Cat dumped by owners at shelter after 18 years because they ‘didn’t want cat hair anymore’

If you already have tears in your eyes because some callous owners dumped their 18-year-old cat at a shelter because “they didn’t want cat hair,” please dry your eyes. This story has a happy ending.… Read More

Bear with chicken feeder stuck on head for a week rescued by wildlife officials

A female bear with a chicken feeder stuck over her head for at least one week  in the foothills of Boulder has been rescued and freed back into the wild.

According to the Colorado Parks … Read More

Owl and turtle stuck together untangled by Virginia rescue group

“This was a first,” the Animal Welfare League of Arlington wrote on their social media page, referring to an owl and a turtle that got stuck together.

On Friday, the organization received a call about … Read More

UPDATE: Dog intentionally set on fire by child continues his long road to recovery

On April 22, 2021, a friendly dog returned home in Senatobia, Mississippi dragging an extension cord around his neck; his face blackened, his fur burned off, blinded and completely charred.

The Labrador retriever, who had … Read More

Dog rescued tiny kitten trapped in family’s garden hose

In Lawrenceville, Georgia, a kitten found herself in a precarious situation when she became trapped inside of a coiled garden hose in the family’s backyard.

According to Fox11News, the family dog, Rex, had been … Read More

Anticipated death sentence for ‘aggressive swan’ ends with the unexpected

In Brick Township, New Jersey, neighbors in Seawood Harbor were fighting to save the life of a male swan after he had been deemed “too aggressive.” Residents defending the swan stated he had been protecting … Read More

Missing cat from Miami Surfside condo collapse miraculously found alive

In Miami Beach, Florida, one of the families struggling with the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South collapse was given a miracle on Friday afternoon; their missing cat, Binx was found alive.

According to … Read More

FOUND! Dog lost in Yellowstone National Park found and reunited with owner

After days without any sightings of a lost 70-pound goldendoodle at Yellowstone National Park and hopes dimming for her safe return, Delta was found! On Thursday morning, Delta, who had been missing for 16 days, … Read More

‘Toy dog’ puppy born without eyes caused by overbreeding needs special home

In Nashville, Tennessee, a puppy referred to as a “toy dog” born completely blind, is an adorable cross between a miniature Schnauzer and Wheaten terrier. The puppy, named Teacup, because of his size came from … Read More

UPDATE: Life about to get better for ‘Tank’ as he leaves shelter

At the Carson Animal Care in California, Tank waited for someone to be his friend. The 10-year-old Cane Corso did not have an easy life, and somehow fate pushed him to the shelter. The Internet … Read More