Polar bear sisters are happily reunited at Michigan zoo after separated at birth

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At the Detroit Zoo, twin polar bears separated at birth, November 2020, after a health emergency, have been reunited. The twins – Astra and Laerke, needed to be separated from each other and their mother, Suka, when Laerke needed specialized veterinarian care. At a later time, when Laerke was healthy enough to be reunited with her family, momma Suka no longer recognized her cub.

Suka is a great mother and very protective of Laerke’s sister, Astra, but it’s clear she no longer recognizes her cub. Returning laerke to her mother and sister is not an option for us.

Detroit Zoo in 2021

Laerke had been in a separate part of the zoo for the last two-and-a-half-years, but their reunion had everyone smiling, and in some heartwarming faces, lots of tears of joys. Suka and the bears’ dad, Nuka are also at the zoo together, but are not living with the twins.

Check out the video:


Under the video, the zoo posted:

Getting to know you.

Even though they have only been back together for a short time, you can already see that twin sisters Astra and Laerke are each other’s cup of tea. Come to the Detroit Zoo for your chance to see these polar bears grow closer day by day.


Previously Laerke had been living with a grizzly bear, Jebbie, who had been found in Alaska as an orphan and brought to the zoo. The two had become great pals, but last year Jebbie towered over Laerke, and the rough play was getting to be too much for Laerke.

Laerke and Jebbie were still able to see each other in their separate enclosures, and also were able to interact indoors, but in January 2023, Jebbie joined another grizzly in a new home at a Colorado zoo where he’s doing fine.

And now everyone who’s supposed to be together enjoying life get to live their best lives.

Polar bears are not listed as endangered, however their species is vulnerable, which means they are at a high risk of extinction. Most polar bears can be found in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia and Norway. Experts estimate there are anywhere from 22,000 to 31,000 polar bears in the Arctic wilderness. Polar bears are being threatened by pollution, loss of habitat and climate changes.

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