After 15 years of being someone’s companion tiny Yorkie left at shelter to die

After 15-years of being someone’s companion, little Quark was brought to the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA). The tiny, geriatric Yorkshire terrier weighs just 7.8 pounds, has cataracts, severe dental disease and has a possible … Read More

Woman alleged to have tied up, dragged and shot neighbor’s pet pig

A Johnston County family is mourning the death of their Juliana pet pig after their neighbor allegedly tied a rope around the pig’s legs, dragged him by a golf cart to the back of her … Read More

No happy ending for second missing therapy dog in New York

There is sad news to report about a missing therapy dog in Glenville, New York. On March 2, two Cane Corsos, named Orso and Lucia, disappeared from their owner’s yard – weeks later, Orso was … Read More

Sophie found lying lifeless in backyard of vacant house needs our help

On Monday morning, the Baltimore City Animal Control officers found Sophie; the dog had been lying lifeless in the backyard of a vacant house in the Penn North neighborhood. No one in the area had … Read More

Puppy abandoned in car wash bay

The authorities are searching for a woman suspected of abandoning a puppy inside of a car wash bay in Lincoln, Nebraska. According to Lincoln Crime Stoppers, Lincoln Animal Control was flagged down by a man … Read More

USDA confirms tiger at Bronx zoo has tested positive for Covid-19

On Sunday, the United States Department of Agriculture confirmed that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the coronavirus. In a release, the USDA stated, “This is the first instance of a … Read More

Florida man beats and stabs dog and bakes it in oven

On Friday, a 24-year-old man was arrested and charged with torturing and killing a dog. Vicasso Lara brutally beat and stabbed the dog before baking it in the oven.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s … Read More

Cat suffers horrible injuries after being stuck for ‘prolonged time’ in illegal trap

A cat suffered horrific injuries after getting stuck for a “prolonged” period of time in an illegal trap. According to the Idaho Humane Society, by the time the cat was discovered, it was too late. … Read More

Cats killed in devastating shelter fire

Cats in the care of a Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, animal shelter were killed in a devastating structure fire that broke out early Friday morning, Camp Papillon Animal Shelter broke the heartbreaking news to Facebook followers, writing:… Read More

Cute pooch delivers wine to customers during coronavirus pandemic

A Maryland winery has gotten creative with wine delivery for customers who must maintain their social distance during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Rather than handing wine purchases off to customers in person, the Stone House … Read More