Hunter finds missing horse, deep in the woods, buried in mud

Days ago, a deer hunter found a horse, buried up to its neck in mud, deep in the woods of Jackson Township, New Jersey. According to Millstone Township Uniformed Firefighters, the horse had disappeared from … Read More

Emaciated race horse abandoned in desert rescued by animal rescue group in Arizona

In Buckeye, Arizona, a horse trainer rescued an emaciated and dehydrated thoroughbred left to die in a field near Gila Bend. On Monday, the horse was spotted wandering alone in the desert. Allison Montano and … Read More

Once ‘young and vicious’ abused stallion kisses the man who earned his heart and trust goodbye

In a heartfelt tribute to a life well-lived, the daughter of a compassionate man who had recently passed away in Buckhanon, West Virginia, tells the story of the relationship between a horse and his human. … Read More

Gypsy mare devastated by loss of her 4-day-old colt stolen from Weld County farm

In Fort Lupton, Colorado, a four-day-old colt stolen from a Weld County farm by thieves sometime early in the morning on Wednesday, April 21, may not survive without his mother’s milk and care. The colt, … Read More

‘Dread Head Cowboy’s’ horse improving but can never be ridden again

Adam Hollingsworth, also known as the  “Dread Head Cowboy,” rode his brown and white horse south on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Monday, surrounded by several supporters on motorcycles in support of Kids’ Lives Matter. … Read More

Man who punched police horse sentenced to prison

In Portsmouth located in the United Kingdom, a man was sent to prison for 20 months after he punched a police horse before a football match.

According to Emergency Service News, Derek Jennings, 53, … Read More

O boy! Horse stuck in muddy hole for two hours rescued

The San Diego Humane Society came to the rescue of a horse on Thursday in Gustay. The horse, named Tucson fell into a muddy hole, and he couldn’t get his legs out from beneath him … Read More

Horse with broken leg tied to tree and left to die

In Mobile, Alabama, authorities arrested a woman on Thursday alleged to have left a horse with a broken leg tied to a tree.

Mobile Police Department  “On Thursday, November 7, 2019, 34-year-old Yolanda Jones turned

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Incredible: Horse runs back into SoCal fire to save herd members

On Wednesday, Good Samaritans gathered in the Simi Valley to rescue horses from the quickly approaching Easy Fire. As one of the horses was being loaded onto the trailer to take him to safety, the  … Read More

Severely malnourished abandoned foal fighting for his life

A severely malnourished, abandoned foal was found on Thursday morning by contractors near Quibell Lane in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. The black and white foal may have been lying in the same spot for days.

According … Read More