Rescuers in Missouri come to the aid of trapped horses after tornado ripped through barn

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Rescuers in Missouri worked for more than five hours to free horses trapped in a collapsed barn after tornadoes devastated the entire area. The worst of the damage occurred along Highway F in St. Charles County northwest of St. Louis on Friday night.

According to the New Melle Fire Protection District, task forces were sent to assist in the incident including multiple departments from St. Charles County and Franklin county bringing in heavy equipment to help after some homes were completely destroyed down to the foundations. A barn filled with horses had collapsed leaving horses whinnying for help.

Task forces were sent to assist in the incident including multiple departments from St. Charles County and Franklin county. Multiple pieces of heavy equipment, chainsaws, chains and other tools were brought to the scene to assist in recovery. One particular scene was a large barn that had collapsed with horses inside. It was confirmed that 5 horses were in the barn and 4 of them were visible, alive and heavily trapped.

New Melle Fire Protection

Firefighters and other rescue personnel climbed over fallen wood beams reaching for one of the frightened horses as it lay on the ground. Using a rope and pure human manpower, the horse regained his legs back on the ground and was carefully led out of the collapsed structure by a woman.

It’s events like this that really show what our community is made of. Between our volunteer firefighters, all of career firefighters, local businesses and residents along with fire and Ems crews from all over we were able to mitigate the disaster.

New Melle Fire Protection

Five veterinarians were on the scene to sedate and treat the horses. One horse did not survive and had been killed in the collapse although it has been reported another one of the rescued horses also passed away.

The 22 deadly tornadoes that ravaged six states have been reported to have killed more than 80 people with many more people still missing.

(Photos via New Melle Fire Protection Facebook )

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