Woman saved death row dog and now she is fighting for her own life

Years ago, a Texas woman saved a death row dog from being put down. The handsome German shepherd’s name was Kaiser, and he came to Dawn Henson Farley with a host of maladies, from a … Read More

Horse broke leg competing in 4H event – continued running for his girl

On Friday, a high school student was riding her horse at a 4-H event at the Washington State fair in Puyallup when the horse suffered an unexpected and tragic injury. The horse, Treis, was competing … Read More

Florida K-9 bloodhound finds missing autistic child

In the Panhandle of Florida a K-9 bloodhound with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office found a three-year-old autistic child who got lost wandering in the woods on Sunday.

According to the Santa Rosa County … Read More

Dog’s eye surgically removed after neighbor beat pup with a log

In Valparaiso, Indiana, a family’s pet dog had to have his eye surgically removed after a neighbor allegedly beat the dog with a log for barking in the yard. Ronald Johnson was arrested on Friday … Read More

Surrendered Chi goes into heartbreaking panic as her family leaves shelter

What a heartbreaking scene late last week as a tiny Chihuahua panicked as her family surrendered her to  Carson Animal Care in California and walked out of her life forever. When Coco, (aka Itty Bitty) … Read More

Police investigate Snapchat video of shirtless man punching dog

In Clinton Township, Michigan, police are investigating a Snapchat video uploaded on Thursday, showing a man repeatedly punching a dog.

According to WxyzNews, viewers who saw the disturbing video emailed it to the Macomb … Read More

Sheriff arrests owner of 2 malnourished dogs – one with embedded chain

In Burke County, Georgia, two malnourished dogs were rescued on Friday – one of the dogs suffered from a deeply embedded chain. Deputies from the Burke County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lacristifa Weaver, 43, who faces … Read More

Florida billionaire used yacht to rescue 50 dogs and supply aid to Bahamas

A Florida billionaire used his yacht to rescue 50 dogs and deliver 30 tons of supplies to the Bahamas. Tom Golisano, chairman of the Golisano Foundation and Paychex, offered his yacht, the Laurel, to carry … Read More

California man charged for fatal shooting of protected mountain lion

A California man has been charged for the fatal shooting of a protected mountain lion. Alfredo Gonzalez, 60, is alleged to have shot a collared mountain lion known as P-38 in July.

According to AbcNewsRead More

EPA adopts plan to eliminate all animal testing requirements

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it will adopt a plan to eliminate animal testing requirements by 2035.  The agency will spend $4.25 million for five universities to research and develop methods for … Read More