Orangutan dad takes over raising baby after mom died at Denver Zoo

Male orangutans normally do not have much of a role in raising their babies, however Denver Zoo orangutan Berani has stepped up to the plate and eagerly accepted becoming “Mr. Mom.”

According to the Denver Read More

Louis the blind dog whose owners had his eyes removed adopted by blind father

In San Diego, California, Louis, the blind three-year-old Labrador shepherd and retriever mix, whose owners had the dog’s eyes surgically removed because of an infection and found they could no longer care for him has … Read More

Five-week-old puppy found wrapped in towel and thrown into dumpster

A five-week-old puppy was found earlier this week by two Good Samaritans who heard his lonely whimpers while walking late at night. He had been wrapped in a towel before having been thrown away like … Read More

Florida animal officer rescues stranded dog from swampy alligator marshes

A frightened dog was more than happy to be rescued last Friday by Lake County Sheriff’s Officer Animal Enforcement Officer Amy Riccio from a swampy alligator infested marshes.

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Left behind but still loyal, resilient pup was ready to be rescued

In Southern California, a shepherd mix had been left behind to fend for himself when the dog’s owner quit his job at a local shop and just walked away. Sadly, the man forgot to call … Read More

Found! Homeless man’s stolen service dog reunited

In Sherman Oaks, California, a $10,000 reward had been offered to help find a homeless man’s service dog that disappeared on New Year’s Eve. The dog’s owner, Jimmy Nicholas pleaded with the public to help … Read More

Oklahoma Humane Society caring for 7 orphaned puppies after mom froze to death

Seven four-week-old puppies were recently rescued by the Oklahoma Humane Society after an animal welfare officer found their mother frozen to death in Oklahoma City.

Because of the age of the puppies, the OHS has … Read More

Viral video shows stray dog sitting outside of temple ‘blessing’ with his paw

Outside of a temple in Maharashtra, a short video has gone viral showing a stray dog sitting on a stone block at the exit and shaking hands and seemingly “blessing” people as they exit with … Read More

Starving Chihuahua spotted eating trash and fleeing into drain pipe saved by kind hearts

A Good Samaritan who had been on her way to Kaufman, Texas on Saturday spotted a tiny, starving Chihuahua with an injured leg eating trash on the side of the road. The kind woman stopped … Read More

Husky has been returned to the San Diego shelter 7 times: Help him find a home

At the San Diego Department of Animal Services, a three-year-old husky has been returned to the shelter seven times. Alas, the beautiful dog named Houdini with the mesmerizing blue eyes still needs a home … Read More