Heartless person dumped Jack Russell puppy in recycling bin

A heartless person dumped a Jack Russell puppy in a clothes recycling bin in Leeds, United Kingdom on New Year’s Day. The defenseless little one was found behind a pharmacy in Moseley Place on New … Read More

Family found fox napping on their microwave oven

A family from London called animal control officials last week after they found a fox napping on their microwave oven. The family stated their daughter had come down for breakfast in the kitchen of their … Read More

Video captures dog pawing the car door after man throws him out

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in the United Kingdom are searching for the man caught on video, whose dog was seen pawing on the car door after the man … Read More

Pregnant bulldog unable to deliver her puppy left abandoned in London alley

A pregnant bulldog, unable to deliver her puppy, was discovered by a Good Samaritan on Sunday after a heartless owner abandoned the young dog completely covered in feces in a filthy wet crate in a … Read More

Poor dog abandoned and left to die stuffed in sports bag

In Hilsea, United Kingdom, a poor dog was abandoned on Wednesday in a parking lot, stuffed in a sports bag and left to die in the freezing cold temperatures.

According to TheNews, the male … Read More

Terrified pup left chained to lamppost in freezing cold

A terrified pup was left chained to a lamppost in the freezing cold on Friday. The dog had been abandoned on Esher Road in Kingstanding, United Kingdom.

According to the Express, the dog was … Read More

Rescued Staffy so skinny all of her bones visible through her skin

The RSPCA are investigating the discovery of a starved Staffy – so skinny all of her bones were visible through her skin. The neglected Staffordshire Bull terrier was rescued early Friday morning when a local … Read More

Emaciated Saluki left to wander the streets hobbling in black football socks

In a heartbreaking video  caught on a surveillance camera, an emaciated Saluki was seen hobbling onto the front of a garage wearing black football socks. The video, released on Friday, showed the brindle-coated dog wearing … Read More

Pair of helpless dogs launched into traffic on busy highway

On the outskirts of London near Hertfordshire, a pair of helpless dogs were launched from a car traveling 60 mph, into traffic on a busy highway Sunday evening. One dog was killed instantly after several … Read More

Youngsters kick and kill mallard duck in brutal act of violence while laughing

Investigators for the RSPCA in Roundhills, Waltham Abbey, Essex are searching for three school boys – aged 11-13, who were seen attacking a drake mallard duck in what has been described as a “disgusting act … Read More