Gypsy mare devastated by loss of her 4-day-old colt stolen from Weld County farm

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In Fort Lupton, Colorado, a four-day-old colt stolen from a Weld County farm by thieves sometime early in the morning on Wednesday, April 21, may not survive without his mother’s milk and care. The colt, nicknamed “Gypsy” because of his breed disappeared, and his mother “Trixie” is visibly depressed.

According to the CbsDenver, Caitlin Hladky, the owner of the horses, fears the colt will die if not returned. And in the four days since Gypsy has been missing, Trixie continuously returns to one particular place on the property.

“She, all day, just kept coming back to this corner. If a mom loses their baby, they will go to the last place they saw it,” Hladky stated.

Weld County deputies found footprints in the mud in the area Trixie kept returning to alongside of small hoof marks left by the colt. The prints lead out of a gate onto a small dirt road where it is likely the colt was ushered into a vehicle.

A scent hound led investigators to a building on an undisclosed road, however he was still nowhere to be found.

Caiti Hladky is with Chad Vallad .
“We are heart broken and so is Trixie… I cannot seem to stop crying. We have no leads on our baby Gypsy and he has not been returned. There is a generous reward for his safe return, but we are now looking for an orphan colt that Trixie can raise. She is an amazing mama and an excellent producer.
Good can come of this horrible situation. Please let me know if you have one or know of one available. Northern Colorado, we can travel for one, please share. And please text or call me with updates or information.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact  303 717 1693. Please share and be on the lookout. He has very distinct markings and is only days old. A reward has been offered for the safe return of the colt – no questions asked.

“He was with mama and fine around 10:30pm April 20th. Off of CR 18 1/2 north of Fort Lupton CO. Gone the morning of April 21st. Brand inspectors and police have been notified. Please contact us with any information!!
Caiti 303 717 1693 Chad 970 324 4106.”

Please continue to share and help find Gypsy.

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Such a sweet parrot!

2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Poor baby will likely be found dumped somewhere and I bet they will TORTURE the baby to DEATH. Someone KNOWS about this and I pray they become inspired to report it before it’s too late, but I’ve learned that when something is THIS egregious from the start, it will NOT end well. THEY intend to make this as heart breaking and painful as possible for EVERYONE. They are very HURT themselves by something/someone else and want everyone else to know what that feels like, a sociopath narcissistic. Sorry, but it’s probably pretty close to being applicable here.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    WHY steal a loving precious little treasure? Gypsy is a new baby…… it’s absolutely heartbreaking (& as fellow horse owners, we always worry about our babies)……..

    Does the family have any enemies? Are there illegal horse meat markets? (Sadly, in some areas it’s a HUGE problem)……

    We are hoping that whoever stole this precious little treasure will return him ASAP!!! I can only imagine how awful the family feels…… plus Trixie wants & needs her precious little treasure back with her…….


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