her dogs were both “playful and spoiled.” An investigation is ongoing.

So would the police have shot two dogs jumping over a fence if they weren’t pit bull mixes? What do you think? And please comment about local headlines which included such words as “3 children attacked by pit bulls,” “officers shot dogs that attacked children,” or how about this one – “Baltimore police kill dog after it attacked children”?  Remember the children, according to their mother were “treated for small scrapes and lacerations.”

(Photo for fake dog bite and Baltimore police car via the organizations website)

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