Puppy got her head stuck in a spare tire

In Coachella, California, Riverside County Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros responded to a rather unusual call on Friday about a trapped three-month-old puppy trapped in a spare tire.

The officer tried to use oil to … Read More

Man used warm coffee to rescue 3 kittens frozen to ground

In Alberta, Canada, an oil worker used warm coffee to free three abandoned kittens stuck to the frozen ground on Wednesday.

Kendall Disisch had been out inspecting oil wells when he heard the kittens meowing. … Read More

Most adorable koala baby found next to her dead mom rescued

An adorable koala baby was rescued on Friday after found cuddled next to its dead mom in the smoldering bushland on Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

According to Pro_air_vision on Instagram, cinematographer Bill Blair had been filming … Read More

Campaign kicks off to rebuild Florida animal shelter

A new campaign is kicking off to help a Florida animal shelter. The Humane Society of Pasco County is in dire need of a new building. The Humane Society was founded in 1982 in rural … Read More

Canton dog gives birth to lime-green puppy

In Canton, North Carolina, a dog gave birth to a lime-green puppy last Friday. The puppy’s mother, Gypsy, a white shepherd, delivered eight puppies. The dog’s labor had been going along smoothly for three hours- … Read More

Woman’s 122 pound Great Dane takes on home invader

In Oklahoma City, a 122-pound Great Dane came to the rescue of his owner when a home invader walked into their home on Monday.

According to KwchNews, Tracy McCoy heard the side door of … Read More

CBD benefiting pets and humans

A 2019 article in Canine News stated:

“Like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system that allows them to benefit from CBD oil. This system allows the active ingredients in hemp to help relieve Read More

Operation Rock Wallaby is Australia’s effort to save endangered species

Australia is dropping thousands of pounds of vegetables from helicopters for hungry animals escaping the bush fires in an effort called Operation Rock Wallaby.

According to the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, … Read More

Pregnant cow kneels and cries in front of slaughterhouse workers saved

In southern China, a pregnant cow slated for slaughter was saved by Good Samaritans who donated to the rescue efforts after her heartbreaking video went viral on social media this week. The short video showed … Read More

Family cat survives Australia bush fire and returns home after a week

As the Australian fires spread to the NSW Bega Valley, a beloved family cat belonging to Ben Symonds ran away into the scorching bush fire area. The fire damaged the family home, but fortunately they … Read More