Bait dog hung upside down by her feet as other dogs attacked

While Santa Claus came to town on Christmas Day and delivered treats and toys to so many beloved dogs, one seven-month-old “bait dog” puppy would unknowlingly celebrate her freedom; she had just been saved from a torturous existence. In River Vale, New Jersey, rescue organization Good Karma Dog Rescue, stepped up to save Hope.good-karma-dog-rescue-cover-2

At first, Hope was rushed immediately to an emergency veterinary hospital. Her body had been ravaged from dog fighting while being used as bait for fighting dogs to hone their egregious craft. She was described as literally ripped into pieces. The pup had been hung upside down by her back legs as the other dogs repeatedly attacked her. Hope didn’t have a chance to fight back.  Huge chunks of skin and muscle dropped away; her face and body were horribly distended and distorted from the swelling. She was riddled with old and new bite marks. Rescuers couldn’t bear holding back tears. It was not known if Hope would even survive.

One day later the rescue group posted Hope’s update on their Facebook page. The prognosis still didn’t look promising, but the puppy seemed to have no intentions of giving up her brave fight:

“The hospital is running a complete blood panel on her. I assumed that had been done already, but it hasn’t, so we are doing it now. We are doing a 4dx test to make sure she doesn’t have any heartworms. She still isn’t eating and the swelling has not gone down, so they are very concerned about the type of infections she could have, so we are also doing a wound culture. She may need a feeding tube inserted in the morning and could potentially need surgery. I will know more when the doctor calls me back after the labs are run. Bloodwork is in house. Wound culture takes 72 hours.
Hang in there sweet girl, we got this.”good-karma-dog-rescue

As the days passed, Hope began to eat and show a slight improvement. She was not eligible be put on steroids for the swelling, however followed a regiment of multiple massive antibiotics and pain relievers. She received constant care and remained on IV therapy for days. Her wounds have slowly improved and Hope was described as being in great “spirits and full of wiggles, wags and kisses.”

And the best news of all – on Friday morning Hope left the veterinary hospital and is now with her foster parent.

“She is doing so wonderfully, the doctors feel there is no reason to keep her there since her culture came back with bacteria that can be treated with oral medications. She will have a recheck in 7 days and is going home on 3 different antibiotics, an anti inflammatory/pain control med and medicated eye drops. We are so happy this girl will get to cuddle with her foster mom and sleep in a soft dog bed tomorrow night.”

Donations can be made to her care using Paypal at the group’s email address,

Check out Hope’s video and how sweet she is. Photos and video of bait dog courtesy of Good Karma Dog Rescue and Barb Blackman. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.



Outrage at Maricopa County shelter in spaying full term pregnant dogs

In Maricopa County, Arizona, authorities have confirmed that 25 nearly full term puppies were aborted as part of a re-enacted county spaying policy which states dogs can not be allowed to give birth while so many adult dogs are being euthanized because of overcrowding.

According to AbcNews15, in the past month at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, two dogs were spayed that were about to give birth, resulting in the death of 25 near full-term puppies. Shelter director, Mary Martin, who was hired during the late summer, is enforcing a no-exceptions policy for all dogs coming into the shelter to be spayed. She said terminating unborn pups is part of a recently re-enacted shelter policy to spay pregnant dogs. The policy had been suspended more than a year ago because of public outrage over the practice. The county says they now fully support Martin’s decision:

“County leadership accepts this as an unfortunate thing that has to happen when we have overcrowded conditions,” said Fields Moseley, Maricopa County communications director. “It’s just not fair, when we’re euthanizing dogs every day, to bring in a litter of 14 pups.”

Officials stated the puppies were never removed from the birth sac and were killed during anesthesia given to the mother dog before they ever took a breath. The chief veterinarian at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control stated the shelter is over capacity, and she would have euthanized the puppies if they had been born.

“A well-run shelter doesn’t euthanize dogs for space and then allow (other dogs) to have puppies,” stated Dr. Valerie Moser.

And that’s when social media outrage erupted as animal advocates made the shelter aware they would have organized foster homes and temporary housing to care for the mother dogs and their litters. Volunteers have accused shelter officials of trying to hide the very pregnant dogs from the public referring to the dogs as having “distended abdomens” with “mammary development,” however the next day the “abdomen does not appear to be overly distended.”

Martin defends her position to abort the puppies – even in the very late stages.  According to AZCentral, records show that both dogs that were pregnant were two-year-old pit bulls. One of the dogs was 61 days pregnant and had 14 full-term fetuses on December 19 when she was spayed. Another dog was 55 days pregnant with 11 unborn pups when her pregnancy was terminated. Dogs are generally pregnant 63 days. Sadly pit bulls are the most commonly euthanized dogs and often are hard to adopt.

What do you think?

(Photo of dog spaying full term via Maricopa County shelter)

Warning: Cops can shoot your dog if they enter your home

When a Battle Creek, Michigan couple petitioned the court to hold police officers accountable for shooting and killing their dogs while executing a search warrant looking for evidence of drugs, a 6th Circuit Court judge on Monday ruled officers are allowed to shoot your dog if they enter your home.

Two dogs, belonging to Mark and Cheryl Brown, were repeatedly shot and then purposely killed because they moved and barked. According to the Washington Examiner, police entered the couple’s home, which amounted to the unlawful seizure of property in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Their dogs barked at the door. One officer shot the first pit bull after he said the dog “had only moved a few inches,” perceiving the movement as a “lunge.” The injured dog ran away and hid in the basement, but the officer found the dog and shot him again. A second dog was also killed. The second dog did not approach the officer, and was described as “just standing there,” and barking. She was also shot to death.

The officers killed both injured dogs rather than seek veterinary help for either one.

“Officer Case saw that ‘there was blood coming out of numerous holes in the dog, and (Officer Case) didn’t want to see it suffer’ so he put her out of her misery and fired the last shot.”

In his opinion, Judge Eric Clay stated deadly force used against a dog during a search of a home for illegal drug activity is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment when the officer feels an imminent threat to his safety. Judge Clay decided the Browns did not provide evidence showing their first dog didn’t lunge at the officers nor that the second dog didn’t bark.

Watch out for the safety of your dogs – even in your own home. Whatever happened to police officers being trained to deal with dogs rather than using deadly force? Why couldn’t the police officers instructed the couple to secure the dogs in a safe place? Rest in peace pups.

(Photo of cops can shoot your dog via Facebook)

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Hero pit bull puppy stops would-be rapist

A five-month-old hero pit bull puppy knows where his loyalty lies – he managed to stave off a would-be rapist who attacked his favorite human – 18-year-old Maya Fairweather. According to the New York Post, the pup named Apollo, managed to sink his teeth into the attacker’s lower leg and had no intention of letting go until he knew his owner was safe from harm, and the bad guy was long gone.

Maya had been visiting her boyfriend on Monday night in Brooklyn when she decided to take her active pooch for a walk and a run in the nearby park. Attaching Apollo to his leash and donning her headphones, the two walked to Red Hook Stadium Park. When she felt someone pull her headphones, originally Maya thought it was her boyfriend, but  at that moment, the assailant knocked her over and tried to pull off her pants. That’s when Apollo rose to action.

“I fell down on my hands. I just closed my eyes because they say that if you see their face, they will kill you. I froze. I was really scared,” stated Maya.

The attacker was unaware that Maya still had her hand on the puppy’s leash, and that’s when Apollo took it into his own paws to attack. Apollo is normally a very friendly puppy and jumps on everyone for a pat and a hug, but the fierce little guy wasn’t about to let anyone hurt his favorite lady. Ironically Maya never wanted a puppy, but how she has changed.

You’re a good boy Apollo; you are a wonderful representative of your breed.

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(Photo of hero pit bull puppy screenshot NY Post)

Cop’s offensive remark as he shot woman’s dog in the face

In Aurora, Colorado, a dying dog’s last living moments with his owner went viral last month. According to CbsDenver, authorities contend police shot the dog because it had acted “aggressively.” A video released by police reveals the cop’s offensive remark as he shot a woman’s beloved dog in the face.valeria-rios-dead-dog-2

This week the dog’s owner, Valeria Rios, who is facing criminal charges including keeping a vicious, aggressive, or dangerous dog in her possession, viewed the video of her dog’s last day, as Angelo was shot by one of the officers. The tragic event occurred on October 22 when neighbors called 911 to report two  pit bulls were loose and had been attacking someone. Officers responded to the call; they wore their body cameras and a copy of the video released to Valeria was especially disturbing.

In the officer’s written report, he stated he was worried for the people’s safety, stating the larger of the two dogs had taken a defensive stance, and he was afraid for his safety and shot the dog. The dog’s owner, Valeria Rios, disputes the officer’s claim and wants to know why a taser or pepper spray could not have been used instead. Valeria claims the witnesses and officers exaggerated the situation, and the dogs attacked no one. Tragically, Valeria had to have her dog euthanized – the injury from the gunshot wound was too severe for her three-year-old Staffordshire terrier Angelo, to have survived.

According to CbsLocal, the officer could be heard in the video:

“I’ll put this mother-(expletive) down in a minute,” the officer responding to the call stated.

And then Angelo could be heard whimpering and crying as he ran away. By the time time Valeria arrived just moments later, Angelo was dying and his injuries too severe to have been saved. Valeria is angry how the officers laughed about shooting her dog, how Angelo cried out in agony when shot and how her dog wagged his tail until he took his last dying breath; all along Valeria stating her dog was not aggressive or vicious.

The animal attorney representing Valeria feels the police should have waited for Animal Control before shooting the dog, less than lethal methods could have been used and the department could benefit by training on how to confront dogs in stressful situations. These dogs are part of the family – not target practice, the attorney stated.

(Photo with cop’s offensive remarks via Cbs)

Read the prior story here.

Rescued pit bull won mayoral race in Kentucky

A rescued pit bull won the mayoral race in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, with the most popular votes, defeating a diverse group of opposing candidates including a cat, a chicken and even a jackass. According to the Facebook page, Brynn, the dog named Brynneth Pawltro received 3,367 votes in a landslide victory on November 8.

So what made this election unique besides there having been no name calling or sign carrying rallies in town? The election was held to be a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash General Store, which had been devastated by a fire and needed expensive repairs. Each vote cost one-dollar to cast; voters could cast as many ballots as they could afford. Quite frankly, even drinking alcohol was encouraged, since imbibing seemed to have encouraged more votes; to the tune of  $8,965, which will go towards rebuilding the store.pit-bull-as-mayor-store

“She’s a lover, she’s such a sweet dog. She is a pit bull rescue and she’s going to be quite the ambassador for that breed,” stated Bobbi Kayser, a member of the board of directors for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society in Kentucky; where the voting took place.

As to Brynneth’s background (also known as Brynn) – yes she was born in the United States and is owned by college student Jordie Bamforth, who works for an animal hospital. Dogs seem to fare well in elections in Rabbit Hash. This is the fourth canine mayor – followed by the memorable Goofy in 1998, Junior and Lucy Lu. It’s interesting to note that Lucy Lu, a Border collie, did not seek re-election this year and decided to retire – having been the first dog mayor who didn’t die while still holding office.

(Photos for a rescue pit bull won via Facebook Brynn)

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Cesar, pit bull in Staten Island held For 6 months on false Allegations

It seems BSL is continuing to rear its ugly head, not only in the controversial activities of Montreal but here in the United States as well. Dogs are being seized from their families on the fraudulent promise of only a 10 day quarantine; then being held indefinitely and neglected by those that are holding them hostage.

Cesar, a pit bull residing in Staten Island, New York with his owner Kristina Zdanaviciute Panattieri and her husband Douglas Panattieri, has never shown any signs of aggression. He actually serves as a therapy dog for an autistic child.  However, six months ago an incident occurred that has Cesar sitting on death row, and his owners worried over his physical and mental well-being.

The incident occurred while Cesar was in his own yard when a neighbor’s dog wandered into his territory. Cesar did exactly what any dog would’ve done no matter what the breed; he attempted to protect his territory. An altercation ensued between Cesar and the neighbor’s dog, resulting in the neighbor receiving a bite wound.  There is no concrete evidence that it was Cesar who did the biting, it could very easily been the neighbor’s own dog who inflicted the wound.

Nonetheless it was Cesar who was impounded and taken to Staten Island Animal Care and Control facility where he was supposed to only be held on a ten day quarantine per the Department of Health.  It has been six months since the incident, and Cesar has not been released to his owners as promised and now the Department of Health wants him euthanized.

During his six month imprisonment, Cesar has lost over twenty pounds and has gotten sick with pneumonia. He is being denied food and water and proper veterinarian care. He is also suffering from parasites and bacteria, yet his owners are not allowed to take him to a private vet. He is kept in a cage and not given adequate exercise. His owners, the Panattierris are only allowed to visit him twice a week for fifteen minutes each.

Under these deplorable conditions, Cesar will most likely die.  The Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center has an obligation to keep the animals in their care safe and well. That is their job; that is what they are being paid, but unfortunately they are lacking in their responsibilities by letting a dog waste away and die while under their roof.

The case is being appealed, and a petition has been started on Cesar’s behalf urging Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto and Attorney Christina Kang for the Department of Health to let Cesar go home to his family.

Please sign and share Cesar’s petition.

It is a gross miscarriage of justice to continue to keep Cesar imprisoned at the Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center when there is no evidence he has done anything wrong other than behave as any other dog would in the given circumstances.


The Department of Health and the Staten Island Animal Care and Control Center need to be held accountable for their treatment of Cesar. They need to be investigated and prosecuted with the same zeal and aggressiveness that they prosecute innocent animals and their owners.


Do not let them get away with this.





Dog shot in face during casual encounter

In a disturbing crime out of Mobile, Alabama, a one-year-old dog doing nothing but wagging his tail was shot in the face on Wednesday night as three men walked by while the dog and his owner fished off Rangeline Road, reports the Fox News.

According to the dog’s owner, army veteran Pete Brown, he and his friendly pit bull Gracy had been fishing in the same spot where three other men had been seated. As the men walked by towards their car, Gracy walked up to them with her tail wagging – one of the men without warning pulled out a gun and shot Gracy in the face. The unidentified men held Brown at gunpoint until they drove off in their

Gracy was shot through the snout with a hollow point bullet; the bullet exited her throat. On Thursday, the dog had surgery and is expected to recover.

“She was suffering and whimpering a lot, and just bubbling out of her nose; she was pouring blood,” described Brown about his very gentle dog on the way to the emergency veterinary hospital. “The whole ride over was miserable for her, and she woke up a couple times, and I just petted her and loved her the whole way.”

Mobile Police have not found the person responsible for shooting Gracy, but the man faces animal cruelty and menacing charges. Anyone with information is asked to notify the police.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with Gracy’s very expensive veterinary expenses. Get well soon Gracy.

(Photos via GoFundMe)

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Owner sentenced to prison in starving dog cannibalism case

A Headland, Alabama dog owner has been sentenced to six years in prison for starving six dogs resulting in cannibalism as one dog attacked another out of starvation. According to the Dothan Eagle, Quenton Eugene Mathis, 26, pleaded guilty to six charges of animal cruelty on Thursday.

On December 1, 2015, authorities from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department accompanied Henry County Department of Human Resources to the home of Eugene and his wife, Ashley Nicole Mathis, 26, to take custody of their 4-year-old son. No one was home, however authorities found four emaciated pit bulls tied to four different trees tethered with heavy chains making it nearly impossible for the dogs to walk or move. Inside the home, deputies found the half-eaten carcass of another dog with one healthy dog nearby who had resorted to killing and eating the other dog to survive. The remains of a chicken was also found. 

After an investigation, authorities discovered the family moved out of their home three weeks prior and left the six dogs and chicken behind. None of the animals had food or water for weeks. The couple were found living at a relative’s home. Ashley Nicole Mathis  faces similar charges.

Circuit Court Judge Larry Anderson sentenced Mathis to one year in prison for each charge to be served concurrently. A hearing whether to grant Mathis probation will be heard on November 4, however deputies took Mathis to jail after he tested positive for marijuana in court.

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(Photos via Dothan Eagle screenshot)

Canada judge questions pit bull ban: Lacks clarity

On Monday morning, Superior Court Justice Louis Gouin questioned Quebec’s pit bull bylaw stating he has concerns over how a “pit bull type dog” is defined, reports the CBC. The bylaw came into effect on Monday.

In response to Montreal SPCA asking for a judicial review of the law banning pit bulls, the organization asked the court to suspend the bylaw stating it will prevent “chaos” and confusion during the review process until the outcome is completed.

“I won’t hide from you that in my reading of the bylaw I had several questions,” stated Judge Gouin. “Are we talking about first generation crosses? Do we go back to the grandparents? If I have all these questions, then the owners of pit bull type dogs must have them as well.”

Also being questioned is what the definition of a “pit bull type dog” is and that the new bylaw is both “vague and imprecise.” The new law suggests that these dogs be required to be muzzled at all times – a task impossible stated the judge since the dogs would not be able to eat or drink. Representing the city’s legal department, Rene Cadieux told the judge the dogs should be muzzled at all times when they go outdoors, and that Montreal had planned to update the website specifically citing the new regulations. Also in question is the city workers’ right to enter a building and arbitrarily take someone’s dog.

In Cadieux’s  argument to the judge, he referred to the Supreme Court’s decision stating there is no scientific evidence needed for breed specific legislation, and it is perfectly legal to rely on logic and common sense. Meanwhile lawyers for the SPCA, Marie-Claude St. Amant and Sibel Ataogul are looking for a resolution by Wednesday.

And as if Ontario’s  latest bylaws against dogs isn’t worrisome enough, Premier Philippe Couillard said Quebec is likely to follow the lead and ban pit bulls also.

Citizens continue to question why the government didn’t meet with the SPCA and other humane organizations to arrive at logical resolutions instead of targeting dogs and their owners in such a heated and undeserved hatred campaign. There has never been an documented evidence that pit bulls, pit bull mixes, or their pit bull relatives dating back six generations are unpredictable. In fact, pit bulls are not a breed – they are a combination of several breeds including the American Pit Bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, American bulldog, etc. When will the government wake up and look at the owners of the dogs – not the dogs?

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(Photo: Riverside Animal Shelter. Darla – rescued!)