Rescued: Stray dog found lying on street critically injured and broken

He was found lying on the street in a poor village near Udaipur, Rajasthan India. Children played nearby, cars detoured around him, but the gravely wounded and emotionally broken stray dog barely moved. The side of his head was being eaten away by maggots as his ravaged body reeked with the odors of impending death. And then suddenly – out of nowhere, there was a glimmer of hope as volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived after a call from a Good Samaritan begging for help for the dying dog.

When rescuers arrived, they could tell he had been lying in the same spot for days, and had he not been rescued at the time the volunteers showed up, he most likely would have died. Dubbed Major Sahib, the dog was rushed back to the shelter where he was placed on an intravenous drip for his dehydration. The first order of business began as the medical staff slowly removed maggots that had already completely destroyed his ear and had been eating away at the side of his head. Then it was time to sedate him and really clean him up. He was placed on heavy doses of antibiotics and more medicine was applied to kill the rest of the maggots.

By this third day of treatment, Major Sahib began to show an amazing recovery and the strong desire to live. Like a brave trooper, he tolerated the repeated medicated baths to treat his mange, ate heartily and began to love life once again.

And now – several months later, watch Major Sahib’s video and see if you can even recognize that filthy, skeletal stray who had just about given up. To help more dogs just like this valiant pooch, please click here. 

Photo and video of stray dog courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.


Rescued: Puppy stuck in 292 feet deep well for 10 days

The puppy who spent the last 10 days in a narrow but deep well in the Beykoz Dereseki neighborhood of Turkey has been rescued reports the Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi. Fire crews had been working non stop trying to save the  puppy who fell into an old 292-feet-deep old well, but the depth of the well and narrow width made the endeavor almost saved from well 2

The Beykoz Fire Department had erected a tent and enclosure to protect emergency personnel from the snow and the blasting winds as they feverishly worked to save the pooch dubbed Kuyu. An underwater camera monitored his movements on the bottom of the deep well. Personnel had been lowering food and water. Even a heating system was installed to keep him warm.

 Dog saved from wellWhat really helped and made the rescue of the dog possible were the students from Bahçeehir Science and Technology High School who developed a robotic arm. The instrument was lowered into the hole and was able to safely grab the pup and raise him up to the surface. Loud cheers emanated from the crowd as Kuyu was brought up. After having been transported to a local veterinarian hospital for a complete examination, there was even more good news. It seems the Beykoz Fire Department has officially adopted Kuyu!

Many thanks to the rescuers who worked tirelessly to save this puppy and a special bow of gratitude to the students who developed the instrument to enable the pooch’s safe rescue.

Original story here.

(Photos of puppy saved from deep well courtesy of Beykoz Fire Department)

dog saved from muddy pipe

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Three amazing children help rescuers free dog trapped in drainpipe

Three amazing children helped rescuers free a five-year-old red tick coonhound who became hopelessly stuck in a drainage pipe on Saturday after chasing a raccoon. The dog named Penny, had been out with her owner on a night hunting trip when she became trapped .

Volunteers from the Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad  from Greeneville, Tennessee arrived on Sunday morning to help after the dog had already been inside of the pipe for  hours:

This all started Saturday night around midnight. It was better for us not to respond at night,” said Kevin “Bucky” Ayers, captain of the rescue squad. “Knowing the dog was pretty much OK, I just can’t put our guys in danger for that,” the captain told the Tribune-Ledger News.

On Saturday night, Penny’s owner, Stacy Ricker had been out hunting on their property when the dog took off chasing a raccoon. As they searched for the dog, they heard her barking and on examination figured out she had chased the animal into a drainage tile that had a partial collapse. All night the concerned family tried to coax Penny out, but that wouldn’t happen. Even when rescuers arrived the next morning and tried to push her backwards or tie a rope to her leg to help her out, the rope would slip. As the rescue efforts became more complicated, the owner brought in his mini-excavator to dig out a section of the pipe.

Now here’s where the amazing children came into the rescue efforts. Since the pipe was too small for adults to crawl into, brother and sister “Bubby” and Kailee Carter volunteered. The children were able to get a rope around the dog’s waist and one attached to her collar, but still couldn’t pull her out beyond the collapsed pipe. Finally, the mini-excavator was used again to remove another section of the pipe, and Penny was successfully pulled to safety.

In the end, it would take four rescue squad members, a little help from a couple of kids small enough to fit into the pipe themselves, an excavator and 15 hours of work to free the 5-year-old hunting dog.

When Penny was finally freed, she shook herself off as if nothing happened; maybe her canine pride had been slightly dampened, but according to her owners she drank a lot of water, appreciated the biscuits offered, and besides a cut or two on her leg and some stiffness from being trapped in one position, Penny is expected to make a full recovery. Now the children have even expressed an interest in helping with emergency situations as they get older. Let’s all spend a few minutes commenting here and congratulating the children and their families for raising such fine young citizens.

On the Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad, the organization updated their Facebook page about Penny’s rescue stating:

 “There is more to the Squad than just cutting cars. Great job guys!!”

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Photo of amazing children help to rescue dog stuck in pipe courtesy of Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad.

A distant memory: Tortured Doberman with severed spine recovers

On January 4, an Isabella fawn and rust purebred Doberman was brought into the county shelter in Kershaw City, South Carolina. He was severely injured, emaciated and scarred. Someone had cropped off his ears in an egregious home botched job, but that wasn’t the worst of it for this one-year-old dog. His back was completely bent over and contorted as he hobbled in pain. The shelter staff believed the clearly starved and abused puppy had escaped from the hell where he had been existing, and as he tried to eat a dead animal lying on the road to stave off his intense hunger, he had been struck by a car.Spencer after

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, and co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan came to Spencer’s rescue that day; the dog with a severed spine, and even though the costs to help him had been estimated to be extremely expensive, there was no hesitation to help:

“We took him because he was suffering, and he deserved to live,” Jackie posted to their followers on the rescue’s Facebook page. “It was the right thing to do, but we need your help. We put down a $3,000 deposit just to bring him in the front door. It is no wonder so many dogs can not be helped. In addition to the operation for his spine, his stomach is full of bones – which is another problem we will have to address.”Spencer after 2

And so the long road to recovery began that day for the tortured Doberman. Transferred to the  VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina, tests revealed Spencer was so young and could still feel his legs, he was an excellent candidate for surgery to repair his severed spine. His stomach, however was filled with bird bones which threatened to perforate his stomach lining, but that was a chance rescuers decided to risk.

“I’m proud, strong, determined and a fighter,” Spencer seemed to have been telling everyone at the surgery center.” I am overcoming all odds and I will succeed! I will take my life back and find my own happiness! I will win!”Spencer after 4

In the days following Spencer’s successful surgery, the determined puppy was eager to get to work at his physical therapy as the staff helped him build muscle and support his own weight. Even the splintered bones threatening to pierce his gut had safely passed through his intestines, thus eliminating the need for a second surgery. And then came the toys- Spencer just couldn’t get enough of playing with them. Obviously, he had never before known the pleasure.

“Spencer has taught us a lot and has much more to teach,” wrote Jackie as the puppy continued his recovery with never a complaint. “It’s hard for us to put his rescue into words because it’s been such a whirlwind. He literally took us by storm crashing our website in his first 24 hours! It’s been an emotional roller coaster with just the type of ending we’d hoped for! Our goal all along was to make Spencer whole again; happy healthy and forever loved…”


And on Saturday Spencer went home. He has a special nonslip floor to help with his continued therapy. Everyday is an adventure, and now Spencer – who just six weeks ago barely existed in this world, has been truly rescued. Spencer is scheduled to commence hydrotherapy as everyone looks forward to his complete recovery.

“Spencer thanks everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and support! It’s been a very long day, driving home, checking out his new house, yard and room and he’s finally settling in and relaxed! Could very well be the best sleep he’s ever had! What an amazing feeling for him! He did it,” stated his new family. Spencer joins two other dogs – all of whom seem to be settling in fine.

Many thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who so often step up and offer the abused, tortured and seemingly hopeless cases a second chance at life. Many thanks to all of the volunteers and advocates who donate their time and funds to make all of this possible. To help more dogs like Spencer, donations can be made,  please click here,  or here.

(Photos of Spencer the Doberman and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out his video: (Spencer wants that toy hedgehog out of his bed)

‘Look at me now’: Surgeons give mutilated dog a new muzzle

On Friday morning, the Michigan Humane Society posted a new photograph of Baron, the severely mutilated dog found wandering the streets of Detroit last month after his ears, nose and tail had been chopped off. Surgeons gave him a new muzzle. “Look at me now!”

“The Michigan Humane Society is happy to share that Baron is happy, healthy and healing!,” followed the dog’s photo.Michigan HS Baron
Dr. Bryden Stanley, a soft tissue expert practicing at Michigan State University, agreed to help. The Rottweiler’s story had gone viral as animal advocates cried out in emotional horror as the dog’s photos circulated through social media. Besides missing his ears, nose and tail, Baron also suffered lacerations all over his body.
According to  the FreePress, during surgery, Stanley attached two flaps of skin on Baron’s muzzle to create a new top of his nose. She also linked a piece of skin near his lip to shrink the nasal passage.Baron the dog with missing nose
“He had a big hole in his nose, so he, you know how dogs put their noses everywhere to sniff things out, and so we had to make it a little smaller so he wouldn’t get twigs or berries or anything up there,” stated Dr. Stanley. ” I think he looks quite good.”
Although Baron’s looks can’t be restored to his original appearance since he no longer has his ears, he can still hear fine. His muzzle will never look the same, and he won’t have the black part of his nose, but experts say he will be able to live a near normal life.Dr. Robert Fisher, Michigan Humane Society’s chief medical officer removed all but three inches of Baron’s tail.  Assisting in the surgery was Maria Podsiedlik, who is at MSU on an international fellowship program.
There have been no arrests in this case of animal cruelty. Anyone with information is encouraged to call authorities. Doesn’t Baron deserve justice?
Read previous story about Baron here.
(Photo of Baron’s new muzzle courtesy of the Michigan Humane Society)
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Homeless tripod pup cuddled on a shoe box for weeks

A homeless tripod pup had been homeless for at least five months and struggled to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. The residents in the area had no idea where Princess came from, nor how she lost her leg, but there was no doubt her life had been a struggle for a long time.Princess 3 legged dog 2

When one day, Los Angeles rescue organization Hope for Paws received a text asking if they could help the three-legged female dog that had been living in front of a home for the past few weeks and didn’t belong to anyone, rescuers immediately replied. As they arrived at the address, they found the shivering dog asleep on a cardboard shoe box as the rain lightly fell down upon her fragile body.Princess 3 legged dog 3

As Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, slowly approached and carefully placed his signature “lucky” leash around her neck, Princess just stared – she didn’t bark, she didn’t growl nor did she try to escape. It’s as if she knew, these humans were really there to help. Instinct told her she was sick, and maybe this was the answer to her silent pleas for help. According to the homeowner, Princess had shown up one day; he had been feeding her, and she seemed to have adopted the shoe box as her bed.

And so Princess was cuddled in a blanket and rushed off to see the organization’s veterinarian where her rescue happened in the nick of time. From inadequate food and adverse conditions, Princess was extremely anemic, and had Hope for Paws not come around at the right time, it is doubtful the dog ever could have survived much longer. For months, Princess remained in treatment – but now she’s genuinely a princess just patiently waiting for a kingdom to call her own.Princess 3 legged dog 4

(Photos and video of homeless tripod pup Princess courtesy of Hope for Paws.)


Watch her incredible video, and if interested in giving Princess a forever home contact Smooch Pooch Rescue.


Rescued dog refused to leave his friend an abandoned bunny behind

A special truck driver we all want to hug for his kindness and intuition rescued a clever dog and his abandoned buddy – a bunny, someone obviously left behind. When Akron, Ohio resident Dan O’Grady spotted the stray dog on his route to Florida, he stopped his truck and called out to the lost pooch.Humane Society of Summit county

According to the Humane Society of Summit County, when Dan approached the little Jack Russell terrier, the dog began to bark frantically, but as Dan moved closer to the dog, the pooch would run away and flee back into the woods. And that’s when Dan followed the dog, and as he looked around, he spotted a white rabbit hiding under the bushes. Scooping the friendly bunny up into his arms, the dog was satisfied his pal was safe and followed Dan back into his truck.

O’Grady named the pair “Highway” and “Interstate” and fed them before taking the dog to a nearby shelter.  The local shelter wouldn’t take the rabbit, however the Humane Society of Summit took in the emaciated bunny, and of course staff members at the rescue had a gracious shout out to a kind human being. On the organization’s Facebook page, came the happy update:

“Interstate, the bunny that we featured the other day, has been adopted!

Thank you everyone for the kind, positive comments. We are so grateful that Dan O’Grady took time out of his long truck route to make sure BOTH of these animals were taken to safety!”Humane Society of summit county bunny

Highway has also been adopted. It’s not known if the dog and bunny were bonded, and of course, the perfect story would have been even happier if they found a home together, but nevertheless, it’s still an awesome rescue and two more deserving animal companions have found loving homes.

Photos of dog and abandoned bunny courtesy of Dan O’Grady and the Humane Society of Summit County.

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A man and his 1400 Kodiak bear share heartwarming bond

If you’re a skeptic about bears and humans capable of  having bonded relationships, this larger than life 1,400 pound Kodiak bear breaks all of the rules and delicately cuddles up to his best human in a viral photo and video of the two hugging and kissing. That special moment, caught on video by a staff member at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, can’t help but make one smile.

And now for Jimbo’s story. This Kodiak has a larger than life story when he stands on all fours; making him over nine feet tall. He is one of the oldest bears at the center, estimated to be about 20-years-old and gets along great with people. Jim Kowalczik, shown with Jimbo, has been working with the bear since he first arrived as a cub.

“Jimbo doesn’t do any performing or tricks. He has been with us since a cub – 21 years this month. He came from a situation where he was born in captivity and ended – had no skills to be released back into the wild,” has been posted on Facebook as the video continues to draw lots of smiles and ‘oohs and aahs.”

And if you’re wondering why the bears at the Orphaned Wildlife Center aren’t hibernating, it seems that captive bears just don’t. Although they do slow down a great deal and sleep most of the day, staff members explained, the bears also eat less. During the spring, summer and fall, Jimbo normally eats 30 pounds of food a day. In the winter he eats less than five pounds. His favorite food is red meat – thankfully he doesn’t see his caretakers as dinner.

Jimbo is the largest of the center’s 11 listed bears. The mission of the rescue is to “provide safety and nurturing to animals that are truly orphaned and prepare them to be return to a life in the wild.” Those who cannot make it on their own find Orphaned Wildlife Center as a sanctuary.

To help this organization, donations can be sent by following this link.

Photos and video of Jimbo the Kodiak bear courtesy of Orphaned Wildlife Center.

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Yankee Poodle: A little boy brings love to a dog who had given up

In Los Angeles, a little stray, dirty poodle seemed to have given up on life. For days, the Internet had been abuzz with kind people asking Eldad Hagar, founder of the rescue organization, Hope for Paws, if he could help. Neighbors had noticed the curly little rascal dubbed Yankee Poodle they had been feeding and trying to care for, was barely moving. They feared he may have been injured.Yankee Poodle

On their return trip from rescuing two other dogs that day, Eldad and Lisa Arturo found little Yankee lying on the sidewalk with his head sticking out from the alley where he commonly slept. Both scared and defensive, Yankee growled as the rescuers approached, but Eldad waited until the dog calmed down and gently placed the leash over his head. Moments later, Yankee allowed Eldad to pet him and pick him up.

The neighbors were ecstatic that Yankee had been rescued; they peeked out from windows and bid the sweet dog goodbye knowing that he had finally been rescued. Given a bath, a haircut, a veterinarian examination and plenty of love and affection, slowly the fear left Yankee, but his story isn’t over yet. The pooch was transferred to Rescue From the Hart, where he quickly bonded with a young boy. They ran and played together in the backyard; Yankee overcame his fears and is now ready for his forever home.Yankee poodle and little boy

Make sure to sit back for a few minutes and watch Yankee Poodle’s story. Many thanks to Eldad for his love and devotion to all of those who cannot speak. Photos and video courtesy of Hope for Paws.





Ouch! Officers rescue 89-pound dog that fell into 6 foot hole

Animal control officers in San Ysidro, California had quite the unusual rescue on Tuesday afternoon after a 89-pound dog fell into a six-foot hole. Rescuers rushed over to the remote location after receiving a call from the  U.S. Customs and Border Protection that a dog that had fallen into a hole.big Dog big rescue 2

According to CBSNews, Officers Joshua Nix and his partner Officer Peterson arrived at the construction site near the border, and there he was – a huge pit bull sitting at the bottom of the hole not moving at all. Of course, there was no way to know if the dog was friendly, so the men took precautions and used their training as to reading a dog’s body language to get an idea of the dog’s disposition. One of the officers called the dog, slowly lowered his hand into the hole and felt safe the dog wasn’t aggressive.

“The dog wasn’t moving, wasn’t barking when we arrived. At that point in time, when Officer Peterson jumped down into the hole, the dog became alive, started being more animated, very friendly dog, and we were able to lift it up at that time,” explained Officer Nix.

The men fashioned a harness  with their ropes to lift the dog out of the hole. Slowly the 89-pound pooch made it to the top and to safety. He shook the dust off of himself , he wiggled his behind and wagged his tail as if it was just another doggy adventure, the rescuers reported. A very friendly dog, the officers said he was just full of kisses and happy to be free.

Fortunately, someone heard the dog barking, as the area was remote; had the U.S. Customs’ officers not been informed of the dog’s dilemma, he may have died in the hole.

“It’s a great feeling, it gives you great job satisfaction,” Officer Nix said. “Not everyday do you get to do something like that, but on those days it does happen – it really makes you feel like you’re making a difference, and it’s a really good feeling.”

Since his rescue, the dog, who is six years old with no identification has since had some good food, water and a soft bed to sleep. If his owners don’t come forward, he will be available for adoption today. Click here for adoption information.

(Photos of the 89-pound dog courtesy of County Animal Services.)

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