Abandoned fox cub left on roadside with ‘help me’ note

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In the Northeast England area of County Durham, a fox cub was found in a carrier bag left on the side of the road with a hand printed note on a shopping bag.

The heartbreaking note stated:

My mam died – help me.


RSPCA Officer Shane Lynn rushed out to Langley Moor where the cub was located and transported it to a local veterinarian for a physical examination. Although it is quite tragic, the cub doesn’t have his mother anymore, the animal welfare organization is thankful members of the public have come out to help.

It is important however, if people spot a wild animal believed to have been orphaned, please leave the animal at that spot, and just monitor it to see if the mother returns. Often the mother will return after searching for food or trying to distract predators from her baby. If the animal is still there after 24-hours, contact the nearest wildlife rescue organization for more instructions.

The adorable little guy will remain in the care of the RSPCA wildlife center.

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