Heartbreaking: Sargent arrived at Texas shelter as stray struggling to live

For the last two weeks, a bulldog named Sargent has been at a local Texas animal shelter. His condition, when he arrived was deplorable, but too often dogs brought in as strays have been suffering … Read More

Texas breeder tosses mother dog and puppy born with birth defect

On Monday afternoon, Gemma and Jax will arrive at the Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform after they were thrown away like trash. Gemma, the three-year-old mother dog had given birth to a litter three months ago, that … Read More

Frightened dog on shelter’s euthanasia list spared at very last moment

Meet Tonya; this young puppy had been at a local shelter near Dallas, Texas and was scheduled to be euthanized because of overcrowded conditions. In addition, shelter staff stated Tonya was scared and had shut … Read More

Dallas puppy failed by his owners only knew life tethered outdoors

Rookie is a nine-month-old puppy in Dallas and was failed by his owners. All he knew was life outside attached to a tether.  The law limits tethering a pet and the city offered the family … Read More

Three-week-old puppy with missing back leg found abandoned in park

At the Garland Animal Services, a plea went out to approved animal rescues asking for help with a three-week-old puppy weighing less than one pound. He was found in a park by a Good Samaritan … Read More

Dog survived his home burning down, the loss of his canine pals and then someone shot him

Duke’s story is devastating, but he’s a survivor, and Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform is asking for help. Here is what happened.

Nearly a month ago in the  Dallas area, Duke’s home burnt down. The owner … Read More

Texas puppies thrown away with trash: Thrown into bucket and tossed in dumpster

In Donna, Texas, a litter of puppies had been thrown away like trash. The local fire department was called in to help animal control officers rescue the near newborns. No one knows how long the … Read More

Emaciated puppy trapped in water bucket in South Texas rescued

An emaciated puppy trapped in a water bucket in South Texas has been rescued. The disturbing discovery occurred when a homeowner heard her own dog barking; she went outside to investigate and found the helpless … Read More

Heartbreaking update on puppy entangled in debris rescued under mobile home

No one knows how long an abandoned, tiny puppy hid under a mobile home in Dallas and would not come out because he was stuck and tangled up by his legs. For days rescuers with … Read More

Three newborn kittens lost their mama after she was run over by a car

In the Rio Grand Valley of Texas, three newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached, became orphans on Tuesday after their mother was run over and killed by a car.

As resources in South … Read More