Woman dragged dog along side of car because it had fleas

A miserable woman in Mexico was videoed on Saturday dragging her dog along side of her car down a hot street. People in the area yelled out to the woman who finally stopped, but not … Read More

Owner wanted to euth’ puppy after accidentally poisoning her

Rather than treating their young puppy for an accidental poison overdose over the weekend, Ginger’s human family decided to ask their veterinarian to euthanize her. Fortunately, the emergency veterinarian hospital called Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform for … Read More

Labrador retriever saved from drowning in canal

On Friday morning, a plea went out for help. A Labrador retriever had fallen into the canal in McAllen, Texas. His head was bobbing up and down; he seemed exhausted and it was feared he … Read More

Rescued from canal: Another ‘everyday’ dumped dog

In San Juan, Texas, during an animal control officer’s Monday morning search of the dumping grounds in the area, she heard a dog crying for help. She quickly jumped out of her truck to investigate … Read More

Puppy found with blunt force trauma has no voice to tell his story

A four-month-old puppy, found as a stray in the Dallas Fort Worth area was rescued on Friday afternoon. Dallas Dog-Rescue.Rehab.Reform rushed him to their partner veterinarian hospital for life saving treatment.

“He is skin and

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Abandoned dog found in South Texas field being eaten alive by fleas

In South Texas, an abandoned dog had been roaming in a field basically being eaten alive by fleas. When she was discovered by Animal Control on Monday morning, the fleas had been biting and jumping … Read More

Dog dumped in Rubbermaid bucket and left on side of Texas road

On a lonely windy road, an emaciated dog was dumped in a blue Rubbermaid bucket off of Dowdy Ferry Road in Dallas; she is not only skinny but scared and full of mange. The remote … Read More

‘It’s not my dog’ claims person who surrendered pup to shelter

“It’s not my dog,” the person who turned the matted mess of a pup into the animal shelter on Tuesday in Dallas told the front desk personnel.

“It is not my dog, to ACO. I

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Dumping ground dog waits on discarded chair for someone to help him

It is becoming an everyday occurrence in some of the most isolated areas of South Texas. Each day brings new dogs that have been dumped and abandoned. Each day they get thinner and thinner – … Read More

Update on helpless scared pup who avoids all human touch

In rural Texas, hidden in a shelter with no public access, a helpless and scared 15-pound pup shivered and cried in the corner of her kennel cage avoiding all human touch. She had been taken … Read More