Rescued kitten needs emergency surgery

A rescued six-month-old kitten had to undergo emergency surgery.  The kitten, now named Crystal was rescued from a wooded area near Deltona, Florida. A Good Samaritan came across her while feeding some other homeless cats.… Read More

Pregnant pup ‘dumped in a dump’ in the middle of the desert

In the Redlands of California, a tiny and heavily pregnant dog had literally been “dumped in a dump” in the middle of the desert. How does a dog cry out for help? How does a … Read More

Stray husky has litter of puppies in Texas oil field and help is on the way

In Midland, Texas, a stray husky had been living at an oil field. The kind workers had been feeding her daily, but on Saturday night, she gave birth to a litter of nine puppies. The … Read More

Social media miracle accomplished: Neapolitan Mastiff in danger rescued

Saving a troubled Neapolitan Mastiff the internet fell in love with this week has been accomplished thanks to the miracles of social media, as an army of animal advocates shared, planned and raised funds to … Read More

O boy! Horse stuck in muddy hole for two hours rescued

The San Diego Humane Society came to the rescue of a horse on Thursday in Gustay. The horse, named Tucson fell into a muddy hole, and he couldn’t get his legs out from beneath him … Read More

Watch: Most adorable puppies had the run of the Georgia Aquarium

Two adorable puppies, named Carmel and Odie, had the run of the Georgia Aquarium on Wednesday, and the heartwarming frolic was posted to a video on social media.

The Georgia Aquarium has been closed to … Read More

Excited dog sprains his tail from wagging it too hard as owner works from home

An excited dachshund sprained his tail by wagging it too hard after his owner has been working from home, and as he gets to enjoy more quality time with the person he loves the most.… Read More

Dolphins return to Venice canals amid Italy self-quarantine for coronavirus

Although Italy is currently under lockdown to help fight the spread of COVID-19, the wildlife didn’t get the message nor do they obviously care. Photos on social media have suggested the waterways and the air … Read More

Pregnant dog adopts 10-day-old orphaned monkey after its mother poisoned

A pregnant dog that adopted an orphaned monkey after its mother was poisoned in Chakki Mor, Solan in northern India was captured in poignant photographs by Prakash Badal. The talented photographer had initially intended to … Read More

Senior Lab no longer ‘left behind’ is the most grateful little dog

Although the Carson Animal Care Center is closed to the general public because of the coronavirus outbreak, it didn’t stop the owners of a 13-year-old Labrador retriever from surrendering him on Sunday.

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