Social media crazy for handsome man who adopted senior dog

A handsome man recently adopted a senior dog and social media has gone crazy. The dog with a new home is “Donuts,” a nine-year-old pit bull mix who was recently diagnosed with cancer and his new owner, the man who gave the senior dog a home, is Matt Evans.

Donuts’ plight was initially posted to followers of the Susie’s Senior Dogs Facebook page and then, the same popular page updated fans that a home had been found – the photo of Donuts’ new dad inspired an outpouring of admiration for the handsome man.

On January 16, Susie’s Seniors alerted fans that the senior dog had been adopted – photos of the pair lit up social media (shared over 20k times so far!):

It’s official! 9 year old Donuts, who was diagnosed with cancer while still at the shelter, got ADOPTED!!

We are so thankful to Donuts’ new dad Matt who has taken him in to give him the best of what life has to offer, even with the understanding that Donuts time may be limited. Donuts is still in the early stages of his diagnosis but living in the shelter was very hard for him. And he didn’t want to be there any longer. Matt scooped Donuts up this weekend and they’ve already started living life as any dog would dream — chasing squirrels, long walks and man-to-man talks!


On Thursday, Susie’s Senior Dogs commented on the unexpected outpouring of attention the post (and the handsome adopter) received:

When Matt adopted 9 year old Donuts this past weekend from Ark-Valley Humane Society, he clearly had no idea the outpouring of love that would come their way. He and Donuts have fallen right in to step with each other, doing all the things that humans and beloved pets like to do. The only thing Donuts needs help with now is learning how to relax on car rides, advice and tips are welcome!

According to 9 News, Matt has been overwhelmed by the response – he even had to turn off the comments on Facebook because his mom was reading and some of the posts were “awkward.”

As for the dog at the center of the story – he is going to have the cancerous tumor surgically removed and after that, he is expected to be “cancer-free.”

(Photos Susie’s Senior Dogs Facebook page/Ark-Valley Humane Society)



Dog tethered with a 35-pound chain for 15 years finally freed

An aged black Labrador retriever named Bear finally tasted freedom on Monday afternoon. Chained in the backyard of a home in New York, the Guardians of Rescue negotiated with the dog’s owner for Bear’s freedom, and when all was said and done – a 35-pound chain tethered to Bear for the last 15 years was permanently cut away. The non profit organization, based in Smithtown, New York, had been out delivering dog houses and food to animals in need when they came across Bear and just knew they had to make a difference in the gray muzzled dog’s remaining life.Bear Guardians of Rescue 2

And so the tough looking rescuers with their soft hearts, made Monday the day that Bear gained his freedom. From the moment his 35-pound chain was cut away came the heartwarming words:

“You are free Bear. You’re finally free and you will be going to a new life. Hopefully Bear can be placed with an older family where he can lie around inside of a home and have a good rest of his life,” the dog’s rescuers stated as Bear walked around for the first time without the weight of the heavy chain.

And soon it was time for Bear to go for his first truck ride – looking happy already. The friendly dog enjoyed the gentle pats on his head and the warmth of the truck. Now Bear needs a foster home or better yet, a family who will show this dog how really sweet his life can be.

“The Guardians got Bear loaded into the truck yesterday, and headed into his bright happy, future off of a chain. Will you give this gentle, old guy a comfy bed, in a new home with a family who will lavish him with love and attention?,” the men asked on Facebook Tuesday morning.

If interested in helping Bear, please click here. Donations can be made to Guardians of Rescue by clicking here.

(Photos and video of dog tethered with a 35-pound chain freeze shots Facebook.

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Video of Bear’s freedom from his heavy chain:


Formerly abused dog, found in a cornfield, adopted after 2 years in shelter

A dog with a sad past is looking forward to a brighter future – the dog, named “Baby,” lived in an abusive home before she was found nearly two years ago in a cornfield with her litter of puppies. Baby and her puppies were taken to Indiana’s Madison County Humane Society after being discovered and after a short while, the pups found new homes.

Things turned around for Baby after her story was featured on RTV 6 News – a couple who learned about the troubled dog decided that they could offer her the loving home that she deserved. On January 14, Sheila and Michael Massie took the long-time shelter resident home. The Madison County Humane Society let its Facebook followers know that Baby was on her way to an actual home:

Today’s the day Baby’s been waiting for! Her new mom and dad drove from Bloomington to come pick her up and take her to her forever home! Baby had been with us for almost 2 years after being found in a cornfield, giving birth to her puppied. We found out a year later that she was abused in her previous home. But pity her no more! She’s hit the jackpot with this family! She will be one spoiled rotten pupper.

Dog gets a home after nearly 2 years in shelter According to RTV 6 News, Baby will be enjoying her new home with “kitty brothers and sisters,” and her own screened in porch when the weather is conducive for indoor sunbathing.

Enjoy your loving home Baby!

(Photos via Madison County Humane Society Facebook page)

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to help ‘Dizzy’ the dog

A staggering number of people are homeless in New York City. The problem becomes even more heartbreaking as temperatures plummet, and those who have canine companions are not permitted in local shelters. Still the love for their dogs often remain constant; lending a hand to those who need it most does the heart “good.” Meet Dizzy, a one-year-old pit bull mix and his homeless human best friend Docc.

On Saturday afternoon, good Samaritan Lisa Anne Bakal posted a photo of Dizzy and Docc on her Facebook page. The two were sitting inside at the Union Square Station located on 14th Street huddled together near the L train. The two stay in the general vicinity, and sometimes they settle in near Astor Place. Below their picture, Lisa posted their story:

“He told me he saved him from an abusive man down in Tennessee when he was a 3-month-old puppy. He saw the man beating the puppy and offered to take him. Dizzy has been with him ever since. They are all each other have, and he told me whatever money he gets, he makes sure his dog gets what he needs before he (the human) does.”

Thankful for all of her blessings, and the dogs she is able to care for at her home, Lisa gave Docc $50 and told him she would share his story with all of her rescue friends in the hopes Dizzy can get dog food, water, blankets and more supplies the two need to survive the New York City winter. Dizzy is a size large in clothing.

“I wanted to cry for this man,” stated Lisa.” I was holding back tears thinking how he gives anything possible for his dog, while people who have the means give their dogs up in the blink of an eye. If anyone is in the area, please consider helping them. I passed two other homeless guys, also with pitties.”

There is no doubt that dogs are our best friends. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

(Photo of Dizzy and Docc courtesy of Lisa Anne Bakal)

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Pure magic when homeless kitty meets his soul mate with rare disorder

For nearly two years, Lou, a homeless kitty, waited patiently at the Lorca Animal Rescue group in Lorca, Spain, hoping for a second chance. Everyone seemed to love Lou when they met him; the cat loved to cuddle and surely he was handsome enough to attract would be adopters. Sadly, no one seemed to want Lou.Lou the cat meets girl 3

Recently, however all of that changed, and it makes us wonder if “fate” intervened and inexplicably knew Lou’s future happiness was soon to be realized and in so happening would change the life of a youngster. According to the organization’s Facebook page, Isa arrived at the rescue searching for a pet for her 14-year-old daughter, Laura, who suffers from a rare hereditary disorder restricting her neurological and physical development. Isa wanted her daughter to have a therapy companion – someone to love and shower her child with attention. Yes, you already guessed – Lou, the homeless kitty, was the one!

From the moment Lou met Laura, he was smitten. He hugged the child with his paws, rubbed into her arms in only a way a cat can, and snuggled into the softness of  Laura’s neck. In the next moment, Laura smiled and giggled with delight.

 “We didn’t understand why Lou couldn’t find a family, being such a docile and affectionate cat,” Lorca Animal Rescue  wrote on their Facebook page. “Now we understand everything. He was waiting for little Laura; that is the name of this wonderful angel, and her mom Isa. … as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I ask you to all who follow us aquell@s to share these beautiful images and we can break false myths.
As an adult animal is not adopted or that can’t be affectionate or that children and animals cannot live together, between all we are sure that we will gradually change some minds.” (translation edited to be easier to read)Lou the cat

Many years of love and happiness Lou and Laura. We are excited you have found each other with the help of Isa. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of homeless kitty courtesy of Lorca Animal Rescue)

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Check out the video of Lou and Laura:

Kind hearts take time to help the freezing strays in Istanbul

Kindhearted people have taken time to help the freezing strays in Istanbul and all over Turkey. Stray dogs in the shopping areas have been given cardboard, blankets, food and towels to help them stay warm. Not a political mandated order to round up all the strays; it has been a collective effort of animal lovers and compassionate people coming together and providing comfort for those who cannot protect themselves.turkey dogs

On the Facebook page of Arzu Inan, the manager of the clothing store Penti described how they opened up their store in Istanbul to let the dogs come in and sleep:

“Unutmayın ki sadece gerçek sevgi ısıtır….” (Don’t forget that only true love warms up…), Arzu posted on her Facebook page.

While there are shelters for homeless people, even though statistics have already recorded the deaths of 20 people from the arctic conditions this past week, there are no shelters for the animals. Long haired dogs may be better able to withstand the cold, but what about the short haired canines shivering and trying to cuddle into balls to preserve their body heat? And that’s when the help came. Malls opened their doors. Even separate sanctuaries were made available for the stray cats. According to CNN Turks, one of the volunteers who gathered blankets and food for the strays stated:turkey dogs 2

“All of us, if we can help as much as we can, all the stray animals will be in good shape and the street animals need help all over the world.”

And even though Turkey seems so far away for people in the United States, our homeless pet issue is of major concern in our own backyard. While it is impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in our country, estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million. In a world of troubling politics, there’s always that reassuring confidence that kindhearted people still roam the earth and speak for those who cannot talk. Why shop for a new companion when you can adopt? Turkey dogs 3

(Photos of Istanbul stray dogs via Facebook and Imgur)

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Farmer dumps newborn calf only minutes old not to waste its mother’s milk to sell

A dairy farmer in India, who tore a newborn calf away from his mother at birth because he didn’t want to lose a “rupee’s worth” of the mother’s milk, dumped the shivering infant along a rural dirt road. Fortunately, rescuers from the charity organization Animal Aid Unlimited in Rajasthan were called and rushed to the defenseless baby’s side; tears fell as they wrapped the baby in a blanket; he was in shock, unable to stand and still wet from the afterbirth.Newborn calf cover story

He was brought back to the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital and there he was named Dil – translated to ‘heart’ in Hindi. The calf was hand fed from a bottle, and thus his journey of survival began. The endearing video shows how Dil was so shaky on his legs as volunteers offered him his first drink of milk from a bottle – what he deserved from his mother, but sometimes adjustments just have to be made. Dil soon started to thrive.

The video continues with Dil growing and two months later, he is released into an area with other rescued calves as well as some adult cows. No one was sure how Dil would react – he had only known humans all this time as his surrogate mother and friend, but to everyone’s pleasant surprise, Dil jumped around with the others in pure excitement.Newborn calf cover

It is tragic to see male calves dumped, but according to the rescue, this is a common occurrence. It is the plight of almost every newborn calf around the world.  Since they will never produce milk, male dairy calves are of little or no value to the dairy farmer, and are ripped away from their mothers minutes after their birth and sent to veal farms. The veal industry is another cruel byproduct of the dairy industry.

(Photos and video courtesy of newborn calf  Animals Aid Unlimited)

Dil, however is a survival story. Watch his video and smile; this little guy didn’t go to market. “Whether a kitten or a calf, every life is precious.” To donate to this organization, please click here.


‘Midwife’ kitty massages pregnant goat before delivery

In West Virginia, cats seem to be in the “know.” A fluffy, orange bundle of masculine feline cuteness named Pretty Boy has been described as the “new age goat midwife/masseur” on the Facebook page Pretty Boy and Copper where the goat and cat live

“Who says kitties can’t be multifaceted?”, read the first post as Pretty Boy was seen kneading the swollen pregnant belly of her friend Copper in fancy cat style – as only cats seem to be able to do. “Copper the goat is due to deliver babies any time now. Pretty Boy thinks he’s a midwife and is massaging Copper through her contractions trying to help Copper have her babies. Lol. Pretty Boy has been sleeping with, sitting on and massaging Copper since Copper was confined to a stall to prepare for her deliveries.”

Checking out the organization’s Facebook page, Pretty Boy seemed quite happy by all of the extra attention. And when the three babies were born – (one girl and two boys) one week later on January 10, the delivery required some human intervention, but everyone has been reported as doing fine. The curious little ones are being closely supervised since goats can be “unpredictable” when Copper sometimes goes into her protective “mom” mode. Pretty Boy’s safety is always one of friendly concern. cat-helps-pregnant-goat-3

However Pretty Boy wants to call this experience, he’s definitely one “cool cat.”

(Photos and video of midwife kitty from Operation Fancy Free)







Check out the video – guaranteed to make you smile:


Dog rescues baby possum and the pair become deeply bonded

A heroic dog, and a baby possum, have formed a deep bond after a life-or-death situation. Dr. Chris Brown, a veterinarian, recounted the sweet tale of friendship on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Dr. Brown described how the unlikely bond began:

When “Chili” the springer spaniel saw a baby possum being attacked by crows in a Brisbane park, he decided to step in and save his life. And out of his selfless act, a surprising friendship was formed.

The baby possum knew the heroic dog was a protector – according to UPI, the baby crawled to Chili’s ear to rest after the frightening ordeal. The dog’s owner, Trevor Weeks, described the tender moment, “Chili sat very quietly in the car with the baby possum still asleep in his ear.”


Dr. Brown continued:

Even though Chili has never been a father, his strong protective instinct even surprised his owner Trevor Weeks when he leapt to the defense of the tiny marsupial. But if that wasn’t paternal enough, Chili then let the possum crawl underneath his long ear flaps and fall asleep. In fact, staff at the local vet had to gently prize the baby away from the inside of Chili’s ears just to give him a health check.

According to Dr. Brown, the baby will be returned to the wild – he wrote:

After a few months of nurturing from a wildlife carer and occasional visits from Chili, he’ll be released back to the wild where his second chance at life will hopefully work out better than the first.

(Photos via Dr. Chris Brown FB page)

Faithful dog saves injured owner from freezing to death in the snow

A faithful dog is responsible for saving her injured owner, who had fallen and broken his neck, from freezing to death in the snow. According to Tuesday’s publication of Petoskey News, a man named Bob was at his Northern Michigan home with only his golden retriever, “Kelsey,” on New Year’s Eve.

The night of celebration turned to near tragedy when Bob slipped in the snow while going outside to gather wood for his fire – the slip broke his neck, leaving him unable to move. No one was around to hear Bob’s cries for help – but Kelsey did her utmost to draw attention to the life-or-death situation.

Bob described the harrowing ordeal, “I was screaming for help but my nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away and it was 10:30 p.m., but my Kelsey came. By morning my voice was gone and I couldn’t yell for help, but Kelsey didn’t stop barking.”

It took hours for someone to finally realize that Bob was injured and in need of help – despite 20 hours in temperatures which plunged well below freezing, Bob did not suffer any frost bite. Bob credits that amazing fact to his faithful dog, who did her utmost to keep him warm by licking his face and laying on his body.

Bob is still struggling with mobility issues, but a neurosurgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan was able to perform surgery which promises to help Bob get back to himself with time and physical therapy. Bob credits his faithful dog, and Dr. Colen, his surgeon, for saving him – calling both, his “heroes.”

(Photo McLaren Northern Michigan)