Serenity’s legacy: Celebrate life, love others and be forgiving

In Dallas, Texas, a four-year-old Siberian husky found as a stray with a massive growth on her head and face has captured the hearts of thousands. Although the invasive tumor which covers her face, eyes … Read More

Dog not allowed on couch knows how to skirt the rules

In a most adorable video, Lexie the Boxer, has managed to skirt the “no couch” rule at home. Back when she was an active puppy and didn’t mind her canine social manners much, she used … Read More

Lost dog rescued from Apple fire by firefighters reunited with owner

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Stray Rescue’s ‘Jumbo Jack’ amazing will to survive endears everyone

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Three little bear cubs trapped in dumpster rescued by awesome deputies

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Rare blue lobster finds solace in ‘Man Cave’ instead of dinner plate

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Large black bear takes nap in Virginia woman’s kiddie pool

In Fort Valley, Virginia, a huge black bear needed some relief from the heat of the afternoon and plopped down in a kiddie pool in the backyard of photographer Regina Keller.

According to CNN, … Read More

‘Floored and heartbroken’ Roxy needs a chance to be loved even for a little while

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Social media revels as cat and museum security guard resume face-off

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Heartbreaking: Lonely pup curls up on couch hugging his owner’s shoe

In a heartbreaking video showing how lonely our pets can get when we are not able to be at home, a Reddit user shared a home surveillance video of his dog who can be seen … Read More