Bear’s fight continues with a sparkle in his eyes: ‘Life is tough but you are tougher’

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14-year-old dachshund’s littermate and human died but pup stares through the glass hoping they return

At the Monmouth County SPCA, Sammy’s story continues to break our hearts. The 14-year-old dachshund bonded littermate who had been bonded with each other during their entire lives passed away a few months ago. And … Read More

Ten-year-old girl survives snowstorm and freezing temperatures by cuddling with stray dog to stay warm

A 10-year-old girl survived a night of freezing temperatures during a snowstorm in Russia by clinging to a stray dog to keep her warm. Vika Z. was found with frostbite, hugging the “fluffy” abandoned pooch … Read More

Social media users give ‘thumbs down’ to owner raging at family who adopted their dog and gave him new name

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Dumped in an industrial area two scared pups loyally waited for their owners to return

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Stray puppy found in Baltimore County hunched over unable to walk and frozen with pain

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Miami-Dade police officer shot 8-month-old puppy seven times after barking complaint

A Miami-Dade police officer is under investigation after a home surveillance camera video showed him shooting and killing an eight-month-old puppy outside of a home near Miami Gardens.

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St. Pete officer rescues a monkey and a lost dog during the same shift

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a police officer rescued a lost dog and an unknown owner’s monkey during the same shift. First, the lost dog was found wandering the street.

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Police rescue puppy muzzled with tape and tossed away into a dumpster

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Daybreak needs a break: Pup is shy and scared and could use help finding a family to love

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