Helpless horse tied and dragged behind white truck

In San Leon, Texas, a video of horse tied and being dragged behind a white pickup truck has gone viral. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help identifying the person(s) involved … Read More

Disturbing viral video shows three horses being pulled by pickup truck

In Limestone, Alabama, a flood of calls came into the  Limestone County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday after a video went viral showing three horses being pulled by a pickup truck along 7 Mile Post Road.… Read More

Horribly emaciated mare actually saddled and ridden through Mize auction

Auction attendees were shocked to see a horribly emaciated mare at the Mize Livestock Sale in Mississippi on Saturday evening.  The bidding opened at $75 – then went down to $55 and $35, but still … Read More

Besties: Neglected mini horse befriended by golden retriever Molly

A neglected mini horse – no more than skin and bones, had been found wandering the streets in South Carolina. Darlene Kindle, founder of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance stepped up to help the ailing … Read More

Horse falls upside down into mechanic’s pit

In Lublin, Poland, a 30-year-old horse fell upside down into a mechanic’s pit in her owner’s garage this week while searching for potatoes to eat. Baska, the mare, followed her nose into the garage and … Read More

Update #2: Thurston horse accidentally severed own tongue

In Yelm, Washington, authorities have been investigating whether a Thurston’s horse’s tongue was severed in an accident or if it had been intentionally cut out. The horse named Annie had to be humanely euthanized since … Read More

Horse found with tongue cut out euthanized

In Yelm, Washington, authorities are investigating whether a horse’s tongue was severed in an accident or if it had been intentionally cut out. On Wednesday, the horse named Annie was humanely euthanized since she was … Read More

Good Samaritans lead spooked horse on highway to safety

In Houston, Texas, a spooked horse running down a busy highway on Monday was brought to safety by good Samaritans. While we all love horses and love to brag about their intelligence, these beautiful creatures … Read More

Groundbreaking lawsuit to allow animals the legal right to sue their owners

In a groundbreaking lawsuit in Hillsboro, Oregon, Justice the horse is a party to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday against his former owner, for the costs of his medical care including his pain and suffering. … Read More

Havasupai Tribe convict 3 in animal cruelty cases for abuse of horses

The Havasupai Tribe report they have convicted three people in animal cruelty cases for the abuse of horses. More than 20,000 people annually visit the Havasu Canyon; part of the Grand Canyon in Arizona which … Read More