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Police rescue puppy muzzled with tape and tossed away into a dumpster

On Monday morning, police in the Dallas, Texas area discovered a small black and white puppy with her muzzle taped shut with tape and then tossed away in a dumpster as if she were just … Read More

A New Year Day’s arrival for Bridgett whose owners no longer had time nor the means to care for her

What a way to start the new year. Bridget’s owners decided to rehome her for many reasons including not having enough time for her and not being able to afford her veterinary care. No matter … Read More

Help Cash find a new home: Kids went to college and their dog of four years was no longer ‘family’

We have heard the story before; the kids go off to college, and the parents no longer have time for the dog who always loved to snuggle and play with the family. We have heard … Read More

Stray puppy climbed into car engine to stay warm and got stuck

In Dallas, Texas it gets cold at night, and it’s hardly a place for a young puppy to be roaming by herself, yet one little pooch thought climbing into the engine of a nearby vehicle … Read More

Heartless owner abandoned dog behind dumpster at Dollar Store still wearing his bowtie rhinestone collar

In the Dallas area, a heartless owner abandoned their dog behind a dumpster at a local Dollar Store. When Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform arrived, the animal control officer at the scene had been surprised to … Read More

Update on skeletal Gwendolyn the dog adopted from same shelter found near dumpster

What happened to Gwendolyn? On Saturday, the skeletal dog was found by a dumpster. She was alone, her ribs exposed, and she was unable to even stand. Fortunately, Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform stepped up to … Read More

What happened to Gwendolyn? Dog adopted from same shelter months ago is now a skeleton

What happened to Gwendolyn? On Saturday, the skeletal dog was found by a dumpster. She was alone, her ribs were exposed, and she was unable to even stand. Fortunately, Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform has stepped … Read More

Update on Great Pyrenees cast aside because no one thought he mattered

This once beautiful dog scarcely recognizable as a Great Pyrenees was rescued on Wednesday by Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform. His name is Hemingway, because his rescuers believe he has a story to tell.

Just a … Read More

Once beautiful Great Pyrenees cast aside to scavenge for food in trash cans will get another chance

This once beautiful dog is scarcely recognizable as a Great Pyrenees. Just a day ago, he was picked up by Animal Control near the Dallas area where he had been scavenging through trash cans and … Read More

Dog born with upside down paws walking after Oklahoma State Vet College completes her surgery

Siggi was born with a rare condition called congenital luxation and dislocation of the bilateral elbows. Simply described, the determined little rat terrier’s arms were backwards. What she lacked in mobility however, she made up … Read More