Golden retriever serves as guide dog for senior, blind spaniel

In Quezon City, Philippines, a Golden retriever acting as a guide dog for a senior, blind spaniel as seen in a video, has gone viral bringing smiles from around the world. The dogs, named Ginger and Kimchi, are known in the area as “ambassaDOGS,” and for the last three years their amazing stories have promoted both animal assisted therapy programs and mental health benefits.

The dogs regularly visit hospital patients, schools and company employees. Their service to the community is widely appreciated.

Ginger, the 11-year-old Golden retriever and 10-year-old Kimchi, are both adopted pups. As a puppy, Ginger had never been properly socialized and never was able to get along with other dogs, however her owners decided in 2012 to adopt another dog. And off they went to the CARA Welfare Philippines rescue to introduce Ginger to a new canine friend. As if it may have been destined to be, Ginger immediately bonded with Kimchi.

“We immediately took them out for a walk that turned out to be very pleasant. Ginger even licked him when we stopped for a breather, the adopters wrote on the dogs’ Facebook page. “Seems like the dog, whom we later named Kimchi, chose us, and Ginger chose him.”

Kimchi had been abandoned and suffered health issues including being almost blind. When in 2015, Kimchi became totally blind, Ginger, who never had any formal guide dog training, took over the part of leading her pal anywhere the family traveled.

It was just recently when the video of Ginger leashed together with Kimchi went viral as Ginger helped the blind pooch down the steep stairway at the hotel.

“We tried a few times to let Kimchi go down ‘strange stairs’ by himself and he just stood there and didn’t budge,” said his human parents. Ginger is Kimchi’s eyes, and he gets his confidence and courage from her.”

Of course, social media is always filled with opinions – both good and bad. According to their Facebook page, some people have been critical of the dogs tied together.

“Please understand that there really isn’t any cruelty that’s happening in the video, or in their relationship as guide dog-blind dog. Ginger and Kimchi adore each other. At home, they aren’t tied to each other, Kimchi knows the general lay-out of our humble home, the location of the front door, stairs, water bowls, and his favorite armchair. Heck, he even knows where the cat litter boxes are so we make sure they cleaned quickly because he enjoys partaking a “kitty-choco” snack when he gets ‘lucky’. We also put some barriers around them to discourage him from raiding.”

In addition, Kimchi might be spared some feline wrath at times.

“What he doesn’t know is where any one of our 18 cats is sleeping, so he sometimes gets whacked by 2 particular kitties, when he bowls over them in his daily walks around the house. But he does bump into walls and table legs occasionally so we’re hoping someone would donate a doggie “halo” to him, something that we simply cannot afford given the great disparity in exchange rate.”

Ginger and Kimchi’s humans hope to assure everyone that the two dogs are extremely bonded to each other and have no problem with their living arrangements. They recently celebrated their adoption birthdays together.

“…While there are many pet-friendly parks, resorts, and malls in the capital of the Philippines, none allow off-leashed pets. They are the only ones allowed because well, none of them is going anywhere without the other, as each keeps the other in check. Ginger is very patient, she gently tugs at Kimchi to where we lead her to. But more often than not, she can take Kimchi to any direction she chooses, as we often walk behind them. Kimchi, totally trusts his soul-sister, and allows himself to be led. If he doesn’t like the flooring, say it’s too slippery for him, then he’d just stand and refuse to budge, then Ginger just patiently stands by his lil bro…”

(Photos and video of dog serving as guide dog for his canine pal via Facebook)

Check out their videos.


Isn’t it wonderful to have a best friend?

Now watch Ginger lead Kimchi down a flight of steep steps.


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Beaten and abused – dog gets second chance

From horrific cruelty to the beach – inspiring!

Intentionally starved ‘Champ’ brings hope for change in animal cruelty laws

Champ, the intentionally starved dog, continues to flourish at his Maryland foster home. After four-and-a-half-weeks, he has gained 30 pounds – with another 30 to go, but what a difference. He loves his walks, he loves to roll in the grass, and he carefully watches for any scraps to fall from the kitchen counter.

Who can believe this is the Laurens, South Carolina dog whose photo of him curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with maggots went viral? Animal advocates were outraged as Champ’s terrible story of abuse and neglect unraveled. His journey began on August 14 when he was rescued.

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

The Justice for Champ Facebook page has garnered nearly 48,000 fans who have been following the dog’s recovery. His photos  tell his story. From the shiny coat, to the friendly outings with other dogs he meets along the way to the hugs and smiles he gives to his foster parents, Champ is a survivor. It is the story of a dog who nearly died, was saved by Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC; and look at him now!

Not only does Champ bring hope that elected officials will see some of the “before” and “after” photos and enact stricter animal cruelty punishments, but also pass new laws prohibiting chaining and legislate to set reasonable  and humane standards of care for all companion animals.

Check out Champ’s video to see where his heartbreaking story started and where he is today. Champ is the hope for the abused, neglected and abandoned.

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Stunning video shows paddle boarder’s encounter with orca!

Adorable! Dog got the zoomies at an office

Desperate beagles swimming from flooded home rescued by Coast Guard

In Columbus, North Carolina, ten desperate beagles cried and yelped as they tried to swim to safety after their trailer home flooded on Sunday. Homeowner Josephine Horne climbed aboard the Coast Guard boat just in time.

According to the USA Today, a second Coast Guard punt boat arrived and when one member of the team hurriedly grabbed one of the paddling beagles, her head barely above the water. And then the boat continued to be filled with shaking red and white pups happily wagging their tails and making the officers smile as the dogs kissed and hugged their rescuers. In addition, rescuers also saved the neighbor’s four pit bulls and brought them all to safety.

“We got a boat full of beagles,” Coast Guard crew member Tyler Elliott stated. “This is the best day of my life!”

And as the dogs were all scooped up and rescued, and although it had been a serious mission where 14 dogs in all were gathered together on the boat, one couldn’t help but smile and laugh as the dogs likely were saved in the nick of time.

Josephine had evacuated to a relative’s home during the hurricane, but returned to her home after she thought the wind and rain had died down. The flooding seemed to have come out of nowhere, but fortunately rescuers appeared and saved lives of the two legged and four legged kinds.

Check out the YouTube video here:

(Photos and video via YouTube USA Today)

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Trapped cougar freed! Watch the dramatic video below:


North Carolina’s wild horses weathered Hurricane Florence

The wild horses of North Carolina weathered Hurricane Florence in the face of fierce winds and heavy rains. For the last 500 years, the mustangs have lived along the Outer Banks and apparently knew exactly what to do as the hurricane approached.

According to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page, the wild horses were

“well-equipped to deal with the rough weather. They know where to go to stay high and dry and are probably in better shape than most of us humans who are scrambling with final preparations,” the organization’s encouraging post predicted on Thursday as Hurricane Florence slowly inched her way towards landfall.

As of Friday, herd manager Meg Pluckett, stated there were no horse fatalities. In addition, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, that is home to 18 wild horses that either have injuries or are being rehabilitated at the farm, has no damage.

On Saturday, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore issued a public statement that the ponies on Ocracoke Island were all safe. The National Park Service announced visitor facilities are expected to open on Sunday.

As for the wild horses, it is no doubt they found cover and dry areas. Although there is some danger of local flooding, the horses all seem unconcerned and have been quietly going about their day to day lives. The tides are high, and so they are likely staying away from the beach where they like to roam and graze.

(Photos via Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook and Cape Hatteras National Seashore)

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The latest on Florence

Looters hit store in storm damaged area

Pastor Drake and church members carry soaked, abandoned pets to safety

When Pastor Matthew Drake and two church members were out in a boat on Friday afternoon trying to rescue people from flood conditions produced by Hurricane Florence, the men couldn’t turn their backs on the four-legged friends who needed help just as much.

In a now viral video, posted originally by CBS News on Twitter, the compassionate and compelling photo of Pastor Drake carrying a scared and soaked kitten to safety through the flooded road in Jacksonville, North Carolina reminded all of us how there are still so many heroes out there.

The Pastor found two cats and two dogs in dire need of help, and along with Leroy McGee and another church member rescued  the two dogs. They had been barking and were panicky after they had been abandoned on the porch of an empty house. The men gained the confidence and trust of the frightened dogs and carried them into their boat and brought them to safety.

After they brought the dogs to dry land, the men returned to the flood waters to rescue another cat that had been walking along a window edge. When the cat jumped into the water, the men went around back – each then returning with a cat in their arms.

The world is a better place with heroes like these men.

Everyday, leading up to the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the media has been putting out timely information, helpful hints and warnings not to abandon pets. How tragic that some people lack all responsibility to care for those who depend on humans to care for their welfare and safety.

(Photos via freezeshots from Twitter video by CBS Adriana Diaz)

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A ‘village’ of rescuers saved shelter dachshund from euthanasia

“It takes a village to raise a child,” may have become a popular proverb, but no doubt it took a village to enable the rescue of a dachshund surrendered by his owner who ordered the dog euthanized by Devore Animal Shelter.

According to the owner, the dog has a behavioral problem, including having bitten several people. The owner therefore made the decision, paid extra and ordered the dog be killed.

His story began on Thursday when he was brought into the shelter:

“Heartbreaking as owner refused to allow the Doxie to go to a rescue. Paid to have it euthanized. The owners are the only people who can reclaim the dog and give the doxie to a rescue. There is no evaluation done by the shelter to re access, and verify signed statements to be true and substantiated . It is because the owner made a claim the dog has bitten before, the impulsivity (sp) of this owner’s action sounds retaliatory. If this bouncing loving dog has behavior issues there would of been many rescues willing to get the dog evaluated and rehabilitated. I hope they are never allowed to adopt another living animal again! Outrageous injustice without a fair assessment from a trained personnel.”

What happened next showed how respectful and persistent animal rescuers were trying to save the dachshund. Shelter personnel from the San Bernardino County animal shelters submitted an explanation citing why the dog could not be released to any rescue organization:

 “The dog with animal identification number A669324 was surrendered by its owner on September 12, 2018, the owner requested that the County euthanize the dog and signed a contract to have this service performed. The statement indicated by the owner on the contract was ‘My animal has a behavioral or temperamental defect that could pose a health or safety risk or otherwise make the animal unsuitable for placement as a pet.’ Pursuant to California Food and Agriculture Code Section 31108.5 entitled Proof of Ownership When Relinquishing a Dog Required. Section (a) (1) states: Upon relinquishment of a dog to a public or private shelter, the owner of the dog shall present sufficient identification to establish his or her ownership of the dog and shall sign a statement that he or she is the lawful owner of the dog,’ the person who relinquished this dog was established to be the owner of this dog.”

Shortly thereafter, a legal fund for the Doxie’s plight was set up while rescuers, animal advocates and supporters repeatedly asked if the dog’s life could be spared. Perhaps it was political pressure, social pressure, owner remorse, a compassionate staff or a combination of everyone working together that San Bernardino County – Devore Animal Shelter , released the dog to rescue on Friday afternoon.

“Good afternoon,
After contact with the owner it has been determined that the dog with animal identification number A669324 will be made available to 501(c)(3) rescue groups today on a first come first serve basis.
Thank you for your interest in our shelter pets.
Kelly Papp”

A.R.T And Paws rescued the Pomeranian that accompanied the Doxie on Thursday. Described as a sweetheart, the Pom had been at the veterinarian having dental work performed. Check out when the two dogs are reunited:

To help with these two grateful dogs, donations to ART N Paws Animal Rescue can be made here.

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(Video courtesy of Liraz Abraham)

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Watch a soldier’s heartwarming reunion with a dog she rescued

Say good-bye to the beloved “bug”

Bald eagle perches atop fire truck during September 11 tribute

Perhaps one of the most revered symbols of America, a bald eagle swooped in and perched atop a fire truck during a Twin Cities, Minnesota tribute to the heroes, victims and families of September 11.

Firefighters from different departments had been paying tribute on this most solemn occasion when a bald eagle just flew in and rested at the top of the ladder. Andover Fire Chief Jerry Streich posted the video on the department’s Facebook page stating,

“Isn’t that unbelievable? This eagle just landed on the aerial while we’re doing the 9/11 memorial. Phenomenal.”

For the next 45 seconds, the eagle rested and then flew off heading eastward.

“At 7:15 PM there were over 7.3 Million views. Thanks for sharing! What could be more symbolic for this day? AND on a fire truck.”

Who could have asked for anything more patriotic and beautiful? We will never forget.

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Wayward sea lion gets help from fire department back to ocean

A wayward sea lion spent four days hanging out in the woods of Sitka, Alaska before getting help from the local fire department and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It took a team of firefighters, tranquilizer darts and a front end loader to get the dehydrated Steller sea lion back to his home.


According to the Anchorage Daily News, the sea lion had humped his way down the beach road early Friday morning and spent two days hiding in the woods. As many times as scientists tried to encourage the big guy to head back to the sea, just a quarter-mile away, he just wasn’t inclined to take the advice. The Sitka Volunteer Fire Department tried to usher him toward the sea with the gentle pressure of some fire hoses, but as he became stressed and dehydrated from being out of the water too long, volunteers and experts became worried about the sea lion’s health.

It was then decided to give the sea lion a ride back to the harbor and Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium gathered up volunteers and a front loader. On Monday, a NOAA veterinarian sedated the animal with a dart, and before long the 1,500 pound visitor gently fell to sleep. From the front loader to a flatbed truck, the big guy was on his way back to the water.

Just for tracking, pink paint and hair dye marked a number of his side so scientists could track him. At the water’s edge, he was given a series of drugs to reverse the sedation and into the water he went.

Be well big guy, and stay out in the water where you belong.

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Left for dead after hit by car, but look what kindness has done

In the rural areas of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, a dog left for dead hyperventilated and trembled in pain after he was hit by a vehicle who never bothered to stop. Pintu couldn’t move, and it was only a matter of hours before he would die.

Fate stepped in and a Good Samaritan spotted him and immediately stopped her car to help. She placed large stones around the dog to protect him from being hit again and called Animal Aid Unlimited for help. When rescuers arrived, Pintu was nearly in shock and was unable to stand – he could lift his head up, however his legs didn’t move.

Rescuers picked him up, wrapped him in a blanket and brought him back to the hospital for emergency treatment.

“When we brought him back to Animal Aid’s hospital we found that this gentle sweetheart had no fractures, but his spine was injured and he could no longer stand. He was so trusting that even from the very first moment he seemed to know we were trying to help him,” the organization wrote on their Facebook page, updating Pintu’s situation.

And for the next six-weeks, Pintu rested and received physical therapy. Watch how this brave little hero has made his new life.

Please donate for animals who can’t survive without your help:

Watch Pintu’s story. There are angels out there – never fear.

(Photos and video of dog left for dead via freezeshots Animal Aid video)

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Senior dog in needRocky is desperate to be noticed, but nobody wants him – more about helping here.

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Look at me now: Abused Gus once shot with pellets and shoelace around his neck

As if he’s saying, “look at me now,”  Gus is that once abused dog in Houston rescued last week ago after an animal advocate spotted the puppy in  dire need. Advocates rushed to help; the stray’s head had swollen to at least twice its normal size as he wandered through the neighborhood scavenging for food and relief from his pain.


On her social media page, animal rescuer Laura Jean cried out for help:

“SOS!!! Dead dog walking he wouldn’t come to me and I was only pushing him into traffic. Thanks to all the cars who didn’t stop who could’ve helped me get him to safety. He was last seen going into an apartment complex and I gave my info to some residents. One said he is usually around but in the back. I was unable to find him. If anyone can dedicate some time to look for him, please let me know.”

Gus’ story and his heartbreaking photos quickly went viral opening up the eyes of the nation as to the crisis of homeless dogs in Houston. Tears flowed down the cheeks of rescuers and advocates alike – just grimacing in the thought what Gus, in his short nine-months of life, must have endured. A shoelace had been tied tightly around his neck and embedded causing trachea damage. In addition, x-rays showed at least 25 pellet bullets had riddled through his defenseless body. Surgery was performed to revise the scar tissue while his condition remained critical for days. Still, Gus had that will to live.

“But now all of a sudden, everyone I meet is good to me. Everyone asks how I am doing,” Gus might be saying if he could speak. “People touch me with kindness and love. I just knew that there had to be a better life, but I had no idea it could be this good.”

Yes, Gus is one of the lucky dogs where fate stepped in along with Laura Jean who spotted him just in time. Stepping up to help Gus with his long journey of healing, Houston K-911 Rescue has been helping along with generous donations coming in to help with Gus’ expensive medical care.

And on Friday, Gus was released from the veterinary hospital. What may be considered a double chin now, Gus is barely recognizable as his head has returned to nearly its intended size. The burning pain in his neck is slowly subsiding. His foster parent is Marina Harrison, an employee of the vet hospital where Gus received life-saving care and treatment. Marina will make sure his bandages are changed and his laser therapy continues.

“Is this all just a dream or is this really my life?,” Gus continues. [as if he is speaking] “Can people really care this much? I love you all and my one wish is that more hurt and lonely dogs on the streets get to know this love like I do now.”

Check out Gus as he gets ready to leave the hospital.

Help Houston K-911 Rescue save more dogs just like Gus, donations can be made by clicking here.

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Yesterday in the newsNear death, skeletal dog found abandoned in alley – more here.

Senior dog in needRocky is desperate to be noticed, but nobody wants him – more about helping here.

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