Call it ‘divine intervention’ when dying dog with shattered leg found on side of road

On Monday, a team from Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs had been driving down a Georgia highway in the torrential rain on their way to meeting with rescue partners when they spotted a dog lying … Read More

Hunters killed 178 wolves in just 72 hours

In just 72 hours, hunters in Wisconsin killed 178 gray wolves during the state’s open season on the animals. As reported by the Associated Press, the hunt was ended early after it became clear … Read More

Man killed by rooster he was forcing to fight

A rooster, fitted with a blade on his leg, killed his owner, who was forcing him to participate in an illegal cockfight. The deadly incident happened in India, where cockfighting is illegal. As reported by … Read More

More than 75,000 reports related to popular flea collar Seresto

The Environmental Protection Agency has received more than 75,000 reports related to the popular flea collar Seresto; including 907 involving harm to humans.

According to documents from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Seresto has … Read More

Authorities want to find man in Salt Lake County who set dog on fire

In Salt Lake City, authorities want to find the man who purposely set a dog on fire near Intersection 80 on Monday. The female red tick heeler suffered second degree burns to her face and … Read More

Homeless pup ‘Lance’ tucks himself into bed at the shelter waiting for a home

A very likeable and handsome bulldog named Lance is waiting for a loving home at the Miami-Dade Animal Services in Doral, Florida. Lance is about six-years-old and as he tries to make the best of … Read More

Texas man offers $10k for safe return of service dog

A man in San Antonio, Texas, is offering a $10,000 reward for the safe return of his canine friend and service dog, Golani. As reported by My San Antonio, Roi Biton’s bull terrier vanished … Read More

Dog hotel being opened for homeless people’s pets, who need somewhere to stay while owners get on their feet

A farm in Scottsdale, Arizona, will soon be opening a “hotel for dogs” to help provide a safe place for pets to stay while their homeless owners take steps to get back on their feet. … Read More

Dog’s owner dumped her at shelter and when visitors left she cried inconsolably

In a heartbreaking story of an eight-year-old Rottweiler surrendered at the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Saturday, Destiny was left lost and confused. She was an owner surrender, and once her person left her at the … Read More

Pup slated to die at NYC shelter today after owner left him tied to a gate on parkway

Sad Update: Cruz was euthanized this afternoon at the shelter. Rest in peace poor boy.

Life as King Presto (Cruz) knew, suddenly came to a halt on January 25, 2021 after his family deliberately … Read More