Dog that fell off boat able to swim for two days to reach shoreline

What a surprise this week when a missing dog named Jolie, appeared on a beach in Aguilas near the southeast city of Murcia in Spain and was brought to the local police station by Good … Read More

Tiny Yorkie escapes talons of eagle swooping down for his prey

In British Columbia, a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Coco, fought valiantly to escape from a bald eagle swooping down in the backyard of her home. The doorbell camera caught the terrifying moment the eight-month-old puppy … Read More

Flight attendant for Southwest Airlines uses his flight benefits to help blind and deaf senior pup

Patrick the Chihuahua, a nine-year-old blind and deaf pooch, had been abandoned by his heartless owner. His long list of health problems made it very difficult to find a new home, but fortunately Dallas Pets … Read More

Pooch named ‘Killer’ rescued out of 30-foot sinkhole

In Hancock County, Tennessee, a dog named “Killer” fell into a 30-foot sinkhole on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately the Hawkins County Rescue Squad‘s Multi-Jurisdictional Rope Rescue Team came to the pooch’s rescue.

Team members arrived, … Read More

Update: Tennessee Highway Trooper who stopped to save dog on side of highway adopts pup as his own

One week ago, it had been a “ruff” day for a small dog in need of help from kind friends. As a motorist had been driving along I75, she spotted a dog in the ditch … Read More

Special delivery puppies born shortly after mom surrendered to shelter

The SPCA of Wake County has taken in seven tiny puppies just born along with their mom from a local shelter in North Carolina. The mom, Anabelle, had been heavily pregnant when she was surrendered, … Read More

Couple rescue ‘forbidden kitty’ that turned out to be a bobcat

A New Hampshire couple rescued an unusual tiny orphaned visitor that turned out to be a bobcat kitten. Oops! Photos shared on Reddit by user u/Doustin garnered viral status quickly with nearly 2,000 comments.


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Stray puppy who fell into 90 feet deep ravine rescued and then finds loving home

Just a few days ago, a stray puppy had the misfortune of falling down a ravine reported to have been over 90 feet deep. Because the puppy was so small and young, he was not … Read More

13 year old dog who spent her entire life on a chain outside has been freed

In Hockessin, Delaware, a 13-year-old dog named Sammy Girl spent her entire life chained outdoors. She lived under a tree with a dog house, but never seemed to feel comfortable in it, and would tightly … Read More

Puppy with oversized ears hoping to find loving home once he’s cleared for adoption

At Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, a two-month-old Great Dane puppy will be arriving at the Georgia based rescue organization on Wednesday, but not without a good natured fanfare of jokes about the size … Read More