Horse that ran off with mustangs 8 years ago in Utah returned to owner

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After eight years of being lost, a horse that ran off with wild mustangs while loosely tied outside of his owner’s tent while the family had been camping in Utah’s West Desert, has been found and reunited with his owner.

On the Facebook page of Shane Adams, a number of photos of his horse Mongo and the reunion brings to mind Mark Twain’s quote:

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.

Mongo had been tied up loosely outside of the tent Adams had been in eight years ago, but when some wild mustangs ran past the camp, Mongo took off with the herd. Although Adams tried to run after his horse, it was too late – Mongo and his new friends were quickly out of sight. For three years, Adams searched for Mongo, and every weekend he returned to the area and brought everything he could and every idea possible to find his beloved horse. He even contacted the Bureau of Land Management and described his horse – just in case Mongo was captured.

When funds ran out, although Adams never gave up hope, he stopped going out to the area and purchased another horse. And then after all this time, last week the BLM had herded up mustangs near a military property in Tooele County and found Mongo’s brand.

According to Fox11News, the BLM managers immediately saw the difference between the mustangs and Mongo. Mongo had fallen in step as if he had been trained, and on closer inspection is when the agents found the horse’s brand.

One can only imagine the surprise Adams experienced. Just a year ago, Adams had been involved in a serious car accident that left him permanently disabled and doctors told him he would never walk again, however now that Mongo is back, Adams is ready to prove his doctors wrong.

As for Mongo, it’s as if nothing ever happened; even after eight years of having run wild. He was able to be saddled up and showed no signs of having been free from humans. The 18-year-old horse came home a few hundred pounds underweight, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue as doctor’s orders are for some good feed and lots of quality hay.

Welcome home Mongo.

(Photos Facebook Shane Adams)

Check out the video from Channel 2 News:

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OOPS! Pup accidentally fell into pool.

Pup modeling squirrel costume. 😉

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