Help Mellow find his way back to his 70-year-old ‘best friend’

A 70-year-old man is heartbroken after his “best friend” – a poodle mix named Mellow disappeared from his Queens home in New York City on May 13.  It may sound like crazy stuff, but after … Read More

Loyal dog shot protecting her family during home invasion

In Houston, Texas, a family’s loyal dog tried to protect his family during a home invasion on Friday night. The dog came to the rescue, but was shot twice by the one of the four … Read More

Brave kitty fended off trespassing coyote

In Altadena, California, a brave kitty fended off a trespassing coyote protecting her home. The entire spat was captured on a home doorbell surveillance camera.

The fearless feline stood her ground, and although the person … Read More

Cruel owner dragged Eliza out of his truck and abandoned her

In Pendleton, South Carolina, authorities with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division are asking for the public’s help identifying the person who dragged Eliza out of a truck on McMurtrey Road in Pendleton.… Read More

Inspector called discovery of suffering pup worst case of cruelty

Found dumped on a Worcestershire, United Kingdom farm, a suffering pup had been left in agony for what authorities stated had been more than 12-hours. An inspector with the RSPCA called the starved and beaten … Read More

Flamingo euthanized at zoo after kid threw rock into exhibit

In Bloomington, Illinois, a flamingo had to be euthanized after an elementary school student threw a rock into the exhibit and broke the flamingo’s leg.

According to the Pantagraph, a representative from the Miller … Read More

Elephant tramples man to death after being ‘pelted’ with her infant calf

It happened in Ajnashuli, West Bengal, India, as a protective mother elephant had been pelted by local citizens shortly after giving birth to her infant calf. The Daily Mail reports the mother tried desperately to … Read More

Two women accused of having ‘sex with a dog’

Two Virginia women are accused of having sex with a dog. As reported by KMOV News, Denise Kearney and Ashley Pinkett allegedly engaged in sexual acts with an incarcerated inmate’s dog … at the inmate’s … Read More

Hamilton mayor defends shelter killing 300 pets as ‘public service’

In Hamilton, New Jersey the mayor defended the municipal health director and former municipal animal shelter supervisor, describing the  backlash over the shelter’s euthanasia policy as a “public service.”

Cbs17 News reported the Hamilton Township … Read More

Reward offered: Dogs being killed and tortured in Vermont

A $1,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible in Franklin County, Vermont where at least a half-dozen dogs in the area have been found tortured and killed. The … Read More