Update on Weimaraner left at shelter struggling for days to walk

At the San Antonio Animal Care Center in Texas, a Weimaraner sat for days struggling to walk; she appeared to be in pain and needed help quickly. Her heartbreaking story was shared more than a … Read More

Woman saves burning koala bear from fire with the shirt off her back

In the state of New South Wales, Australians are overwhelmed with the purely unselfish actions of a woman who rushed into the burning forest to rescue a koala bear.

The local woman, named Toni spotted … Read More

Stray puppy covered with mange found eating a dead dog to stay alive

A stray puppy, covered with mange and open sores was discovered scavenging for food on a Houston street. Even worse, when he was found, the eight-month-old puppy had been eating a dead dog to stay … Read More

Man beat his uncle’s tiny ShihTzu to death with a shovel

In Boynton Beach, Florida, a 34-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly beating his uncle’s tiny ShihTzu to death with a shovel and then tossing the dog’s body into the canal.

According to CbsNews, … Read More

Stray puppy shot multiple times pawing in garbage for food

A nine-month-old puppy was shot multiple times because a homeowner caught her pawing in his garbage can, scavenging for food. The disturbing incident occurred in North Carolina; what a sad world we live in when … Read More

Shattered hearts: ‘Faith’ the Great Dane succumbed to her injuries

An ailing Great Dane, whose every inch of her body hurt, rescued from the animal shelter in Fort Walton, Florida has shattered hearts. On Monday morning, Faith succumbed to her injuries. Although she was receiving … Read More

Don’t give up Lilo! Shaking little dog won’t get up

At the Harris County Animal Shelter, Lilo shakes in her kennel enclosure. She is very depressed and needs to find a foster home or better yet – a real home where she can properly decompress … Read More

Devastating house fire ends with deaths of 13 Australian shepherds

In St. Francis, Minnesota, a devastating house fire claimed the lives of 13 Australian shepherds on Thursday. A passerby saw the flames and called the fire department. The home was a total loss.

According to … Read More

‘Every inch of her body hurts’: Ailing Great Dane pulled from shelter

An ailing Great Dane, whose every inch of her body hurt, was rescued on Saturday from the animal shelter in Fort Walton, Florida. The shelter contacted Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue for help. Staff and … Read More

Two animal shelter directors accused of illegally euth’ing 330 pets

Two former animal shelter directors in Hamilton Township, New Jersey on Thursday, have been accused of allowing 230 cats and nearly 100 dogs to be illegally euthanized before they could be placed up for adoption … Read More