Once ‘young and vicious’ abused stallion kisses the man who earned his heart and trust goodbye

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In a heartfelt tribute to a life well-lived, the daughter of a compassionate man who had recently passed away in Buckhanon, West Virginia, tells the story of the relationship between a horse and his human. The two wound up having a bond that few – unless perhaps a horse person could ever understand, and it was fitting to let Major say goodbye.

Two years ago, Janna Grapperhaus Midwife received a call from her mother in a panic:

Janna, you’ve got to convince your daddy to get rid of that horse, it’s gonna kill him!

Janna Grapperhaus

The horse, named Major (aka Major Deal), was a “young and vicious” stallion who “couldn’t be broke.” The horse’s previous owners used a technique to break Major which consisted of beating him and tying his head tightly between two posts where he was left standing without food or water for an extended period of time.

Despite the torture, Major stood strong, and when Janna’s father purchased the stallion, he ran through the fencing within minutes of arriving at the ranch and would try to bite or strike at anyone who dared to enter into his space.

“My dad never broke him … he earned his heart. Every single day, for hours and hours dad worked to earn that abused horse’s trust. Love won and after two full years, Major allowed my dad to ride him.”

Janna Grapperhaus

And the love and trust gradually grew.

“When dad would go out, Major would kiss him on the head over and over. They had a bond that only horse people could ever understand. It seemed only fitting to let Major say goodbye. This is Major’s last kiss.

Janna Grapperhaus

Janna’s dad’s final resting place is on a hill overlooking the family farm. Major continues to have a home on the farm for the rest of his life.

(Source: Janna Grapperhaus FB)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    God bless this man and his family. To the NAZI pukes that TORTURED this horse: I pray God’s hand of Justice finds ALL you THUGS with a reality check that BRINGS YOU to LEARN what it’s like to be brutally tormented by being FORCED into LIVING the SAME treatment. Perhaps THAT will serve to END your rein of terror SOONER than it would be otherwise.


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