Family pit bulls rescue children from copperhead snake

In Brandon, Florida, two protective family pit bulls rescued a grandmother’s two young grandchildren for a deadly attack by a copperhead snake in the yard of their home on Monday. Melissa Butt had been in the yard relaxing while the children Zayden, 4, and Mallory, 1, played, when suddenly the woman’s two dogs ran over to the kids and jumped in front of a copperhead snake.

According to News8Wfla, the dogs barked causing the snake to strike. Slayer was bitten twice in the face and Paco sustained a bite to his elbow. Melissa rushed the dogs to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Hospital in Brandon for the ant-venom. It was essential to act quickly to save the dogs’ lives.

Melissa was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of saving her dogs’ lives, but as soon as word began to spread about the brave dogs and their imminent plight, animal rescue group Frankies Friends stepped in and were able to cover the cost of the treatment.

What could have been a tragedy for two little children and two dogs, has now turned into an inspiring story of loyalty and love. Paco is back at home nearly acting as his old self, while Slayer has been recovering at Blue Pearl. Whenever Melissa stopped in at the veterinary hospital to visit Slayer, his tail flapped non-stop. And then came the best news of the day:

“The swelling from the deadly snake bite has gone down and Slayer is going home today! Frankie’s Friends was able to help pay for the second dose of antivenin he needed to save his life, thanks to donors like YOU,” the group posted Wednesday afternoon on their Facebook page.

It’s the kind of story we at Pet Rescue Report love to tell.

(Photos of family pit bulls via Frankies Friends)

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Show host Chelsea Handler bids heartbreaking farewell to her rescue pooch

While all dogs are special, some dogs just etch their ways into our hearts that somehow bond us together for all eternity. Show host Chelsea Handler explains her special relationship with her rescue pooch as she bid a heartbreaking farewell just two days ago.

The 42-year-old gave a tear-filled sendoff to her dog named Tammy – affectionately called Bear.

“I lost my bear today. She was struggling and I couldn’t bear to have her fight anymore. Anyone who believes a dog doesn’t change your life has never rescued one. I only had two years with Tammy but she made sure I never went to bed without hearing her paws mount my stairwell two paws at a time. If my door was closed, she slept outside of my room like a security guard. Dogs give you something you never knew was missing until you rescue one. I love you bear. Thanks for being such a girl. I will get another dog that needs a home, and it will remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub, lub, lub @realTammyHandler,” Chelsea wrote on Instagram.

Tammy was a frequent fixture on Chelsea’s shows where she would just lie quietly and soak up all the news and drama of the day. Rescued from the streets of Mexico, the photos of the two together made our hearts smile. Sadly Tammy had been suffering from renal failure; on Friday the two parted. One day later, Handler, who is currently in South Africa, shared a photo of a rainbow on Saturday, August 12, writing:

“Rainbows are the best sign the person you loved the most is with you. #tammytime”.

Rest in peace Tammy. You were truly loved. Chelsea’s other rescue dog, Chuck misses you too.

(Photos of Chelsea Handler and Tammy via Instagram and FB)

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Injured mother cow and her inseparable baby calf escape cruel owner

On the streets of Udaipur Rajasthan, India a mother cow and her bonded baby calf walked slowly along the village streets. Had the two escaped a cruel owner? The mother cow, named Bee, had a deep gash under her front leg; her baby had a rope tied so tightly around his neck, the hemp had cut through the tender tissue of his skin leaving a deep, infected wound.

When nearby villagers spotted the two inseparable animals slowly exploring the village, as if hunting for a place to rest and a quiet place to graze, it was obvious they needed serious medical help. And so the two were transported back to the open hospital for Animal Aid Unlimited. Bee, the mother cow, was anesthetized in order for the medical staff to attend to her wound; she appeared to have been stabbed by a sharp object. The work began – her wound was cleansed and dressed. Her baby was next – Honey’s wound was very deep and painful – his injury was cleaned and bandaged also.  

The two were shortly reunited, and all they needed now was rest.

Check them out just two months later. Never doubt that cows aren’t emotional – no more problems ever for Bee and Honey.

(Photos of mother cow and her baby via screenshots Animal Aid Unlimited)

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Sit back and watch another miracle rescue take place:

Trapped baby elephant discovered with his trunk sticking out of deep mud

It had been Election Day in Kenya on Tuesday, and while on an evening drive, visitors to the national park of Tsavo East caught sight of a tiny elephant calf completely engulfed and bogged down in thick mud. All that could be seen was his tiny trunk which moved so slowly, but had been all that was needed to indicate the baby was still alive.

With no elephants nearby, the emergency call went out for help to the elephant keepers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust along with the KWS Anti-Poaching team.

When rescuers arrived, it was evident the baby had been stuck in the mud for hours. Clearly the mother had tried to extract her calf, but had given up and moved away. There was still sight of a herd of elephants in the distance, and while the rescue team began to circle the mud hole, a single female elephant returned to the spot; circling from a distance and seemingly clearly agitated and worried about her baby. And as if elephants aren’t already known to be one of the smartest animals roaming our plains, she clearly understood that these humans closing in on her baby were there to help.

The teams worked quickly together and placed straps around the baby while wading knee deep in the mud. Finally they were able to pull the little guy to safety and bring him to the harder edge of the waterhole where he would finally be free. The moment the baby was on his feet, the mother elephant ran to his side.

Everyone smiled from ear to ear as the reunion between the mom and baby reunited. As the little one began to suckle from his mother, the rest of the herd called out in celebration.

On the David Sheldrick Wildllife Trust’s Facebook, the organization posted the good news. We, at Pet Rescue Report, are happy to report mom elephant and her son are doing well thanks to this awesome group.

“The ultimate happy ending

Our primary mission is to keep wild families safe and, most importantly, together. So, yesterday, when this tiny baby became stuck in mud so thick his mother couldn’t pull him out, our nearby Voi Keepers stepped in to help.

See the rescue unfold, including the joyous moment when mum and baby were reunited yesterday.”

(Photos of baby elephant and rescue courtesy of Facebook for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi)

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A woman’s door was left ajar during a storm – look who she found inside!


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Update: Pup abandoned next to Bailey chair and left with stuffed toy

Near University Park, Florida, a young dog was abandoned just one week ago, when her unknown owner tied her to the Bailey chair she needed to help her survive. A note was attached explaining the dog suffers from  megaesophagus, a lifelong condition in which the esophagus doesn’t move food into the stomach. She must be fed in a Bailey chair, in which the food is pulled by gravity into the digestive system. Her heartbreaking photo suggests she knew she was no longer wanted; her stuffed toy was perched on top of the chair.

It was feared had the dog been transported to the nearby shelter, there would not be sufficient funding or assistance to help, and she would not survive. Local shelter volunteer, Cris Ferreira, along with an army of animal advocates, shared the heartbreaking situation about a dog with a disability needing help, and another success story emerged thanks to social media.

Orlando rescue group, BullyUpRescue, stepped up. And as if somethings in life are just meant to be, Reva Fedigan,  who lost and misses her own dog, Maddie, similarly affected with megaesophagus, will foster Izzy until the perfect home becomes available:

 “WELCOME IZZY!! Izzy was abandoned at a dog park w/a note attached. She, just like my beloved & very missed Maddie, has Megasophagus. We’ll love her and take care of her until that perfect home is found. Izzy will NEVER be abandoned again!”
To help this organization with expenses for Izzy, donations can be made by clicking here.
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(Photos of Izzy with her Bailey chair via BullyUpRescue and Cris Ferreira-Reed)

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Mesa police officer rescues dog stuck in canal after chasing ducks

In Mesa, Arizona, a police officer rescued a dog who leaped into a canal when he spotted some ducks swimming and decided it was his canine prerogative to chase them. The dog’s owner, John, a Vietnam War veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), rushed down the steps to save his dog, but within moments he lost sight of Sparky as the pup drifted farther downstream. John thought his dog was lost forever and drowned.

According to the City of Mesa Police Department’s Facebook page, an observant citizen spotted Sparky swimming back and forth in a panic about 30 minutes later and called the police. Officer Goodrich arrived at the scene and was able to pull Sparky out with the use of a catch pole. Concerned for the dog’s health and safety, Sparky was transported to a nearby animal hospital. Because he was microchipped, his owner John was contacted and two were soon reunited.

Ten years ago, John adopted Sparky after the dog’s original owner passed away from cancer, and as John stated,

“It was actually Sparky ‘who took me in.’ Sparky is my guy. He’s my mental health. If I had sight of him in that canal, it would have been ‘both’ of us in there.”


Today, Sparky is recuperating from his scary experience. When asked how it feels to have a second chance with Sparky,

“I can’t thank everyone enough. It’s all wonderful. It’s a miracle,” stated John.

Thanks to the concerned citizen, VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona, and great efforts performed by Officer Goodrich, the Mesa Police Department is honored to be part of bringing Sparky and his family together again.

(YouTube and screenshots of Sparky rescued from canal via Bryan Yeager and Channel 12 News)

Stop by the Facebook page of the City of Mesa Police Department and thank the officer for being a great guy and a hero to those who cannot speak. We love our brave officers who value the lives of all our citizens – even the four legged ones.

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Take a few minutes and watch this heartwarming rescue:

Boat captain rescues kitten intentionally thrown off bridge

In Destin, Florida a boat captain rescued a kitten thrown from a bridge. Captain Jordan Smith had been traveling near the Destin bridge on Thursday when he spotted an animal tumbling into the water; apparently it had been intentionally flung from the Marler Bridge.

According to the Panama City News Herald, Smith maneuvered his boat closer to where he saw the animal splash; suddenly he  saw the two orange saucer shaped eyes of a frightened kitten. Using a fishing net to pull the frantic kitty out of the water, the kitten was so grateful and so terrified from her awful experience, she grabbed hold of Smith’s arm for the entire return trip and had no intentions of letting go.

“I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff out there, but never had seen a living animal get thrown off the bridge,” Smith stated. “When I took it out of the net, it grabbed a hold of my arm. I held the cat all the way into the HarborWalk. It was pretty intense.”

Smith,  who operates a boat called “Profishional” for Let’s Fish Destin Charters, took the black kitten to the vet and has decided to adopt her and name her “Miracle.”

A police report has been filed, and we can only hope one day the heartless creep who tossed this adorable little one over the bridge is caught and punished.

Many thanks to the handsome boat captain and his big heart.

(Photo of Miracle and Smith via selfie)

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Video of St. Louis crew freeing tangled owl from soccer net goes viral

In a heartwarming rescue in a rural area of  St. Louis County, two videos of construction field hands helping a tiny tangled owl trapped in a soccer net, has garnered more than 50 million views – yes that’s no typo – the video has been seen more than 50 million times on Facebook and shared 168,000 times.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the first video was posted by Will Brown, who told the story. The G&S Construction & Farms crew had been switching a water hook-up near the soccer fields in the south of the county when the owner of the field spotted the little owl trapped in the soccer net. The defenseless little one’s wings were awry, and the orange netting entangled his brown feathers. His situation, at least for the owl, was hopeless.

Did he just not see the net as he was hunting for prey? And as if the owl knew the men were helping him, the little guy remained still as Brown and the owner carefully cut away at the netting; the owl’s bright yellow eyes just staring; all the while Brown speaking quietly to soothe the wild owl. When the bird was finally freed, he was carefully placed on the ground and within moments the owl flew away.

“He didn’t bite, so I’ll take that as a ‘thank you,'” Brown joked on Facebook.

Brown has received numerous compliments and “lots of love” for the kind act; we just need more people just like Will Brown.

Photos and video of tangled owl via screenshots by Will Brown.

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Check out the video:


Reunion of mother and son: Former bonded shelter dogs renew their love

Surrendered to a New York City shelter nearly two years ago, a mother and son bonded pair were lucky enough to find new homes; the only downside  – the dogs were adopted by different families. A heartwarming reunion brought them together again!

According to  Best Friends Animal Society in New York,  Emma, a 65-lb. pit bull basset hound mix was adopted by Don Lavenhall and his husband Jeffrey Lewis.  Slick, the young puppy found a new home with his foster parents Evan and Kristina Jensen, who, in no time, decided to adopt him. The lucky dogs settled into their new lives, and in February, Kristina had arranged quite a surprise for Slick. Through Best Friends, Kristina was able to reach out to Emma’s family, and it was decided a doggy reunion would be arranged at Riverside Park in upper Manhattan.

“As Slick made his way to the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Monument, his tail began to wag in excitement. Standing across the wide marble plaza was someone he didn’t expect to see. It was his mother, Emma,” wrote Best Friends Animal Society on their blog.

Emma recognized her puppy in a second. Within minutes tails were wagging.

 “They started literally jumping for joy. It was so heartwarming to see Emma lower her guard with another dog and watch her play with such total ecstatic joy. 

Shannon Kirkman, foster and adoptions coordinator for Best Friends in New York, knows stories like this don’t happen everyday, but when they do, it sure makes us smile and gives advocates even more reasons to support our rescue organizations. Both dogs are thriving in their new homes. Slick enjoys subway rides and weekend excursions. Emma, who is affectionately called the “Houndessa” by the building staff where she lives, has been working at her cat sharing skills with 13-year-old feline Tim.

Slick and Emma have enjoyed two play dates with each other since their adoptions – some bonds just last forever; just one more reason we love our dogs.

(Reunion photos via Best Friends Animal Society Stacey Axelrod)

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Connecticut woman pens touching but humorous obituary after death of her dog

Anyone who has ever loved and lost a dog to death knows the emotional pain.  When our dogs die, a little bit of us has been chipped away. Days, weeks and even months later, we imagine we see them walking around the house, begging for a treat or still cuddled up on our pillow in our own bed. For many dog parents, the loss of our canine companions to death is the loss of a family member; it takes time to heal although we never forget.

Brian the dog Courtesy Lee Dibella

On July 12, Lee DiBella, of Watertown, Connecticut, lost her beloved dog of 11-years, Brian. According to NbcNews, Lee wrote an obituary for Brian; yes it was sad, but the humor captured the essence of  her adopted dog – a pointer, Lab and greyhound mix from the Animal Rescue Foundation in Terryville.


Lee begins:

Brian died peacefully, alongside his mom of nearly 11 years, Wednesday, July 12th, under the care of Stone Veterinary Hospital staff. Brian was adopted by his mother, Lee Dibella, on December 19th, 2006, and quickly became a dog legends are made of. Brian arrived in our home with the ability to not only sit, but also “give paw.”

Lee later added that Brian never did figure out the command ‘stay.’ The lovable pooch won everyone’s heart:

“Being able to destroy any crate, gate, door handle or trim and molding in his way, Brian quickly began building loving relationships with all those who came in contact with him, whether it be a new vet, animal control, or whoever’s house he found his way to for an uninvited romp.”

And more about Brian’s wants and needs:


“A lover of couches and blankets, Brian had many hobbies. Some of Brian’s favorite activities included barking at things not there, cuddling alongside you, taking over his mother’s bed, licking his butt, acting like a spazz when it was time to be fed, and trying to figure out who exactly was “the good boy.” In his spare time, Brian dreamt violently, thrashing his legs, presumably chasing dastardly felines or squirrels who dared enter his dreams. The quickest way to Brian’s heart was with a quality scratch of his rear, and a rub of his belly. Brian will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than his mom.”

Brian the dog
Courtesy Lee Dibella

And then came the part of the dog’s obituary that draws us in and reminds us of losing one of our best friends:

Brian will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than his mom. Through thick and thin, she loved him with all her heart, and though the pain she feels without him is great, it in no way would compare to having never had him in her life. Besides his mother, Brian leaves behind a sister, Dr. Frigo Delilah, grandmother, Jeannette DiBella; predeceased by a grandfather, David; his uncle, Michael and family; god-mother, Jennifer DeWitt; and many amazing friends throughout the years. At the wishes of Brian’s family, give your dog an extra hug, belly rub, and treat.

According to People, Lee adopted Brian when he was two-years-old. A local woman had found him with a lot of wounds and fostered him. It seems the pooch has a lot of issues – his anxiety made him un-adoptable, but Lee put up with quirks and couldn’t even consider anyone putting him down. And for years, the two lived together helping each other through serious illness. A few months ago, the senior pup came down with pneumonia, and despite numerous antibiotic treatment, the dog continued to go downhill. Sadly on his second round of therapy, Brian took a downward turn, however he attended the July 4th celebration with humans and dogs and had that celebratory day Lee will always remember.

Brian the dog
Courtesy Lee Dibella

Have you hugged your dog today? If not, please do it now. Rest in peace Brian. You will be missed.
(Photos of Brian after obituary about his death by Lee Dibella and People)
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