Firefighter comforts dog after deadly Kentucky crash

In Lyon County, Kentucky, a firefighter comforted a family’s dog after a deadly vehicular crash on Friday. The crash occurred at Exit 40 eastbound on I-24 killing one person. Another man was trapped in the … Read More

Mother’s Day gift to her babies from mom opossum after hit by car

A special Mother’s Day gift is being celebrated at a wild animal rescue center in San Rafael, California this past weekend. A mom opossum, most likely having had been hit by a car, was rescued … Read More

Too adorable: Litter of newborn pups saved from trash in Coachella

Their tiny faces are too adorable. And yes, this is the litter of three-day-old puppies that were rescued after their owner threw them into a trash bin in Coachella.

Riverside County Animal Services posted the … Read More

Cuteness alert: Baby bobcat kitten dropped off at fire station

In Orlando, Florida, we have a true cuteness alert. On Thursday, the Orlando Fire Department announced their latest rescue; a Good Samaritan dropped off a bobcat kitten the man believed was a cheetah cub. He … Read More

Incredible bond as rescue dog bids heartfelt farewell at funeral

In Huntersville, North Carolina, the incredible bond of a rescue dog captured on video bidding farewell to his human goes far beyond what can be explained in words. In a photo taken by granddaughter, Nina … Read More

Stray pooch carried his food bowl wherever he went

A clever pooch who somehow got loose, lost or abandoned had been hanging out in a family’s backyard and just refused to leave. When Animal Control for Memphis Animal Services tried to round him up, … Read More

Five orphaned coyote pups are on the mend

In Chelmsford, Massachusetts, five orphaned coyote pups are on the mend after having been found in the bushes near a shed on Saturday.

According to the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue of Chelmsford, the puppies were crying … Read More

Umpire booed when he didn’t let beloved bat dog do his job

It wasn’t a good day for an umpire, who at a Las Vegas Aviators game on on Tuesday, when fans stood up and booed their disapproval when he wouldn’t let the beloved bat dog do … Read More

Fat cat weighing in at 40-pounds needs a home and a diet

In New York, a cat weighing more than 40-pounds needs a home and a diet. Meet Barsik who is five-years-old and tips the kitty scale at 41 pounds arrived at the shelter on Friday with … Read More

Oops! Owl stuck upside down in barbed wire fence

In Oklahoma City, a sergeant and deputy at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office didn’t expect this unusual rescue for one of our wildlife friends on Friday. An owl found himself stuck upside down – stuck … Read More