Home security camera catches man dragging cat on its back down sidewalk

In Sacramento, California, area residents are outraged after a man was caught on a security camera dragging a cat on its back down a sidewalk on Sunday morning.

According to Fox News, neighbors are … Read More

Sad shelter pup has never had any potential adopters in 3 months

For the three months that Danny has been at the Merriam, Kansas, Great Plains SPCA, there has not been one phone call, one email or person walk through the door that has ever asked … Read More

Dying kittens and puppies found inside of Chinese company’s ‘mystery boxes’ being sold online

Distressed, dying and dead puppies and kittens were discovered inside of crates allegedly being sold by a Chinese company offering “mystery boxes.” As reported by MSN News, animal activists made the grim discovery in … Read More

‘Beautiful and deep as the sea’ a dog named Ocean will die today if no one helps

Without a foster or an adopter, a beautiful dog named Ocean will be euthanized on Friday afternoon at the Manhattan’s facility for New York Animal Care Centers. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, and sadly Ocean … Read More

Austin woman videoed repeatedly striking elderly dog but authorities say ‘no criminal offense’

In Austin, Texas,  distressing cellphone videos have gone viral which captured a woman violently striking an apparently elderly and disabled dog. Three videos alleged to have been filmed in the last two days showed a … Read More

El Paso man dumped his dog in the middle intersection as dog ran chasing him

In El Paso, Texas, a 31-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday after authorities accused him of dumping his dog in the middle of a busy intersection.

According to KviaNews, witnesses stated they saw Manuel … Read More

Abandoned Chihuahua discovered in garbage bag sealed in storage bin for 17 hours

In Westchester County, a senior Chihuahua was discovered in a garbage bag sealed inside of a plastic storage bin on Wednesday.

According to the SPCA of Weschester’s Humane Law Enforcement Unit, investigators are seeking information … Read More

Five-month-old homeless puppy in Texas shot for being a nuisance

A five-month-old puppy from Mission, Texas is on his way to a rescue organization in Illinois because people care. The homeless puppy had been living in the area and would accept food from random Good … Read More

Man arrested for fatal shooting of homeless man’s dog

A North Carolina man has been arrested for the fatal shooting of a homeless man’s dog. As reported by WFXR News, Markus Connelly turned himself into the Burke County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. Connelly … Read More

German shepherd who served as police K9 for six years about to be dumped at shelter

In a heartbreaking situation, an eight-year-old German shepherd named Sampson was about to be surrendered to an animal shelter in the south. And it’s not as if all loyal dogs dumped at shelters aren’t back … Read More