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So unfair and sad: Heartbroken Doberman stray shivers on her shelter bed in fear

How does anyone explain to a frightened dog all curled up on his bed at the noisy animal shelter, Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California, that her family doesn’t seem to be coming to … Read More

Shy and sweet ‘Janeway’ just needs a little extra love if a family will adopt her

At the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, two-year-old Janeway needs a family to adopt her. On October 16, 2021, the 50-pound German shepherd arrived at the shelter as a stray, and because of the overcrowding, Janeway’s … Read More

Four dogs dumped in their holiday sweaters at crowded California shelter hoping to be saved together

Meet Baby, Belos, Chito and Chica. On Wednesday afternoon, the four Chihuahuas were surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Baldwin Park, California. They were all wearing their sweaters, and yes, the sweaters … Read More

Happy ending needed for 13-year-old frightened Dachshund surrendered by his family

Poor Peanut was surrendered on Thursday; he is 13-years-old and shivers in fear in the corner of his shelter cage at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. When he entered the shelter, there were bite wounds … Read More

Misunderstood young dog has spent 5 months in his shelter kennel and now his time is running out

His name is Dasher, and this energetic young two-year-old Husky/Shepherd mix is just misunderstood. He was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center five months ago, and who can blame him for wanting to … Read More

‘Ana’ is beautiful and loving but she has been waiting more than four months for a new family

For more than four months, a two-year-old German shepherd has been waiting to find her new family, but no one has shown up to adopt her. She’s friendly, alert and oh so loves to play.… Read More

Baldwin Park shelter stray doesn’t feel well and needs the help of a village

On Friday, a young dog was brought into the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as a stray. Sadly, she doesn’t feel well and has been experiencing serious stomach discomfort and diarrhea. More than likely, she … Read More

Terrified shepherd just sits in the corner of California shelter and shakes

A terrified shepherd mix tries to hide in the corner of her kennel at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. She came into the shelter on September 15, 2021 as a stray.

Her advocate is asking … Read More

Heartbroken ‘Bear’ waits for his owner to come back after having been surrendered

Seven-year-old Bear was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Shelter by his owner on August 27. He doesn’t want treats, toys or food; he made a commitment to his human, but sadly the same loyalty was … Read More

Frightened 12-pound terrier hiding in the corner needs help making it out of shelter

A one-year-old frightened terrier who barely weighs 12 pounds hides in the corner. One can only imagine how scary a noisy animal shelter must be for him considering how young and small he is. He … Read More