Sweet dog who lived at shelter nearly his entire life thought he had found a home until his heart broke

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Cody had lived at the RSPCA Suffolk Central for nearly his entire life. When one day after lots of work from the staff, a family who had spent months visiting the shelter and Cody, finally made the decision to adopt him. Hearts filled with joy, that is – until the family changed their minds.

A post on Instagram told story of everyone’s disappointment. Sadly, Cody had been caught up in the enthusiasm of leaving the shelter and going to his own home, and he seemed to be saddened, but shook it off. And a search for a new home for Cody begins again.

Cody has now officially spent more time in rescue than he has in a home spending a total of 9 months between two RSPCA centers at his little age of 1 year and 5 months old. We are desperate to find this little man a home, with the forever family he so desperately deserves.

Information needed on Cody is on the link here–> https://ipswich-rspca.org.uk/dogs/cody-2/


As to the perfect home, Cody does have some specific needs to address some of his behaviors. He can be reactive towards strangers, dogs and vehicles. He needs a patient family who can help him build his self-confidence. Once he gets to know people, his affectionate side shows up, and he begs to play. He loves his toys and while his entire body shakes in glee and excitement, that toy of the day is in his mouth waiting to engage in some doggy – human fun.

He certainly hasn’t let it dull his sparkle and continues to enjoy his zoomies in the field, adventuring our quiet, rural areas and getting lots of cuddles from his rescue family

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Cody needs someone to love him in a calm atmosphere. No one at the RSPCA is giving up on him, but sharing his plight may very well help him find that special family he so deserves. Please share with friends, family and social media contacts. It just takes one special family to fill Cody’s life with joy.

For more information about Cody, please click here.

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Tea anyone?
Adorable little boy takes a water break with his horses. 😉

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  1. This puppy is adorable!!! We aren’t eligible to foster him because we have multiple dogs and horses, but if we didn’t have all our critters………

    I hope someone local can open up their heart and home for this precious little treasure….. He deserves to be part of a loving furever family who will treat him as a beloved family member for his entire life!!!


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