The hard truth – meat consumption is destroying the planet

If the atrocities of factory farming aren’t enough to make you rethink your consumption of meat…perhaps concern over the future of the planet will. According to WWF, an independent conservation organization, the world’s increasing consumption of meat and dairy products is devastating the environment, and it is leading to a loss of biodiversity.

The impact of the environmental issues is outlined in a WWF Report, Appetite for Destruction. The report notes that vast amounts of land are being used to produce feed for animals and valuable resources are being lost. But wait…there’s more. The report stated the meat we eat today is not even as nutritious as it once was:

The loss of species and habitats is not the only outcome
of our current animal protein consumption. Intensive
animal husbandry, relying on feeding animals energyand
protein-rich crops, has been linked to a decrease in
the healthy omega-3 content of our animal products and
an increase in their unhealthy saturated fat content.

People are consuming more meat and dairy than is recommended and the impact is extreme… Duncan Williamson, WWF food policy manager noted that people need to reduce the amount of animal products they consume if the planet is to be spared:

“For people and nature to thrive we need to consume and produce food differently. Eating less animal protein would allow us to farm in a more sustainable way, with less impact on the environment and healthier and more nutritious food.”

The report states:

We already produce
enough to feed the world.
But overconsumption,
inequality, waste, and
inadequate production
and distribution systems
stand in the way of enough
food for everyone and
space for wildlife

So the next time you consider a steak or pork roast for dinner…consider for a moment what your decision has on the environment. Everyone doesn’t have to become a vegetarian, but choosing to replace some meat-based meals with alternate sources of protein can have a big impact.

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Pug remembers the vet tech who helped save his life and gives her the best hug ever

Poignant image of one last goodbye 



Shelter euthanizes man’s cat after failing to find animal’s microchip

A Berk’s County animal shelter has apologized to the owner of a pet cat after the animal was euthanized despite having a mircrochip to help identify him. Cody Lesher, of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania is trying to deal with his beloved cat, Diddy’s untimely death.

According to NbcNews, Lesher and his girlfriend had adopted Diddy who had escaped from home on Sunday. It so happened that Diddy had managed to run away in the past, but always came home. Lesher had a microchip which would give his name and address should the cat get lost. When a neighbor found Diddy and brought him to the Animal Rescue League of Berks County, it should have been a simple task to scan the back of Diddy’s neck to find the microchip.

Two staff members at the shelter stated they did not find a microchip after scanning him and as protocol demands, gave the cat his vaccinations and housed him in the cat section of the shelter. Executive director, Tom Hubric said they checked all the logs with lost cats as well as checking social media for clues  to Diddy’s identity and his owner. And then the story gets a bit more complicated when Hubric said the cat became aggressive, and because of the overcrowding of cats, insufficient staff and not able to find any other shelters to take the cat, it was decided to end Diddy’s life.

On Tuesday, Cody arrived at the shelter to look for his cat and was shocked to find out Diddy had been euthanized. The following explanation was given by Hubric about Diddy’s microchip:

“When the owner informed us that the cat was originally adopted by us and it was microchipped, we did a third scan of the cat and found that the chip had migrated high up on his neck, likely close to the base of his skull and the two previous scans did not identify the microchip.”

The shelter has agreed to change their policies and will now increase their holding periods for found pets, better educate the staff about scanning for microchips and hold a town meeting for citizens to voice their concerns. Of course, none of this will bring Diddy back, but perhaps the next life hanging on the brink of death because he/she is a stray, will be reunited with the family.

Rest in peace Diddy.

(Photo of cat Diddy courtesy of Cody Lester)

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Rescuers rappel over steep cliff to rescue a stranded cat

Owners brought ailing dog to vet to be put down, but veterinarian decided to save dog’s life instead

Hollywood police search home in connection to Ollie the dog stuffed in suitcase

In Hollywood, Florida, police are reported to be searching a home on the 1900 block of Lee Street on Tuesday in connection with Ollie – the tortured dog found stuffed in a suitcase.

The pit bull was  discovered behind an abandoned building on October 10 along Lee Street. Kristen Bagarozza and her boyfriend spotted a dog’s paw sticking out of a blue hard textured suitcase. Ollie, the young pup had been left for dead. When discovered he was rushed to the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital. Tragically he died a few days later.

Ollie had been stabbed 50 times, beaten and stuffed inside the suitcase. He had severe lacerations to the top of his head as well as his body and had been wearing a red collar. The cruelty inflicted upon this dog sent shivers through the country. A reward had been offered just shy of $60,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for such a heinous deed. More than $100,000 in donations had been raised for Ollie; Grateful Paws collected $40,000 to help pay his medical bills.

According to CbsMiamiNews, crime scene tape has been placed around a triplex, and officers could be seen pulling items out of the back apartment and placing them on a table under a blue tarp. Neighbors say all of this is related to Ollie. The investigation may be related to information being given to authorities motivated by the huge reward. Posters had been placed all over the neighborhood.

After Ollie’s death, a Miami pet cemetery offered to give Ollie a proper burial, however the rescue group, Grateful Paws rejected the offer stating the location was outside of Broward County. According to the Miami Herald, after a necropsy of the dog’s body was performed at a state laboratory in Kissimmee, Ollie’s remains were cremated and his ashes were taken to a landfill in Osceola County as part of  standard practice.

This is a developing story. Read the previous accounts here.

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Dog belonging to reality star’s family bites child – but family decided to keep their pet

Owners brought ailing dog to vet to be put down, but veterinarian decided to save dog’s life instead

Finally! Gucci pledges to go fur-free

On Wednesday, breaking news in the fashion world was released, and it is sure to make animal lovers rejoice. The Italian luxury brand, Gucci, has pledged to go fur-free. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wrote:

In what is perhaps the most meaningful fur-free announcement worldwide to date, luxury fashion brand Gucci has proclaimed that its future is fur-free.

HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle stated:

In 2009, Gucci hosted me for a meeting with their senior leadership in Florence to discuss the use of fur in their products. At the time, I was greatly impressed by the company’s record of concern for social and ecological issues and its commitment to corporate social responsibility. To its credit, Gucci kept up the dialogue with us for eight years, and today, patience paid off. With this announcement, Gucci has signaled to the entire luxury fashion industry that it’s time to move away from using fur.

Gucci’s president and CEO Marco Bizzarri commented on the ground-breaking decision:

Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals. With the help of HSUS and LAV, Gucci is excited to take this next step and hopes it will help inspire innovation and raise awareness, changing the luxury fashion industry for the better.”

Gucci now joins other designers who have already committed to creating fur-free products (Hugo Boss, Armani, Yoox Net-a-Porter) in response to the public’s increasing demand for cruelty free fashion.

Thank you Gucci!

(Read more at this press release from the HSUS)

Image via Pixabay

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Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Good Samaritan rushes to save puppy tossed out of moving car



Horses among the dead in California wildfires

Several horses are among the casualties of the multiple wildfires which are burning out of control in California. The blazes, which were sparked days ago, have destroyed dozens of cars, thousands of homes and businesses, and claimed lives.

According to, 23 horses perished in a wind-fueled blaze in Kern County. ABC 7 News reported that hundreds of horses have been evacuated to various areas in Orange County, with dozens of horses being held at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

In Bangor, the operator of a horse rescue is staying with the 72 horses who reside at the Equine Rescue Center.  Monica Hardeman stated, “I don’t want to leave because I know [officers] won’t let me back, so I’m not leaving. Unless somebody puts a gun to me or something I might leave, but … right now, I go where they go and nobody could get up here yesterday [to move the horses], they wouldn’t let people in. …I’m not leaving.”

The Washington Post reports that 17 people have lost their lives in the Northern California fires which continue to rage out of control. High winds in the area continue to fuel the fires and hinder efforts to contain them.


Recently in the news: Oregon man makes cross-country journey to adopt a special dog who lost two paws

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Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Good Samaritan rushes to save puppy tossed out of moving car

Thieves rob families homes and pepper spray their dogs

In Raleigh, North Carolina, thieves have been reported breaking into area homes in Wake County;  not only stealing possessions, but have used pepper spray on the family dogs. When the thugs broke into the rear door of Clay Adam’s home on Labrador Drive at the end of September while he and his girlfriend had been at work, their home had been ransacked along with their possessions missing.

According to WralNews, when Clay returned home, he heard his dog whining from the back bedroom. When he entered the room, he saw that his dog had been maced.

“His body was like entirely pink – almost red,” Adams told news reporters. “His nose, right across the front of his nose, was bleeding, right across here because I guess he had scratched his nose trying to get it out. He was real red everywhere.”

And although a lot of the couple’s personal items were stolen, the pain his dog had to endure hit him the most.

Area residents are being asked to keep an eye out for these home intruders. One day later, another break-in occurred in Wake Forest – that dog was also maced and locked in a bedroom. The thieves pepper spray the dogs to keep them from protecting their homes or from barking. The spray can carry 10 to 20 feet, and once shot into the eyes of a dog, the animal suffers from incredible pain.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison stated any person able to hurt a dog that much would most likely injure people if they walked into their home accidentally while the burglary was in progress. Three people in the area have  been arrested for suspected burglarizing homes, however no one has been charged with these specific incidents. When apprehended, the thieves could also be charged with animal cruelty.

(Photos of family dogs pepper spray via screenshots WralNews)

The dogs are recovering.

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Check out the video:



Applebee’s shows customers a ‘little love’ with $1 margaritas in October

If you are a fan of margaritas, you are in for a treat this month. Applebee’s Bar & Grill is showing its customers a little love with its $1 margarita (aka “Dollarita) special which is offered for the entire month of October.

Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, explained, “Our $1 margaritas in October give us a chance to show our guests a little love, giving them a totally unbeatable offer as a gesture of our sincere appreciation for their patronage.”

Served on the rocks, these $1 margaritas are available from open to close at participating Applebee’s restaurants every day in October. Pair it with a selection of appetizers, a 2 for $20 meal, or late-night fare. There’s no better time to stop by Applebee’s and feel the love. Go ahead, put that dollar burning a hole in your pocket to good use and buy yourself something delicious.


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(Stock image of margarita)


Witness Claims Woman Warned Concert Goers They Were Going To Die

A witness told a reporter with KSNV, an NBC Las Vegas affiliate, that a woman warned (or threatened depending on how the statement was taken) that concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival were “going to die,” just 45 minutes before the shooting rampage from inside of the Mandalay Bay Hotel took place on Sunday night.

According to 21-year-old Brianna Hendricks, a woman at the concert was heard screaming, ‘They’re all around…You’re all going to f***ing die today.” The yelling woman, described as a 5’5″ to 5’6″ Hispanic, was removed from the venue with a male companion, reported the Daily Mail. Hendricks added, ‘She said they’re all around us and we were going to die.’

Over 500 people were injured in the rampage and 59 people died – the shooter, identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside of his room on the 32nd floor of the hotel. Investigators are still trying to find a motive behind the retired accountant’s massacre. Paddock did not have a criminal history and local officials have stated that they would have had no reason to have the man on their radar.

Maddock, an avid gambler, lived in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada. His neighbors, and his brother, have expressed complete surprise over the deadly incident and Maddock’s involvement.

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Animal abusers will face five years in prison in United Kingdom

Animal abusers will face a ten-fold increase in prison sentences if found guilty in the United Kingdom under tough new legislation aimed at combating animal cruelty. Environment Secretary Michael Gove stated sentences will increase from the present six-months to five years.

According to the Guardian, the UK has some of the most lenient sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty in Europe. Recent egregious cases have brought the need for stricter punishments to the forefront which included a case when a man bought a litter of puppies just to brutally torture them to death. That person received just six months in prison and a lifetime ban from owning any animals. The additional cruelty sentences will also add to the battle against illegal dog fighting.

“We are a nation of animal lovers,” Mr. Grove stated on Monday at the Conservative Party conference, “and we must ensure that those who commit the most shocking cruelty towards animals face suitably tough punishments. These plans will give courts the tools they have requested to deal with the most abhorrent acts.”

The new guidelines are expected to be published at the beginning of next year and go into force shortly thereafter. Because of the subject, it is unlikely there will be an objections from Parliament and will continue to enable the courts to impose fines and ban offenders from owning animals.

The RSPCA of England and Wales welcome the harshest punishments for offenders. On their social media page they posted:

“We’re thrilled to see the Government’s announcement that those who carry out shocking abuse or neglect of animals will now face up to five years in jail.
A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign to see tougher penalties for animal cruelty offenders.”

The maximum sentence in Scotland  for animal abuse is 12 months, but they have also recently committed to increasing the maximum penalty in the most heinous cases to five years. The longer sentences will now be in line with Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Australia and Canada.

And what about the United States? How do you feel?

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Rhea the naked birdie has passed away

Happy ending for special needs cat who was left to die behind Chinese restaurant


Guggeheim Museum removes ‘cruel’ art displays after animal rights protests

A video expected to be aired on October 6 in New York City’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in the planned exhibition “Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World” has been removed along with two other works out of concerns about safety.

The museum came under severe criticism from the public last week  over a controversial exhibition, “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” which features  a seven-minute video with eight American pit bulls trying to attack each other on a wooden, non-motorized treadmill; the dogs never made contact. According to the New York Times, protesters marched outside of the museum over the weekend and circulated an online petition demanding “cruelty free exhibits at the Guggenheim. As of Tuesday morning, more than 616,000 people had signed.

The other two works include A Case Study of Transference, 1994, a video of two pigs with several markings of Chinese characters stamped on their bodies having sex while on exhibit, and Theater of the World, 1993, which was intended to be the show’s signature piece. The work featured hundreds of insects and reptiles in an enclosed octagonal space. During the exhibition, the creatures would eat each other. Animal groups asked that the scorpions and tarantulas be removed.

“Although these works have been exhibited in museums in Asia, Europe, and the United States, the Guggenheim regrets that explicit and repeated threats of violence have made our decision necessary,” the museum said in a statement. “As an arts institution committed to presenting a multiplicity of voices, we are dismayed that we must withhold works of art. Freedom of expression has always been and will remain a paramount value of the Guggenheim.”

With the initial focus on dogs fighting, animal rescue groups, as well as the public heavily weighed into the disturbing idea of dogs fighting.  The ire grew stronger after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the American Kennel Club stated dog fighting should never be displayed in any way.

As for the artists, Peny Yu and her husband Sun Yuan, they denied their art depicts animal cruelty and insisted the dogs were examined by veterinarians both before and after they had been used in the performance while taping.

Read the original article here.

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Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Woman sees photo of overweight, homeless cat and sets out to give her a loving home