Owners dumped Rosco at shelter stating dog was much older

At the Baldwin Park Shelter, Rosco was surrendered on the Fourth of July weekend by his family. They explained that Rosco had been “mean to their other dog.” Despite the dog’s young appearance, the family … Read More

Help: Dumped at shelter with 4 other dogs, Rex has no front legs

At Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Baldwin Park, California, Rex has no idea why he has been left in a kennel cage. On May 26, his owner left Rex, who has no front legs, … Read More

Dumped dachshund puppy terrified at high kill shelter

UPDATE: Adopted. Many thanks to everyone for sharing. Sharing saves lives. Please remember there are many dogs in need of new homes.

An eight-month-old dachshund puppy was surrendered to Baldwin Park Shelter in California on … Read More

Shorthaired Pointer dumped at shelter because she could not be bred

Amy is back at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in California. The four-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer was returned to the shelter one week ago. In January, 2019, Amy had been brought in as a stray. … Read More

Adopter returns Ophelia the 4-year-old Lab for being ‘too big’

Just three months ago, Ophelia was adopted from the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. On Wednesday, the four-year-old Labrador retriever was returned because she was “too big and I want a smaller one,” … Read More

Teddy bear pup voted out by homeowners association because he was too big

Meet Grizzly; the one-year-old 160-pound teddy bear pup who was surrendered by his owner to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter over the weekend. According to volunteers, the owner cried as he turned Grizzly in, telling … Read More

Dumped again: Owners never bothered to say goodbye to George

In Baldwin Park, California, George lies in his tiny prison and waits for his owners to take him home. Little does the eight-year-old Golden retriever realize, that for the second time in his life, he … Read More