New Jersey pizzeria puts flyers of missing pets on pizza boxes

In Matawan, New Jersey, a pizzeria puts flyers of missing pets on pizza boxes to help reunite owners with their lost pets. John Sanfratello, the owner of Angelo’s Pizza, came up with the idea after … Read More

Dog waits for his deceased owner at accident shrine for 18 months

A white dog in the small Greek town of Nafpaktos, TK exemplifies the loyalty and love of our four-legged companions. His story deserves to be told.

According to the Greek Reporter, a 40-year-old man … Read More

Injured baby bird arrives at wildlife center by UBER

In Ogden, Utah an injured baby bird arrived at a wildlife center alone – via UBER. The human friends of the orphaned Lesser Goldfinch had been drinking at a house when they found the little … Read More

Deputy rescues crying kitten and falls in love at first ‘meow’

Deputy Sheriff C. Bowling from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida had stopped at a local store to buy a beverage when he heard a faint crying in the dark. Grabbing his flashlight, the … Read More

Tragic tale of dog falling off 70 ft cliff breaking his legs has happy ending

On July 4, two Good Samaritans came across a heartbreaking sight as they were walking their dogs along Santa Barbara’s Thousand Steps to Hendry’s Beach; a dog – lying motionless and face down brought tears … Read More

One of last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s cruelty dies

One of the last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring of egregious cruelty has died. The American Staffordshire terrier named Lyla was 15 1/2 years old – a great age to achieve for … Read More

Dog survives 45 days after he fell from 550 ft cliff

A dog who fell from a 550 feet cliff miraculously survived 45 days after he slipped out of his leash in Eype, Dorset to chase sheep. Somehow the spunky pooch, despite breaking his leg and … Read More

Homeless man’s heartbreaking surrender of 14-year-old dog, but wait

In Lawrenceville, Georgia, a 14-year-old dog named Lucky had been evicted from his home along with his human on Saturday.

“His dad had no family, no money and only the belongings that he could fit

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Injured egret rescued after being stranded on front lawn

In Long Island, an injured egret had been stranded on a front lawn in a residential neighborhood when the Suffolk County police came to his rescue. The heron with his white feathers and impressive wing … Read More

Grateful dog rescued from deep ditch shows her appreciation

In Fort Lupton, Colorado, a grateful dog rescued from a seven-foot deep irrigation ditch on Saturday showed her appreciation with some wet kisses carefully aimed at the firefighter’s cheek and lips. The firefighters of the … Read More