Disturbing video shows hunt rider kicking and punching her horse after it ran off the road

A video shared on Twitter over the weekend showed a woman kicking and slapping her horse after the animal ran into the road. The incident is believed to have taken place during the Cottensmore Hunt … Read More

Gypsy mare devastated by loss of her 4-day-old colt stolen from Weld County farm

In Fort Lupton, Colorado, a four-day-old colt stolen from a Weld County farm by thieves sometime early in the morning on Wednesday, April 21, may not survive without his mother’s milk and care. The colt, … Read More

Irish horse trainer banned for viral photo sitting on dead horse as ‘most appalling’

The Irish trainer Gordon Elliott was banned for 12 months, six of them suspended on Friday after someone posted a photograph of him smiling while sitting on a dead horse.

According to Yahoo Sports, … Read More

Deadly cruelty case in Western Tennessee involves rescue of 19 dogs and a cat

The Animal Rescue Corps rushed in on Saturday afternoon to a property in Guys, Tennessee to rescue 20 animals after a gruesome discovery earlier in the week where a dead horse was found and another … Read More

Bonded horse and donkey survive worst wildfire season in Colorado history

In Boulder, Colorado, a bonded draft horse and his donkey pal survived the worst wildfire season in Colorado history. The pair – covered in soot were lucky; they only suffered minor burns and when found … Read More

Man forces horse to drink a bottle of champagne holding halter tight

In Mallorca, a disturbing video of a man holding the halter of a winning racehorse and forcing her to drink an entire bottle of champagne has outraged social media with animal advocates calling the man’s … Read More

‘Dread Head Cowboy’s’ horse improving but can never be ridden again

Adam Hollingsworth, also known as the  “Dread Head Cowboy,” rode his brown and white horse south on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Monday, surrounded by several supporters on motorcycles in support of Kids’ Lives Matter. … Read More

Update on ‘Dreadhead Cowboy’ horse may have to be put down

The man dubbed the “Dreadhead Cowboy,” who rode a horse for seven miles down the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago, was ordered to be held on $25,000 bond at a hearing on Wednesday. Cook County … Read More

‘Dreadhead cowboy’ who rode horse on expressway charged with felony animal cruelty

The man dubbed the “Dreadhead Cowboy” who rode a horse for seven miles down the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago on Monday, has been charged with one count of aggravated felony animal cruelty.

According to … Read More

Santa Cruz County helping pets evacuated from the fires

The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter has reached out to help pets in need evacuated due to the fires. The shelter has plenty of food, cat litter, litter boxes and animal crates for those in … Read More