Someone traumatized this poor dog: Now he needs our help

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At the Wichita Animal Shelter, a traumatized dog needs the help of volunteers and animal advocates. Brought in as a stray early last week, his time is running out. Sadly, he is so stressed he tries to disappear into the corner.


Now this boy has been listed for humane euthanasia at the shelter and has been kept isolated in a restricted hall for medical. He has been labeled “rescue only”  due to his fear. Notes report that his collar had become embedded; once again the rescue community is outraged by the neglect and pain he has suffered at the hands of a human that he depended on to help him survive in this world.

Found as a “stray” and brought in as an “over the counter” intake at the shelter, there is no owner to hold accountable for this cruel action. Tragically this pattern of abuse will continue as few owners are ever held responsible for their abject cruelty.

Dogs like this have become the disposable dogs of society and are too often labeled as dangerous animals; not because these dogs are anymore aggressive than any other breed, but because irresponsible and cruel humans abuse these dogs.

Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations. He is listed as “rescue only” and will need an approved foster or adopter through a rescue organization in order to be released. Pledges currently listed will be sent to the approved organization to help with his adoption. If interested, contact

(Photos and videos of traumatized dog via Facebook and Beauties and Beasts Org.)

Additional information:


Kennel IF08 (restricted hall)
Animal Number 115319
Intake Date 4/3
Last day 4/10

VISIT the Wichita Animal Shelter and save the life of a blue lined animal in need. 3303 N Hillside in Wichita, KS.

RESCUES email the KHS rescue coordinator at or call 316-524-9196 and ask for the rescue coordinator

FOSTERS please apply online at or contact a rescue you are affiliated with ASAP.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Why does this sweetheart only have a week to find a rescuer???
    This is absolutely “criminal”!

    Please. someone, we need a miracle!


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